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  1. Yes, that part of it makes sense for me personally. However, I am thinking more about the MGS world of tests. When looking at the performance of a driver, the top 5 - 10 end up within about 10 yards or less of each other. Hence, I find myself wondering how to truly differentiate the best head just from a data perspective. I think it would an interesting test.
  2. The TM Stealth release got me thinking about how much better a driver can get at all given the restrictions on COR and MOI. I feel l like for me as an 11 HCP, consistency on off days is what's most important. I'd like to see which drivers maintain club head speed best, across the face. Could we do reviews based only on performance on off-center hits? Measure Ball speed/spin/carry deviations See difference based on impact location on the face - High, Low, Left, Right. Could this information be grabbed just by slicing and dicing the data if club face impact location is captured via the monitor.
  3. It's a function of Length and Girth... Of the fairway (Don't be nasty). And Dassit!
  4. In addition to the sources you mention here, I also do Google searches on hidden gems in the area to find some inexpensive options to scatter in with the mainstream pricey golf. There are also sites which review courses or give you a hole by hole guide like Walking Golfer Society and breaking eighty. Another great source to see exactly what the course will feel like are the vlogs on YouTube. Where are you headed?
  5. Have a great time. If you haven't already and if there's room on the itinerary, play mid-pines and/or pine needles. We were just there and it was our favorite track between pinehurst 2 4 8, and tobacco rd included.
  6. You're spot on with this. Any time I have found a swing fix, I have sent it to myself in a long running email thread with myself. It's now pages and pages long. The one thought that always seems to help is for me to take fuller body turns in the backswing and swing easy but not lazy. Lazy swing results in me leaving the face open.
  7. 2nd this. Home Course is my favorite track here after Chambers. I've played Bandon a few times and feel like you could lift Home Course and drop it among the courses at Bandon and it would be a great fit. Pic from last week.
  8. We did the Donald Ross Package which was 3 nights 4 rounds for $1600 plus $200 upcharge for number 2 plus 17% auto gratuity on things. Ended up dropping the 4th round in favor of Tobacco road and that got us about $165 back. Paid for Mid pines, pine needles, and Tobacco rd separately at their listed prices.
  9. We just did the Pinehurst trip and honestly the highlight for us was Mid Pines and Pine Needles. I would highly recommend those tracks. Tobacco road was fun as well, though if your game isn't on, it might frustrate you. We did Pinehurst #2, #4, and #8 and it was underwhelming. Possibly because how browned out everything was. We appreciated the course and the history and it was definitely bucket list but compared to other places we've travelled like Whistling Straits and Bandon Dunes it paled.
  10. Agree completely with Blackbgold’s comments above. It’s critical to understand your tendency. I tried coming in to out by shallowing my swing but what ended up happening is that I didn’t fix the core problem which was my right shoulder firing and positioning my entire body into an out to in position. So trying to shallow my club without fixing the core problem got me stuck badly in snap hook and banana fade world. Finally what helped me was to swing in to out without a ball and really understanding how my body would naturally sequence that without the pressure of hitting a ball. This has actually worked wonders for me.
  11. George, Seattle I putt on a Putt About Matt in my office and a Sklz putt returner in the basement. I think a medium or fast speed would be ideal in the multiple flag configurations. Thank you.
  12. These irons are drool worthy. George. Seattle, wa 39, 8 hcp Ping i200 3-pw AWT 2.0 stiff shafts Thanks MGS
  13. I love the Home Course. Some times we do a 36 hole day with Home Course and Chambers.
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