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  1. Definitely seems like something that could be taken advantage of. They don't have the best selection, but for anyone who wants to try out golf without fear of losing out if they don't like it, that's awesome.
  2. After having put the Gridirons on my wedges, I'm waiting until the next iteration of these grips are released and will order a set for my irons, that probably already need to be re-gripped.
  3. I really feel for anyone who believed that Callaway wouldn't discount their flagship driver http://www.intheholegolf.com/callaway-golf/Callaway-Golf.html?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=071814-Cal-Monty
  4. I was curious so I found the link: http://www.dickssportinggoods.com/product/index.jsp?productId=33262066
  5. I just keep playing. I don't find the range to be helpful at all. If I'm practicing, it's either a pitch and putt or the practice green. This is the summer of suck for me. I went through a terrible spell in March, followed by breaking my wrist and not playing all of June. My last round my swing finally started clicking again. My putter went south, but hopefully with more rounds under my belt I can get into the groove again. At this point I'd just like a round sub 100. Then to be consistently in the 90s like I was last season. Then break 90 and so on.
  6. Cool info, but what did you test and what did you wind up with?
  7. Come September, make sure you check Amazon. I bought a ton of Greg Norman shirts for $20ish last year that originally sold for $70.
  8. That's a real shame you were treated so bad. Cobra deserves to have lost more than one customer over this. They should have been bending over backwards after you broke your factory installed clubs three times. Enjoy the SLDR irons, they look really nice.
  9. Anything that wasn't designed by Donald Ross is ok with me I love courses with water and plenty of it. I'm happy to drive an extra distance for that. Elevated tee shots are a lot of fun. My new favorite reasonably priced course in my area is President's Golf Course in Quincy, MA. 14 and 15 are awesome holes where the tee shot is way above the fairway. On 15, there's a huge pond you need to avoid, but landing a good tee shot is tough. The rest of the course is fun and well designed, but those two holes make the course. My only real complaint about it is it is so tight that on some
  10. I disagree. Courses in my area are usually closer to 6k in length from the tips. We still get 5 hour rounds.
  11. That's the one! Thanks RP, even if I have to wash my eyeballs out now!
  12. Great setup, have fun with them!
  13. I think this calls for pictures of the bullet driver if anyone still has those!
  14. Pros are independent contractors. It's in their best interest to wear the stuff and it's in the best interest of the network to have the pro on TV. I'm purely guessing here, but I can't imagine the companies have to pay the TV guys for what the pros wear. Again guessing, but there seems to be a symbiotic relationship between the golf companies and TV in this case. That said, you see Titleist bags and whatnot all over the sets. Those are certainly paid advertisements.
  15. I used GolfShot for scorecard and GPS over 18 holes and it was great. The free version has more than enough features for me with detailed stats, yardages to front/center/back of the green, and some really nice looking aerial imagery. Plus they are one of the few apps that will give you a handicap. Highly recommend it.
  16. I love watching golf on TV and my son can watch it for hours. Maybe that's just us. The stats are scary and I have noticed it's been easier to get a tee time this year. The real problem though is the price. I went during peak hours with my son on Sunday and it cost $97 because we splurged for a cart. I can't do that every weekend and this particular course was too hilly for him to walk it without his push cart. I still think non-conforming equipment is the other big part of the solution (not the only other big part). Anything to make the game easier to get into. Then if you want a real
  17. My understanding is guys are paid based on how much screen time they get. The companies have a straight up formula where X average hours per year equals Y dollars. So better players who get focused on more during the final round get quite a bit. Commercials and different events outside of golf also factor into this as well. So it's in the players best interest to wear their hat and shirt during commercials, etc...
  18. That really sucks. Having just come back from being out of commission for 4 weeks, I know your pain. Hopefully the second opinion gives you a better timetable.
  19. Txstcatman's review is on the blog! http://www.mygolfspy.com/bobby-jones-black-review/
  20. Thanks. I was told they only put a screw in the weight port for tour issue SLDRs. I looked up the T serial number a while back, but didn't see any SLDR heads with it.
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