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  1. Now that my Bushnell pro Xe has been stolen, it would be great to try this for free!
  2. Looking at full face wedges, but I don’t quite understand why or if they actually will help. Shouldn’t the grooves that have been extended to the toe of full face wedges be angled at a 45 degree angle down to actually work for open face shots? Once the face is opened, aren’t the grooves pointing almost straight up and down not across the golf ball, effectively not imparting spin or possibly putting a lot of side spin ? maybe someone here can explain how these wedges work. Thanks
  3. It would be great to compare this to my Bushnell Pro XE
  4. Can Mizuno JPX 921 hot metal irons be bent to modify loft and lie angle? I’ve heard no, but are they like any other cast iron head which can only be bent a small amount before they break?
  5. Sorry, new here. What is this? And how do I enter the contest? Is there a link somewhere that I’m missing? Thanks
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