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  1. Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp Across the World http://www.beercamp.sierranevada.com/beers/ Brewing with friends is what Beer Camp is all about. We called on twelve breweries - six stateside and six overseas - to come together for a no-limits, one-time only collaboration pack. So today's New Brew Thursday is not about a single beer, but rather three months of New Brew Thursdays. One of my favorite summer "things" is the annual release of the Beer Camp 12-Pack from Sierra Nevada. For some of you. experience with Sierra Nevada may start and stop with the iconic green label Pale Ale. It's a solid beer, and has been in the craft arena for decades. This Beer Camp 12-Pack is not full of green label... It's full of BEER MADNESS. There are 12 different breweries/beers in this box, representing a vast range of styles. I don't know of another 12-pack that will have a dry-hopped barleywine blend sitting beside a spicy ginger lager and a beer called Raspberry Sundae. So much range in the box, and it's a wonder to explore. I attack the pack with a friend. Typically, we each buy a 12-pack, and then drink the beers in the same order, either together or digitally. Way more fun to taste together though. It's also interesting how some hit for him (barleywine) and others for me (raspberry sundae). So much variation. The only sad thing about the Beer Camp box is that if you find a beer that you really like (Boulevard DIPA), there is no way to buy more of that beer, and the extra sadness that the beer will never be made again. Sometimes they do come back though. I believe that the six-packs of Tropical IPAs from a year or two ago were based upon a Beer Camp beer. Be warned, it'll likely set you back about $25 for the 12-pack. I did balk at this the first go around, but never once after drinking those beers. The beers in this one are special. Hopefully you can find it near you.
  2. The Xikar 19th Hole Gift Pack http://www.xikar.com/products/gift%2Dsets/ Gift Giving Can Be Complicated... Let's face it, there are times when we struggle to find the perfect gift. It can happen for a variety of reasons. Maybe we don't know someone well enough to know his or her tastes, or you've known someone for so long that you've exhausted every possible gift option. In either situation, it can take some real effort to come up with that special something. Sometimes Father's Day can be a gift giving challenge. We've been around our dads for all of our lives, and his tie rack is about as full as it's going to get. Well, if your dad is a golfer, and also a fan of a nice cigar, then I have the perfect gift box for you to give him: Xikar's 19th Hole Gift Pack. Xikar Makes Great Cigar Accessories I definitely associate the Xikar name with cool cigar stuff. I love my Xikar travel humidor that I reviewed for you few weeks back. However, that travel humidor is really low-level cool when compared to the other cigar stuff that Xikar makes. Take a quick trip around their site, and you will see lighters, cutters, and cases that are sure to drive your “I want that” impulses. I know that a Xikar Xi1 cutter has been on my want list for some time. Xikar and Golf With the 19th Hole Gift Pack, Xikar has created a unique gift box, pairing the passions of cigars and golf. Many of us enjoy a nice stick while on the course, placing us in the exact target market for a gift such as this. As an extra bonus, those of us who like to have unique toys in the golf bag, will be happy to know that all of the items in the box are only available in the 19th Hole gift box. What's In the Box Dave? The box itself is actually pretty cool, especially from a gift-giving standpoint. All of the items sit inside of the flip-top box, securely partitioned in a cut foam matrix. The box makes a statement, and really pops when one opens it. Love that in a present. There will be some Wow! for whomever opens the box. Anyway, on to the contents. Par-Tee Bottle Opener Though not technically a cigar accessory, the Par-Tee bottle opener is a nifty little opener. It's all metal, with a keychain ring attached. This could easily be your new daily key hauler, or affixed at the ready to your golf bag. I'm going to add it to my groove brush. The retracting cable attached to the brush will make for easy beer opening access. 19th Hole Ceramic Ashtray Though you will probably not take this to the course, the 19th Hole Ceramic ashtray is the most “golf” thing in the box. You'll not be able to putt to it, but there is no mistaking where Xikar found their inspiration for the ashtray. It has a nice weight to it, with the ceramic construction giving you a bit more heft than plastic would (with a lot less burnt plastic as well). If you have a golf-themed bar, or practice area at home, this ashtray would be a welcome addition. I can also see it living where you dump your golf in-the-pockets equipment. Tees, balls, tools, and so on would rest nicely in the confines of the cup. Xi1 Sticks Cutter Finally there is a uniquely decorated Xi1 cutter in the box. I love these cutters. The Xikar Xi1 cutter is the precision workhorse of cigar cutters. They last forever, and Xikar is willing to back that up claim with a lifetime repair or replace warranty. But more importantly, they are so cool to cut with! The Xi1 has a little switch that unlocks the dual blades, opening up the hole for your cigar. From there, you place your cigar in the hole to your desired depth, and then push the blades together to cut. The blades are razor sharp, giving you a nice clean edge on the cigar. After cutting, the Xi1 cutter locks in the closed configuration, protecting both you and the blades. If nothing else, I find that cutting with the Xi1 adds another layer of satisfaction to my smoking experience. I'm enjoying the stick before I ever put a flame to it. The logo on the Xi1 Sticks cutter matches the one on the Par-Tee bottle opener, and remember, these are both only available in the 19th Hole Gift set. What's the Greens Fee? The three items, and the perfect for giving gift box, have a retail price of $109.99. If you look at the individual pricing for Xikar cutters and ashtrays you'll see that this price is about dead on for just a cutter and ashtray. The bottle opener just adds to the value. If you want to score one of these for your dad for Father's Day, or one for yourself, follow this link to the Xikar Gift Set page, and then scroll to the bottom of that page for the add to cart link. I'd be stoked to get one of these as a gift, and I bet you know someone who would as well.
  3. Fans of the Cameron and Crown line of putters now have a few new models to choose from. Anyone bagging one of these? ------------------ FAIRHAVEN, Mass. (May 30, 2017) – Master Putter Maker Scotty Cameron, following up on the success of last year's Cameron & Crown introduction, is offering four new models for 2017. Cameron & Crown putters by Scotty Cameron are precisely crafted at 33 inches and specifically weighted for the player whose setup demands a shorter putter. The 2017 Cameron & Crown line includes popular head styles from Scotty's tour-proven Select and Futura putter families – Select Newport, Select Mallet 1, Futura 5MB and Futura 6M – providing modern blade, mid-mallet and high-MOI mallet options to satisfy a variety of strokes, styles and preferences of players at every level of the game. “Our initial Cameron & Crown release was very well-received, and we continue to hear great feedback from golfers who are benefitting from the 33-inch setup,” Cameron said. “I've always said that the length sets the eyes, and the eyes set the path. For those men, women and juniors who need a shorter putter, it gets their eyes in the right position to make a proper stroke while maintaining good posture and balance.” Available in golf shops beginning June 16, Cameron & Crown putters deliver the craftsmanship, quality and tour-proven performance that have made Scotty Cameron putters the choice of many of the world's best players for more than two decades: Each Cameron & Crown putter is custom designed at 33 inches and matched with properly weighted heads and smaller diameter gray Matador grips. This configuration ensures a correct swing weight, providing optimal feel and balance throughout the putting stroke. Multi-material technology – utilizing 303 stainless steel and 6061 aircraft grade aluminum for face inlays, face-sole components and flange constructions – is performance-matched to each putter style to provide ideal forgiveness and feel. A raw stainless steel finish with a unique Silver Mist treatment creates a radiant, yet glare resistant, appearance. Cameron & Crown graphics blend Scotty's familiar three milled dots left unpainted in misted stainless steel with an elegant white, gold, gray and black color scheme applied to engravings. “When we pioneered the adjustable weighting system, it became possible to match the putter head weight relative to the length for a balanced stroke,” Cameron said. “Cameron & Crown models are purpose-built 33-inch designs, not manipulated 35-inch putters, with properly-matched sole and back weights to ensure the swing weight and feel of these putters are consistent with their longer counterparts. We then developed a smaller Matador grip to match that performance and feel. These are crucial details when it comes to making a confident stroke.” 2017 CAMERON & CROWN MODEL OVERVIEW: Select Newport: Classic heel-and-toe weighted blade with a plumbing neck, shorter rounded contours, a 303 stainless steel face inlay and sight line in the flange. Select Mallet 1: Rounded, flowing mid-mallet with 6061 aircraft aluminum wrap-around face-sole technology, sweeping single-bend shaft, and pop-through flange alignment system. Futura 5MB: Classic, elegant “muscle-back” rounded mid-mallet with face-sole technology, and completely solid stainless steel flange. Futura 6M: Stable and balanced high-MOI mallet offers the ultimate in forgiveness and resistance to twist on mishits with dual-purpose alignment. (Available in RH and LH configurations.) AVAILABILITY: Cameron & Crown putters are available through Titleist authorized golf shops beginning June 16 (North America) and July 21 (worldwide). U.S. MSRP: $410. MAP $379
  4. Have not heard anything, but I've been using JR's Cigars for online stuff
  5. Prost! New Brew Thursday heads to Germany with Hefeweißbier Dunkel https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/18501-daves-new-brew-thursday/?p=291400

  6. Weihenstephaner Hefeweißbier Dunkel https://www.weihenstephaner.de/en/ Our dark wheat beer is impressive with its creamy white foam. A fruity-fresh sweetness and hints of mature bananas harmonize with delicious flavors of roasted malt, sparkling and full-bodied with a light caramel taste on the first sip. An excellent accompaniment from hearty meals and game to chocolate and nut desserts. Brewed according to our centuries-old brewing tradition on the Weihenstephan hill. Alcohol Content: 5.3% Bitterness Units (IBUS): 14 Color: Caramel Style: Dark Wheat Beer Sometimes I forget about German Bier With the awesome beers that are available all over the place locally, I sometimes forget that there is an import section in the liquor store. It's funny how that has changed over the past decade or two. It used to be that if you wanted a “fancy” beer that you would order an imported one. Now, it's the more local, the better. Thing is though, there are still a bunch of great beers out there that are worth exploring, even if it means that you need to jump a continent or two. I actually picked up the Weihenstephaner Hefeweißbier Dunkel (dark wheat beer) in a beer exchange at work. Every so often, a few of us get together and swap mystery beers. This one was a favorite of one of the participants, and I can see why. Though I will drink just about any beer, I tend to choose the non-wheat beer option more often than not. Dark wheat is different though. With the dunkel variation, you get a much richer, and roasty beer. It is not your usual Hefe... DRINKABILITY: Slam Dunkel Though I will drink just about any beer, I tend to choose the non-wheat beer option more often than not. As I said, dark wheat beer is different though. This beer has way more body, and in my opinion, more taste than a straight hefeweißbier. This beer sits nicely light on the tongue when you sip, and finishes with a little more malty satisfaction than a normal hefe. Nothing porter or stout happening here, just a bit of roast and caramel on the back end. I'd be very happy drinking this beer under almost any situation. It's light enough to quench, yet has the body to be fortifying. GOLFABILITY: Booyah, but Bottle Golfability is a two-fold category. First, would you enjoy drinking this as you play, and second, would drinking this put the stink eye on your golf performance. Solid refreshment and a low 5.3% ABV puts the Weihenstephaner Hefeweißbier Dunkel smack dab in the middle of the golfability target. It'll cut the dust, and not convince you that riding your club around ala Boo Weekly is a good idea. Pack two 500ml bottles in the bag and enjoy the ride. Bottles are kind of a pain in the ass on the course though. If a stashed one broke in your bag it would be all kinds of lame. Personally, I'd pour one of these into an insulated tumbler, Yeti or other, and let that house the hops. One hidden bottle won't clank much against itself. Buyagainability: Were the Choices Fewer I like Weihenstephaner Hefeweißbier Dunkel quite a bit, but I think that it may get passed over when I'm driving through the beer aisle. There are so many beers out there, and my compulsion to try them all will probably cause me to look at this beer on the shelf and go “that's a good one”, as I move on to some random IPA infused with California Condor egg shells. Should I run across this on tap though, I'll be putting away a couple of liters. It's a dynamite mug-swinging-in-the-pub bier. Prost!
  7. The fin is the key for holding these in place for me. There are three sizes of fins, hopefully one navigates the cauliflower nicely.
  8. UPCOMING BLOG ARTICLE TEASER If you want to take the pitch fix to the next level, here is a damascus tool and marker from BPutters.
  9. Dave's Take: Jaybird X3 Bluetooth Headphones The Jaybird X3 headphones are very simple to use, sound great, and come with enough options to fit twenty-four different ears! The Bigness of Bluetooth I remember the awesomeness the first time I took Bluetooth headphones to the driving range. Prior to wireless, I would drop my MP3 player in my back pocket, and run the headphone cord up my back, under my shirt. It worked OK, but was annoying. Then came the golden age of wireless, and I could put on the headphones while leaving my music-playing phone in my golf bag. It's hard to imagine ever going back to wired golf audio. I still use one pair of wired headphones on my tiny iPod Shuffle, and another big pair of noise-canceling, over-the-ears cans, but everything else has shed the cable. Wireless is here to stay, and now I just need to find the right snazzy little audio exporters. Today, I have for you my take on the latest pair of wireless headphones to come across my desk: Jaybird's X3 Headphones. Come along, and let's explore how the X3 can meet the wireless-audio needs of the golfer. Jaybird X3: IN THE BOX X3 Wireless Buds Comply™ Isolation Foam Ear Tips: S/M/L Silicone Ear Tips: S/M/L Secure-Fit Ear Fins: S/M/L Cord Management Clips Cord Shirt Clip USB 2.0 Charging Cable + Charge Clip Carry Pouch Color: Platinum (exclusively at Best Buy) Price: $129.99 Comfort and Fit So let's start with getting the Jaybird X3s into your ears. While most of you only have two ears, the X3 headphones come with enough attachments to fit twenty-four. In the box, you have three different sizes of foam ear tips, silicone ear tips, and ear fins. My math says that makes twenty-four combinations of tip size and fin size, including the no fins option. Now if you wear one small tip in one ear, and a medium in the other ear, the number of fit combinations jumps to something like 256 combinations! Maybe my math is a little shaky there, but the take home message is that there should be enough versatility in the tips and fins to comfortably fit any set of ears. For me, I started with pairing the medium silicone tips with the medium fins. Ultimately, I switched to the medium foam tips, finding them a bit more comfortable than the silicone. The foam tips are still plenty secure, something that I thought could be lost with the switch. Once the tips and fins are configured, you can then use the strap adjustment system to secure the cord behind your head. I did need to follow the included directions on this part. It's not difficult to wind the cord back and forth between the plastic clips, just wasn't totally intuitive for me. Once you get the right fit, you should never need to adjust it again, and you, like me, will find the Jaybird X3 headphones very comfortable and secure. Overall, they are very lightweight, both the earpieces and the control element. Once in place, the headphones are very unobtrusive, and I didn't really notice them ever during usage. The sound through them was all I noticed. The headphones had no trouble staying in place through practice sessions on the range, or during workouts at the gym. I went for the over the ear configuration, and never once did I feel an earpiece slipping out, the cords tangle, or the control bang against my neck. Light, secure, and comfortable. Ease of Use Getting the right combination of tips and fins can take a bit of trial and error, but once you complete that task, using the X3 to play music is super easy. You hold the middle button to turn them on, resulting in an audio message that they are now powered on and how much battery is left. I love that it tells you battery level when it turns on, but be forewarned that the volume of this power-up message is a bit loud for my taste. I've gotten in the habit now of turning them on before inserting them into my ears. You may not be as sensitive, but I found the volume excessive for my delicate ears. Pairing to my iPhone was as fast as any Bluetooth device I've used in the past, and after pairing, the Jaybird X3 does an excellent job of finding the phone whenever it's powered up. So far, the Jaybird X3 has not dropped the connection during use. Volume and track skipping are controlled using the same buttons on the controller, with short presses changing volume and longer ones (until it beeps) changing the track. Super easy, and responsive. If you have songs at different recorded volumes and tracks you need to skip or repeat, the system works flawlessly. The same controls are used for interacting with phone calls, though I mainly used the do not pick up option when I was wearing these. I'm not that interested in talking to anyone if I'm on the range, the course, or at the gym. I'll call you back... Sound Quality The volume produced by the X3 is louder than any human needs. That's not a knock; it's praise. The Jaybird X3 has volume for days. You will not likely get to the top of the range and be left wanting. If you are, then you may need to get your ears checked. I've maxed out other headphones on the range, or in the gym, but not these. Though not actively noise canceling, the fit of the ear tip into the ear canal is quite snug, and thus blocks out a bunch of the environmental noise. My audiologist said that this is a great way to actually be able to play the music at lower, and thus less damaging, volumes. Highs, mids, and lows are balanced. Bass is deep, and booming if you want it. You can also download the free MySound app to tweak the eq sound profile to your liking, or test out a saved sound profiles in the app. Volume is ample, and the sound range is expansive. No complaints across musical genera. Battery The Jaybird X3 is a battery sipper. The specs say that the battery should last for eight hours, but I'd swear it would last longer. I fully charged these, and then threw them in a pocket in the golf bag. Every time I turned them on, the battery level was higher than I expected. They just keep playing and playing. Another battery feature worth noting is that they stay charged for 200 hours when not in use. That's almost twenty days. I've had other brands of headphones that if you left them alone for a week, they would have fully discharged the battery. The X3 hold a charge, and then just nibble current when you use them. Impressive battery, especially considering how light these headphones are. My only gripe with the battery is that charging the Jaybird X3 requires a special cord. I'd like them to just use the same universal USB charging cable that charges everything else. I'm sure that the special cable is required for certain design elements that would not be possible with a standard cable. The charger works great, especially liking the 20 minutes of charge = 60 minutes of music feature. My concern is that I'll misplace the special cable, and not be able to charge the headphones. Jaybird X3 Headphones Review: Summary Though the initial fitting took a bit of time, once the Jaybird X3 was properly configured for my ears and head, it delivered nothing but easy, high-quality sound. Though it does require a proprietary cable, the X3 charges rapidly and retains that charge for a long time. The headphones remained secure through all of my usual golf motions, and even through the dizzy-making irregular motions as I tried to dislodge them. I'm also pretty happy with the value on these. The MSRP of $129.99 puts these in the same conversation with similar headphones from Beats and Bose. Having used the Beats Powerbeats3 myself, I'm totally comfortable saying that the X3 can definitely compete with Beats, and for active usage, I prefer the X3 to the Beats. All in all, the Jaybird X3 headphones have checked all of my boxes, and are now my go to golf headphones. Find out more at the Jaybird website, and at Amazon. Detailed Specifications: Jaybird X3 AUDIO · Type: In-Ear Style · Noise-isolation: Passive · Impedance: 16 Ohm · Speaker sensitivity: 96 +-3dB At 1KHz · Output 5mW nominal, 10mW max · Total Harmonic Distortion · Audio Format: 16-bit Stereo · Codec: AAC, SBC, Modified SBC · Response Bandwidth 20Hz - 20kHz · Driver Size: 6 mm BLUETOOTH · Bluetooth Version: 4.1, Multi-point · Frequency Band: 2.4 GHz · Profiles: Hands-free, Headset, A2DP, AVCRP, & SPP PAIRING · Number of Paired Devices: 8 · Pairing passkey: 0000 INTEGRATED MICROPHONE · Type: MEMS, Omni directional, ultra low power · Sensitivity: -38dB +-3dB (Test conditions: 1KHz, 0dB = 1V/Pa) COMPATIBLE PRODUCTS · Any A2DP Bluetooth stereo device OPERATION · Operating: 32F - 113F (0C - 45C ) · Storage: 14F - 122F (-10C - 50C) WEIGHT & DIMENSIONS · Width: 1.1" (28.02mm) · Height: 1.09" (27.69mm) · Depth: 0.52" (13.42mm) · Weight (With Fins and Tips): 0.63 oz (17.9g) · Cord Length: 19.29" (490 mm) BATTERY · Play Time: 8 Hrs* · Standby Time: 200 Hrs* · Charging Time: 2.5 Hrs · Quick Charge: 20 min = 1 hour Play Time · Charging: USB with included charging clip · AC power: DC 5V 500mA · Type: Lithium Ion · Battery Voltage: 3.7V · *May vary dependent on usage, device & aging WARRANTY: 1 Year Limited Warranty
  10. That beer is delicious. [emoji481] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. Dogfish Head Flesh & Blood IPA https://www.dogfish.com Flesh & Blood began with a ton of real citrus including lemon flesh and blood orange juice—hence the name—plus orange and lemon peel. Then the brewers began searching for the perfect combination of hops to perfectly complement the citrus flavors. After trialing number of different hops one-by-one, they emerged with Warrior and Centennial. So what does this focus on simple, pure unadulterated fruit mean in terms of the aromatics and flavors in this beer? Flesh & Blood balances the resinous hoppy characteristics of an American IPA with the explosive zesty fruitiness and subtle drying tartness of citrus to deliver a highly quaffable ale that's incredibly unique and lovely to down the whole year round. Alcohol Content: 7.5% Bitterness Units (IBUS): 45 Color: Deep reddish orange Aroma: Intense notes of citrus, orange, tropical fruits, lemon Flavor: Citrus, slightly tart, slightly pithy with juicy orange, lemon Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with balanced bitterness Dogfish Head: The Craft Beer OG I bet that every craft beer lover has at one time or another wanted to make the trip to Dogfish Head Brewery. I know that I have. Not only is Dogfish one of the breweries that has been at the craft beer game for a while, they also make some super creative beers! Not ready to agree with that point? Feel free to go and read about Burton Baton. That beer is straight up mad science. Whenever Sacramento Beer Week rolls around, I always check the schedule to see who is holding a Dogfish Head event. They always roll out the crazy/interesting stuff. In total fairness, I'm likely in the chase for two beers in particular: 120 Minute IPA and World Wide Stout. How good are they? Did you miss the part where I actively try to find them? They are fantastic, and their rarity makes them special treats. Anyhoo, as soon as I noticed this new (to me) Flesh and Blood IPA in the store, I knew that it was next on Dave's New Brew Thursday list. DRINKABILITY: Juicy Got Ya Crazy That's right, I'm blowing today's door open quoting Oaktown's 357. Trust me there is a reason. For those of you not familiar with Oaktown's 357, they were a female rap group out of Oakland in the late 80's early 90's, featuring great hooks and a very danceable sound. Now if you clicked that above link and watched the video, you also know that they were a MC Hammer project. Hammer at his peak was producing all kinds of good stuff, and it made sense to spin the Hammer recipe into new projects. Do you see where I'm going here? Dogfish Head makes an amazing IPA, and using that as a spring board for new beers seems like a solid way to produce new spin-off beers. If you start with a good base formula, you just need to tweak it in new directions to make new hits. Yeah Yeah Yeah. So how is the beer Dave? It's really, really good. The IPAs from Dogfish are always a little maltier than our west coast versions, and I think that the bit of malt makes this severely drinkable. Lots of citrus, and I would totally describe Flesh and Blood as “juicy”. It's almost like a beer-based screwdriver. You get the IPA, but that citrus taste is breakfast table quenching. Cold going mad for this one. GOLFABILITY: Solid, but Stiff Golfability is a two-fold category. First, would you enjoy drinking this as you play, and second, would drinking this put the stink eye on your golf performance. Popped one of these around 11:00am on the course today. Don't judge me; I was doing research! Temp was probably high 70's at that point, and windy. The Flesh and Blood hit the spot. I opened it as we were waiting, seemingly forever, for the group in front of us to putt on a par 3. Once the beer was open, I didn't care about the other group at all. I was in the juicy IPA zone. Unfortunately the juicy IPA has some juice to it. The 7.5% ABV makes this a beer a side beer for me. Please adjust that to three a side for the next charity scramble. If we lose by 5 shots at -14, I'll be focusing more on the suds than the score from now on. Buyagainability: I Can(s) See That I actually only bought one of these bottles at the store. Helpful hint: Look for singles when trying out new beers. Helpful hint 2: Whole Foods will let you buy any beer in a six-pack as a single. Just pull one out and take it to the register. The other five beers go into the singles section. Easy stuff, huh? So will I buy more? Probably. The fact that this also comes in cans is a plus for summer adventures and golf. I wasn't totally comfortable drinking from a glass bottle on the course today. I'd say that this one is now in direct competition with the excellent Brew Free! Blood Orange IPA from 21st Amendment that I reviewed a few weeks ago. Both would be welcome finds in the ice chest. History of Hip Hop Bonus As a bonus, here is the whole 15 Minute video for Hammer's 2 Legit 2 Quit. The cameos in this video are epic pop culture time capsules: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFCv86Olk8E
  12. Got paired up with a single wearing sweats tucked into his tube socks. He spent the whole round telling my buddy that he had equine grace and he should know because he used to judge horses. Creepy AF Would not have been shocked if the guy asked us to put the lotion in the basket.
  13. My team went -12 last week and lost by 5 Greens were about 2-3 weeks post punching so I have no idea how you putt your way to -17 on that course. We have a 330 yard bomber as our scramble "cheat". Scores go low when the team goes driver wedge or our ringer goes driver, 3w, made putt on par 5s.
  14. I really like the driver one and I know it helps my swing there. Have thought about a shorter one for the irons. Maybe this is the way to go now.
  15. That's a good one Kenny. I like the regular Oatis better though as this one was a little sweet for me.
  16. I've got a mental block with Titleist stuff. Played a rental set of AP2s OK in Kapalua, but never since had much success.
  17. Ballast Point's Bonito Blonde Ale An approachable beer, with some substance. Our Bonito blonde ale is inspired by our perma-sunny days. This brew draws you in with its golden color and soft malt character, while the light mouthfeel and dry finish keeps you coming back. And what would set a San Diego blonde apart? A subtle hint of hops, naturally. AVAILABILITY: Year-round in:12oz. Bottles, Cans & Draft ALC. BY VOL.: 4.5% BITTERNESS :20 IBUs This week marks a return to San Diego's Ballast Point Brewery. You may be wondering why, with all of the breweries out there, I am already back to Ballast Point. I could tell you it's because I like their beer that much, and I do, but I also like many other beers so that's not it. Truth be told, it's because Ballast Point contacted me and suggested that Bonito Blonde would be a great beer for golf. If a company takes the time to reach out like that, I can definitely take the time to drink their beer. DRINKABILITY: Great Blonde with bonus Bonito is a solid little blonde ale and is inherently drinkable. It's interesting on the finish. Definitely a little more dry and bitter than I was expecting. Perhaps it's that little extra kiss of hops in the brew. I'd almost describe the finish as a little pilsner-like. That's the lingering dry bitterness that I taste. I know it's not a pilsner. I'm just a guy, drinking a beer, and letting you know my thoughts. Anyway, don't be surprised if you are halfway through that six-pack before you know it. GOLFABILITY: Flawless Victory Golfability is a two fold category. First, would you enjoy drinking this as you play, and second, would drinking this put the stink eye on your golf performance. Bonito is light and refreshing, comes in cans, and has a low ABV (4.5%). I can't think of a more golf-friendly combination. Maybe if the can could act as a tee, or suggest proper clubs for yardages then you'd have a more golfable beer. Until that happens, this is a fine beer for any round of golf. Buyagainability: Staple Status Cemented Ballast Point's Bonito Blonde may not be as super fancy as some beers out there, but it's simplicity is super effective. I'll definitely buy more of these this summer, and it will always be in the take to the pool/course/camping/boating/adventure conversation. Bonus Beer!!!!!!! Ballast Point's Sea Rose Tart Cherry Wheat Ale A crisp wheat ale with a tart cherry twist. Our Sea Rose tart cherry wheat ale is a fresh take on fruit beers. Originally conceived during an employee-led R&D brew, it's one of our most imaginative recipes yet. The American wheat style is light and clean, while fresh cherry juice adds a soft coral color and fruity nose that gives way to a dry, slightly tart finish. It's approachable, yet unexpected—exactly what we love to brew. AVAILABILITY: Year-round in 12oz. Bottles & Draft ALC. BY VOL: 4.0% BITTERNESS: 8 IBUs What is this? Another new beer this week? Am I trying to push the boundaries of my liver? What's going on here? Well, truth be told, Ballast Point didn't just suggest beers that would be great for golf, they actually sent them to me as well! There is the lesson for other breweries out there. If you send me beer, I will drink it. I'll likely even write about it too! And so, here is a little bonus coverage of Ballast Point's Sea Rose. DRINKABILITY: Probably a YMMV Situation Sea Rose will likely not have the universal appeal as Bonito, and I'm sure that this comes as no surprise to BP, or to those of you wondering just what the hell a tart cherry wheat ale is all about. Simply put, Sea Rose is a very light bodied wheat beer, with a little extra touch of fruit flavor and tartness. I know I just basically repeated its name, but it's pretty spot on. It has the thinner body of the wheat ale. Not much malt body at all (aka wheat ale). The cherry is not overpowering, nor is the tartness. I'd not go so far as to call this one sour. Wife thought it had a wine-like taste. Some will like it (me), some will pass (she). GOLFABILITY: Swing if your Palate Says So Golfability is a two fold category. First, would you enjoy drinking this as you play, and second, would drinking this put the stink eye on your golf performance. If you are one who falls in the like the taste category, then definitely take it to the course. It is refreshing in an almost non-beer like way. The ABV low at 4% so your game should remain intact while you swig the rose. Coming in bottles is a bit of a golf no-no, but not one that can't be circumvented through responsible glass awareness. Buyagainability: Possible, but limited Ballast Point's Sea Rose doesn't quite hit the sweet spot for me like Bonito. I think that it is likely due to the unique flavor. Like many beers out there, I enjoy one, but am not motivated to spend a night drinking only Sea Rose. Bonito all night would be fine, because it is that kind of broad appeal brew. I'd definitely order another Sea Rose in a bar if I saw it on tap, but I'm not sure I'd commit to a sixer. Cheers!
  18. Definitely good looking sticks. Liked the BB8 short a lot. So did others as it was the first one to sell out...
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