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  1. When I have $1000 to spare I'll get another coach. Seeing someone once or twice a year doesn't do it for me at all.
  2. Here's the most recent pic I could find in less than 2 minutes:
  3. They've done that since the Rocketbladez. The slot is intended to help on low mishits, which they decided aren't as common past the 7i. I'm interested in the difference between the old slot the and pass through slot. Did they put a uniform compound in there or is it denser closer to the sweet spot?
  4. You do get what you pay for. I play only once a week usually and wore out the Karma pretty fast.
  5. I found this article interesting: http://golf.about.com/od/equipment/fl/Return-of-Ben-Hogan-Company.htm The TLDR is that Perry Ellis bought the name rights from Callaway. They are now teaming up with Terry Koehler, president of SCOR Golf, to produce a new line of Hogan clubs. Unfortunately, Perry Ellis also signed a deal with Walmart to make beginner sets with the Hogan name, so who knows what will come of all this. Maybe the name should have stayed buried? Here is the website: http://www.benhogangolf.com/
  6. I can't really talk about other grinds because I have only played Full sole and Arc style grinds, and haven't tried Hopkins wedges at all. Others on the forums, like Rookieblue, can give you a lot more info on grinds and why they prefer one over the other. I'm really interested in them though and my next wedge set (probably next year) very well may come from Hopkins. They do have a 30 day guarantee, so you can try one set and if it doesn't work, return it for something else. I did find it odd that they don't offer all grinds for all lofts. For example, ARC grinds are only available for 52*
  7. I'd email Hopkins golf your questions. Personally, I really like the ARC style grinds because then I can use all my wedges on all shots and choose which one purely based on distance. This is the same sort of sole as the SCOR V-Sole or TM ATV. I play in the northeast where sand is grainy and the rough can vary from feeling like straw to very lush.
  8. You're in good company Sammy, welcome!
  9. No matt black head?? I really liked that look.
  10. It really is fun to read about how different lofts affect everyone differently. Great work so far guys. Two more to go next week!
  11. I really like that Pinup Girl design. Now if I just had the guts to wear it...
  12. That's why clubs need to be fit for the ball you play! This is a fun experiment. I'm curious how many golfers really would fit into a 14* driver. I guess we'll find out with the next reviews...
  13. The first SLDR reviews has been posted! Two more are rolling in this week! http://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/11010-forum-member-reviews-taylormade-14-sldr/?p=131829
  14. My son is a lefty, I buy all his stuff from the US Kids golf outlet store: https://www.uskidsgolf.com/shop/outlet Much better quality than your typical starter set. I will warn you though, the ultralight stuff is made from zinc and will get banged up after a while. The Tour series stuff is stainless steel and holds up nicely, but that's geared towards better players.
  15. City driving is really dangerous and not that fun. I prefer the small town rides. My bike is not nearly as fancy. It's my first one though and will probably only last one year. I kinda want a touring bike.
  16. Sprained my right ankle on Saturday. Was told 2-3 weeks to recover, but I can walk as long as there's no pain, meaning I can still play golf with stack and tilt!

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      GolfSpy WD

      Yep, golf cart is a must right now.

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      A cart's not really a BAD thing ;)

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      Or drink beers before the round begins.

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  17. I think one of my hobbies is collecting hobbies. My list is currently at: Golf, Cooking, Skiing, Hiking, Photography, Motorcycling I'm not good at sitting still...
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