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  1. It just has to be close for me. It doesn't matter if the final score is even par or -20, as long as it's close. I also enjoy watching when a player has something to go for. Next Masters Rory will be going for his career grand slam at 25 years old, which is crazy. If Phil is in the hunt at the US Open I'll be watching that. Tiger's always fun to watch to see if he'll ever beat Jack's record. Would be great to see Rickie win his first major. Etc, etc... Then there's the venue. Augusta is such a beautiful course that the Master's is a must watch. Same goes for the Player's (I know, it's not a major). I like the British open second best because the venue is so much different than typically played on the PGA. What I don't like are the blowouts. When you know who's going to win Sunday morning, what's the point?
  2. LOL! Good catch! Would love to see more examples of OEMs contradicting themselves!
  3. This is the first I've even heard of Bennington golf. I checked out their website. Really nice looking bags.
  4. Dammit, we may have to pick Dan again...
  5. Love Rickie's shirts, hate hate hate the hat.
  6. Greetings! With support from one of our newest sponsors, Ace of Clubs Co, we've decided to restart our Forum Member of the Month contest where each month, we choose the member we feel has done an outstanding job of eliciting conversation, contributed to the forum discussions, and ultimately has helped grow the MyGolfSpy Community. This isn't about who has the most posts. In the past we had a member post a simple "Why I don't like Bubba" thread that exploded. Helping answer questions, creating new discussions and participating in others, being open to other's viewpoints, making new members feel welcome, and encouraging others to join the forum are examples of what we're looking for in our member of the month. Above all, have fun being a member of the forum and don't be a d-bag. As a reward for being selected Member of the Month, the member will get to choose between a grip or cover from Ace of Clubs! For those interested, AoC has posted plenty of examples in this thread: http://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/11492-ace-of-clubs-golf-co-leather-putter-grip-photo-thread/ AoC asks your advice on a new project: http://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/11550-ace-of-clubs-golf-company-new-design-project-help/ AoC Handmade Putter Grip Process: http://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/11611-official-post-ace-of-clubs-golf-co-handmade-putter-grip-process-revealed/ AoC Custom Department Grand Opening http://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/11618-the-ace-of-clubs-golf-co-custom-department-grand-opening/
  7. I'm back from vacation! Don't have any results since the initial post, but I'll have some range time tomorrow and plenty of time next week to gather more results. Keep the questions coming!
  8. I think that's a huge perceived benefit, but I need to test doing flop shots with my current GI set before I really go into it. That said, I'm already used to flop shots with my wedges and the same swing with the Scor short irons produces a nice flop as well. I suck at making the same club go different distances, so having multiple clubs to work with is very nice.
  9. I went through this the first time I tested the short irons. A fat shot is really really ugly. Then I tried with my Rocketbladez and a fat shot was still really really ugly. I came out of that particular experiment deciding that the width of the sole doesn't help much when it comes to soggy ground. It probably helps sweeper types on firmer ground, but so far for me the difference in sole width has been unnoticeable in terms for forgiveness against fat shots.
  10. First post has been updated! In the spirit of the thread, here are my first results. Unfortunately my next set will have to wait as I'm going away for a week without golf, but I'll catch up later Tested at the range, picking the space between two flags, roughly the size of a small green and hit 5 shots to them with both Scor clubs and my PW/AW Rbladez. Then I did it again for a total of 10 shots each. If I hit between the two flags on a good shot, it was 1 point. If I hit really near them, it was 0.5 points, and a complete miss was 0 points. I re-did any fat or thin shot, though discussing how the clubs handle thin shots is also interesting. Rbladez AW 4/10 Rbladez PW 6.5/10 Scor GW 6/10 Scor PW 6/10
  11. Whatever Ping is doing, it's kinda working....I want one now...
  12. SCOR contacted us at MGS a few weeks ago wanting to pit their short irons against cavity backs, claiming that cavity backs offering forgiveness on short irons is a myth. They tried this test on other sites, but the results came back with only anecdotal evidence and very little solid metrics collected. With MGS's reputation, which includes our members, SCOR asked if we can produce something better. Can they send a pitching wedge and gap wedge to our members and prove what their tests on an Iron Byron already showed them: http://www.scorgolf.com/golf-wedge-comparison/ The challenges SCOR laid out for us are: Challenge 1) Cavity back short irons are forgiving: They aren't - Iron Byron has proven that. On toe and high face hits, SCOR iron dispersion was up to 71 feet better. Challenge 2) A conventional wedge is as consistent as anything on full swings - The truth is, a conventional wedge design, with a low center of gravity and thin upper face, was never meant to be swung full. But we use them that way. SCOR progressive weighting design, along with the turn interaction advantages of the V Sole, result in significant dispersion gains. In other words, we are primarily looking at full swings and need to show that not only are SCOR's blade style short irons as forgiving as a cavity back, but their dispersion is better. This is going to be different than other Community reviews in that in this thread the testers will be periodically posting their results rather than waiting 4 weeks and giving a summary at the end. SCOR asked for testers from a wide range of handicaps, so we have RevKev for our lower handicap tester, MmmmmmmBuddy as our mid handicap tester, and myself as the high handicap tester. At the end of our test, I will write up the results and post it on the blog. The three of us will be using the local driving ranges, par 3s, and any access to launch monitors we can get to run our tests. Early results show each environment is good for the following: Driving Range: While it's notoriously hard to figure out distance without some device measuring it for us, the driving range is great for testing dispersion when you have a target to aim or two points to aim between. Also, for grass tees, we can test SCOR's claims of turf interaction. Par 3: You can go to a par 3 with nothing but a Pitching wedge and Gap wedge. The main benefit is being able to hit a few balls, walk up to them, and use a trusty tape measure to figure out the dispersion. There's also multiple different turfs (tee box, rough, fairway) and landing zones. When measuring dispersion, the fairway is actually the best place since there won't be as much roll. LMs: This is pretty obvious. Nic has plenty of access to a LM, so we should see interesting results. In my mind, I prefer the Par 3 results because we mainly care about how the irons perform on the course. At a full course, each individual iron may only be used a few times, but at a par 3 we'll use it quite a bit. Our goal is to provide results each week in this thread. Again, this isn't a wedge test, it's a short game test, so we're looking mainly at full shots, focusing on left/right dispersion and short/far dispersion. We will probably throw in a few subjective notes such as feel too, but dispersion is our main stat. To everyone reading this, this is our first Community Labs and I'd love to continue doing them. Please offer suggestions on how you might test or how we might collect different results. Those who are most involved have the best chance of joining in future Community Labs tests! WD Test Set: 44* and 48* KBS Steel Firm Flex, +1/2" length, Standard lie, Midsize Grip. (Comparing against Taylormade Rocketbladez irons) Nic Test Set: 46* and 50* Genius 12 Steel Shafts In Firm -.25 inches, Standard Lie. Standard Grips. (Comparing against Adams CB1 Pro Black and C. Carnahan Wedge) RevKev Test Set: 44* and 48* Genius 7 Graphite R Flex, +1/2" length, 2 degrees flat, Standard size Grip. (Comparing against Wilson C100 irons)
  13. GolfSpy WD


    I love the G25 fairway and hybrid. They're definitely worth a try.
  14. I've seen Miura sets at GG for $800 when they're clearing their shelves. I just wasn't impressed enough to pony up the cash.
  15. Maybe it's just around here, but I just don't see the game shrinking. Our courses are always packed. Weekdays after 3pm is all leagues and Weekends you have to book tee times at least 3 days before. I do think RR hit the nail on the head though. I started when I was 27. It took 2 years for me to actually play semi regularly though, roughly the same time I joined this forum. Had I know I could return a full set of clubs at Costco, I might have started sooner though...
  16. What can I say, I'm half French. The ladies love the pheromones
  17. I always hang my golf clothes to dry. Can't say I've noticed them get smellier than anything else I wear.
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