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  1. I've got a check-go device that's spins balls. I'm going to spin some of them and see if the alignment line matches the line the check-go finds.
  2. Been playing the Tour ball for some time and am now getting to test the X version along side of it. Early in testing so far but I can definitely say there is one I prefer more so far!
  3. I'd be surprised if "VSS" was anything different than the old sensicore inserts but just a new marketing name.
  4. Hey thanks for the interest but these were sold quite a while ago. I guess I didn't indicate that, sorry about that.
  5. Super excited! Haven't played a Maxfli ball since the original Revolution came out way back in the day.
  6. Rob - NC Driver swing speed - 104-108mph Srixon Zstar XV Maxfli Tour
  7. I actually like the look at address of the Odyssey more than the TM. Everyone expects all putter companies to have an Anser style putter in their lineup so why should we not expect companies to have different, more modern shapes like the Spider style in their lineup? Odyssey isn't alone in this... @westonmaughangolf via Instagram:
  8. This is the most confusing and contradictory driver and article (on the main blog site) I’ve read in quite a while. Everything about the design of this club contradicts itself. First it says that tour pros want to shape the golf ball which, as a whole, isn’t true these days. They want to eliminate one side of the course and hit it as high, far and straight as they can. No pro is carving their driver around corners anymore, they are going OVER the corners. Then the article says Cleveland says this driver isn’t designed for low handicap players with a tour level swing but states that only the faster swings will see any advantage to the aerodynamics on the crown. Why make a driver designed for regular person swings with aerodynamics on the crown that only work for faster swings? They essentially informs us they are unnecessary for anyone that should fit into this club and are only for marketing purposes. Then they say it’s got less left bias with the internal weighting than the previous Launcher HB but then shut the face more so that it’s very closed and say that only people that hit the ball right should use it? WTF? I was really disappointed when I finally saw the full description of this club. Why wouldn’t they have made a square face version that someone with a higher swing speed could use that would just be a high launch, low spin bomber and then have the Draw version with a closed face to satisfy those golfers with more normal swing speeds and have a tendency to hit it with a slice?
  9. I currently play some Titleist 716 T-MB irons that I've not had any problems with in terms of performance but always thought they felt a little bit harsh, especially on a mishit or a thin shot when I'm getting warmed up. I never actually realized how HARD they felt until I recently played a demo set of some Ping i210 irons. Of course everything is relative but compared to the Ping irons my T-MB's now feel like I'm hitting rocks instead of golf balls. Regular tour balls on the course are ok but range balls are now brutal feeling and I even installed pro soft inserts when I regripped the Titleist irons. The Pings were so soft and buttery and the feel became very addicting. I also notice my hands didn't hurt as much after a long practice session. I'm somewhat torn now because I really like the T-MB's in the way they play but the harsh feeling is too hard to ignore, especially with the colder months coming soon.
  10. Rob - NC 1.5 HCDP Titleist 716 T-MB 7iron - 162
  11. I just picked up another Yes putter for a project build. I'm converting a Yes Donna wideback putter from a double bend, face balanced to a knuckhead style hosel that will give it some toe hang. Looking forward to rolling this thing! From this: To This:
  12. Rob - NC I rotate putters more than clean shirts but I'm using a Ping Bruzer at the moment. HDCP: 1.5
  13. 03trdblack


  14. I tried out the Maxfli Tour golf balls based on the report since they looked similar in stats to the Srixon XV I've been playing for years but had a softer compression rating. So far I've had ZERO complaints about these balls. They are doing everything I need them to do out on the course and equal anything I've ever tried. I wish they made them in a gloss yellow but I'm so happy with them I'm not too worried. I really have never even looked at a Maxfli ball since the Revolution back in the 90's. Picked them up for $25 a dozen too which was just icing on the delicious cake.
  15. Wow, not sure how I feel upon seeing these. I sort of like the angular look and the cavity but don't like the dual row of screws. Wonder what foundry or other company they got this design from?
  16. Finally was able to get some better launch monitor numbers to add to my review that better reflect my faster swing speed . These were taken with a GC2 while hitting a Taylormade TP5x ball. Disclaimer, I was hitting in flip flops so my swing speed numbers probably aren't quite as high as with normal golf shoes. Was making very consistent face contact through all of my shots in this session: As you can see my average spin is a little higher than I would like. Launch was good at 12.1* but if I could drop the spin down between 500-800 RPM and get it averaging 2200-2500 I'm sure I would see another few yards from this driver. 3000 RPM is too high at this swing speed. Shot consistency was pretty good as well. Not too many shots were hit too far offline. I was hitting a little bit of a pull during this session but it was consistent.
  17. Might as well, he can't hit anything he's currently gaming anymore.
  18. The driver is pretty great also. I've been a big fan of DAT55 titanium since it's used a lot in very expensive Japanese JDM driver heads. It's very hot feeling but also more quiet and springy feeling. The driver in my opinion is going to be overlooked by everyone but it will perform just as well as the heavy hitters. It also looked like it performed well in the most wanted driver test.
  19. Rob - NC HDCP - 1.8 PW and GW are stock Titleist 716 T-MB SW and LW are Ping Glide 2.0 ES Favorite wedge shot would be a 50-60 yard pitch that hops once and then stops dead.
  20. I use a check go to spin my golf balls and none of the balls I've spun line up with the seam.
  21. Really appreciate the kind words! I eat, sleep live and breath this stuff.
  22. Rob - NC HDCP: 2.5 Titleist 716 T-MB 7 iron distance - 160 yards
  23. Looks like I'm going to have to grab a couple more of the Glide 2.0 ES wedges before these come out for when my grooves wear out. I just don't know if I can handle them going fully back to the old Eye 2 wedge shape. The 2.0 version still had some of the characteristics that I love such as the sole grind but it was more subtle. Otherwise, I would just go and pick up some old used Ping Eye 2 wedges at play it again sports if I wanted to play that shape again.
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