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  1. I have 5 pairs of G-Fore shoes, you need to make sure you try them on as some of their shoes run small , like the skull shoes.
  2. Played with a guy who had them and they are really good looking. I hit the 6 iron and it felt great. Good turf interaction.
  3. I live in AZ so I wear them every time I play. The best sleeves for me are Foot Joy, they keep their shape and come in black, grey , and white. Nike do not hold up , I will not buy them anymore.
  4. I have never been happy with Nike golf shoes to the point where I do not buy them anymore. G-Fore, Foot-Joy, Adidas, and Puma make better shoes .
  5. You won't go wrong playing Ross Bridge twice as it is a. big golf course that the second time around will be more enjoyable because you will know the angles better and where the misses are . Yes it is worth driving the hour to Farm Links.
  6. I live in Scottsdale , AZ and I wear UV sleeves every time I am playing. The best sleeves are made by Foot Joy because they don't slip. I own some Nike sleeves but they become loose after washing so I do not recommend them. Foot Joy makes them in white, grey, and black. Don't be afraid to wear the black in summer .
  7. Jim Nalepa ; Scottsdale, AZ Garmin yardage technology will make the game play quicker and make us better golfers with more accurate yardage
  8. Jim / Scottsdale, Arizona Use a Bushnell range finder Technology will continue to help grow the game of golf ! It is important to utilize all tools that are available.
  9. Jim Arizona Taylor Made Spyder ( slight arc ) FRONTLINE ELEVADO SLANT NECK PUTTER
  10. First Name and Location : Jim / Scottsdale, Arizona Swing Speed : 103 Current Ball : Pro V 1 X Preference: Tour X
  11. Jim / Scottsdale, AZ Handicap: 5.9 Current irons in Play: Srixon 585'2 The carry distance of the your 7 iron: 157
  12. Jim ; Scottsdale,AZ I use both GPS and Rangefinder Garmin rangefinder, Bushnell Pro Slope 7 Jolt
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