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  1. Date 12/08/2023 Course Name Bent Creek GC Gross Score 73 Course Handicap 5 Gross Strokes over/under par 2 Net Score to Par -3 Net Score 68 Net Birdies or better 5 Longest Drive 240 SIM Round? Decent day started cool, but warmed to mid 60s. If I didn't have a short game, I would be in serious trouble!
  2. Here's a photo of a few of the head covers alongside the 3 iron cover which was never used. So you can see how well they have held up with over 40 rounds on them.
  3. Thanks, Jay. Glad your back is on the mend. Been there, done that. Review is pretty much what I saw/felt with live play. Good stuff.
  4. Date 11/29/2023 Course Name Bent Creek GC Gross Score 73 Course Handicap 5 Gross Strokes over/under par 2 Net Score to Par -3 Net Score 68 Net Birdies or better 7 Longest Drive 235 SIM Round? Cool start - 43 degrees here, which tends to eliminate 80% of play - nice to have course to ourselves.
  5. There is a Titleist product that has the feel of these test balls - I happened to play some Tour Soft models today ( out of my trunk full of found balls) and they had the same feel off the putter as the test balls. Didn't get the same overall results, but it was interesting that the feel was the sa!me.
  6. That's too bad, I always liked it there but also Lochaven, Oak Brook, Arlington and Sunset Hills when I could get on, besides all the ones down by Belleville and Fairview Heigjts.
  7. You can add me as well, since I moved to Florida from Glen Carbon. How is Fox Creek now?
  8. Date 11/13/2023 Course Name Bent Creek GC Gross Score 71 Course Handicap 5 Gross Strokes over/under par 0 Net Score to Par -5 Net Score 66 Net Birdies or better 6 Longest Drive 235 Gray, misty day, mid 60s here. Short game was the saver with putting, chipping, and sand wedge play all working great.
  9. I think just a notch below Scheffler Rory and Rahm, but getting close.
  10. Here is my final evaluation of the Titleist white box test ball: First, to refresh your memory I play to a 4 handicap down here in Florida; I am now 69, and have been playing since I was 12, so I have experienced quite a bit, and have been fairly successful in leagues and tournaments. Enough about me, now to the ball: As I have posted in bits, I found this ball to be a good performer. Initial impression was that it was pretty much an AVX model, but it was immediately apparent that it was softer off the putter, but not so much as to change my rhythm/speed on putts. Upon going to the course with this ball, I noted the following: Driver: I was 5 - 10 yards longer, and the ball is very straight, although I was able to hit a baby fade with it. Fairway woods/ hybrids: Again, very straight and longer for me. I had quite a bit of run with these clubs when I hit a low approach and still some when the shot was more elevated. Irons: Nice feel off the face, and again, I could work in a small fade. I could get some run with a longer iron and the shorter irons were stopping after a hop and slight roll. Saw about 5 yards extra distance. Wedges: Nice stopping ability, few extra yards, very accurate. Chipping/putting: This was an area where this ball did well for me. Able to control distances well, making several 10+ foot putts and chipping in from 50 feet today. Always able to get it pretty close. Good feel and control. Durability: Well I played 36 holes with the first ball, so I still have 2 more new ones to use. Saw no drop in performance at the end. I think this ball works for me because of my slower swing speed which allows me to get better compression of the ball than a firmer ball. Higher speeds may put too much spin and compression which may limit distance etc. Yes, I like this ball so those of you who don't can send your extras to me! LOL I am attaching the photos of the used ball and the new one. You'll notice not a lot of stuffing or damage even after 36 holes. Thanks for the opportunity to do this testing!
  11. Date 11/10/2023 Course Name Bent Creek GC Gross Score 72 Course Handicap 5 Gross Strokes over/under par 1 Net Score to Par -4 Net Score 67 Net Birdies or better 6 Longest Drive 240 Solid round using Titleist test ball!
  12. I also found it to feel softer, especially as soon as I putted with it. That being said, I did not get the feeling that I had to bang putts like others,but that is likely just me. I'll have more info after tomorrow, but my evaluation will only be based on actual play, not any tech - too old school, I guess, but I leave it all to the eye and feel test, which to me is all that matters.
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