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  1. Tony, can you just paste the entire article when you make these threads along with your link? I'd be much more inclined to have a discussion then.
  2. wbealsd's initial writeup is up! http://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/11235-forum-member-reviews-custom-bobby-jones-driver-fw-hybrid/?p=134352
  3. The community review is up! http://www.mygolfspy.com/community-review-taylormade-spider-si-putter/ Thanks all who participated, looking forward to more future member reviews!
  4. $40+ to walk 18 is typical in the Boston area. Add another $20 for a cart if you want. No way anyone is dropping their fees.
  5. I still use the original Leupold GX1, but basically the answer to your question is the older models work just fine. There's really no need to upgrade once you have one. For something I've used for 3+ years and still going strong, I'd say the $200 (bought on sale + discount) was well worth it.
  6. It looks like you can enter the sweepstakes using the following info: http://www.callawaygolf.com/more/the-big-big-bertha-payday-sweepstakes/ Entry code: BIGBERTHA2014 Select a store and fill out your info. The problem I had is the page redirects you to the store's page you selected, so I'm not really sure if it worked or not since there's no confirmation.
  7. Really cool story and really well written. Sounds like a fun trip. Gotta love the notion of Michelson's swing not wearing down his body and he'll be playing past 50. I can see that.
  8. Jmike's review has been posted! http://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/11075-forum-member-reviews-taylormade-spider-si-putter/?p=132547 The final writeup where I will put the member reviews with my own impressions will be posted next week (delayed due to me breaking my wrist). Please ask questions in this thread and I will address them the best I can in the final writeup.
  9. Txstcatman Unboxing Review Follow Up wbealsd Unboxing Review Follow Up mudfish Unboxing Review Follow Up Website
  10. Here's the link Jax: http://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/11075-forum-member-reviews-taylormade-spider-si-putter/?p=132600 Definitely enjoying these. 3 more to go!
  11. Donald Ross did know how to make a fun course, but I'm pretty sure he hated golfers. Some of his courses have holes that are easy par or triple depending on where you tee shot winds up. If I'm in the area I'll check it out. My favorite Ross course so far is the George Wright course in Hyde Park, MA.
  12. The first of the Spider Si reviews is up! http://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/11075-forum-member-reviews-taylormade-spider-si-putter/?p=132544
  13. I still play the TP5 and like it as much as the original Penta. You can get a good deal for them usually recycled too. I really see little difference between the TP5, 20XI-X, and ProV1x. I'm not too picky on feel though.
  14. Final SLDR review is up! http://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/11010-forum-member-reviews-taylormade-14-sldr/?p=131837 Overall, it was only popular with one of our members. I honestly can't tell if this was a fitting issue though, or the club itself. Many of the guys could hit it just fine, but the height off the tee was always the issue and it often resulted in less distance. TM is going to really have to work with retailers to ensure customers are properly fit for these drivers. I'm very curious about why they felt a 14* loft option warranted mass production and if they are seeing the
  15. I just signed up for a lesson after some atrocious golf. Hopefully this guy sticks. Good luck T!
  16. Occasionally Clicgear will sell refurbished carts here: http://www.clicgearusa.com/Clicgear_Reconditioned_Cart_p/a-cgc311-blk.htm
  17. I need to fix the brake on my clicgear 2.0, but otherwise the thing is rock solid.
  18. I agree! Too many folks out there think that because they're good it makes them a good teacher. Personally I think they should do away with the "shoot three rounds in a row below 76" test PGA pros have to pass to become teachers.
  19. You two have pretty much described how I think of a lot of pros. I can't stand the attitude a lot of them have that they know infinitely more than you'll ever comprehend and the only way to fix your game is to rebuild your swing. Then there are the pros that try tip after tip from golf digest. Both are crap and I've yet to find one whom I mesh with. Honestly the one session short game lesson I got from Dan were far more helpful than anything I've gotten from a pro to date.
  20. Good point. The Tour Deep was a pretty good ball.
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