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  1. I posted this on slack but will put it here since not everyone has joined there yet. If you are a Derrick Henry or Davonte Adams owner, I’m looking to acquire one or both of these guys. Let me know your asking price and we can see if we can come to an agreement.
  2. Not sure how I missed this one. Happy belated birthday Rev!
  3. I got 1 really good one that can be had for the right price HaHa!
  4. Haha I was just messing around. You didn’t have to change anything. Just thought it was more funny than anything.
  5. I put this on slack as well but @Rwagn4and I have a trade agreement for AJ Brown for Tee Higgins and Chubba. We are doing Chubba for AJ now and Tee Higgins for another player on Tuesday since the bengals have already played.
  6. If anyone has tried to contact me on slack and I haven’t responded I apologize. My phone took a dump and I had to get a new one. Got it back a couple hours ago but lost the slack info. Will hopefully be up soon
  7. Happy birthday Spies!
  8. Gonna put this out now and see what comes of it. Looking to move Gibson/Fournette/Jones for a different RB. If I need to add something else to the deal I can but Mahomes/Kupp/Kelce are not going anywhere so don’t bother including them. Everyone else is fair game.
  9. We can hopefully get @STUDque to help ya out
  10. Thanks everyone. Happy birthday to my fellow spies. Nothing special today for me. My anniversary is tomorrow so my birthday is basically nonexistent anymore.
  11. I put it on the slack channel(if your not on it you should be!) but any Cook owners wanna make a deal. I’m also looking for Mixon/Adams/DHop
  12. For those needing RB help(injury or otherwise). I have Fournette(as soon as trade is executed), Michel, or Zach Moss. I’m looking for a WR.
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