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  1. Currently use Garman S40 watch. Never used an optical range finder. Comparing accuracy might be enlightening.
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    Is this the old Warrior Golf Company reincarnated? Sounds like them. They always pulled the sell at all costs including discounts when you tried to cancel. They never wanted to give up a sale. Wanted you to give you something for free to test then sell you another club to let you keep it. And no matter how it turned out they spam you to death and never stop calling to try and sell you more.
  3. Rare is the golfer who can do it all with a set of clubs from one manufacturer. Everyone plays different clubs different ways and there will be some in a set that perform differently than the rest or as expected when played the same way. I use TM M1 driver and 3W and Cobra 5-6 and Cobra 7-8 for the other woods and got rid of long irons. TM P790 7-PW and Cleveland RTX4 SW and GW. NOTE: not 14 clubs but they gap right for me and keep me shooting 80 at age 68. Took years to get out of the mentality of "matched" from one clubmaker and get the set of tools that work best for me no matter who ma
  4. I am/was a Dynacraft Class A clubmaker and a member of the old Dynacraft Professional Clubmakers Society. I ran a small clubmaking and repair business in the late 80's and early 90's and bought from Golfworks, Golfsmith, and Dynacraft. Each had common components like shafts, grips, and clubmaking supplies but Golfworks had the best rework/refinishing stuff. When it came to heads Golfworks was the best. Dynacraft was next with Golfsmith last. The original Golfworks KE4 iron heads out around 1990 were I think the first adjustable weight heads you coulg get and the ones I first shot scores in
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