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  1. For our next AMA, we are joined from the Midwest by the President of SuperSpeed Golf, Michael Napoleon. You may recognize him from our forum as we've done multiple SuperSpeed tests over the years. A few of his accolades are below: Owned and operated a golf performance academy called Catalyst Golf Performance prior to SuperSpeed After two years of R&D, SuperSpeed launched the industry standard of golf speed training in the SuperSpeed Golf Training System Over 700 Tour Professionals have used SuperSpeed to improve their speed and distance off the tee The training isn't solely about the products, but also about the training methodology including the method of "Overspeed Training" There are tons of reviews from professionals on SuperSpeed, including Rick Shiels gaining 4 mph in ball speed and 15 yards on well struck driver swings Striving to continually innovate modern coaching methodology, Michael believes deeply that truly expert coaches produce lasting positive change with very little input. Michael and his team at SuperSpeed are making a distinct impact on the games of golfers all over the world. Michael speaks regularly at seminars, coaching summits, teaching symposiums, and many other events with the primary goal of educating fellow professionals about not only speed training, but also business strategy, golf biomechanics, and coaching science. Please give him a warm welcome and a plethora of questions!
  2. Well I'm on my way! Hit 5.8 handicap as of yesterday! The best part is my top rounds have all been my most recent rounds so I'm making huge gains towards the sub 5 handicap stretch goal I set for myself at the beginning of this Strokes Gained journey. A few things to note, this was my best 'Around the Green' round I've had, period. The thing to note here is my drive was a little off this round, and I shot 1 over at a municipal course. My approach game was iffy, BUT I put a lot of shots right next to the pin on my chipping game which is often when I struggle. I've put a lot of effort into my approach and around the green game as those are areas I struggle with the most. It's definitely paying off. Credit where credit is due, I'm using the below Mod 1 wedges from More Golf. When I first watched a few reviews on them, I thought they looked gimmicky as they look different than any wedge I've ever had in the bag. The truth of the matter is that they are not gimmicky at all. They spin aggressively, are extremely repeatable, and are phenomenal out of the rough. Going to have to do a full review of the Mod 1 wedges for the forum soon.
  3. Thank you to Rob for doing the AMA. The response was spot on what I was hoping to learn from him! He spoiled us with 30 minutes of great content. Rob joins us from the great state of Maryland where he is the Tournament Sales Director for a 36-hole Troon Golf Course. For those of you who have been around for a few years also know Rob as one of our esteemed Forum Directors for our very own MyGolfSpy Forum previously (still Golfspy_CG2). A couple important highlights from his career: Rob is the reason we have a lot of the cool stuff to test on our forum as he is our point of contact with many of the major OEMs on the forum (so please give him a warm welcome to the AMA)! He’s worked as the Sales Director at the Compass Pointe Golf Courses 6 years. Rob is heavily involved in the club fitting process and can speak to anything golf outing, sales and course management in general. Before beginning his career in golf, he worked at Hilton Hotels for 26 years in sales and as a General Manager. In the winter, Rob is a college basketball reporter for a local Baltimore radio station, so you could say he’s somewhat of an ‘insider’ in more than just golf. Please give him a warm welcome to the Ask Me Anything!
  4. Hey Bruce! After testing the wedge now for almost a month, I have to say, the spin and control are outstanding. To preface my question, after watching Peter Finch go through the review of the Mod 1 Wedge, they outperform the Vokey equivalent wedge in every test. Peter Finch didn't immediately put the wedge in his bag for one reason: It didn't look like a traditional wedge. Rick Shiel's video tells a different story: That of pricing the wedge above $400. My Question(s): 1. How important is the exterior design of your clubs to the performance (ie. could you make a wedge performant with a more traditional look)? 2. What is your strategy to get these HIGH PERFORMANCE clubs into more people's hands? Very excited for your responses! CG
  5. Cannot thank Mike enough for doing this. He spoiled us with a 30 minute response to most of the questions!
  6. It looks like Bruce Sizemore brought an arsenal of products along with his answers to the AMA this time to get into more of the nitty gritty based on our product specific questions. Enjoy! ____________________________________ Next up on the AMA docket is Bruce Sizemore, the owner and founder of More Golf. Bruce started his career in the golf industry as a professional golfer, and for the last 20 years, he’s been designing golf clubs with some of the below notches on his belt: Before More Golf, he worked as a designer at Copper Stix, Sizemore Collection and SuperStroke His designs have landed in the bag of over 50 tour players Most recently, Bruce is trying to disrupt the way golf clubs are manufactured at More Golf More Golf produces modular designs that use 100% Billet-Milled parts and are wholly manufactured in the United States If you’re interested in checking out some of the reviews of More Golf’s Mod 1 Wedge, check out Peter Finch and Rick Shiel's reviews of his wedges HERE and HERE respectively. Something to note in those powerhouse YouTube influencer reviews, the Mod 1 outperforms Peter Finch's Vokey wedges in every single test on the GC Quad AND on visual inspection. Along with these reviews, I’ve started testing out the Mod 1 Wedge in a 50 degree and 56 degree I’ll be posting to the forum.
  7. I actually just bought this guy with these specs! Hoping to get it this year with lead times and such haha. I hit my 4 Iron 230 on the fly, so this fills the 250 slot between my 3 wood and 4 iron. I hit it best at the PGA SS with the weights forward at 17* of loft. Went with old reliable for me, the Project X Catalyst 80 X-Stiff shaft. This is going to replace my 2 iron (P790) and 2 hybrid (Callaway Apex Pro 19) that are currently in the bag. I typically only play a sand wedge (no lob), but I'm toying with the idea of changing up the wedge game a bit and sitting my 2 iron on the bench.
  8. What's up, Vandyland! I use my simulator every day. My wife takes a bath at night and I go to the sim in the garage and get in at least 50 swings. My handicap has dropped from 11.4 to 6.2 this year, but I've been doing a lot outside of just the sim sessions in the garage. The skytrak is exactly what I felt on the clubhead 9 out of 10 strikes. The occasional no spin shot that goes 10-20 yards long is fine. I just delete the shot which is easy and understandable as I don't mark my balls. I love the the sim setup though. My wife thought it was absurd spending $4K on my setup, but it gets my friends over to our house more, gives me something to get my golf itch out, and really is fun for her to try out too!
  9. Very curious as to what your favorite thing from your career is that you've had a hand in developing?!
  10. (Answered) Coming to us from the home of golf innovation in Carlsbad, CA for this weeks AMA, we are joined by Mike Yagley from Cobra Puma Golf. Mike’s time in the golf industry has been prolific to say the least. It’s hard to put all his accomplishments in a list, but here are some highlights of his CV: He is currently the VP of Innovation and AI at Cobra Puma Golf with 10 and a half years there Before Cobra, he was with Callaway for 12 years starting in R&D and finishing as the VP of Innovation He was also a testing manager at Maxfli for 3 years before joining Callaway To top things off, before getting into the golf game, Mike was a Aerospace Engineer for Boeing, AKA a rocket scientist Huge thank you to Mike Yagley for being willing to do an AMA as we kick off the Cobra Connect 5 challenges!
  11. Ebay gives me anxiety now. I am so paranoid I'll accidentally buy counterfeit equipment. I'm even stressed about counterfeit golf balls hitting the market in the future too with the shortage in urethane right now.
  12. As some people have seen in the news recently, 10,000 counterfeit golf clubs were seized in a raid in China. This isn't even close to the first encounter we've had with counterfeit clubs. In fact, Rick Shiels did a REVIEW of a 'Taylormade M6' driver he order off a well known site called Wish. What were his findings? The club looked close, but the numbers on his GC Quad were pitiful. He was getting distances and sound you'd expect from a $50 driver you can buy at Walmart, not the dead-inside power you get from a real Taylormade M6. So what does this mean for the golf industry? It's hard to say. Fake clubs are getting better and better, and with shipping delays and prices continuing to climb, they may become more and more prevalent. My questions for the forum: Have you had an experience with counterfeit clubs in person? Would you ever buy a fake brand-name club? What are the implications for the used golf club market? Golf Week article: https://golfweek.usatoday.com/2021/08/16/busted-nearly-10000-counterfeit-golf-clubs-seized-china/
  13. For those of you who say you don't have any space to practice:
  14. I'd like to throw one out here as well: How good would your son have to be for you to drop everything to caddie for him on tour?!
  15. Michael spoiled us by answering all the questions asked by the Forum. He broke out his questions by sections including his time as a Forum Moderator, following his son, Kirke, and he caps things off with his answers to your questions about being a pastor! ___________________________________________________ For this week’s AMA, we decided to look inward to our most tenured Moderator on the MyGolfSpy Forum, Michael Riley. Michael joins us from Wakefield, MI where he is a Pastor of the Calvary Baptist Church. A few highlights of his time here Moderating the forum: He’s an 11.5 handicap with a MUCH better swing than most 11.5s. Don’t believe me? Check out his Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/mpatrickriley/) His garage golf setup is extremely desirable, and he’s tested virtually every type of training device you can think of If you’ve ever gotten locked out of your account, it’s most likely Michael who helped you back in. His patience is outstanding I wouldn’t be surprised to see his son on tour one day. If you’re not following “A Thread About Kirke” already, you’re wasting your own time Not Pictured: His Beard
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