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  1. Try sketcher GoGolf . I’ve had mine for 2 full seasons and they’re still in good shape. I where a 4e shoe and the wide shoes work great. Hope this helps
  2. I play golf at Edmunson Golf Coarse and Harvest Point Golf Coarse, Oskaloosa, Iowa. Both are public golf coarses. We also have Oskaloosa Golf that is also public but I’m not a member there. Great coarses
  3. I got fit by Club Champion in February and got my clubs in May. Best move I could have made. I was a 15 handicap and now I’m at 8. I love the clubs they fitted me with and couldn’t be happier
  4. I buy my golf balls at Amazon and Golf balls.com That's the best prices I've found.
  5. I would most like to win a fitted putter. I think it would really improve my game.
  6. I used James Sieckmann's Wedge Mastery and Fineness Wedge coarses on Performance Golf Scratch Club. It was good for me. Good Luck, it looks like you have a lot of good ideas.
  7. I have the Orange Whip wedge and I didn't care for it. I also have the Orange Whip trainer and iron trainer and use them a lot. I use the trainer to warm up before each round including tournaments and league, I swear by those but the wedge used too much wrist action for me. I hope that helped some. Good luck and good golfing
  8. glad to see you found a great fit for your putter. Congrats and have fun when the storm ends.
  9. You have a nice setup. When I stop loosing balls I may try the Titleist Pro V. Maybe next year. I use the Calloway ERG.
  10. Its my first time being fit for clubs. I never heard about it until January and they had a half off for a full club fitting so I decided to give it a go. I got my Tour Edge Exotics driver, 3 wood and 4 hybrid three weeks ago with my Cleveland CBX2 wedges and I am doing well with them. I can't wait to get my irons and start getting used to them. So far I am very happy.
  11. I am going to pick up my new Irons next week that also have the KBS $taper lite shafts. I was fitted at Club Champion in Des Moines Iowa. I am getting the Wilson Staff D9 P-5 irons. They fit me the best that I tried. I hope that helps
  12. Hi this is my first entry. I live in south east Iowa. I am 63 years young and have been playin golf since I was 10 years old. Unfortunately I had to take a rest from golf of about 25 years. Work and life got in the way. Now that I am retired my wife and I moved out from above Seattle 4 years ago. I started golfing again a couple of years ago. My handicap is 7 and I love being outside and enjoying the challenges. I love the people out here and have joined a fun league. My home coarse is Edmundson Golf Coarse here in Oskaloosa and I also play a lot at Harvest Point Golf Coarse across the street. I am fairly new to MyGolfSpy and picked my user name because I am a huge Washington Husky football fan. Thanks for putting this up. I am glad I could let you know about me.
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