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  1. Good to see I'm not the only one who noticed this.
  2. I've enjoyed my time with the Shot Scope watch over the past year. Currently it's the only GPS I've got right now - my actual GPS unit isn't working properly, not sure why. On a sidenote, my Shot Scope watch doesn't tell time correctly - usually about 15-30 minutes slow.
  3. I just got myself a new Callaway MD4 lob wedge to replace my fading MD2. Cannot wait to give it a go around the greens!
  4. I'm glad that you've enjoyed using your SLDR for as long as you have Plaid. If you do pick the Exotics driver, hopefully it'll last just as long in your bag. I've hit the EXS driver a few times at a golf store nearby but they don't tend to have many in stock and they are the only place in Australia that actively has them which is a great shame.
  5. It's difficult to get into both of these clubs. Unfortunately, I live in Perth on the other side of the country. I've got a friend in Sydney who recommends Twin Creeks GC (hosts the NSW Open, but is private club), and look at ISeekGolf for other recommendations, as well as the Australian golf Facebook forums.
  6. My mate has a Mizuno putter (not sure what model though), which he loves. I've tried it out a few times, and it felt fantastic albeit a little firm.
  7. Ball was in thick rough under a tree on a par 5, about 230yd from pin. Gripped down on a 3 wood with 3/4 swing - put the ball to 8ft, sunk the putt.
  8. I just went to try out the ST-190 driver against the Callaway Rogue Sub Zero on the launch monitor after not swinging a club for a week. Rogue came back with a swing speed of 108mph, 233m carry and little pulls (shaft wasn't really working for me). The Mizuno came back with SS of 114mph (average), 238m carry and very straight (and I could hit little cuts and fades with it!!!). As soon as the ST190 comes down in price, I will be getting one!!
  9. Pretty sure Srixon would've been in a similar situation before Ryan won.
  10. I'm pretty sure that Ryan Fox has the new Srixon driver in the bag when he won the ISPS Perth Super 6 event recently.
  11. I agree with you there NewBall. Srixon (and Mizuno as well!) drivers from 5 years ago would've been an underdog, but thanks to the Most Wanted testing process I don't think that's the case anymore. I think that the 2 real dog drivers currently on the market are both AUS$400-450 and they're both from manufacturers you wouldn't necessarily think of as Driver manufacturers - Tour Edge Exotics and Wilson Staff. In the case of the Exotics EXS, the numbers it produced in testing were not far off the leaders and considering it's about 2/3 the price of an Epic Flash then it's difficult to justify getting the more expensive driver. The main problem for Tour Edge is that there isn't that much advertising for this product (Golf Channel ads maybe?), particularly in Australia where it's only sold in one store here in my home city of Perth. I've hit the EXS in the Tensei Blue X-Stiff on a launch monitor against the PING G400 LST, TM M3 and Titleist TS2, and it was within 0.5mph ball speed of the others and was more accurate. The feel was pretty good as well. The Wilson Staff D7 driver produced reasonable numbers for a AU$400 driver in testing, and this has been replicated in other Youtube videos by Golf Monthly (for example). I've yet to hit the D7 or any other Wilson Staff clubs though, again due to the lack of distribution - although there are more stores selling Wilson products now then 5-6 years ago. I think that the whole point of having underdog club manufacturers is that you don't need to have the most expensive and longest driver out there in order to improve your driving game (although the latest Most Wanted winner doesn't help prove this theory).
  12. My driver is something that I want to either change or get it properly fitted sometime in the next 12 months. My usual problem with it is the shaft doesn't quite give me optimal spin numbers unless I'm swinging as hard as I can - which isn't very often. I found that an X-Stiff shaft does tend to give me better numbers as a result, along with a more forgiving head. It was a bit sad to see that one of the reps acted that way by hiding your numbers - good thing you called him on it. Whilst I've never had that issue before, some of the reps at the golf stores I go to for club testing do give me the impression that I'm wasting their time. I can understand why when the store's busy, but not when there's only 2-3 people in the place!
  13. I would've loved to test one of these bad boys! Loved the Rogue Sub Zero (I've loved Callaway drivers since the Razr), and the new one's colour scheme is awesome for an Australian. Good luck to all the testers - this is going to be a good read.
  14. Honestly, I'm jealous of you US getting to try out all the new toys. Good luck to all the testers, the new G410 looks like an absolute beast!
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