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  1. Okay I got back into it in earnest this week. I kept my spread sheet from when I was a tester and looked back no at where I was weeks end level 1 now to there. My top speed with all sticks dominant was well past where I was at the end of level one three years ago and right around the level that I was at the middle of level 2 - week 17 or so. I did get to level 2 last spring before breaking for the summer - I was faster at that point than I am right now but not by a lot. Really good, for me, dry driver average of 108. My real drives continue to be in the mid 90’s - I was in the mid 80’s three years ago - 105 in my prime - but the equipment then was nothing like it is now including even the ability to accurately measure SS. I intend to work the new program until it gets too hot - June or so.
  2. I was not a participant in the MGS league - don't believe in head to head fantasy football anymore than I do the tooth fairy. I won my league which was great but catching the recap here I wonder how many league championships were won with Burrow at QB. I also managed to grab Rashaad Penney off the waiver wire towards the end of the year - I spent the season chasing Mcaffrey's points.
  3. Prayers for a swift recovery - you will be missed, please be sure to drop in frequently,
  4. You are too kind - my check is on the way for your kind words, my friend. Right back at you. My goal is to play more. If I play more I will play better.
  5. I can’t seem to post simple pics Regardless Merry Christmas everyone
  6. Actually it more than likely is - if your alignment and reading are good you may have the wrong putter or length for your stroke.
  7. I'm predicting that there will be fewer trades with the 5/5 format - being able to stash 5 guys on the bench allows for some more wiggle room - but we shall see, I could be wrong. I really like the additional bonus points for the win - great move IMO.
  8. It does and is similar to what my teacher has me focusing on - baby swings progressing to large ones at half speed and then full ones where my thought is to throw the clubhead into the center of the net.
  9. Great question - my longest fairway wood is a 5 rather than a 3 so it’s only 42.5 My driver is 45 I was fit for both
  10. The above post really contain all the answers that you need - I would not go hacking off shaft length on a club that I paid $250 plus for without trying it first and that's easily accomplished by griping down - you could even measure from the butt and put tape down 1/2" and another 1" inch. It could be that you need more loft on those clubs though rather than a shorter shaft. Fitting is the best way to go but if you wish to do it yourself experiment in ways that aren't permanent - This is coming from the voice of experience - I've ruined many a club and purchased others chasing the latest fad only to discover the fad didn't suit my game.
  11. I recently moved away from my instructor. Honestly it felt like he had assessed me as a guy who had his own swing, wasn't open to change and was only going to do so much. I don't know if that was true but that's how I felt I was being treated. I went with an online guy - something that I swore I would never do but I figured I would give it a try. I've been very happy although it's certainly taken time to fully click - the biggest issue that I had was grip - somehow my grip had gotten far too week - everything else that I did in my swing was compensating for that - I see draws in my mind so I had lots of funky stuff going on to hit draw with that weak grip. Now that I've gotten used to the stronger grip - and that took a couple of months - things are starting to fall into place for me - of course that's led to an issue with hitting the ball left if I'm not careful but I'm okay with that, it's a miss that I used to always have. I'm hitting a lot more solid shots and can tell that I'm on the way to more consistent ball striking. That was my goal with these lessons. So perhaps its important for a student to have a specific goal in mind?
  12. Finally got to play yesterday for the first time in a month. Quit after 14 holes because pace of play had slowed and back was a bit sore - plus I wanted to watch the Packers game with my daughter. I was very rusty - don’t know what I shot because we weren’t keeping score - my goal was to hit the ball solidly as I was really struggling with squirrely shots. Complete success in that regard - thinned my first iron a bit - other than that was in the ball park of the club face the rest of the day and was very consistent with my shot shape and ball flight - alignment and short game not so much but that’s easier to fix than chunks, skulls and heels. Looking forward to getting out a few times next week.
  13. Hope you guys had great birthdays
  14. With 10 roster spots to play 5 guys you could get away with it.
  15. What drills are you doing? The one my instructor gave me is so simple - make little swings without the ball and brush the mat, then do the same thing with the ball until making full swings. Like you it seems to work although I’ve had very little time on the course or even full range.
  16. Hit balls into the net for half an hour today - I will let you know if that was enough to help me play okay tomorrow - my last round was November 22nd. I thought you were supposed to be slowing down work wise at 65.
  17. I thought I’d give this a little bump with a week to go until Christmas. I’m playing tomorrow and have had no time to get to the range - huge church services Weds night and yesterday morning, staff party yesterday afternoon, funeral today, church tonight and tomorrow means no range time at all. So I pulled the net out. Took less the 5 minutes to set up and I got a half hour practice session in doing a drill and hitting 9 irons and 7 woods - I feel like I have a chance to hit the ball in the air towards the target tomorrow because of it! This would make a great present or be a smart after Christmas buy if you get gift cards.
  18. I’m in and I hadn’t thought of it but draft time should be later for our west coast peeps. Unless we do the divisions regionally.
  19. One comment that hasn't been addressed is that you are telling us you have issues with long to mid irons. Could it be that you need some sort of different set up? Hybrids, fairway woods, more forgiveness of some sort in that part of your bag? Just one more thought to the crowded ones you already have - many of them great advice. As for the last time that I used the same club three times in a row it was putter - I three putted the last time that I played - I suspect that I will three putt again in the near future - so long as I don't toss my putter into a pond or the woods along the way I will be using the same club when it happens.
  20. Congrats!!!! That's a nice team and actually the mention of the bottle of bourbon or scotch being opened gave me an idea. Why not a virtual social gathering at some point this winter?
  21. That’s a cool club and fun to hit I’m sure. I don’t always know who knows or remembers what here so I will remind that Chisag was a golf instructor. He’s very knowledgeable. I would always take his advice to heart and consider it twice if I were going to go against it. Good luck and enjoy
  22. You did recall correctly. LarryD hit my 9 wood a couple of months ago and was eBay in the parking lot as I was leaving the course. Yes my 160 yard club has about the same loft as my old Ping Eye 2 5 that I used to hit from 180. We all get old at some point.
  23. You’d need to hit the ball to get that data and you can’t hit a shot with these sticks. The monitor that they market is one of the few if not the only one that can measure dry swing speed as well as some shot data. Has anyone looked at the new protocols?
  24. I haven’t hit a shot other than into my backyard net since the Monday of thanksgivings bing week. My coach sent me a drill to help my inconsistent ball striking which I can work on anywhere as it doesn’t require hitting shots so I have been. I absolutely striped the ball on the range today - direction was a bit off but it was off consistently left of target until I started using my super speed stick for alignment Very good practice for certain
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