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  1. My snowbird neighbors returned home (Cincinnati) Wednesday, and sent my wife a text that they would be self quarantining for two weeks, coming from Florida and all. Then today they held a party for the extended family, about two dozen attending. Good grief!
  2. My wife loves it, but she only ever listens to one station. I let the intro subscription lapse on my car. Since I have unlimited data on my phone I just use it for Pandora. I've been pretty aggressive about adding new artists to my profile, but I am still guaranteed to hear the Police or U2 within the first five songs, often both. I'm working on trying to change that.
  3. As a friend of mine put it, we can't behave, so we've been grounded.
  4. I'm in Ohio as well. I have a great many friends in the beer business, as well as hospitality in general. I support what DeWine is doing, but I certainly worry for my friends. I'm happy to be retired, but that means my age puts me in the vulnerable category. I have two close friends who are recovering from major surgeries, and now I can't visit them. If golf courses are open I don't know if I'll go play. My teacher already postponed my lessons. I want to take the bike out for a long ride tomorrow, but many are saying it's irresponsible to participate in an activity that might cause an injury that requires medical treatment. Damn! I'm sending my best wishes out to everyone to see it through these days.
  5. I love this comment I heard on TV: The Houston Asterisks
  6. Additional apologies for threadjack... Hi Ed! I hadn't noticed you here before, though I see you've been a member for sometime. My username here is different, but you know me as RobGW, aka My Greens Stimp At 2. Have you fled GEA (like me), or are you two timing?
  7. Thanks! It was the big six-0.
  8. My experience with LSRs is that they make fast players faster, and slow players get even slower. There's a guy in my league, while a pretty good player, is deliberate to a fault. (His brother is a PGA pro, and encourages him to "follow the process " - geez!) The rangefinder has made him even slower. Get to the ball, put the bag down, look at the shot, judge the wind, pull the rangefinder out of the bag, deliberately take it out of the case, shoot the pin, try to shoot the front and all bunkers, look at the green, probably shoot something else, put the rangefinder back in it's case, put it back in the bag, look at the green again, pull a club, toss some grass into the wind, change clubs, and maybe hit the shot after three to four minutes. And none of this starts until it's his turn to play. There's another guy (me) who gets to his ball, shoots the yardage, takes a look at the wind, pulls a club and plays, whether I'm away or not. The other guy thinks I'm disrespectful.
  9. I broke my elbow 30 years ago, and it is now susceptible to tennis elbow. When it flares up I go back to a therapy program using a flexbar, as explained here. I also use a strap, as someone else has already mentioned, but it took me a few tries to get the one that was right for me. For quick relief it's ibuprofen and ice, sometimes supplemented by Aspercreme.
  10. When I got fitted last year I ended up with the TM MG, and I am still extremely happy with them. At the time I also hit the Hi Toe version, and the fitter mentioned that the Hi Toe was much preferred by Tour players (incl. Tiger Woods). I understand that the Hi Toe allows them to hit shots that you otherwise can't, but not for me (spoiler alert: I'm no pro!). I hated the Hi Toe, much worse than anything else I hit. I found it extremely interesting, and personally validating, that the regular MG and Hi Toe are so far apart in the lists.
  11. It's extremely funny that this response comes tonight. I played 9 earlier tonight, for the first time since my injury (8 weeks). My doctor cleared me to play as much as I want, as long as I don't have acute pain (soreness is fine). I am religious about my PT, and my therapist is making sure I don't try too much too soon. The toughest part tonight was judging distance. I generally allowed two extra clubs, but making that smooth controlled swing meant a few times impact was quite pure, and even with a limited swing my distance was often greater that I planned. Take away two triples caused by one shot each that went spectacularly bad, and I played even. Not bad for a 10.
  12. I hear ya! Last I played was July 12th, and it looks like a few more weeks for me. I am cleared to chip and putt, but have not had the opportunity. Plus, the doctor says no driver this year. So much for fun!
  13. I separated my shoulder (grade 3 sprain) on July 13th. I'm feeling like I might be close to being allowed to play (see the doc again Tuesday). Can anyone with a similar experience tell me how long before you started playing? There's only three weeks left in my league, and I'd really like to play the last week (it would be 7 weeks at that point) because of a special format. There's also a charity tournament on September 15th for which I need to make a firm commitment soon. Playing well is (relatively) unimportant, but I'd like to be there.
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