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  1. I’ve been regripping with the Golf Pride CP2 Wrap grips. I have some arthritis so they feel a little softer but not squishy. They stay tacky in most all weather conditions, clean very easily and last a long time. I play100 plus rounds per year and don’t have to change them yearly.
  2. I posted earlier but forgot to mention my car. 2015 Malibu. It would fit my clubs if it didn’t have the battery for the auto stop. I hate that feature but can’t bypass it. My previous car was a 2015 Impala that could fit clubs shoes, a pushcart and all my rain gear and still have room. Man I miss that car, but someone hit it while it was parked and totaled it.
  3. If I want to put mine in the trunk I have to take my driver, 3 wood and hybrid out of the bag and put them in on top. If I’m too lazy I jut put them in the back seat.
  4. I’m hitting the B XS. They are the lowest compression and spiniest of their tour level balls. Love them around the greens and they seem good off the tee and full iron shots. My driver club head speed is 100.
  5. I used to have over 20 but am now down to a handful. Mainly because if they’re older there’s no trade value and you can always go back to the “old reliable” Some years back I donated the vast majority to the First Tee program.
  6. I play at a nine hole private club. As much as I play it’s the right price and pretty easy going. I miss the 18 holes, but I play with a really nice group. I’ve also noticed that no matter where I play, public or private, unattended ball marks and divots are pretty much a given.
  7. I have an Evenflow White T1100/6.0 65g that was in my Titleist TS3. Switched it over to my new Mizuno ST-Z. Really like it. For me it has a nice penetrating ball flight and I feel I can swing more aggressively when I need to.
  8. I just like to see the white of the ball
  9. I carry a 46 degree PW, then it goes 50, 55 and 60. Seems to cover my gaps and still allows me to hit half and 3/4 shots.
  10. I have 2 Mizuno S5 wedges. They’re 6 years old but found them still in factory wrapping on eBay a month ago. Loved them when they came out so was fortunate to find them “new”
  11. I just bought a new bag as a birthday gift to myself. Got a Ping Pioneer Cart bag. Looks great, lots of useful pockets and the cart strap hides nicely from view and doesn’t interfere with with functionality. It also really separates the clubs from each other for easy access.
  12. Try out as many as you can. I’m hitting the Mizuno ST-Z with the Motore X F3 shaft. So far so good.
  13. The one I’m using now is make sure you take it back slow. I tend to get quick when I’m eithe trying to bust a drive or with chips around the green.
  14. I usually get them at my local golf shop. They had Bridgestone B XS balls for $5 less than anywhere else, then had a deal where if you bought a dozen you could get a $26 Bridgestone cap for $10.
  15. I’m currently hitting the Bridgestone B XS. I have used the Mizuno Tour RBs, which are under $40. I know they didn’t test out all that great on the ball test but I’ve gotten good results with them.
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