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  1. If this were a forum on cars, refrigerators or pots and pans we may be criticizing the over hype, but this is a golf forum
  2. Maybe Rick didn’t think the driver was special since it really didn’t improve his numbers. He’s not there to kiss TMs rear or any other company. He gave his honest review as he saw it as did MGS. Just because their results are different doesn’t mean one is right and the other is wrong. I’m
  3. I’ve never really delved into MGS’s testing too deeply. It might be good in the future to break down their testing data into handicap ranges. Maybe they do this already. I’m a 4 handicap and really don’t need to know the results from testers who may be a 10+ handicap. Like I said, I don’t do a total breakdown of their data results. As with MGS and other sites, I use their reviews and info as a starting point and to get ideas on equipment I may not have known or thought of.
  4. My thoughts exactly. Whether it be Shiels, Crossfield, Newton or whoever, what makes him think that they don’t understand any of the data? Many of them do fittings plus I’m sure they understand their own numbers. Like you said, this is their review on how the club performs for them. Rick may tend to be on the negative side, but it’s much better than reinforcing all the company’s hype.
  5. If you listened to Rick’s cast, he made it quite clear that he hit well over 100 balls. They only show a few for the videos. I’m not taking sides between the two but he did explain his testing methods.
  6. Not sure where to start. I made a comment on this forum that I saw a few sites where the ball speed/distance numbers were not much different between SiM and Stealth, but mentioned no specific names. I watch multiple sites because I like seeing all of their opinions and gives some ideas on what I’d like to try. In the end, no matter what the information I’ve received, whether it be clubs, balls, shoes or whatever, it’s what works for me and my game. I don’t buy something and if it doesn’t work blame anyone from these sites for misleading me.
  7. I have the Ping Pioneer which, I believe was the MGS best cart bag winner. I like the 14 divider with putter well. It keeps clubs from getting stuck and with my bag there’s a lot of separation making it easy to remove or put back the club. Hides the cart strap and more than ample storage pockets.
  8. First, I think finding a putter you’re comfortable with, whether by trial and error or being fit is key. I have dabbled with other putting strokes but traditional works for me. My problem isn’t stroke or distance control, it’s reading the line. Especially on new courses which is why I’m all for banning green books. There is definitely a skill involved.
  9. I finally found a putter that I expect to keep in the bag. That and fairway woods are the hardest for me to find acceptable results with. Like others have said, the range finder is a big plus. I also use a Bushnell Phantom in conjunction with the hand held when I have a shot where the flag is blocked by hills, trees or whatever. It doesn’t give me exact yardage but at least a general idea within a few yards.
  10. I agree with the other comment that you should hit some side by side with your irons. If you haven’t played for that long you may find that the modern day irons will help with mis-hits and will have possibly better shaft options. Don’t dismiss the idea of looking at used drivers and f-woods. You can find good quality equipment for a lot less money.
  11. Not sure I’d be interested as I got a new driver this last year and am not really a TM guy. I did talk to someone who happened to hit next years Cobra driver, which I believe will go back to the LTD moniker. They said was a absolute monster. Will be interested to see how it looks and the testing goes.
  12. I had switched my bag make up a couple times over the season but changed wedges due to a Black Friday sale. Got a 52 and 58 Jaws. They are great wedges especially since they had the grinds I wanted.
  13. For most of the summer I carried a driver, 3 wood and 19 degree hybrid. Then besides my 4-PW I played 50-55-60 degree wedges. For myself I found that the 50 & 55 had too much overlap for me so I switched back to my old set up. Moved my hybrid to 17 degrees and put a 3 iron in the bag. My wedges are now 52 and 58. It seems to set up nice for me and I like to hit 3/4 and knock down shots. Some of it may also be where you play most of your golf and what clubs you really don’t need in the bag.
  14. I don’t know how they could feel any better than my MP20 MMC irons but who knows Think it would be a lateral move to trade, or at least not enough of an upgrade.
  15. Thanks for the info everyone.
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