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  1. Other than my Ping Eye 2s, I really liked my Big Bertha Fusion irons (which I sold after getting my custom-fit JPX919s). Don’t ask about putters…
  2. I live in Williamsport, PA and looking for any MGS Members in north central PA?
  3. I prefer to play 18 whenever possible, but sometimes I can only get in a quick nine. I always walk nine only days, so it’s a great aerobic workout and brain break.
  4. I went to graphite shafts when I turned 60 and was fitted for HM919s. My banged up, arthritic joints needed them - and they have made a real difference in comfort and play.
  5. As a “putter ho,” I’ve bought/tried all kinds of putters. I learned that I need some toe hang, but I still have two center-shafts, in case I need/want a change… There is a simplicity to straight back, straight through - but the arc is strong in this one…
  6. I agree the app has issues at time. I have an AW that I use exclusively now, leaving the LINK home and the iphone in my bag.
  7. Great information! I purchased a V2 in March and have used it five times. I didn’t get the two-wheel front option yet, as I find the single front wheel works fine (at this point). I keep clubs/cart/v2 in my basement to avoid temp issues. Yeah, it’s a bit of a hassle to shlep them in and out - but it keeps them in a better ‘climate.’ It definitely helps navigate the hilly topography of central PA, and beats pushing up or hanging on going down the terrain. I prefer to walk as much as possible. It’s better for my game and me. We’re coming into the summer course crawl period. I don’t think I’m going to hold up the snail conga line by walking. I have a CG seat attachment order in mind as a handy add-on when things stop on the course.
  8. A well thought-out and written article. For those who are familiar with the game, ready golf is SOP - especially when courses get busy. When folks, not well versed in golf rules/etiquette, are playing - slow play and other situations can occur. Marshals should control those situations, but if a course doesn’t have many/any, it can become difficult. While some of the slow groups let people play through, there are some who refuse - to the point of confrontation - which slows it further with other potential consequences. In a perfect world, there would be at least one Marshal on each nine, to ‘ride herd’ on play and efficiently deal with it. Many courses I’ve played have great marshals, who keep things moving. There are some out there who don’t. Hopefully, the lack of return business and/or bad reviews will help…
  9. For my 60th BD, five yrs ago, I was fitted for Mizuno HM919s. My certified fitter, who was my instructor when I lived in IL, suggested I substitute the 5I for a Mizuno Fli Hi 5 with the same shaft. After a few months, I had him order me a 5I, because I was not hitting the Fli Hi that well. In my youth, my driver, 5I and putter were gold. Perhaps that had something to do with it, but the 5I is still a confidence club for me.
  10. I’m currently carrying a 3W, 5W and 3H to see what works best in combination
  11. I currently have an SC200 Plus, upgrading from the first version. If money were no object I’d have Rapsodo MLM2PRO. I’ve had some issue with my SC 200 Plus with accurate readings lately. I need to reset it and try again.
  12. As a ‘putter ho,’ I’ve amassed a decent collection over the years. Some that didn’t work with me were sold. I’ve paid in the $200-$300 for quality, pre-owned SCs and Toulons. Given the importance of the putter, I could see justifying more if fitted with a specific $$$ putter.
  13. BEST: 1 Mizuno JPX 919. Custom fitted birthday present from my bride. 2 Srixon Soft Feel balls. Work great and love them off club faces. 3 Vokey SM 7 wedges and online fitter. Still not consistent, but work better than stock set or “gimmick wedges” (see below). 4 ANY Sun Mountain golf bag. 5 Cliqgear 3.0+ cart - pimped out, with Alphard Golf Club Booster V2. The only way to fly for a push cart mafioso! WORST: 1 “Gimmick wedges,” including Callaway, Tour Edge, and *gulp* The Alien. They didn’t help my short game. 2 Recycled golf balls. YRMV, but don’t work for me. 3 Too many golf “how to” books. Bought most of the biggies, screwed my mind into my shoulders. Still seek consistency by mantra now is “just hit the ball.” 4 Cheap golf gloves. ‘Nuff said. 5 Go Golf Skechers (1st gen). Clunky, hot, no arch support and NOTHING like Go Walk versions for comfort.
  14. I switched to Golf Pride CP2 Pro midsize three years ago. I like the solid feel and tackiness. I like Winn for the ‘padding,’ but found a SS that’s similar and cheaper. I’ve had SS 3.0 putter grip forever!
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