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  1. I've found this YouTube channel very informative on restoration techniques. Plus it's just satisfying to watch. https://youtube.com/@BradMeehan
  2. How do you get the update for the existing software?
  3. Someone joining this month with no posts and zero reputation asking $13,500 for an item in the BST. Glad it's too expensive for me to even consider the risk.
  4. The adapter they are using is the same as the Maltby KE4 TC adjustable driver. You can order them here: Adapter: https://www.golfworks.com/maltby-ke4-tc-shaft-adaptor/p/ma0309a/
  5. I actually have no experience with the Velocity so it could be a good ball. I was just saying to avoid the matte version of it and try the regular.
  6. I'd stay away from anything matte finished. Testing on the MGS ball test indicated that the matte balls do strange things when introduced to moisture. Matte-finish golf balls are less efficient at repelling water so, relative to a glossy finish, they’ll launch higher still and spin even less.
  7. I'd actually be amazed if most people don't alter their lie angle by a degree or more every time they set up to the ball anyway. The LAB putters do help with this because the sole is large and flat and you can feel when it sits flush on the ground but most putters that are smaller, it would be hard to notice if your hands are a degree or two low or high.
  8. Looks to me, based on the first picture, it still has a lead tip weight stuck down in the hosel. You can easily drill that out and maybe that's why your shaft didn't fit.
  9. I'm positive that Instagram records what I read on forums now because I read this post this morning and got this post later today. Creepy... So maybe the UST Lin-q M40X TSPX
  10. All good, I took no offense from it. There isn't really any tone in words and people can interpret them in various ways. As you've said, I've heard the same podcast talk from him over and over for years now which isn't really his fault as most people probably haven't heard all of them like I have. He just doesn't need to try so hard. He's got knowledge and just needs to roll with it.
  11. Not sure how stating that his short career at TXG indicated that I didn't like him. He was hired, Club Champion bought TXG and then he left to go to Golf.com, all within a short time period. I've been listening to his podcasts since he was over at Golfwrx doing a solo podcast and definitely listen to the golf.com podcast as well. All in all he's perfectly fine. The only thing he could do differently that I wouldn't mind is not feel the need to repeat his entire career resume every time he's asked a question. Having listened to him for so long it gets old hearing about every job he's ever had in the golf industry every time he speaks.
  12. Wonder if they worked it out so that he comes back to replace the short lived career of Ryan Barath at TXG?
  13. The reason those shafts aren't on the list in the Wishon bend profile database is it hasn't been updated since around 2014 or so. Supposedly Diamond Tour has a beta of a new software but I haven't seen it yet.
  14. I picked up a 7 wood to experiment with. Too good a price not to!
  15. Do you maintain the forward press yourself since you aren't using the Press grip anymore? Seems like it would add too much loft if you keep the shaft vertical with a standard grip.
  16. It's always much more important to establish the putting green before any furniture!
  17. All PXG tips are the same so you're good.
  18. Very easy, depending on what you have. For your plumber's neck Scotty Squareback, you'll just have to find a .355 tip aftermarket shaft and swap it in for your regular steel shaft. Heat the hosel w/ a torch for 10-20 seconds and twist the steel shaft right out. You can very easily put back in the stock shaft if you decide to go back. Steel putter shaft installation is probably one of the easiest clubmaking tasks out there after installing grips. If you find a graphite putter shaft that is .370 tip and you have to use it, you'll have to sand some of the tip down to fit inside of the .355 plumber's neck hosel. Not hard but just takes a bit of care to make sure you don't sand too much. You're only inserting a shaft into a plumber's neck style putter hosel about 1/2" or so.
  19. I just installed these shafts in two wedges for a customer and have a couple of observations and unfortunately I didn't get to hit them since they weren't my clubs. He purchased the 115g version. The website lists these as 500 CPM and I can confirm these shafts are crazy stiff. There is no movement whatsoever when trying to waggle the clubs in my hand. They also made the swingweight of the wedges a few points higher which makes sense as the top half of the shaft is lighter graphite combined with a heavy steel tip (this is similar to the original stability shaft putter adding swingweight). It's a little strange looking down at them from address but having played the stability shaft in my putter for so long, it didn't really bother me. The two tone color could bother some people though. I'm really interested in hearing back from him on how they feel, especially since they are so stiff. BGT claims that everyone that tests them feels they feel better than regular steel shafts. I'd be really interested in seeing a comparison of the ZNE shaft and a super stiff wedge shaft such as a DG X7 or CTaper 130X or even a very stiff graphite wedge shaft to see if the dispersion and spin are similar or not. Obviously the ZNE shaft is going to be lighter in the 115 weight than those which a lot of people may prefer. I'm guessing the graphite might also feel a little better than a super stiff steel shaft but of course feel is subjective and dependent on a lot of factors. Overall a very cool concept but fairly expensive. I'm actually half tempted to purchase one of the 115g or 130g shafts and install it in a putter to see if it could be a budget stability tour putter shaft since the ZNE shafts are $180 vs. $300 for the regular stability tour putter shaft.
  20. Why is the mention of the titanium from ATI materials company being left off of the drivers this year? The MSG blog post states "The most notable bit in that is the inclusion of what now is the second generation of Titleist’s ATI face technology." but ATI isn't mentioned anywhere in the Titleist marketing material.
  21. That's around what I usually see when I use my PRGR launch monitor. It's not an expensive launch monitor by any means but it reads swing speed and ball speed very accurately.
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