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  1. I use a 44.5" driver. In the past I've never had consistent contact on anything longer. However, I have undergone a complete swing rebuild with an instructor over the last two months, and my new swing is nothing like my old one. My driving accuracy is way up (10 of 12 fairways last time out), but I believe I'm losing some distance compared to what I've gained elsewhere. My current driver is 7 or 8 years old (Wishon 919 with XCaliber Superlight), so it's time for a new fitting anyway. I'd like to see if I can now handle a longer shaft, but I want to try it on the course. For me, hitting on the range isn't the same fatigue, pressure, or target issues as actually playing. Is there an easy way to try a longer club on the course without spending a bunch (or spending anything)? Or am I wrongly concerned? Will hitting at the range be sufficient? I will add that I plan to get professionally fitted at the same place I'm taking lessons (Miles of Golf, Cincinnati).
  2. Total rebuild underway, there's hope! I'm in a long term lesson plan to build a new swing that is kinder to my 60 YO body and, I hope, better overall anyway. It's tough to get over 30 years of muscle memory, and so much of this new swing is vastly different from what I had been doing, but there are a lot of positive signs. With more time I believe I can get back to a 2. I had ballooned to 15. My current biggest issue is fighting an early release that my old swing needed to compensate for a ball position too close and too far back.
  3. 12 hours from Cincinnati to Atlantic City to play in "The Greg". If you are an expat of GEA, you know the tournament is in memory of Greg Milanowitz (sp?), who was murdered on 9/11. This year the tournament is on 10/24, and I'll drive only 10 hours each way. Fortunately, it's incredibly convenient that my mother in law lives close, so I get to visit and have a free room. My wife has yet to decide if she wants to spend 20 hours in the car to spend 24 hours with her mother. For me it's a no brainer. I'm driving 10 hours each way for one round of golf.
  4. Actually, a 20+% increase in R&D in one year is a massive jump. I worked in research, albeit a different industry. It is very difficult to ramp up research efforts quickly. The toughest part is hiring qualified people with appropriate experience, unless you're willing to pay extraordinary salaries, which the bean counters never allow.
  5. I went back this morning for my second try with Toptracer, and it was much better. The yardages it reported were spot on up to about 160 yards. Beyond that I think it was understating by up to 20 yards. I hit my 5 iron right at or a little past a pole at 183, but it showed my carry at 165. I have still not had the chance to speak with the staff, as I was there before the shop opened (automated dispenser with a range card). One difference might be on my first trip the tee line was as far back as could be, and the cameras were almost directly above. This week the line was very far forward. The cameras are fixed, so there was a good bit more room between me and them. Is that important? I don't know. At least with the accuracy good for shorter shots I really liked how it helped my partial wedge practice.
  6. I have two courses that get most of my rounds. One, where my league is, I think is underrated, and the rating and slope are too low (67.1, 106). The other is probably fairly rated (71.1, 126), but it's very well suited to my game, so I consistently score better than my friends. A few years ago, as an academic exercise, I calculated my index two ways, using only rounds from my league course, and then using rounds only from the second course. I can't find the file now, so I don't remember the exact numbers, but the difference was almost 5 strokes.
  7. I guess I need to be clearer. I use my rangefinder to get my yardages to the targets. I always have. The balls are not restricted. I get the same yardages at the range as I get on the course. It's just the computer that is off.
  8. The range got their new balls to coincide with the introduction of the Toptracer system, so they're pretty new. And to emphasize, I can hit a range ball to 150, and Toptracer says 133. And unfortunately, the difference is not linear. If I hit a partial wedge to 70, it says 40, if I hit to 200, it says 160, if I hit driver that carries between 25 and 250 (can only go by the markers, I don't know more precise than that, but on the course I can usually count on 240), it says 194. Until they get it calibrated better, I won't try to use it again.
  9. My practice place (and lessons and clubfitting) is Miles of Golf Cincinnati. They have added Toptracer, and today was my first time using it. I had heard others complain that the yardage numbers it gave were way short, and I found that to be quite true today. It's a neat setup, if they get it to be accurate. In the mat bays they have a monitor in each bay, but for the grass tees you need a smartphone and the app. They provide a bunch of stands to hold your phone, and you can move it where it works best for you. You start by hitting a few shots, and it fixes your position based on sound. Once you confirm your spot, before hitting a shot you input which club you're using. For each shot it gives you "flat" carry, total distance, launch angle, height, landing angle, hang time, curve, and offline. It gives you summary stats for each club. All sounds great, but the yardage it calculates is clearly way short. I used my rangefinder to shoot some of the targets (the app also gives you a map of the range with yardage for each target - that was accurate), and, with my 8 iron, for example, I was hitting it consistently a few yards past a pole at 149 yards. The app said my average carry was 133. With the driver I was carrying it between the 225 and 250 markers, but the app said my average was 204. I'd really love to be able to use this to dial in carry yardage for partial shots, and especially wedges, but right now it's not good enough. Unfortunately, I have not been on a launch monitor in some time, so I can't comment on the accuracy of the other stats. I did not have a chance to ask any of the staff about it, as the shop was not yet open (balls can be gotten from an auto dispenser before and after hours). I have a lesson next week, and I plan to find out more.
  10. My wife had Lasik 20-ish years ago, and is doing fabulous. My eye doctor recommended against it for me. I have strongly curved eyes with bad astigmatism, and he said the results are not often good. My older sister has the same eyes as me (thanks, mom!), and her doctor also advised against it, but she had it done last year, and now regrets it. Therefore, my recommendation is to get an opinion from a doctor who doesn't do the surgery before making a decision. Either way, best of luck!
  11. A similar take on a really bad putt, "Well, your speed was off, but at least your line was bad."
  12. After retiring for a short time I had a part time job at a small country club in a university town (Oxford, OH). The morning ladies league had some very old players. Wonderful people, but it's hard to play good golf in your 80's and 90's, but they certainly had a lot of fun. If one of them hit it particularly well, the standard line was, Woo hoo, that's a rider!" Among my own friends we have a guy who's the opposite of this thread. Everything is a great shot! "You can't hit that any better!" "That's your best of the day!" "That's an awesome swing." These come out even as the ball is spinning off into the woods, or coming up 30 yards short, or whatever. Every once in a while, on a really bad shot, he made take it back, but immediately comes back with, "You'll hit the next one great!" He's such a positive and fun guy that nobody ever takes it bad, but it is a running joke among the rest of us.
  13. My personal favorite, on putts left short, either "Nice lay up, or, "I don't think I would have layed that one up."
  14. I had a lesson yesterday, and while just talking I asked my pro about this. (He's a PGA sectional champ a few times, played some Nike events, but never made the cut, now a senior.) He expected the limiting factor in shooting birdies would be fairway height. The super low height on the Tour produces crisper contact, and noticeably better distance control. At the standard fairway heights of our area, he felt that their proximity to the hole with wedges and short irons would double. That limits the number of makeable putts.
  15. Rather than picking a brand (although I use Rudy Project), I'm going to recommend a place, Sports Optical. They carry a bunch of brands, and did a good job of fitting me into the one that worked best for me. However, far more than the frame, their lens grinding capability on curved lenses is unmatched. My vision with either pair I've gotten from them is far better than any pair of glasses I've ever gotten from anywhere else.
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