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  1. I find that uBlock Origin in Chrome does the most complete job of ad blocking around. I'm currently seeing zero ads on the site.
  2. Excellent. I couldn't find it on the OGIO website.
  3. And completely sold out unless you want a 14* loft and the cheap canvas headcover. Finding a 9* in good shape is going to be tougher but if I'm overpriced then make me an offer. PXG also charges $30 for shipping plus tax which adds around $50 to that price. What?
  4. PXG 0811 XF Gen 2 9* Head only. Comes with adapter (ready to shaft) as well as stock, extremely thick and luxurious leather headcover. As a bonus I'm throwing in a dozen Mizuno RB Tour golf balls! Head is in great condition and is considered the most forgiving head on the market along with the Ping G400 MAX. Adapter can adjust the head up and down 1.5* as well as standard and FLAT lie angle. SOLD
  5. That's the Max LS which is replacing the sub zero from what I understand. There is also an Epic speed coming which is a little smaller.
  6. If you're on a quest to break 300 yards and you're currently between a regular and stiff flex, NONE of this stuff matters until you can get your swing speed up. Focus on speed training and getting your swing speed as high as possible. Then you can get equipment to optimize the new speed. If you're between 90-100 mph. focus on getting up to 110mph+.
  7. When he said you couldn't get the Ping, he was probably referring to the crazy backlog of orders that Ping is behind on with their current product line. COVID shut them down and people are waiting months for product that is about to be replaced.
  8. Absolutely. Pay for the fitting and find another outlet to order the clubs. The fittings are pretty solid and you don't have to purchase the clubs from them. They email you the results and fitting prescription
  9. The Max is larger at 460cc and uses a carbon fiber crown. The center of gravity is lower and further back.
  10. Been playing mine still but have been eyeing that GS53 Max really hard. I wish there was a trade in option to try out Max.
  11. Ian Frasier commented back to me on YouTube and said that the floor at this location was softer than that of the Toronto location so Matt wasn't able to swing as fast... This was the same location that Matt hit the Autoflex shaft and was swinging out of his shoes so I dunno. If the floor made that much of an impact, why would you install it and have it prevent your customers from being able to swing to their full potential?
  12. Just watched the video from TXG on these drivers and for whatever reason the ballspeed numbers weren't anything special. The tester, Matt, was getting 169-170mph and he almost always pushes over 176+ mph ballspeed. I know different days bring different swings but that's a pretty significant drop. He was even getting 176 mph when he tested the Exotics EXS 220 Driver. I was really hoping the Srixon's would be ballspeed monsters like they are claiming, but with one video review in so far, I'm not seeing that.
  13. These were never sold but now they are shafted with Project X 6.0 shafts with ferrules from BB&F Co.
  14. I feel like this idea just validates the method of putting on grips with an air compressor. Once I started using air to install all my grips, I never went back!
  15. I'd check your facts again @Middler. I've been a donor since I joined in 2010...7 years before you even joined. I've been here since the beginning and have watched MGS become what it is today. Just because I don't agree with something that is being done doesn't mean that I don't agree with everything. I think the tee test was a complete waste of time and think the center of gravity report is a better source of data. Everyone knows that a stupid tee isn't going to make any difference in performance, it's just common sense. Nothing wrong with this opinion.
  16. No, they'd rather spend the time testing 4 golf tees...
  17. So, my original challenge still exists. The ball is for sale for $45...who here (besides Shankster) has actually ordered any yet? Everyone is rooting Wilson on and singing praises but I've yet to see one post saying they bought a dozen. Who's actually stepped up to show support with their wallet???
  18. The only Wilson irons that I was ever interested in was the Wilson Staff RM forged... I may even grab a set now to scratch that itch from 1996
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