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  1. I ditched my 3 wood a long time ago . I go driver, 19 degree hybrid , 21 degree hybrid , 4 -PW, and 3 wedges . If I am going to miss a fairway I would much rather have the distance . Also , getting your important short game distances with wedges is much more important.
  2. Not a fan of the BOA ! I got a pair at a member guest ( Foot Joy) and the rep said I will never go back to laces, well guess what ; I have NOT bought another pair of BOA ! I do not like the look of the BOA, it looks cheap. I don't find it difficult to tie my shoes , it's over kill.
  3. I was one of the first golfers to give them a try and I will say they are very good gloves. They are not super thin nor are they too thick. The fit is true to size and they last a good while. They are definitely worth trying and they give deals every once in a while which you can take advantage of.
  4. 1. St. Andrews 2. Turnberry 3. Muirfield 4. Royal Dornoch 5. Merion 6. Pebble Beach 7. Ballybunion 8. Chicago Golf Club 9. Barnbougle Dunes ( Tasmania ) 10. Pinehurst #2
  5. I went from a 110 KBS shaft to an 85 True Temper Elevation shafts on my irons and have not lost any distance. In fact, the feel is much better going back, you can feel the shaft load vs. feeling boardy or too stout .
  6. Just got my new PING 525 irons , was playing Srixon for a long time , thought it was time for a change. Put in the Elevate shafts.
  7. The key to getting fitted is to go to at least 3 different places ( ie 2nd Swing, Club Champion, PXG , PGA Superstore etc ) If you do that you will get feedback from a few sources to validate shaft, lie angle, etc... As you move through the process you will be more educated with the information provided by the previous fitter. It takes more time but it's worth it if you are going to spend $1500 on a new set of irons . Have them print off the information from your fitting . I have no problem telling them I am going to go to another fitting before I make my decision. Read up on the shafts they recommend too.
  8. I live in North Scottsdale and play in the middle of the day and the temps are 110 right now; you have got to not only hydrate but keep a little salty snack with you during the round. The nice part about the middle of the day is you can play in 3 hours so you are not standing around in the sun and waiting. Grab shade if available while waiting to hit your next shot. You can NOT drink too much water in these conditions.
  9. I use a tee occasionally. No big deal ; just another way of marking your ball.
  10. You would think that living in North Scottsdale there would be a lot of ranges. Not so. We have only a couple that are reasonable and the balls are OK. However places like Grayhawk, Troon, Boulders, etc... you can not use their range unless you have a tee time.
  11. Not a fan of music on the golf course. Because I like music so much I find myself listening to the song and not concentrating on my shot. There really is no upside to having music . Isn't part of golf to hang with your buddies and talk bullsh*t. Why do you need music ?
  12. I guess I am a shirt snob because I refuse to buy Nike, Adidas, Under Armor, etc...These brands are so mainstream that you are bound to run into someone who has the exact same shirt with just a different logo. Instead I look for more unique brands such as Greyson, G-Fore, Dunning, Donald Ross, etc.. These brands do a better job of coming up with unique designs, colors, etc.. They are still out there for the general public as they should be but they aren't as available .
  13. My take on gimme putts is that YOU own your handicap and I am not going to influence your approach to keeping track of how you play in regards to your handicap. So, I never tell anyone to pick up a putt, it is their decision to rake it away or putt it . Tournament golf is totally a different story as you play by the rules of golf. If you want a handicap that is lower because you never miss 1 or 2 footers due to picking it up , that's your call . Not a fan of gimme's.
  14. Living in AZ we get a lot of brutal sun . What hats seem to work best for sun protection ? Not interested in waterproof as it rarely rains , mainly sun protection for the face area. I can always put my collar up on my shirt for my neck and I do not like that flap for the neck area. Trying to keep it compact but yet effective.
  15. I own a few pair of long white pants and several white shorts. They are cooler to wear , and they look great with all golf shirts. The key is owning several pair so you can rotate them and not get them all worn out or dirty around the pocket areas. Look at the tour, a lot of those guys are wearing white . I don't wear a white belt .
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