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  1. Will do. I’m super curious about the slightly softer handle and stiffer tip. I went 50 stiff instead of X. I extremely dislike the right side and struggled to turn the PO 50x and Epic speed over. Feel was without a doubt the smoothest I have felt out of a shaft so I have high hopes for the 1K.
  2. I got the itch to try the Tensei 1K shaft so I threw out an offer on the bay for a new one and it was accepted. Now I gotta find a Mizzy ST-X head to go with it.
  3. No longer in need of a Tensei 1K! Will still listen to offers though.
  4. May want to throw a price up there too. I know you want to trade but rules are rules lol. Good Luck sir!
  5. Maybe I’m just not seeing them but you may have better luck with some pics.
  6. If you look back he was dropped on accident. The commissioners should be able to undo it.
  7. And Louis missed way right. BAD3 putts. Lots of bogeys happening for the leaders lately
  8. I should go 10-0 but at the same time could fall to 7-3 depending on the leaders. TBH I don’t really care just give me a 4-6 man playoff!
  9. I’m thinking Finau will finally break the curse!
  10. Looking to pick up Fowler for those teams that have him. Obviously my current 6 guys that I roster are no where near straight up material but perhaps we can work something out. Hit me up if your interested in moving him.
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