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  1. Funny that you should bring up this topic because on my last fitting the best shaft for me was a graphite UST Recoil Dart shaft ( WILSON) . I double checked this with another fitting ( PING) and the same shaft performed the best . Both fitting were done on a TRACKMAN . That is two different manufactured heads but the same results . Guess what I will be going to next.
  2. I am at the golf course to play golf , not listen to music. On my way to the course I listened to music in my car and on the way home I will listen to music in my car ( my stations / my kind of music) . Don't put others in a position to say no to YOUR MUSIC! Our club does not allow music or cell phones and it is quiet and there are no issues . Music is personal , don't bring it or turn it on. You will live without it for 3-4 hours.
  3. Not for me , looks like you are getting ready to go to the early bird special dinner with the blue hairs !
  4. just got fitted and bought the new SM10 wedges, they are excellent ! Great feel, strong spin, and they flight a little lower which helps my accuracy . The Titleist rep was very instrumental in getting the gaps correct.
  5. I have played ice hockey all my life and I still try and go to the Scottsdale Ice Den at least once a week to keep up my hockey skills . 2 hours on the ice keeps me balanced. I can't play golf everyday because it would just become Groundhog Day for me. Need some variety and the gym 3x a week and 2 - 4 hours of ice time keeps in fun , interesting, and a good work out.
  6. Get rid of your 3 wood and add an extra wedge once you do your gap analysis .
  7. Neal Shipley will be low amateur and the cut will be even par
  8. I always use 2 devices. First I check the exact pin with my Bushnell rangefinder then I go to my sky caddie and get front , back , middle. Also look at distances to penalty area , bunkers , etc on my sky caddie. So important to me to get front green yardage and back green yardage in club selection .
  9. I believe a great golf course is one that after you get done playing it for the first time you can remember at least 12-14 of the holes . A good example for me is Pastatiempo ; I only played it once a few years ago and I can remember most of the holes , it was a fantastic walk and a great golf course. A good golf course is one that offers a variety of distances , well maintained not pristine, under $100 during peak season, has food and beverage , and has a driving range to warm up.
  10. I play in the late morning to early afternoon. Not a fan of dew because I like to walk if I can . Warmer temps don't bother me even though I live in Scottsdale . In the summer an afternoon round takes only 3 hours .
  11. Played 22 of them . Lucky to get a hole in one at New South Wales in Australia ! They are all unbelievable in their own right. Every one of the courses has some uniqueness to it in design , location, etc....
  12. I stopped buying NIKE golf gear a long time ago. Their shoes are terrible in my opinion ; they are cheaply made, no style, weak support, funky colors, etc.. There are so many cool brands out there now such as Greyson, G-FORE, Dunning, Turtleson, etc..that you can own a shirt or other clothing that is more unique and has some interesting style to it. So bottom line NIKE leaving is no big deal.
  13. Getting fitted indoors works for a driver ; but not for irons. When you get fitted for irons you must be able to feel and judge what real turf interaction does to your shots. Hitting off of a mat is not reality with irons and you will miss out on a key factor in making a head and shaft selection. You will not be able to see your different divot patters, you will not be able to see the sole interaction marks when hitting the ground, you will not be able to see what the wind can do to your different shots you may try to hit etc......
  14. I ditched my 3 wood a long time ago . I go driver, 19 degree hybrid , 21 degree hybrid , 4 -PW, and 3 wedges . If I am going to miss a fairway I would much rather have the distance . Also , getting your important short game distances with wedges is much more important.
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