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  1. I have played two rounds now since the software update. The watch is performing perfectly. I love the last tag indicator, the last thing I usually do before setting up to hit the shot is check the yardage. Now I immediately see that the correct tag is selected, you are ready to hit. I was initially getting 10 or so missed shots, and I was never sure if I had taken enough of a practice swing or not. Now I know immediately by just looking at the watch. I think the other improvements in distance recognition and such have probably helped also, but the bottom line is that now I can just p
  2. I have been playing the EXS for a little over a year now. Have the Tensi CK (Blue) at 46.25". Also bought the weight kit (directly from Tour Edge) and am using the 3g in the heel with the 14g in the rear. Swing weight is D4.5. I have the 10.5 degree head and am currently set at the "N" position. Love the driver, well struck balls are straight and distance is comparable if not a little better for me than several of the much higher costing drivers I tried. Mis-hits are still pretty good so I think it is a forgiving club. With the loft adjustments and the weight kit you can really dial
  3. I will say that ShotScope support has always been extremely quick and excellent every time I have contacted them in the past. It must be busy times right now. Warning: I lost one of the screws in my watch band (there are four of them) and contacted them on Monday but have yet to hear from them. Need to know the size of screw and type/size of driver needed. They are definitely Torx (probably T2 or T3 but not sure.). I have repaired mine using a screw from spare eyeglasses with phillips head (I have a driver to fit). So today my watch worked and none of the other screws came out. I don't h
  4. Well my 7 day estimate turned into 6 day actual. The V3 arrived today. Charged/updated with no issues. Changed out all the V2 tags for V3, updated the courses and will give it the first workout tomorrow. Love the new size and the band is definitely an upgrade to me. There are only 4 buttons and they work more intuitively than the V2 - but the concepts are the same and easily picked up on after using the V2. I am going to stay with the manual putting for now. Once I am used to using the V3 I might try the auto putting again. It did not fit to me before. I like to practice strokes away
  5. Well, mine seems to have arrived in Houston - only 5 days to get there from Illinois. Still expected to deliver on 17th. At least that is good news. It is actually in USPS hands now so no issues with the DHL/USPS transfer. Not complaining - the shipping info has not changed - just 7 days still seems a long time. I guess we get used to the fast deliveries way too easily.
  6. It would seem that he played the provisional because of a potential OOB but when the original ball was found not OOB then the provisional ball becomes moot. He now has a ball in a red penalty area and can take all the reliefs allowed as stated above. But if he chooses the stroke/distance option then he must go back and execute the shot from the original spot - he can't use the provisional ball which could only apply for the OOB case (which did not occur) Someone who knows better than myself will probably correct me if I am in error.
  7. Larry - Georgetown TX 4.8 Mizuno 919 Would love to test the Icon/PTX combo set
  8. Yes, this is important to remember. TheGrint uploads all scores entered automatically every night. If you DO NOT want it to be uploaded then you can select "practice round" in the round setup before beginning the round. Then that score will still be included in your TheGrint stats BUT will not be uploaded to GHIN. So if you are playing in a competition such as a local club tournament where the club is going to enter the rounds into GHIN for you. Make sure you setup practice round if you are going to also use TheGrint to record your round - to prevent the double entry in GHIN.
  9. I am on my 2nd year also and agree that both these things need to be improved. The battery life has not impacted me since I only play 18 at most these days. The putting accuracy was a BIG issue with me. I have found that going to the manual mode setting has eliminated that issue. I just incorporate the button pushing as part of the normal putting routine. And after holing out I record the hole location with a simple button push. No longer worried about false putts due to taking practice strokes while waiting on the green (without a ball of course) since the token is not in the putter any
  10. Forest Creek Shadowglen Star Ranch Are all open and in some people's opinion are all better courses to play.
  11. I wish amateurs would emulate the pros - at least for these two items. 1. Pros always repair their ball marks - never fail - Yet I see dozens of unrepaired ball marks every day playing behind amateurs. 2. I have never seen a pro "stomp" their tee into the ground after hitting a tee shot - driver or iron - but I see amateurs do it every day and see the tees "buried" on the tee box.
  12. Reavie, Chez with the winning score to be (-6)
  13. Alex Noren Winning score is -3
  14. I know this has been discussed and if I have missed the resolution or even the decision that it would not be added then I apologize. In general I love the new format and enjoy the information that this forum provides. That being said, I read using the "unread content" format. The forum thread list does not show the original date the thread was started and does not show the number of new postings. It does show the total number of postings - but not how many are new. Both of these items would be very useful in determining if I want to read that thread or not. Thanks for all the w
  15. Now don't be getting Salame into this .............besides she only stripping to get through night school.
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