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    Niagara, Canada
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    Love my sports. All different kinds. Currently I still play hockey, soccer, and golf.
    I enjoy my travel photography as well and keep busy with outdoor activities with the family (camping, hiking, kayaking, etc.)
  1. Played this weekend and had some fantastic weather. Friday was sunny and 25C (77F), but wet. Played Rolling Meadows. Greens were aerated and sanded, so took my 9 holes just to get comfortable on the greens. Not my best round, but OK. It had been raining all week and everything was soggy. On the 12th hole I thought my ball sat great on the green. Got closer to find out is wasn't sitting, it was fully squatting under the green. Played again the next day at Peninsula Lakes and the weather was 8C (46F), so a bit colder. But just got a new driver 2 weeks ago and it was the b
  2. Hi All, How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I've been playing golf for 25 years. But got into it heavy at first, but then the kids came and life got in the way. So for the last 15 years, I've played 2 or 3 rounds a year. Mostly just tournaments with friends. Back into it this year (thanks COVID!!) and working to bring my score down. I usually hover around 90 - 95 score, but investments in time (and clubs) has seen my score coming down this year. What do you love about golf? Love the ability to be outside with friends. But I love
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