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  1. My name is Kevin and I'm a 63 year old Lutheran Pastor in St. Petersburg, FL. I've been playing golf since I was ten years old. Like most guys my age I played all the sports growing up so my game and play was sporadic as the golf competed with my first love, baseball. I bought my first set of clubs, Kroydon Paul Harney's, when I was 13 and used those until I stopped playing ball after contracting mono as a college junior. I joined the local muni that year, bought a great set of Ram Tour Grinds and PGA Tommy Armor Woods immediately after breaking 80 for the first time. From that time forward I was a golf junkie getting my handicap down to low single digits and always on the cutting edge of equipment, first one among my friends to game Eye 2's, 4 wedges, metal woods, hybrids, etc. I'm a second wave MGS forum member who wanted to learn more about equipment and what might be best for my game. Since joining I've been a frequent tester and forum contributor. It's been a pleasure to watch this site grow and to be a part of the community. From top to bottom MGS is a great group of people.
  2. I think that I need to strengthen my body so that it handles increased speed before messing with that.
  3. Sure now we do this - had we done it for FFB I'd have made the playoffs. I truly like this format for golf given that it is how tournaments work. Good luck everyone - can't wait to get it started.
  4. If your current driver was not fit it is highly likely that you will see improvement. There was a great blog article on this topic a year or so ago.
  5. It really depends upon your game - 15 yards through the bag is about the top end of ideal gaping - you'd probably prefer 10-12. But again it depends on the player. I've noted in several threads that a review of my numbers from the first half of last season plus a long game fitting as a part of a MGS test caused me to altar my bag. I jettison the wedge for every yardage idea because I discovered I wasn't really using the middle two wedges that often and I was not effective when them when I was. I took out a wedge and added a 3 wood. As the courses have started to dry out I could actually jettison the 3 wood or the 5 wood (I hit them about the same distance) and play with 13 clubs. We had a fun contest as a part of the Cobra connect challenge last year where we had to use four clubs plus putter and our partner did the same - I was a guest for that contest. From what I saw most of us shot about the same scores we normally would. To be honest I hand picked the course and tees that I played so that it "fit" my club selections - I would not want to play every round with just those five clubs (counting putter) but it was fun to play a few - I had a gap between 7 wood and 8 iron to fill - that's 45 yards - I would say you could easily play with 10-12 clubs and be fine if you are a moderate swing speed player or a faster swing speed player who alters his lofts to even the gaps to around 15 through the bag. The faster your swing speed the greater the need for more clubs in the bag.
  6. I should report this here - I'm certain that using the radar again forced me to swing much faster. I had not experienced any sort of pain from my first couple of weeks of workouts when I didn't use the monitor. I did a workout on Saturday and certainly am feeling it still today. I'm glad I'm just doing a Tuesday afternoon, Saturday morning cycle this time around. I'm also not intending to do any more than 3 swings of any one drill. I had lots of little nagging aches and pains when I followed the program full bore last year. I'm trying to a avoid that this time around while notching the speed back up. I'm also adding in some workouts to help strengthen my legs and core.
  7. Me too And if not tomorrow then it’s try again for Weds. :) Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. With all due respect the numbers would disagree with this statement. Ball striking and specifically driving is the biggest differential between each handicap level and then between scratch and pro. The numbers don’t lie. Of course there are outliers within each group but not as many as one might think. Regardless it is entirely possible that the quickest way for many people to save strokes is in the short game. It’s easier and cheaper to practice - especially for an older player whose body may not be able to do what’s needed to hit the ball longer and more solidly so that shot making improves. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. If your swings are the same I’m sure you’re fine. Have you tried their ground test yet to be sure you’re using the ground properly? The gym that I used was not carpeted - that could make a difference Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. This is so true - I do it so much that i rarely know what my score is until I finish. It especially includes shots out of trouble. My last round I hit what looked like a beautiful drive but the wind got it and then it kicked left to boot - went down a hill into a hazard but I could get it and play it. Rather than dwelling on the bad break and doing something stupid I hacked it out to a good yardage, hit my wedge to 15 feet. Even though I missed the par putt I was satisfied that I hit three good shots in a row - four really, the drive was a good shot that the wind got and the putt was a good roll, it just didn’t drop. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. Have done a few of my SS workouts in the gym there is an issue. A huge principal of SS is using the ground. You can't properly use the ground in the gym IMO.
  12. Bucky tell us more about Fit for Golf - like others I’ve become convinced that there needs to be a fitness element to maximize or at my age keep gains. @tchat07 SuperSpeed told us that their data suggested that twice a week is sufficient. I’m reading data that suggests fewer swings are just as effective and much safer. Like Bucky I followed their rules while being their tester. I’ve started workouts again in the New Year so I just finished my third week. I’m doing twice a week. Today was the first time that I used the radar (it was missing - we found it when we put away the Christmas decorations.) It does make a difference - I quickly got my speeds up once I could see how fast (slow) I was swinging. By the end of the workout I was right at where I was the end of level one as a tester - 114,109,101 RH. LH was someone like 113,101,99. That corresponds to where I’m at on the course - longer than when I started, off where I was at last Spring when I was at my peak numbers - low 120’s with the green, Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. Shot 79 today Played with a buddy who shot 85 and guys who shot 71 and 68 from the tips. One is a mini tour player who won an event with a 66 Monday and the other was a Mackenzie Tour guy who lost status when he got hurt. My favorite moment was on 17 when the one asked me if I thought the shot was 15 yards longer because of wind and uphill - I said, yes, he hit 4 iron, cut against the wind to 15 feet. He hit an 8 iron the other way on a par 5 to 30 feet earlier in the round. Obviously we played different tees - proper tees though - on 15 he had 162 and hit PW - I hit GW from my tee and it had the same loft - we each missed our 8 footer for bird, It was a fun day. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  14. There are many current teachers and fitters who say that the lighter you can tolerate (feel the clubhead) the better off you are. I'm one who has always preferred a lighter weight shaft in my irons (not so much in my other clubs.) In a recent driver fitting I was put in an ultra light shaft (despite picking up clubhead speed from my last fitting.) There was never a mention of a "lower compression ball" or "softer ball" in that fitting session nor whenever I've been fit for irons. I'm a smaller, older guy - I've remained in the Pro VIx type ball since I can remember - that's always the recommendation of every fitter I've ever gone to. I think you're on to something - if you can center that lighter club, go for it. Good luck
  15. I won’t be at the live draft - Penny ended up in the hospital - should go home but I can’t be certain - hopefully I have my line up set alright Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  16. I had another thread - my favorite architect beyond a doubt. If you gave me a choice between Blackwolf Run and Pebble, I’m doing Blackwolf every time. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  17. I understand this argument but now that I’ve seen the data let’s talk through it. A hard throwing pitcher throws around 95 to an on balance hitter 60 feet away who is expecting a ball thrown in his direction. A team stealing signs has the potential to hit a ball with an exit velocity of 115 at an off balance pitcher 55 feet away who may or may not be ready for it. If you suspect your signs are being stolen you should stick it in the guy’s ear to protect yourself and everyone else who comes after. A couple of up and in fastballs when curve has been signaled and all of this ends. I’m stunned that no one figured that out. I’m also stunned by the splits - I totally misjudged how big a difference knowing what pitch was coming might be at the major league level. The draft picks are huge punishments Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  18. I think it’s a great thing - that there is no such thing as a standard set anymore. Of course manufacturers are going to adjust and make money on that trend. Why shouldn’t they? They aren’t not for profits. :) Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  19. I love the mic'd up stuff - they do that in baseball all star game which is great - I would think they could do it in golf broadcasts of tour events more frequently. I don't understand why there isn't always pro tracer to help us follow shots - it just seems as if there is so much more that could be done. Tiger's return presents a huge opportunity for the sport - I'm hoping that the Tour takes advantage of it. In regards to Tradition you can't ignore it - but there's a way to teach about the games history while moving into the future also.
  20. Welcome to the club here! I guess I'm a youngster at 53 but I have found that as my swing has lost its zip I've been consistently fit into clubs with more loft, softer shafts and thicker soles (to help get the ball up in the air.) Fitting is a key - don't be afraid to go get fit and find out what works best - if you don't want to or can't spend the bucks on a full fitting I've found that going for a ball fitting and asking questions can be a huge help - I had a Titleist ball fitting a few years ago that helped me pick up my current irons for a song on ebay - I self fit them. When I went for a long game fitting last Spring my fitter said that there was no way he could improve on that fit - Ironically the irons that I'm gaming aren't Titleist but that ball fitter simply said, "You need this type of iron with this type of shaft.) Good luck and let us know how you end up.
  21. @ CG2 Yes - that's why I finished my last post with - I can't wait to see what are winner gets. The more I watch golf on TV and think about this thread the more jealous I become - I even went to confession last week. I'm very excited that a member of our community has this opportunity -
  22. And in some ways I think they are out of touch with reality - what sort of time does their client have and what aspect of the game should he or she devote practice time to (if any.). Also how does he think. I’m certainly not advocating that everyone should do what I do beyond looking at your numbers, honestly assessing your game and working with your teacher and fitter accordingly. At any rate can’t wait to hear about the OPs experience. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  23. And that’s great! But you see, I almost never would and yet there are a number of short game guru’s and subsequently fitters who would want me to carry that configuration. It doesn’t suit my game - I didn’t figure that out because I didn’t like the set up - the numbers revealed it to me. I stink with the 56 around the green (for whatever reason) and a good with the 52 and 58 - I get the all significantly closer to the whole with 52,58 than I did with 52,56,60 from around the green and from fairway the difference in proximity to the hole is insignificant - I’m really not holing many more 20 footers than I am 22 footers. My entire point is knowing your game and wondering if this fitting experience will take into account how our winner plays and the courses that he plays on. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  24. Sorry that I dropped out. I’m defining wedges as anything under the PW in my set - let’s face it, those bad boys are so wrong anymore that it’s hard to think of them as a “wedge.” So I’ve gone from 4 evenly spaced one to 3. I think fitters often fit to the long game - my question is, how often do I or you or anyone ever have an 88 yard shot in an actual round of golf? Throw in the fact that I’m likely to have a couple of shots around the green where I have to make a choice between the 88 yard club and the 100 yard club - it’s not conducive to great scoring and my proximity to the hole numbers around the green were bearing that out. I reduced the number of wedges (and choices) and those numbers have improved without impacting my proximity to the hole on full shots one iota. I hope that helps. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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