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  1. Let me start by saying I’ve been a Callaway iron player for 30 yrs . Ever since I bought the Hawkeye Titaniums sand the ball exploded off the face almost effortlessly. I stil keep them in the garage. I was fitted for Apex 19 forged and they never felt right. So I was fitted for PXG gen 4 about a month ago and today was my first time to hit them and first round. NOT ALL FORGED IRONS ARE CREATED EQUAL. I finally have the feel I’ve been searching for . This irons are incredible and I’m sure in part because the shaft feels right. I’m sure my fitter was just better . But those heads feel like butter , the sound is great and the feedback was instantaneous. I am thankful for their veterans discount which put them just slightly cheaper than my Apex 19’s. I shot 85 at Falconhead here in Austin. I can’t wait to get some range time with these.
  2. I use mine a lot. I tee off on tighter holes with it and on most par 5s to have a go at the green. I also have a 4 wood which is so easy to hit. Not getting rid of mine!
  3. That was Bryson and he is still playing single length. He started with Edel and the switched to cobra
  4. I switched to the Winn Tour wrap a few years ago and love them. I no longer feel like I need a death grip to control the club. They a tacky and soft but still provide good feedback. I replace them ever year
  5. I would add a UTI or a driver length 3 wood
  6. I currently use Grint and skycaddie and would love to test this out. I am looking for more detailed information so i can really dig into my game. Consistency is the goal along with getting to a 4 or better handicap. I think the data is the key and Arccos is the leader here.
  7. I've been looking for a nicer pair of golf shoes for a while. I'd love to test these for the community. size 12, handicap 8.7
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