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  1. Looks like there may be a slider or weight ports on the back of the club too. See the Fade/Draw markings?
  2. Could use a few more responses! I have a reason for asking this
  3. I was curious how many of you own a launch monitor? If you do, please say what kind you own. Iff you don't own one, do you have easy access to one? If so, which kind? Finally, how much do you use it and how effective of an aid do you find it?
  4. Quick bump since tx's review was posted late Friday. ICYMI: http://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/11235-forum-member-reviews-custom-bobby-jones-driver-fw-hybrid/?p=134356
  5. I'd want it to give out after hole 18, after I'd finally been able to shoot my age! The jealous husband may be the easier route to make sure it happens though. Plenty of time to plan for that.
  6. wbealsd's review! http://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/11235-forum-member-reviews-custom-bobby-jones-driver-fw-hybrid/?p=134353
  7. That'd be a fitting tribute. Will have to take out my R11s as soon as I can myself.
  8. Having read through the drafts of the reviews, I gotta say it is really bizarre how every tester had different opinions. All three will be posted this week, stay tuned!
  9. Golfpad looks nice, but is there a handicap tracker? That my main reason for sticking with GolfShot.
  10. I thought the Callaway scoring system used at the first MGS Vancouver Open was pretty good: http://golf.about.com/od/handicaps/l/blcallawaysys.htm The problem is it can be gamed, but if no one tries that crap, then it really does even out the playing field.
  11. Walter Hagen (seemed more fun that Bobby Jones) Ben Hogan (to teach me to swing) Rodney Dangerfield (in Caddyshack character)
  12. I'd probably use it as a chance to get a fully fit bag, maybe going to a fitter who is willing to fit me for last year's models depending on how much above the $1600 I'd be willing to go. Driver: Ping I25 or TM SLDR FW and Hybrid: Ping G25 Irons: TM Speedblades or Ping G25 Wedges: Maybe Hopkins or some other variety of grinds. This would take a lot of thinking about Putter: Nome TR? This would be the hardest choice.
  13. Yeah, Tim was a good guy. Had many email conversations with him last year. Glad he got one last round in and spent his last few weeks with family. RIP Tim.
  14. I'm just catching up with some posts. This was a great writeup Mark. Hope you stick around. Love this quote from your review:
  15. The recent update to GolfShot makes it heads and shoulders above the rest. It's really beautiful and comes with free GPS now.
  16. http://www.golfgalaxy.com/biggest_golf_sale.aspx R1 Driver ($135 after discounts): http://www.golfgalaxy.com/TaylorMade-R1-Driver/Search?csm=596565801&csc=146007&csa=595092851&csu=146052&mcid=229458580
  17. Mark, Sounds very interesting looking forward to hearing more as your company progresses.
  18. Color me jealous! Whiskey said it best, even with the giant lizard on the sole it has a very simple and nice look to it.
  19. A lot of pros go with a softer flex in their wedges than with their irons. Gives them more spin and feel.
  20. I'll use a push cart most of the time, but I really want to go back to the flexibility of being able to just take my bag from time to time.
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