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  1. So far the board has decided to go after TPC Vegas. They are looking into Scottsdale. I have also offered up all other suggestions for courses you guys have given me (provided they are still open). Keep em coming. We got lots of tournaments to hold and need homes for them. thanks
  2. great info so far guys. please keep it coming. setting up meetings at all the courses you guys are throwing out to see what can be done.
  3. Thats not a driver. Now THATS a driver......
  4. Hello MGS community. I been out of sight for a while. New baby and new job have kept me really tied up. Yet I am back and ready to get my golf on this year. I have a lot of catching up to do with many of you and many new faces to meet as well. As some of you may remember, I was involved with the National Desert Storm War Memorial Benefit Golf Tournament that was held last September here in Austin. It was a good time and great success. I was even fortunate enough to have a fellow MGS member come and take a playing spot that I couldn't fill due to my duties to the tournament. So apparently, we were so successful that the "national boys" are taking our format nationwide for 2016. So we have a tentative list of cities and months that will have tournaments held in them. To that end, I now appeal to the widest base of golfing knowledge I know of to get suggestions. I have have cities and months. What I don't have is local course knowledge. I need input on where you golfing experts think a great place to hold a tournament would be. But there are caveats: 1. This isn't your dream course in these cities that I am looking for. For example, in April there will be events in Pheonix and Vegas. My inital reaction to those are obviously Both TPC's Summerlin and Scottsdale. Yet the fees to hold an event there are more than it would be possible to make by holding it there. And the goal is to raise money for the Memorial. 2. The courses I AM looking for are decent quality, can handle at least 36 teams, and look like a course you would want to play. (Our first event course has standard greens fees in the 40-50 dollar range.) here are the cities: Phoenix Las Vegas New Orleans St Louis Los Angeles Atlanta Denver Seattle Pittsburgh New York Chicago Washington DC Now while I am making no promises, I will do my best to make arrangements for any Veteran here at MGS to play for free in events that they can attend. Once I have dates, I will make them known and will try to fill and open, unsold spots with fellow MGS members to play for free. So lets hear your suggestions.
  5. Welcome my friend. What part of the Lone Star State are you in? We have a large Texan contingent here. For the rest of you: the Curtain continues to grow! Be afraid. be VERY afraid.
  6. So if your normal emotional state is always in flux, I am wondering if I am in an emotional slump when it comes to golf. I am wondering if any of this has happened to any of you. I have a friend who is a golf instructor at a large golf retailer. Good guy, and I really like hanging out with him. I was at his facility the other day on the range when he came out and gave a lesson a few bays down. We said hi and he even borrowed one of my clubs to use as an example during the lesson he gave. Afterwards, I was on the putting green and he came up to chat catch up. We took turns putting and just talking. I mentioned that I hadnt played since my daughter was born and I needed to get back out on the course. I asked in conversation when the last round he played was. His answer shocked me. "I dont care about that,"was his reply. He said he just comes and gives his lessons as a job and goes and does other things. This seemed counter-intuitive to me. If I were good enough to teach golf, get paid for it, and play when I wanted; this would seem to be the dream job for me. I guess I can understand how he might have gotten to that point, but for me to hear that was very disheartening. then to add to that....... I went out and played my first real round since my daughter's birth on Saturday. I had a miserable time. I played alone. It seemed I couldnt get ANYTHING to work right. It was so bad that I ended up not taking the score on the whole round. I think this may be pressure that I put on myself. I know I have only been playing a couple of years, but I guess I just expect more improvement from myself that I have gotten. After that I just havent been able to play as much as I did when I picked the game up. I was averaging three rounds a month. Now, not even close. I also think that that I have got way too caught up in the courses I play. I used to go to any old cheap course that had $10 specials. The best was a little 9 holer up in Taylor called Mustang Creek. I used to be able to relax and take a round nice and comfortable pace. Now, no matter where I play, I feel like I have to hurry up. Even if there is no one behind me. I know a lot of this is babble. But the bottom line is this. I know I need to really find my center that I had when I picked golf up. Has this happened to you? What did you do?
  7. Hmmmmmm. A review of Barbajo...........
  8. i will put forth my old warhorse. This is the was she came to me searching for a safe bag to be in. Gave her a bath....... Then let her try on a few new outfits.
  9. Played Sunday for my birthday. First time since the baby was born that I had a chance to actually pick up the sticks and do damage. Played a short 9 hole course. Very short. 3 par 4's and 6 par 3's. All said and done, I shot 9 over. Not by any means a stellar outing. Tempo is way off. Really have to slow back down and concentrate on grip and turning my torso as opposed to my arms. Had a few shots that made me remember what I enjoy about playing. The course, on the other hand, was the WORST time I have ever spent attempting to play golf. I didnt think it was the proper place here to vent, so I will see if there is another place it should go.
  10. Plaid: for this one, BK is right. It's social. That being said. I love your idea. Not because I have any chance in hell of winning. Rather, if an actual tournament and trophy (which I would happily furnish if that's what it took) would make more members willing to make a drive they normally wouldn't, I am for it. The first step in that would be knowing what members would be interested. Second, where all who are interested reside. Then places could be determined. Hell, I am willing to do the organizing if others will provide notice of interest and their location.
  11. Diddy did a great job being on all his Ps and Qs. Thanks for coming out. Glad you enjoyed.
  12. Based on BKs post and Hula's willingness to cook, I am now proposing a San Antonio course be chosen. With Diddy and Hula down there, I would leave it up to them. So it looks like we have 4 for this. I would like to see more, but like has been pointed out, SA isn't exactly central for all. I will say that the last Texas Open wasn't centrally located either. Had I been a member of MGS at that time I would have made the drive. I would love to meet a bunch of you guys. The more players we book, the better the possible deal from the course. So I've said my two cents worth.
  13. So here is the latest. We had a team drop out. Spots are PAID for. If you can text me at 512-632-9967 in the next couple of hours and be at Shadowglen Golf Course tomorrow morning by 8:30; I have a spot for you to play........
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