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  1. Hockey Season here Sports Fans!! Won't see Green Grass until Spring, however, if you wish an Old Boy's opinion. I'll play!!
  2. Nay!! Nope!! Read Line then Pull the Trigger & Go!! Just "Trust it"!! Works!!
  3. Have not played there in awhile. When I go back to Hilton Head; Shipyard would be high on my List. So many quality courses there now. EZ to play any. Fun time in Hilton Head are guaranteed!!
  4. First Name: Bill Home Province: Alberta Current Handicap:14.3 Current Long/Iron/Hybird: Taylormade RBZ Stage 2 4 Hybird R Flex Std. Rocketfuel Shaft 65gms.
  5. Liked Shadow Mountain in Cranbrook. Redstone in Rossland. If ever in Edmonton area play Black Bull & lick your wounds with a couple of Pops on Deck after.
  6. Describe my 2015 Season as laissez faire. Changed courses this year for "family" reasons & new track does not even come close to the challenge & fun of my old course. Even though I'm older than dirt; new course members are legend's in their own minds. So for 2016 my goal is to get my grit back & beat some of these legend's just to hear the Power Whine.
  7. Not Good USGA. A person's game eventually comes around & goes around. Play sorts out real game. b
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