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  1. Rewatching 1883 and first two seasons of 1923. Excellent! Never watched and don't want to watch Yellowstone but these series that prequel it are amazing if just for the history.
  2. And don't lose sight of we are helping directly fund this at the pump when gas prices go up every time Saudi Arabia cuts oil production like they will be doing in July by a million barrels per day to keep their income up. They buy in to golf then make us fund it further in order to drive.
  3. Best article I've read on this so far. It explains a lot. Even though it makes more sense of everything it won't make up for player animosity. That will take time. https://www.golfchannel.com/news/power-broker-jimmy-dunne-911-history-helped-get-pga-tour-and-saudis-table
  4. Morning all! Took a couple days off to be seeing eye dog for my wife's eye surgery. I'm not a doc but what she had done sounds like an oil change to me (changed the fluid in her eye). Weather in western Washington has been in high 70's with some low 80's lately but today is not supposed to break 60 with a little rain. No wild fire smoke but there are some really bad fires just north of us in Canada with a huge new one. A weather shift and we'll have the smoke, too. Despite all that I think I'll sneak out for a quick nine. Supposed to watch my wife but things are going good. I'll tell her I've been sitting on her right (surgery) side and been there all along! No, the patch comes off this morning and all will be good. So nine today and an 18 over the weekend. Hope everyone has a good/bad/indifferent round in them this weekend! All of them are good and end with a beer!
  5. We've had some smoke from Alberta and BC earlier this year in Arlington, Washington but it did not last long and so far no more yet. Lately it's been an annual event so fingers crossed we won't see any more!
  6. Holy crap! Breaking now: https://www.nbcnews.com/business/business-news/pga-liv-golf-merger-rcna87914 And: https://www.thescore.com/epga/news/2660236 Welcome to the morning!
  7. Have you purchased any golf products based on MyGolfSpy reviews? (Please list which ones) Taylor Made M1 driver Taylor Made M1 (3w because I liked the driver) Snell MTB golf balls Kirkland putter Fitting at both Golftec and Club Champion (if you go to the doctor, always get a second opinion!) Different graphite shafts. Led to using graphite iron shafts. Discussion on club head technology led to buying Tour Edge irons. I'm a senior golfer and am part of the demographic they cater to. How has MyGolfSpy changed the way you think about golf equipment? If I buy a suit to look good in certain circumstances I get it fitted. Off the rack always hangs wrong and looks bad. Reading MGS comments led to the same for golf equipment. Have it fitted if you want to "look" your best. Have these purchases lowered your scores? (List which products and how much they have lowered your scores.) Most definitely YES. Some made improvement immediately without practice, some needed range/practice time to dial in matching ball and shaft to get the feel with the distance and accuracy I wanted and understanding swing changes I needed to make because of weight differences, etc. Bottom line is the equipment changes and suggestions led to more effective use of practice. The driver and fairway woods helped the most. I was able to dial in distance and accuracy. The clubs became more predictable so they are a confidence builder off the first tee. How have these purchases helped you enjoy the game more? How? Like above, the purchases were part of the equation. The resulting practice from buying them was the rest of the equation. Fitting, intelligent buying based on knowledgeable discussion through the forum, and practice dropped my scores from the mid/high 90's to the low 80's and I'm flirting with the 70's now. Dial in putting and that will happen this year. That so far is the ONLY club MGS discussions are still deciding for me!
  8. Congrats to cnosil daughter passing her licensing exam. My daughter is a nurse and I know what it took to get there. As fast as MGS, I spy with my little eye little bits of what spies are doing all day long! I lt starts with coffee before breakfast and continues as I can catch and read things as time at work allows. And I get alerts all day as you all respond to different comments. Keep it up! It breaks up the work day!
  9. Don't know if I call you lucky or cursed! But I agree - MGS provides a lot of insight and opinions relative to a lot of different skill levels. Just need to pick the parts of the conversations that fits yours.
  10. I thought everything was safe but got a deal I could not refuse. Ended up replacing a TaylorMade M1 440cc driver with a Tour Edge C722 (445cc). Took 13 holes to get it dialed in (yes, pressed into service the day after I got it) but once it was the first drive after adjustment was a laser that went 280 yds, easily a 60 yd improvement for me. Not bad for a 70 year old but who said leveraging new technology is a bad thing. Now that drive for me was obscene and it has since settled down to a pedestrian 240-250 but the opportunity for longer always teases because lightning struck once! Regardless, a quantum leap distance and accuracy improvement to my game made by a decision I didn't see coming. So I guess in the end, nothing is really ever safe in the bag. There will always be a GAS attack (Gear Acquisition Syndrome).
  11. That's the Jack Nicklaus advice. As you and your game ages, replace longer irons with shorter woods!
  12. I prefer a wood over a hybrid and even over longer irons. I hit 6 iron down through the wedges just fine. Contact ball then ground with great ball flight and distance for the club. Longer than a 6 iron and I tend to get more "sweepy" with the swing but that is based on a long time understanding my swing tendencies. Maybe it's the longer club length getting in my head but carrying all the way down to a 7 wood gapped my clubs enough to carry 6 iron and down for irons. Tried 3 through 6 hybrids and could not make them play like the shorter woods for me.
  13. I had the same reaction when shaft prices went above $150. Now good ones are $350 and I read an article where there is a $1,000 shaft. Without a head. Ball reaches a point where the answer to the question is how much can I afford to leave behind in lost balls? $50 dozen and I lose 6 my round is $60 green fees and $25 in lost balls. Currently using Bridgestone D9 Long Distance. Also use TM Tour Response so my average is in the $30/dozen range. Both balls work for me from the tee and into the green.
  14. It depends on the course but typically an hour plus ahead of tee time. If the course has a driving range then I add time to shake some things loose on the range. No range and an hour ahead to roll some putts/chip a bit and stretch. My home course has no range and first tee is only 50 yds from the clubhouse so an hour is plenty of time.
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