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  1. Funny you say "use only 2 clubs if you can," because I actually got rid of my Lob Wedge and use solely my Gap and my 56* exclusively. I'm a 'feel' chipper and do much better opening the face of the 56* than I do with any Lob Wedge I've ever owned.
  2. If you somehow have some overlap, @GolfSpy MPR, would love to see comparison data from the same 'good' strikes!
  3. I typically don't use me Mevo for anything other than range sessions. I occasionally look at the spin numbers which don't seem out of the realm of possibility, but I usually am focusing on practicing hitting certain carry distances. I like the chipping too for those carry distances. I'm actually moved to a combo set instead of all P790s to P770s for 7-AW. Because of the Mevo, I was able to understand that my 7 iron had WAY too much carry on well struck balls. I want my 7 to go 175-180. Every so often I would launch one 195. Wouldn't have made the move to a combo set without the Mevo valid
  4. Other solid advice: Warm up your chipping, not just your putting. There's so much differentiation in turf reaction, turf firmness, and release speed on greens. So understanding what your stock chip shots will do on the greens at that course on that day is wildly important!
  5. I've watched so many YouTube videos, and almost all of them seem to center around ensuring you use the wedge's bounce. To do that, most of them recommend placing the ball just a hair closer to your left foot and keeping your shaft as vertical as possible when setting up AND when impacting the ball. This prevents coming in too steep and fatting the ball and getting the blade stuck in the turf. I also really like the "swing like a putter, just firmer" advice. No hip or leg movement and not too much wrist action.
  6. Very excited about these! It was great working the details out with you.
  7. I turn 30 today, and I've been playing the best golf I've ever played. I credit the progress I've made over the past two years almost exclusively to my short game. My putting has been lackluster per usual with very little dropping in for birdies, but one piece of advice I was given has made me so much better: Don't two-chip. I was playing with one of my closest golf buddies and he makes no claim to be the first person to say this, but the saying holds and has given me so much progress just saying it back to myself. What's more important to avoid than not three-putting? Two-chipping.
  8. Love my Skytrak. Would love to hear your thoughts on Mevo+ vs Skytrak! I have a Flightscope Mevo that I use outdoors, and it's excellent. Skytrak is just for indoor play on The Golf Club.
  9. Really appreciate the shoutout, Matt! It's actually number 30 today which is exciting. I have my golf league tonight, but Saturday I'll be up at Promontory playing the Nicklaus course thanks to a friend with the hookups (private course). My handicap keeps going down, so I needed a windy, 8,000+ yard course to humble me haha!
  10. I’m planning on putting something regarding the Woode’ bag on the unofficial reviews section, but here are my initial thoughts after two months: -Definitely watch the instructional video on getting the straps perfect. Once they’re set up right, it’s actually really comfortable to walk with. I walk 9-holes every Thursday for my league, and it’s amazing for that. -I like the divider sections they have. They’re very tailored for organization of the irons which I really like without the sizing of a full 100% divider. -As it’s a hybrid bag, it’s pretty large if you are walking 18 frequen
  11. Not to derail the topic, but I 100% time my club purchases on when I see a Madewell or Nordstrom bag on the kitchen table.
  12. We talking Rick Shiels? Yeah, but by the looks of his club selection, he really didn't have to worry about getting a different driver. Looks like Cobra sent him 4!
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