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  1. I'd like to see a pic of your driver setup using compacted mud for a tee.

    you don't need high tech equipment to hit a golf ball.All you need is proper swing fundamentals to advance that ball.
  2. I do everything slow. Almost methodical in a lighter sense. Will walk from locker to first tee in slow motion. Take out club and put tee in ground in slow motion. Than before I strike that sucker I stand their and gloat. I will survey my surroundings like I own the place. Enjoying and Reveling in the moment. After doing this for 45 minutes , I'm more than ready to accept what the day will bring

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  3. A random poster at different sites. I really don't get as involved as many do. Maybe because my busy schedule and life.


    I think golf forums are dying anyway. Instagram and private Facebook groups are really taking over(mainly instructional side of it )

  4. Was messing around one day with a buddy on the course. Each of us dropped a ball by the 250 marker out on a par 5.Told him swing smooth sand don't worry where it goes mantra. We both used 5 iron and felt no pressure. I hit mine 20 yards short and he hit his front edge.Easily my longest 5 iron I can ever recall with no effort applied but a bunt feeling

    Easily felt like I swung at 10 mphs swing speed



    This game has a ton to do with mind over matter and letting the club do the work IMHO.

  5. Life is definitely not fair... ;)



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    Georgia is the capital for great golf. The weather is perfect /courses are perfect and people are as friendly as you will ever find. Of all the areas ,Georgia golf offers the best of all worlds


    Unfortunately I find their courses to be so difficult. Narrow drives / heavily bunkered and multi tiered greens seem the norm down there. As a 3 handicap (former scratch ) , I've always struggled to break 80 anytime I head down there. Beautiful but penal describes every track I played there

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  6. Spent an hour outside in coldish weather practicing a swing in an open field with a bag full of shag balls.Going real well and better than I expected.Only issue is short irons, for some reason my inside swing plane causes me to push more than usual. Rest of bag is fine with nice draws or straight balls.Darn wedges miss right


    Thinking about bending wedges upright to compensate for my shallower approach and more inside path. Hoping more upright my offset this miss

  7. Reading all this negativity in handicap and such. Our area local events fixed the handicap issue . All of our events have a 36 hole qualifier to determine your flight . Than usually 36 holes of a selected format . Lowest score wins in the flight your assigned from qualifying. Need to get away from handicap except for ones judging progress in game (good or bad).


    Sand bagging will always happen.

  8. Definitely the same way I feel when I walk versus when I ride. I've always felt more focused and have been able to get in a groove when I'm on my feet the whole time. It begs the question though, with so many of us agreeing that walking provides the most results, why don't more of us do it? I just wonder with most of us seeming to fit into the box of "serious golfer" why we aren't maximizing every ounce of our games on a round by round basis?


    Hmm... I guess it's like food. We may try to eat right on 85-95% of our meals, but every once in awhile we have to have some good food that is bad for us. It's part of life I guess.

    how do you describe a serious golfer? I play 3 rounds a month and practice twice a week. Beyond that I actually get sick of the game
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