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  1. I've been gaming a iBlade (PW-7) / i500 (4-6) mixed set for a couple of seasons, has worked out very well - this would be a beautiful upgrade
  2. ordered a single i500 iron (i play a split set of iBlades and i500s) took about 4 weeks.
  3. four - irons and wedges all the same AWT, Driver HZRDS 6.0, 3W ping tour 75, 3h - evenflow 6.0 i've always liked the same shaft in irons and wedges - just personal.
  4. pulled the Steelhead 5W out today - still a lovely club after 15 years in the garage - not sure why i stopped playing it?
  5. Banff - agree with everyone. Stewart Creek i really enjoyed as well, so another vote. Enjoy
  6. oddly. i aim the ball on the tee so i hit the "label" and can see the "T" of Titleist, yet i like a clean look on the ball when i putt so i focus on my intended line.
  7. This took a lot of thought, not sure i got them all, but here 40 + years of clubs: Irons: Spaulding Dot II, Continental, Ram Tour Grind, MaxFli Tour Ltd. Forged x2, TM 300 forged, Ping i20, Ping iBlades / I500 Driver: Spaulding laminated woods, Continental metal, Ram Persimmon - all came with the irons, Ram FX, Titleist 975D, 975LFE, 983K, Rocketballz, Callaway X460, Nike SQ, Titleist 910D2, Ping G400 LST Fairway: Spaulding, continental, ram persimmon - all came with irons, RAM FX (3W), Cally Steelhead (5W), Steelhead III (3W), Nike SQ (3W), Ping i20 (3W & 5W), Ping G400(3W) Hybrids: Nike SQ(3h / 4h), Ping G410(3h) Wedges: usually came with the set, RAM Tom Watson signature, Cleveland 588 & 900, TM RAC TP, Ping Gorge, Ping Glide II, Glide Forged Putters: RAM 810, Tiger Shark milled, McGregor Muirfield 20th, Ping Answer, Ping Zing, Ping Ketsch, Odyssey Rossie II
  8. 6bills67

    Travel bags

    Ogio Straight Jacket - nice mid priced option with good features for occasional travel has been great for me.
  9. Make sure the weight of the grips are very close - i ruined the feel of my putter by using a heavier grip.
  10. I think it depends on carry bag or not - I'm in my 8 season for a Ping 4 and i play 50 times a year and the bag is starting to wear. Not shamefully so, yet but maybe my last year. newer double strap bags seem to wear from contact with your lower back, otherwise all zippers and pockets still in good shape.
  11. Thanks for those - tend to play legends on the Niagara, the two main courses are both top notch and usually reasonably priced, or Bridgewater. Have not been out yet, how are they this year?
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