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  1. Thanks Guys, Appreciated as Officially "Older Than Dirt"!! The Event is really 3/24 & HRH is to-day 3/19 so a whole week of Celebration; yippee!! Cheers.
  2. Well Sport's Fans. Am at my Desktop now & listening to some good ole Rock 'n Roll. Got some ole Country coming along with Waylon, Willie & The Boy's!! Simply; Loud enough that I can't hear anybody telling me how to live my life!! & It does not get ant better!!
  3. Have to ask "The Question??" Are you trying to Kill IT?? Also read all the Replies here. Some really good ones that I know have/will help me. & I'm am old guy & have a Listening problem, Thanks to MGS & Readers & HRH, I am playing better & making some Coin!!
  4. Oh the Joy's of being a Grandfather. Knowing you just Got Even!!
  5. It ain't what is in the Bag; it's the Guy carrying it!! He has to Ship Up or Ship Out!! So Sports Fans if you see me on the Road with Thumb Out; you'll know what happen!! Cheers.
  6. Good Morning. I'm out on a "Day Pass" & from Edmonton Alberta!! & it is Snowing!! True Story!! Wow; Sport's Fans!! People from all parts of the World. Just Great!! Yep; I'm originally from Southern Ontario; Wacked & Hacked & lived in parts of North America. Played Whirlpool in Niagara, played in Timmins, played in Az, SoCal, Fla., played in Chester but have to say Eastern B.C. is probably the Best I've seen. Can't wait until Revelstoke open's. You have got to know it is great to be out on a "Day Pass"!! Cheers.
  7. Good Morning. I'm out on a "Day Pass" & from Edmonton Alberta!! & it is Snowing!!
  8. So long ago that I had to rack my head. Remember the last one was at Arrowhead in SoCal. "The Princess" & I were on vacation in Southern California. I hit a 9iron about 135 yds. & the Ball rolled back about 7/8 yds. right into the Cup!! It is a distant memory!! Best.
  9. Started to use a 7 W from from about 160/165yds. out & sometimes out of Rough that is overly long. But;, then again I'm an old guy!!
  10. Simply Sport's Fans. I'm out on a Day Pass!!
  11. Joined as it will help my game & knowing I'm not alone in that thought. Having "I never thought of that" moments as in "Duh"!!
  12. Got tired of Young Guns passing me on every shot. Short Game kept me getting invited back though. Overhauled from Driver to Putter. Now; if I get my Head in gear it can be "Green Side Up!!".
  13. Yep; have moved up a set of Tees. Got to keep up with the Big Boys!! or a least close to them!! Was fortunate that they even asked me back for 2023!!
  14. Good Morning. Yep: bought a set of KS Wedges. Price in CDN$ was too good to pass on. Good advice & comments. Thanks. BillyBogey PS: Cold & Snow presently but only 8 wks. away [Most] from Wackin" & Hackin!!
  15. Pleased to see happen. Think it is just smart!! It's Win/Win for both Top Tours & Golf!!
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