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  1. The best tip I can give is to make sure you have a full starting 5 every week. With 34 matchups a bad week or two can be fatal. With 10 guys on your roster there should always be wiggle room to drop someone to pick up someone playing.
  2. If I’m not mistaken players are arrange by alphabetical order
  3. I voted no on that poll and I’ll put it here slack and MGS for everyone to see why. I personally don’t like the choosing of a replacement mid tourney. The player should be stated before the tourney starts. No sure how we go about it to make it easy but that’s my thought.
  4. Well since I don't have a 3 or 4 anymore let's change what I'm looking for. I'm looking to move up in the 2nd. Willing to move my 2(44) along with a 7 and 8 to get inside the top 20 of the 2nd. Could be willing to swap 1st’s as well if it gets me inside the top 5 of the second.
  5. To add to what Jamie said here, a little advice/info for those that may not know a lot about fantasy golf. As you have noticed everyone wants to move up in the draft. That is completely understandable. However as I mentioned earlier, in my humble opinion this season will come down to your 3-7 guys not your 1-2. Remember you need to pick 5 guys to start not 8 guys playing hoping to hit. You could have Jon Rahm and Colin Morikawa at 1/2 but if the other 3 miss the cut, you could potentially go 0-34 for the week. You read that right with 34 matchups every week and a few bad weeks can put you into a huge hole. There is no one way to play Fantasy Golf and definitely no guaranteed way to win. Do your research, have a list of 5-6 guys you want, and if you choose to trade put yourself in a place to get those guys. Also by 5-6 guys I also mean be realistic, don’t list the top 5 guys in the world. Look at your current draft position and see where moving up works and where moving down can help you move up in a later round to help get you targets. One last note, yes this league is 68 teams but there are 5 copies of each player. This makes it closer to a 13 team draft. There will be top 30 guys available in the 3rd round.
  6. With everyone wanting to move up, I’m willing to move back in the 1st OR 2nd. With that said I am NOT giving up a 1st or 2nd. If you want to move up send me some offers. Also willing to move my 3/4/7/8 picks as well. Here is an example of a deal in my mind My: Mid 1, mid 2, late 3, 4th for Your: Late 1, earlier 2, earlier 3
  7. Well sitting here waiting for the nfl games to start got me again. Came across a killer deal on a PXG 0211 9* head and couldn’t resist. I played one early last year along with a Gen4 XF to end the year and I preferred the 0211. Gonna either throw the Tensei PO Proto 50x that I couldnt seem to sell in it. That’s a full bag of PXG besides my trusty Srixon F85 5 wood that will have to be pried from my cold dead hands and a Cleveland Zipcore Full Face 50* wedge that served me well last year. I wouldn’t mind finding a good price in a PXG forged or sugar daddy wedge and still need to grab a 3 wood shaft but otherwise I think I’m set for this year. Should make waiting to cash in the GT for something great a little easier.
  8. I’d be content if he fell to one of my second round picks
  9. You will only get 8 unless you make a trade to acquire 2 more picks. 64 players is 320 picks and there are 544 draft picks to be made but I’m guessing a few of your guys won’t be on everyone’s radar
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