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  1. I get that but we have IR spots and benches. Unless you have 2 top 20 running backs already, he is a possible starter and if you do he is still a strong flex play when he returns. Especially in a 14 team full point ppr league.
  2. Awesome! Also who the Sam Hill dropped Le’Veon Bell? #ImInTheWrongDivision
  3. How long are players locked and on waivers after being dropped? I put in a waiver claim yesterday and it didn’t process this morning
  4. If those counted I may rival Shankster for number of posts!
  5. Well fellow spies this post make 2,000. I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone for allowing me to be a part of the greatest community in golf! Here is to another 2,000.
  6. No sir not at all. I was already expecting a week or possibly 2 of below average production with a high ankle sprain This just allows me to keep him benched instead of thinking he may go off.
  7. First trade baby! Bye bye Mahomes, Hello Michael Thomas!
  8. I might be willing to take sutton off your hands!
  9. Well that isn’t what I want to hear as that is usually my miss. I have worked hard the last couple years at eliminating the slice that plaqued me for years. Now the big push fade comes into play when I get lazy.
  10. Will do. I sure hope I don’t. Everything was a nice baby draw with the D version so I’m hoping at worst it will straighten that out. While some golfers prefer to eliminate the left side of the course, I prefer to eliminate the right. I’m guessing the D version was what I should have went with but a straight up trade and a diminishing season sealed the deal.
  11. Played in a scramble yesterday with a guy that had the Sim Max D driver. I hit it a few times into a field while we were waiting on the tee. Distance wise it was hard to judge but the flight was really nice. I have been struggling with the Proto X the last few rounds so today I traded it for a Sim Max. It isn’t the D version but it may stem the tide for the rest of the season. Especially with the odds being that I have less than a month left of it.
  12. I try to be of help when I can! Lol. I am still looking to move Mahomes and will include Mark Ingram for the right deal.
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