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  1. I’m not done yet! Still looking to add Finau at some point soon but fairly happy with my core 4 of Rory, JT, Scheffler, and IM. Any Finau owners that want to deal, I’m willing to let IM, Burns, and Poston go.
  2. I did say that. I wasn’t gonna name names though. Was just replying to another post and wanted to make known what I wouldn’t accept
  3. Well a legit offer would help. Just so it is out there: Do not offer free agents and a guy that isnt in the top 50 owgr for 2 of the top guys in fantasy this year.
  4. Work sucks so let’s have some fun. Will Zalatoris is available for trade! Send your best offers quick
  5. Don’t forget about the bonuses for how you finish the regular season. They can be what win or cost you the title.
  6. I think it will be someone like Ben An that takes the trophy and sweater this week.
  7. I could have sworn I noticed a Vokey wedge in his hands during the final round.
  8. It is possible that the Thump shaft just agrees with you
  9. I know this may not help but I went from a bunch of different 3 woods to a Srixon F85 5 wood with an Elements Chrome 7F4. Even at the shorter than standard 5 wood length, I still manage more distance (both carry and total) than any of the 3 woods I had before it.
  10. Alright I'll play. •Some sort of long game challenge similar to the Ping challenge •The new Scotty Phantom Line •Mizuno ST-X and ST-X drivers •Autoflex shaft •A short game challenge
  11. I just picked up an er5 with a slant/flow neck from @hckymeyer
  12. You check on that too! Turns out one of the leaders isn’t the guy I traded for but a guy I traded away, who woulda thought that lol
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