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  1. Go back to your teacher would be my suggestion. Without seeing your swing I have nothing else and even if I did what your teacher had would be better than what I have to offer. Depending upon how radical your swing changes are this could be part of the process.
  2. Also the ball doesn't spin like it used to - you aren't going to curve a modern golf ball or even the proposed changed ones like you did the balata balls that I grew up with. We just saw a tournament in Texas on a classic course where the winning score was in the single digits. Just leave it alone for crying out loud and move on to the next thing for us to get worked up about. I love the Old Course but it's time has past - I love Fenway and Wriggley too but to have to cancel a baseball game in June in today's world? And they say the trop is a dump (it is) but that is inexcusable. Turn it into a museum. The world changes, things change. I'm not seeing an issue with how the best players in the world play. There are a lot of courses or enough at least that work very well for their games - including some if not all of the classics.
  3. I'm right handed and use an interlocking grip when putting - I actually remember when I switched to it - on the first green of Town and Country golf course in Sheboygan, WI. It felt great - I've tried left hand low for a bit with some success and might practice it just for a change of pace. I also putted for three years looking at the hole from anywhere outside of 5 feet. Now I'm looking at a spot on my line about two inches ahead of the ball - I really like that. I don't think it was the OPs intent but since many are doing it I use some sort of mid sized grip - right now its the Garsen Ultimate that I'm testing for MGS.
  4. The one in north St Pete - on 4th street.
  5. Thanks and I thought of you when the fitter was advocating for 44.25 - he agreed that I could handle the longer length but his question was "why?" Why use something that causes me to have to make adjustments. It was a very good point. My swing speed did not increase with the shorter length but the ball speed and smash factor have, the launch is up a degree and the spin down - all prescriptions for longer and straighter.
  6. How did it go? I am definitely hitting the ball farther with the new driver - I had two career drives yesterday - I’m starting to developed a very consistent ball flight -
  7. I’m onto the stealth 2 which sounds and looks better IMO. Having written that the biggest surprise of the stealth for me was its forgiveness - I’d hardly miss a yard from a miss hit.
  8. So I shot 77 this afternoon - I rolled my rock so well and as the round went on my confidence swelled. Today when I missed it was because I missed the read. That’s remarkable, perfect speed, prefect roll. I don’t remember the last time…,
  9. Absolutely beautiful day to start the holiday weekend. I hit the practice green before this evening’s church service. Grip is feeling more natural each time out. I’m playing tomorrow and Monday afternoons. It’s supposed to be like this all weekend. Hard to believe it’s not March.
  10. Thanks, Tony - we will be doing that in our prayers at all of our services this weekend. Spectacular weather in Florida right now. It’s normally so hot and humid - it was this week but a front came through yesterday, mid 80’s, not a cloud in the sky and unseasonably dry.
  11. I haven’t played the course in over three years and very rarely the last seven - it’s our local muni so since joining Bayou I drifted away from it. It’s a really good muni though. @skraeling, I’m 66 and would have no trouble playing from 5,700 particularly in the Midwest. I lived in Indiana and Wisconsin for nearly 20 years - and loved it. I was in Indiana last week. I was stunned at how much farther I hit the ball off the tee there than here - that wonderful clay soil. Plus you can hit it a tad fat and get away with it. I played from 6100 and could have moved back a set of tees. Here, in the summer especially, not so much. You learn your driver carry distance pretty quickly in July in Florida. The at sea level one. This thread has me very excited for league to start - thanks and good luck everyone.
  12. That’s a great question - I’m back in a league that I played in for 12 years. It’s an individual league. I’ve had the lowest handicap in that league a couple of times but I’m older now. However I get to move up to the senior tees. I’ve never played the course we play on from those tees. So here’s my three goals: 1. To have fun 2. To walk the 9 whenever possible. Remember this is Florida in June through October so it won’t be every week. 3. To finish in one of the top two flights (I have been in the A flight every year I’ve played in the past)
  13. Yes - it's a snap shot - in the moment that you are playing the numbers on the chart may be true - if you're a 5 the minute you post a 68 your revised index will drop and then you will need to play 20 rounds for the 68 to drop off. I don't think the chart is bad or wrong for a given moment in time but nothing here is static - you guys all know your own games - I'm an 8 now - I can shoot 87 quite easily and you'd think I had a vanity cap. We'd have lunch and then the same guy (me) goes out and shoots a 76. My course is very difficult so that 76 turns into a 67 net and suddenly, I'm a sandbagger. Neither is true. Also, I've been a 1, I've gotten older, don't hit it as far or as consistently but I'm also comfortable hanging around par, I used to do it all the time. I start in a league next week - that plays individual score straight up rules by the way - if I'm able to play every week I suspect that I will get comfortable around par again - I get to move up a set of tees so distance will not be a huge factor for me. Handicap is a snap shot of a players potential at a given time - as so many have noted here there are lots of factors to go into the handicaps of individual golfers that it's hard to say what you might get when you are up against an unknown.
  14. My dog is part Australian shepherd. Does that count? Sorry, I couldn’t help it, those look like classic irons, very much like my set iron f Ram Tour Grinds from the 70’s. I hope you get an answer to your question.
  15. I will definitely take the Max out for a spin once this test is over. I love its feel in my hands. It seems a bit after than the ultimate which is a tad stiff for me - thus far
  16. Not much more to add but I'm home from work sick so I will pipe in. There are such a wide array of videos that making a blanket statement is dangerous. Additionally it is possible to take online lessons - I prefer live ones because the feedback is instantaneous but I did a couple of video ones during COVID and they were helpful. I will look at the guy whom I did video lessons with on you tube because I understand what he is saying. There are a number of basics to the swing - grip, set up, posture, etc that any reasonable instructor, live or recorded will be helpful.
  17. Played twice in Indiana this week. One was a scramble with some friends from my seminary days. I’ve gotten three rounds and two practice sessions in with my test grip. I had just holed a 12 footer for birdie when they took this picture hence the driver. The other three guys hold doctorates of some sort - D.Min, PhD and JDS. All three are or were Seminary profs, one was a class mate, one was a choir mate and one is recognized as one of the top scholars of Luke’s Gospel in the world. And then there’s me, a master of nothing.
  18. I’ve not had that issue with the voice caddie. I have yet to try it on shots into the net.
  19. I was not but I do have one. It’s accurate in regards to ball speed and distance, not so accurate in terms of SS and smash factor IMO. The tracer feature is really cool. My biggest issue though is that it relies on the phone which always overheats quickly in the summer months in Florida. It’s almost unusable from June to September.
  20. Played at Noble Hawk golf course north of Fort Wayne, IN yesterday and in a scramble at Cherry Hills in town today. Nice courses in very good shape for early in the season. The last picture is from the top box at Noble Hawk number two. Scene of one of my holes in 1 about 25 years ago. The ball goes farther with driver in Indiana than in Florida because it actually rolls! What a novel concept.
  21. So I've learned the very hard way that not all wedges marked with the same number fly the same distance. For that reason it's very hard for anyone to give you a blind answer to your question. So you need to ask yourself - what is the actual yardage gap between my new PW and my 52? If it's much more than 12 yards you may have to make a change. What that change is depends on the answer to the next questions: How do you use your wedges? Do you hit them full? Is it just the 52 that you hit full? How well do you like your current wedges? If the answer to that last question is allot and it will impact my shot game (for example my tracking system says I'm significantly better on about any short shot around the green with my 52 than anything else that I've tried the last 5 years) then may consider weakening the loft on your new pitching wedge 2 and 9 iron 1 degree respectively. That's the cheapest way to solve it, assuming there is a gap. I've gone both ways at one time or another - I've strengthened 6 and 7 irons to fit a gap between 6 iron and 5 hybrid and I've weakened PW and 9 iron in another set of irons to fit the gap so that I didn't need to change my wedges. As for the shaft generally speaking go a step weaker in your wedges than your irons - but that's a generalization. Good luck - lived in Wisconsin for 6 years and loved every minute of the summers there, July 27 though August 3rd as I recall it. Just kidding of course, met lots of great people who love visiting me in Florida in the Winter. Plan on visiting this summer in their home state and to take my daughter to the Packer's share holders meeting for the first time.
  22. Off to our first test drive together. Feels good, better than the zero gravity. Ironically I ended up playing with a guy yesterday who swears by rather than at his zero gravity.
  23. My oldest clubs are the SCOR wedges at 10 years old - going to give replacing them another whirl - if that succeeds it becomes the Ping G410 7 and 9 woods. They won’t go anywhere for a while
  24. Dining room and Penny’s room are just about completed. Next up is a new handicap van - ours is toast - that’s going to cause a pause on our renovation project. I will say that the carpet in Penny’s room makes transfers much easier. Psychologically it removes the fear of accidentally dropping her. I think she is less tense - easier to get into the lift or to left manually for certain,
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