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  1. I like a burger with cheddar cheese, mayo, mustard, ketchup, onion, lettuce and tomato. Or, a burger with Swiss cheese and mushrooms and mayo. The ultimate burger is Bison, mayo, fig jam, tomato and a fried egg. The drink would be a Left Hand Milk Stout. All the burgers are cooked well.
  2. Shogun. Although, I'm ready for it to end because I'm tired of the subtitles. I read the book years ago which is excellent. And there was a made for TV series in the early 80s that was good. Warrior. On Netflix so far it's been good. Sugar. I watched the first episode and it may be the next to the last one I watch.
  3. I have another: Guys that can’t hit as far as they think they can and wait for the green to clear. We got stuck behind a twosome yesterday and although they hit the ball far, they would wait until the green cleared, more than once, before teeing off when the distance was 380-425 yards. They were hitting farther than I can, but nowhere near the green, so why wait? All it does is slow everyone else down.
  4. Woodturning and reading are my other hobbies. One of my golf tee bottle stoppers.
  5. Cobb Braves would work, but it won't happen.
  6. I like walking the course. it's a great way to play, and get some exercise at the same time. In the winter it's a great way to stay warm. I retired and started playing golf a bit and I walked for a year and a half with a push cart. Then I bought an electric cart and it's been great. I play with a group of 4-6 people and some never walk and some, ride or walk. When it gets hot we walk the front and ride the back. Like others said get good comfortable shoes. I carry lots of water in the summer, 3L, and I usually drink it all on a summer day. I walk two courses and both are 5-6 miles for 18. If the course is cart path only you might as well walk
  7. The tape that comes with the Shot Scope putter sensor works well. I have a sensor that's still attached to a SuperStroke grip. I use the glue gun on a sensor I move from putter to putter.
  8. I use a hot glue gun for putter tags. The tags stick well and if I want to move a tag from one putter to another it come off easily.
  9. No to music. I like hearing the birds or the quiet. Of the time I have heard music on the course I've never heard a song I cared for anyway.
  10. The only fields the Falcons need are the practice and the playing.
  11. I caught up with a couple on hole 15 that was slow for a lot of reasons. I didn't expect to let me through that late, but they could have played faster. Due to wet conditions the course was cart path only. Twice one player walked over to the ball with a club and then went back to the cart for a different club and the ball was in the middle of the fairway and not next to the cart path. Just take two clubs. The worst was when they cleared 18 and went back to the cart and both decided to replace the head covers while parked next to the green instead of driving away and replacing the head covers at the cart barn.
  12. Yep, a fusion on the right and an insert on the left. My doc didn't offer me a joint replacement on the right toe because the joint had been eroded beyond anything but a fusion. Every once in awhile my left toe bothers me, but not often. I think the replacement joint was a huge success. But, having said that if I were to do it over I'd probably have the left toe fused also. I've had zero issues with the fusion.
  13. I didn't like the belt holder for the H4 and I keep the H4 in my pocket.
  14. I had that surgery six years ago. My joint was gone and I had bone-on-bone, so I had the toe fused. I can't bend the big toe, but I don't notice that. And the pain is gone. It worked out great for me. I had a titanium joint inserted in my left big toe, it wasn't' as bad as the right, though it bothers me every once in a while. If I were to do that over I'd have that toe fused. Do you have kids? The toe thing is hereditary. My daughter has had surgery on her right foot a couple of years ago, and is currently in a boot on her left foot due to the same surgery, she blames dad of course.
  15. It is hard, very hard. Sorry for your loss. Thanks.
  16. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.
  17. I had to have my Grey euthanized today. A painful experience, as I’m sure some of you know. My wife and I went on vacation the middle of January and my daughter kept the dog while we were gone, when we picked her up, she was limping, and her left knee was swollen. We thought it was from her going up and down the stairs, which my wife and I don’t have. The next morning, she had a tennis ball sized lump on her left shoulder. It tuns out it was bone cancer and the lump seemingly got larger every day. The lump was bigger than a softball this morning. Last night and this morning she would cry out in pain. So, we took her to the vet. Man, she went quickly. The picture of her on the couch is from the day we picked her up at the Greyhound adoption place. The other one I took last winter.
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