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  1. I agree with what you are saying. This type of activity has been a putter standard practice for decades. This just seemed a bit more than the standard Anser/Anser 2 - Newport/Newport 2 model. It would be like Odyssey releasing an actual red Spider and not just following TM's red color trend.
  2. Holiday Spirited Away? Normally, this is the post where I'd post a bunch of pictures of the new 2018 Scotty Cameron Holiday putter. I really want to post them too, as it's probably one of my favorite holiday putters, if not favorite Cameron putters ever. I really like what Team Cameron has come up with this time, and I could totally see myself buying and gaming the H18 Squareback. OK, here is one shot to check out. See, it's got a really cool look. I definitely want one for my collection, but I don't think that I'll pick one up this Friday when they release. The reason that I hesitate to buy one really has nothing to do with liking the putter, or the fact that it will probably be $800. No, my hesitation comes from something that I saw on the glorious information source that is Twitter last week. Check out this tweet from Tony Toulon, son of the putter prefect Sean Toulon. Seriously, take a look at that. Now the putter business is all about gentile pilfering of design elements here and there. I've definitely lost count over the years as to the number of times that I've heard someone tell me that "it's just a copy of a PING Anser". That kind of intellectual property "borrowing" is a bit different than to seems to be happening here. This doesn't look inspired by, but rather it looks taken from. It's overt, not covert. Now the Cameron camp will probably say that the design was inspired by old race car designs, and that would be totally valid, as the orange and blue scheme does show up on classic racers. Here is one I found after a quick Google search. It's a classic design on a classic car, and a great idea for a putter theme in my opinion. The problem for me is that Toulon already did it. Maybe they didn't go the whole way and make a putter to match it, but the headcover design was done by Toulon first. It just blows my mind, and seems inconceivable that Scotty Cameron would be this blatant in a copying a competitor's design. Now to be fair, maybe the H18 Squareback was designed without any knowledge of the Toulon cover. That's totally possible. Not every company is aware of everything that other putter companies produce. Maybe someone even saw the design two years ago, forgot about it, and then erroneously thought that this cool racer theme was his or her original design. It could all be just coincidence or accident. I'm typically a benefit of the doubt guy. That was until I saw this reply to the original tweet. My response to seeing that was something along the lines of "are you f*cking kidding me?" Even seeing it now, I find it a bit stunning. If something happens once, I'm OK thinking it could be accidental. But if you can show that it has happened before, then the accidental hypothesis becomes less probable. Keep in mind that everything that I am saying here is pure speculation. I've not talked to any of the players involved. I don't have any bias against Scotty Cameron. I like a whole bunch of his putters and own a handful. I even sent him a putter as a gift a few years back. (No lie. I 'll share that story another day.) I'm just writing from my gut, and my gut really doesn't like how this looks. But hey, maybe my concerns are unfounded. Maybe the 1000 people who buy one of these are getting a pure Cameron Creation, untainted by intellectual piracy. Even better, maybe they will never know that there was a Toulon design that predated the Cameron release. I bet that these will sell out in no time at all. Again, it's a cool looking putter for sure. Like I said above, I really like the look of this putter a ton, and I would like to have one, but I'd probably feel a bit dirty if I did. When all is said and done, I'd probably feel better taking my putter pesos over to the Toulon Garage where I could design something based on my own design.
  3. FYI: Best Buy has the MEGABOOM 3 for $129 today. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/ultimate-ears-boom-3-portable-bluetooth-speaker-sunset-red/6288529.p?skuId=6288529
  4. Pretty much. If the fit and battery are an issue then I would say spend $30 more and go with the X4 model. Otherwise these are solid. I'll post any durability discoveries should they arise through extended usage.
  5. Dave's Take: Jaybird Tarah Bluetooth Headphones The Jaybird Tarah headphones may have entry-level pricing, but they deliver great sound, especially when paired with the Jaybird app. Jaybird is the Word The Jaybird Tarah is the third pair of Jaybird Bluetooth headphones that I have taken through the review process, having previously reviewed the Jaybird X3 and Jaybird Run models. In both of the previous reviews, I was definitely impressed with the Jaybird products, especially since I had never even heard of the brand prior to the first review. Well it’s been about a year since I published the Jaybird RUN review, and I am happy to say that those headphones, and the X3 headphones, continue to perform flawlessly. The Run headphones are a staple of my golf bag, and my son uses the X3s at the gym on a daily basis. Nothing better than your kid pilfering your cool stuff, huh? Unfortunately for the Tarah headphones that I am writing about today, the previous experiences have elevated my expectations for this new model. It’s sort of like being the third kid to go to a high school when both of your elder siblings were valedictorians. Although I understand that the Tarah's role is as Jaybird’s entry-level model, it still has some big shoes to fill. Jaybird Tarah: IN THE BOX TARAH Wireless Buds Silicone Ear Gels: S/M/L Cord Management Clips Cord Shirt Clip USB 2.0 Charging Cable + Charge Clip Color: Nimbus-Gray/Jade Price: $99.99 Comfort and Fit Since they are of similar construction, most of my comparisons ended up being between the Tarah and the X3 headphones. The Run headphones are kind of their own thing, and not really an appropriate direct comparison. Anyway, like the X3 model, the Tarah headphones fit into your ears using a combination of silicone fins and ear inserts. The difference here is that while the X3s had separate fins and ear buds, the Tarah headphones come with the buds and fins fused into single units. Obviously this is going to cut into the versatility of fitting a bit. No longer can you pair small buds with large fins, or something like that. You really now only have three fit options. Hopefully one will work. For me, medium ear gels worked just fine. One thing that I really like about the new single-piece system is that the buds and fins are always in proper alignment with each other. Occasionally, the fins can twist out of place on the X3, and the Run, headphones. On the Tarah, this can’t happen since they are single piece units. Like the other Jaybird headphones, the Tarah headphones had no trouble staying in place through practice sessions on the range, or during workouts at the gym. Once I had the proper ear sock size, I just adjusted the cord a bit to secure them. After that, it was all about the music. Ease of Use Pairing is immediate. Not only for the first time that I paired them with my phone, but also when I paired them to my iPad later for movie watching. Just press and hold the power button and they are discoverable. So easy. The controls are very intuitive. Press +/- for volume control; hold them to skip songs. Nothing crazy here, which I like. They work like they should. Like the other Jaybird headphones, the Tarah headphones have a microphone and can be used to make calls. That’s not really a primary use for me, but they did perform just fine during some test calls. Sound Quality One of the things that I like about the Tarah and other in-ear headphones is that they block out a great deal of ambient noise when you insert them in your ear. They are not noise canceling, but they definitely block the noise. The nice thing about this is that when outside noise is reduced, you can now hear your music at lower volume, saving your battery and maybe your ears as well. The Tarah headphones can still get plenty loud, but it’s not necessary. The sound out of the box was good, but had a bit of that small speaker feeling. Bass was pretty absent, and overall I was not that impressed. However, after pairing the headphones with the free MySound app, and tweaking the EQ sound profile to add more bass, my mind changed completely. Once you adjust the setting on the app, the sound from the Tarah really blossoms. It was a huge difference. If you buy a pair of these, or any Jaybird headphones, the MySound app is a must use. You’ll be very pleased with the sound changing option and likely find an EQ mix that suits your style. Battery The Jaybird Tarah only features a six-hour battery as opposed to the eight-hour battery found in the X3. This is likely going to cover any single-setting headphone need that I have, though it will probably require more frequent recharging than other models. The cool thing is that the battery charges quickly. You can get an hour of play with only 10 minutes of charge. Like the Jaybird X3, charging the Tarah requires a special USB cord. If you are not prone to losing stuff, this is not likely a big deal. If you are one that spends hours searching for missing cables, then maybe you should order an extra cable. Jaybird Tarah Headphones Review: Summary The Jaybird Tarah headphones are solid entry-level Bluetooth headphones. For $99, you get a lightweight, easy to use, and great sounding headphones. If you need more fit versatility, then you can go to the X4 model. If you want a longer battery life, you can go to the newly released Tarah Pro with a 14 hour battery! I think that the Jaybird Run headphones will still be my go to headphones for the driving range, because of the charging case, but for most other applications, I’m going Tarah. Find out more at the Jaybird website, and at Amazon. Detailed Specifications: Jaybird Tarah AUDIO Type: In-ear style Noise-isolation: Passive Impedance: 16 Ohm Speaker sensitivity: 99 +/- 3dB at 1KHz Output max. 10mW RMS (with level limit) Total harmonic distortion <5% (1KHz, 1mW) Audio format: 16-bit stereo Codec: Bluetooth SBC implementation Response bandwidth: 20Hz - 20kHz Driver size: 6 mm BLUETOOTH Bluetooth version: 5.0 Frequency band: 2.4 GHz Profiles: Handsfree , Headset , A2DP , AVCRP , SPP Wireless range: Class 2 standard range 10m/33ft INTEGRATED MICROPHONE Type: MEMS, omni directional Sensitivity: -38dB +/- 1dB (Test conditions: 1KHz, 0db = 1V/Pa) COMPATIBLE PRODUCTS Any Bluetooth device with HFP, HSP and A2DP WEIGHT & DIMENSIONS Headset: 528mm x 13.25mm x 23.6mm Controller: 45.7mm x 11.7mm x 5.6mm Charger: 112mm x 33.6mm x 7.2mm Weight of headphones (without ear gel): 13.85g Weight of charger: 6.5g BATTERY Play time: 6 Hrs* Charging time: 2+ Hrs Quick charge: 10 min = 1+ hour playtime Charging: Via USB charging cable with Pogo pin connector Input power: DC 5V 1A Type: Lithium Ion Battery voltage: 3.8V Energy voltage in watt hrs per battery: 0.2wh *May vary dependent on usage, device & aging
  6. KUCH! Looks like Matt Kuchar has finally found a way to get it done again. Been quite a drought for one of golf's most consistent players... Anyway, I thought it a fine time to take a look at his armlock putting style and splash a few photos of his Bettinardi. Any of you try the armlock style of putting?
  7. I figured if it's on the card then it must be cool. When I logged the round for NCGA, the app had the combo tees listed for HCP so all's good. Also played a "cheap" ball. The Callaway Superhot matte orange. Bought one at check in on a whim, and bought a box at the turn. Really fun ball to play, and definitely longer for me. No problem finding it in the leaves either. Now the one that I pulled with ferocity OB with the 3W, that one was not going to be found without a machete.
  8. Played the new combo tees at my home course yesterday (Ancil Hoffman). Only knocked about 300 yards off the total (6500->6225), but man was it more fun to play. Having the Par 4 12th go from 421 to 371 made a huge difference. I think I've shot par on that hole twice, and never with two putts to do so. I did feel like I was cheating a bit as I moved up to the white tees when the card said to do so, but I got over that. It was crazy how much more fun the round was. Didn't shoot any lower either. Actually scored two shots lower from the longer tees a few weeks back. I think that the stress of always needing long approach shots just gets tiring. Viva Combo Tees!
  9. They did have the Roll 2, but I agree, a ROLL 3 would be a welcome addition. I think that they thought that the Wonderboom would replace the roll...
  10. Here and there, but usually it is at start up if it happens. I just put them back in the case and re-pair them and that usually fixes it. I can't think of a time when they had been playing for a while and then dropped out though.
  11. Very true, there are a bunch of really cheap ones on Amazon, but I've yet to find a cheap one that sounds as good as these, and that you can pair together. In years past, they have released a special "Panther" color for the holidays. It's usually a bit cheaper as well. If I see them, I'll let you know.
  12. UE MEGABOOM 3: The Ultimate BOOM? I think that I am going to dub myself the MyGolfSpy Ultimate Ears Expert. Seriously, I have spent a great deal of time with UE speakers since I first reviewed the UE BOOM back in 2015. Since then, I have run the UE MEGABOOM, UE ROLL, UE WONDERBOOM, UE BOOM 2, UE BLAST, and UE MEGABOOM 2 through Dave’s Auditory Academy, and to a speaker, the UE speakers outperform the competition. Check HERE for links to all of my various audio product reviews. I'm not alone in my UE praise either. Last spring, the testers at MGS HQ agreed with me as well, with the UE MEGABLAST capturing Best Bluetooth Speaker of 2018 honors. When asked, I tend to gush about these speakers. The sound is amazing, and they have held up to years of abuse (like lots of drops, both on concrete and into lakes). The ultimate abuse survival matrix is having the speakers hijacked by my teenage children. Nothing stress-tests electronics like teens. If you need evidence, I’ll give you a tour of my video game controller and iPhone charger cable graveyard. Honestly, it’s hard to imagine how I even played music before these speakers. I have the UE ROLL mounted to my bike, the UE WONDERBOOM is my waterproof workhorse in the kayak, and at the campfire, and the party-up-linked BOOM and MEGABOOM speakers allow me to have the same music playing in different parts of the house and backyard. Occasionally, I'm also known to play music at a high volume, preferably in my residential area. It's the ultimate audio set-up, and it’s all driven by music apps on the phone. The tech staggers my mind if I think on it too long. It’s like living in the future. The Third Incarnations Ultimate Ears recently released the third versions of both the BOOM and MEGABOOM speakers. Naturally, I had to get one of these new models to satisfy my curiosity, and, of course, to share my journey of discovery and speaker findings with you. The fun thing is that since I also have the MEGABOOM and MEGABOOM 2, it puts me in a pretty unique place as far as making comparisons. Is the MEGABOOM 3 really better, or is it just the same thing with a new number? Spoiler Alert: It’s better… Familial-BOOM To reset the UE family tree a bit, the BOOM was the first design, and then they went larger with the MEGABOOM, got shapely with the ROLL and WONDERBOOM, and then incorporated Amazon Alexa into the BLAST and MEGABLAST speakers. With every design, UE has tweaked the design, and also added in new features. That trend definitely continues with the MEGABOOM 3. New Features: UE MEGABOOM 3 The Magic Button With MEGABOOM 3 you can play, pause and skip tracks directly on the speaker. Just push for convenient control of any streaming music. Or program and navigate custom one-touch playlists for Apple Music® and Deezer® Premium. Match the moment with the vibes without reaching for your phone. I love this feature. While it wasn’t a huge pain to skip tracks and pause only from the phone, there definitely are times when you have the speaker in hand, and the phone is somewhere else. It’s a great convenience to be able to control playback from the speaker. I definitely like that the magic button is separate from the power and bluetooth buttons as well. Makes for super easy operation. Speaking of buttons, the volume control + and - buttons are still super huge, and very easy to find without even looking at the speaker. Protip: Press both volume buttons at the same time and the speaker will tell you how much charge is in the battery. That’s twenty hours of music on a full charge by the way. Power-Up Charging UE has redesigned the bottom of the MEGABOOM 3 so that it can now interface with the Power-Up charging system that debuted with the BLAST speakers. With the optional base, you can now recharge the speaker by just setting it on the platform. They have also moved the USB charging port from the base to the side of the speaker. This will allow you to keep the magic button pointing up when you charge the speaker. With the previous models, I would invert the speaker when charging to plug the USB cord into the base. I've got USB cables all over the house for all kinds of devices, and I like having the dedicated base to charge the speaker. I just drop it on the base after playing music, knowing that it will be fully charged for the next listening session. The Loop Previous incarnations of the MEGABOOM had a little metal loop on the base, where one could attach a hook or carabiner, to then attach the speaker to something. This metal loop had to be sacrificed since they now have the Power-Up port integrated into the base. To make up for the loss, the new MEGABOOM 3 has a fabric loop integrated into the rear of the speaker, near the top. It’s tough for me to call a fabric loop the killer app design element, but as far as portability goes, this new design makes it way easier to lash the MEGABOOM 3 speaker to things such as golf bags, golf carts, and backpacks. Yes, I’m super excited about a fabric loop. With the UE BLAST, you needed to unscrew the metal loop to access the Power-Up charging feature, and then you were left with no place to attach the speaker. The fabric loop solves this problem with the MEGABOOM 3. Such a good idea. But What About the Sound? To my ear, I didn’t really hear a ton of difference between the MEGABOOM and the MEGABOOM 2. In a blind test, I couldn’t tell them apart. Yes, I did this. My wife is a patient helper. The MEGABOOM 3 however definitely has a different sound, a better sound. The sound performance from the MEGABOOM 3 just sounds fuller; more complete. This one definitely does not suffer from small-speaker-itis. The highs sound crisp, not tinny or cat-tortured, and the lows are booming. Seriously, I feel like this speaker actually thumps a bit. I have never run across a portable speaker that can rattle the trunk like the MEGABOOM 3. It likely even outperforms my late 80’s dual cassette boombox, and it’s a whole lot easier to carry. Let’s not forget that through the phone app, you can pair BOOM and MEGABOOM speakers together. I paired all three MEGABOOMs and two BOOMs together and the sound was amazing. It’s cool that you can then put the speakers all over the house to share the sounds, but it’s also very fun when you put them all in one room and just take your tunes to eleven. The fact that you can pair 150 speakers together through the app is mindblowing. I’ll stop you now though. Pairing 150 speakers together is not a good plan for being musically responsible on the golf course. Be respectful, and keep the volume low. Although if it’s a fun scramble situation, where the course is yours, pair them all, and blast them! One thing that the MEGABOOM 3 does lack is the Alexa connectivity. If you want that connection to be native to the speaker, you'll need to go with the BLAST or MEGABLAST models. Fun fact though, if you have the Amazon Music app open, you can say "Alexa" to your phone, and you'll have full voice command musical capabilities. All That Power, And a Price Drop! I have no problem saying that the UE MEGABOOM 3 is the best UE speaker to date. The sound is amazing, and it’s damn near foolproof to operate, and that’s including the new Magic button feature. It’s really a superior speaker on all counts, and now it has a MSRP of $199, a full $100 cheaper than the MEGABOOM 2. Rarely do newer, better products list at lower retail prices (looking at you XBOX One X Fallout 76 Bundle). The whole concept of better yet cheaper actually hurts my head a bit. Anyway, if you are in the market for a portable speaker, for golf or the home, I suggest you take a long look at the new UE MEGABOOM 3, and then after looking at it, you should probably just buy one. It’s badass.
  13. Unfortunately lefties usually do get hosed when it comes to model selection. :(
  14. The SuperStroke is a true tour only style. Too bad as it felt really comfortable Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  15. Just wanted to share a batch of photos of some tour Bettinardi putters and headcovers that I shot last Tuesday in Napa. No, I did not get to take any home, but the BB0 flow and bronze SS8 almost got pilfered. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  16. Trigger warning Patriots Fans Woo Hoo football is back baby. No longer will our weekends be spent without watching giant men bash into each other. This is the week that we can all fantasize about our teams winning the Super Bowl. With that, I suppose that it is a fine time to reflect upon last year's winner, the Philadelphia Eagles. I hope that the Eagles fans have enjoyed their time with the trophy. Once again, all teams sit at records of 0-0-0. Bettinardi has given those Eagles one more chance to soar though with the release of their limited run BB1 putter commemorating their Championship season. Tom Brady may not be buying one of these, but if you want one, act fast tomorrow when they go on sale. Bettinardi's Hive releases have been selling out in a hurry these days. SPECS - Bettinardi BB1 Eagles Putter - Soft Carbon Steel - Flymill Face Milling - Plumbers Neck - Single Flange Sightline - Black PVD Finish - 355 grams - 70 degree Lie - 3 degree loft - Lamkin Deep Etched Grip BB1 Philadelphia Eagles Putter Fly, Eagles Fly! Robert J. Bettinardi is proud to showcase his latest creation in partnership with the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles. The limited edition BB1 putter, milled from the finest soft carbon steel and given a Fly-mill face milling for a soft and responsive feel, features a durable black finish with key engravings honoring their first ever Super Bowl Championship. Featuring SB LII date and final score on bumpers, Philly pride engraved perfectly in the pocket with ‘Fly Eagles Fly', and World Champions with the Eagles logo on the sole, this putter was milled with the same precision as the ‘Philly Special' that propelled the Eagles to lift the Lombardi trophy. Paired with a premium leather ‘Philly Special' headcover and black Deep Etched Lamkin grip, the limited BB1 Eagles putter will be available in select Philadelphia Bettinardi retailers and specialty accounts. About Bettinardi Founded in 1998, Bettinardi Golf crafts the finest putters and golf equipment in the world. Family owned and operated by Robert J. Bettinardi and Sam Bettinardi, Bettinardi putters have won over 100 worldwide Tour events, and are trusted by many PGA and LPGA Tour Players. Bettinardi Golf is located in Tinley Park, IL, where it's proud to mill each putter in their own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility here in the United States of America.
  17. Silly southpaw sentiments [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  18. Tier 1: Justin Rose Tier 2: Matt Kuchar Tier 3: Charley Hoffman Tier 4: Ryan Moore Tier 5: Beau Hossler Winning Score: -12
  19. I have not, but here is the link to the Most Wanted cart bag test. Lots of good bags there. https://mygolfspy.com/the-best-cart-bags-of-2018/
  20. Putters do sometimes leave the garage. I'll add you to the potential rehoming list
  21. Call me Taneleer Tivan Before we take a look at the sweet putter that I have for you today, I thought that it would be interesting to explore the question of how does a golfer go from having one putter in his bag to having a hundred putters in his garage? Crazy as that sounds, it is exactly what happened to me, and to more than a few other putter collectors out there. Somehow, we transitioned from needing a putter to play golf with to needing to have lots of putters. How does this transition happen? I'll try answer that from my experiences, perhaps serving as a pathway, or a warning, for other would-be putter collectors. I've Always Collected Stuff I was not really joking when I said that you should call me The Collector (Did you get that reference above?). When I think back on it, I've collected various things my entire life. Baseball cards, comic books, Star Wars action figures, beer coasters, and the list goes on from there. I think that for me, collecting is 20% value speculation, and 80% the hunt. I get a bit of a rush when I find something cool/rare. I remember being super excited to open up a pack of Fleer NBA cards that had a Shaquille O'Neal limited edition Rejector card inside. Was certain that it would be worth a bunch of money eventually, not the 99¢ list price currently all over eBay. The thrill of acquisition definitely outpaced value on that one… So I suppose that I had a predisposition to collecting before I ever started amassing putters. Without getting into my entire golf biography, I started playing “serious” golf late in life (age 39). By “serious” I mean that I took lessons, bought nice equipment, and overall cared more about how I played than I had during my previous drink beer and hit balls golfing escapades. My first real putter was an Odyssey Rossie 2 that I received from my father-in-law as a Christmas gift. That putter probably started the cavalcade of flatsticks. Once I became aware of the vast putter options out there, the constant putter well rotation became inevitable. The Rossie quickly became a Cleveland VP Milled #2, which then became a Scotty Cameron Circa 62 #1, and so on and so on. Lots and lots of putters have moved through my bag through the years. Understatement of the year right there. Moving Off The Rack At some point, I became aware of the custom putter market. I can't remember the exact situation regarding how this happened, maybe it was when I found PutterTalk.com, but it was a mind blowing revelation. It was crazy to think that there were small shops out there making putters that were truly unique, most containing way more personality than those found in the golf shop, and at a price that was not much above off the rack retail pricing. I had to have one. I think that people order custom putters for two reasons. They either have very specific putter specifications that match their putting stroke, or they want a putter that is cool and unique. Sure, you can have both of those, but I can admit that my motivation for acquiring a small shop putter was the latter. I had no real clue about my stroke needs, but I definitely wanted something cool to putt with. Thus began my long-running love affair with the LOL longneck. Byron Morgan 006 LN This Byron Morgan 006 putter that I have to share with you today was my first custom putter. Thing is, I didn't order it directly from Byron, so it wasn't custom to my specs, but as soon as I saw it, I needed to have it. Nothing that I had seen in a shop was even remotely similar. When I think about the attraction, I think that it was the overall character of the putter that drew me in, and what keeps me a fan of small shop putters to this day. The most important thing about a custom putter for me is that you can see that a person made it, putting some of their life into the metal. Maybe that's a bit woo woo for a putter, but whenever I look at one of my Byron Morgan putters, I can envision Byron with a hammer adding the stamps, grinding away at the wheel, or torching the neck to be able to twist it. His hands were all over the making of this putter, and I appreciate that. Not all of the stamps are quite the same depth, and the position of the stamps is definitely organic, compared to a machine-driven engraver where everything is all squared up. You may not find the same variable aesthetics as pleasing, but I definitely value the feeling of connection to the person behind the putter. I gamed this putter for almost a whole year, which some of you may recognize as being a labor worthy of Hercules. I own my putter philandering. Though it's a little heavy for my stroke, I still sneak the LOL LN out to the course here and there. It's just fun to roll balls with, and when I look at all of those smiley faces, how could I get angry about anything that happens on the green. Since acquiring the 006 LOL LN, I've ordered a few custom putters from Byron, and every time that I open up the box and see the putters for the first time I am amazed at what Byron has produced. Sure, I sent him the specs, and maybe some ideas about aesthetics, but Mr. Morgan is the one who breathes life into the metal. As I write all of this, I can feel the urge to order another putter grow stronger and stronger. I know that I now need different putter spec than my previous Byron putters. I've even got a theme in mind. Perhaps it's time to send an email to Huntington Beach... Any other putter collectors want to chime in on how you got started collecting? Here are some bonus shots of the 006 LOL LN
  22. Tier 1: Jon Rahm Tier 2: Francesco Molinari Tier 3: Webb Simpson Tier 4: Charley Hoffman Tier 5: Nicholas Colsaerts Winning Score: -11
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