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  1. Thanks guys for all the birthday wishes!
  2. Sorry that I'm a bit late to the party, but I used to live in Brisbane and was a member at Nudgee Golf Club for a year or so. Reasonable course near the airport which I think would've been in your price range (~$1500/year I think). However, due to it being very close to a big creek and only a few kilometres from the ocean, it does get very wet very easily. If you ever get the chance to come to Perth in Western Australia, let me know and I'll try and organise a game.
  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes! Hope you're enjoying golf post lockdown - depending on where you live.
  4. Yeah, it was a nice, hot Australia Day (the designated public holiday) in Perth, with a top temperature of 38 degrees (100.4 Fahreneheit). Whilst we didn't have the big bushfires over here in Western Australia, we did cop a big cyclone (hurricane) which subsequently flooded the mine site I work at.
  5. mdumble21

    Your ball?

    I've been using a combination of Pro V1X (both white and yellow - liking the yellow!), Srixon z-star XV and Taylormade TP5. Out of all of them, I prefer the yellow Pro V1X - interesting but likeable feel, very easy to spot in the air (but not always easy to spot when surrounded by leaves!), and it great spin and roll around the greens.
  6. Congrats on the new driver! I had a similar fitting the other day at my local golf store. I recently won AU$350 in a year-long tipping comp (came 4th), and had some other vouchers so I took the opportunity. I went into the fitting thinking I'd walk out with an Epic Flash Sub Zero being the Callaway fanboy I am. I was a bit disappointed with the Epic Flash when compared with the Cobra F9 and Taylormade M5. In the end it came down to the M5 and F9, with the F9 beating the M5 on accuracy. Difference in distance was 1-2yd for the M5, so not much in it. I eventually settled on the Cobra F9 with an Atmos Black X7 shaft, and I've been hitting a few more fairways than usual.
  7. Someone's been looking at Lefty's twitter account!
  8. I'll vote for Nunfao. Aussies and Kiwis usually stick together when the world's against them. Unless it involves cricket, rugby (both forms), netball, hockey and soccer (womens not mens' because the female teams are MUCH better than the male teams!).
  9. I'm SO looking forward to hitting this driver!! Loved the G400 LST, and was smoking the G410 - albeit with a little bit too much spin, so this could be the club for me! Either that or get fitted for the Epic Flash SZ.
  10. I've enjoyed my time with the Shot Scope watch over the past year. Currently it's the only GPS I've got right now - my actual GPS unit isn't working properly, not sure why. On a sidenote, my Shot Scope watch doesn't tell time correctly - usually about 15-30 minutes slow.
  11. I just got myself a new Callaway MD4 lob wedge to replace my fading MD2. Cannot wait to give it a go around the greens!
  12. I'm glad that you've enjoyed using your SLDR for as long as you have Plaid. If you do pick the Exotics driver, hopefully it'll last just as long in your bag. I've hit the EXS driver a few times at a golf store nearby but they don't tend to have many in stock and they are the only place in Australia that actively has them which is a great shame.
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