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  1. Yes; Fittings should be Free if you do purchase thru Fitting Shop or Fitter providing you buy & their price is competitive in the Market Area &/or with "Off The Rack" Retailer. Like my Golf Shoppe because I trust in guidance & price. They are square, so it is personally important, I am Square with them!! Keep Smilin' Sports Fans!!
  2. Been Thinking about getting a 7W as have been thinking about. Stuffing my 5 I & replacing w/ 7W. Started hitting HRH's 7W last year >Real Good< Somehow a String was attached. Geez; always is HRH's!! Anyway going to 7W & a 5 HyBird!! Am now dreaming AH-Ching - AH-Ching with my fellow Fossil Friends!!
  3. Great Idea > Will put on my Christmas List. Darn; she beat me to it!! Ha Ha; Smart Idea!! I'll buy Her Christmas Gift in the Golf Balls I like. Well maybe Not; She'll probably want "Big Bucks" for them. Oh well; Somebody has to take one for the Team!! Cheers, Sports Fans!!
  4. Know about the ECHL as Chap I played with was an Official in the ECHL for a few years. He often said He should have stayed; got paid in USD & the Sun was Warmer in the Winter!! Cheers. & Hit'em Straight!! B
  5. Hey Brutus. You are a breath of Fresh Air.!!! Had my Tokalok Hat on while shoveling Snow just a few minutes ago. Came in & hopped right on My Golf Spy website!! & read about you as golfer from Cincy. Liked your creative thinking so much that I am going to get right to the Costco Canada website. As am a long time Reds Fan!! [Even when Ken Griffey SR. played for them; that long....] & Question > are The Stingers still around?? Stay Safe. B
  6. Thanks Guy's. This Forum has been an Enlightening!! True; I'm over-the-hill & have been known to "Whack & Hack" & speak like a Canadian who has just been let out on a Day Pass!! Notice most these comments are from Hitters who are Single Digit so did read smart & slow. Do not know Club Champion; only what I have read. Do think it was positive & well-intended the PGA Store Fitter said to person being Tested. Wish I had same input when I recently got Tested. Wow!! this info is Heavyweight compared just buying off the Rack!! Just sayin'... Thanks for the info. b
  7. True; GIR's are more important to me. As long as I do not go in H2O & do not leave myself a Shot; I am not "Ticked" As I am now Older than my Mind!! Do know GIR's keep my Numbers Down. Know Scrambling is a reality & "Playing Safe" costs!!
  8. Know what?? I do not like timing of year end as people start accusing me of "How To Golf" Reading & Thinking. & that Sport's Fans is a scary thought.!! Like a few people here I played Hockey & even played in MLG & sometimes I scored & sometimes I didn't. I just learned to play Smarter & sometimes it worked & sometimes it didn't. Took me awhile, from having Hair to not having, to recognize "WIN" as in "What's Important Now"!! That has brought me smiling & Ah-Ching!! Ah-Ching!! Happy Holidays!! & Stay Safe. b
  9. Just got them!! As just liked "Feel" & "Look" of the Mizuno Irons!! & Just love to see Moth's fly from the Wallet's of my warped Golf Friends.!! Yippeee!!
  10. Yep; played with a couple of Wrong Armers!! One even went Left Hand Low. Didn't seem to help him & the Other Guy could not Putt from either side!! No Pro, however, think keeping side consistent from Tee to On Green keeps your Head on Straight!!
  11. Been thinking about putting Cobra in Bag in 3W, 5W & even considering a 7 W as have moved to Sr. shaft. "Getting Up There"!! & want to either get Swing Speed up to about 93-95mph or accept?? Also; considering 52o Wedge as have 56o & 60o R Steel shafts they have just about Timed Out!! Latest Trackman testing 10/15/ showed Swing Speed has dipped to 88.7mph from 92/93mph & used R Graphite Shafts; Not Happy with losing Speed & getting Old. Or whichever came 1st. Need some advice & help here Sports Fans!! Thanks. Yep; played Hockey!! & Means no longer going to get "The Call"!!
  12. Funny!! I am enjoying the Game more!! Why > have stopped writing my Score Down on the Scorecard!! Now; do have a good idea what I shot on a Hole. I know!! But the reality is the Score is the outcome!! Not the process!!. "One Shot at a Time" Counts!! Yep; still have the odd Bad Hole. Probably more "odd"!! But, a saying got my attention [as in the 51/2" to 6" between the Ears] "WIN" resonated with me!! "What's Important Now" is got me playing better & Laffing more!! Cheers. b
  13. True. I could "overthink" this. For some strange reason; tend to keep it simple & for most part I am under par for putting. EZ Back about 1/3rd Max. & EZ Thru somewhat longer with Putter Head chasing the Line. In other words; "Underpar" keeps the Old Boy > Happy!!
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