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  1. mdumble21

    Replace i210 suggestions please !!!

    I'm currently gaming PING i200s (got them through the i200 test a while ago), and if I had to replace them with another set, it would probably be the Mizuno JPX919 Tour/Forged (take your pick both awesome irons) or the new Callaway Apex Pro. All 3 sets are forged rather than cast like the PINGs.
  2. mdumble21

    In search of a Fairway

    My current 3 wood (Callaway Epic Sub Zero) is an absolute monster off the tee, and easy to hit off the deck.
  3. The one thing I noticed the other day was that the GPS+Pro won't log in a less than 9 hole round. I was playing my home course on Sunday afternoon, with the purpose of catching up with some friends who were a few holes ahead of me. I finished the first 2 holes (a par 4 & par 5) in -1, skipped the 3rd hole and joined up with my mates. I played out the remaining 6 holes with the watch showing no complaints. Once I got home and tried to sync the round, the phone app said that I didn't have enough shots entered for the round to be legitimate. That kinda sucks, as not only did I play well (+1 thru 8 holes!), but I drove the green on the short 6th hole (would've been a nice bit of bragging rights, and increased my driving length average).
  4. mdumble21

    New Wilson 2018/2019 MBs

    Damn, those are some sexy irons! I really like Wilson irons in general, but I always felt that the FG100 blades were a bit gimmicky with the bit of Wilson Staff writing on the back. I understand the reason why they did that, but I think they would've looked better without it - which is why I prefer the look of the "cleaner" blades such as the MP18, Titleist MBs, Apex MBs, and TM P730s.
  5. mdumble21

    First time with Mizunos

    I completely agree with you there Steddy. I've been using my PING i200s (from the MGS test a year or so ago) for the past few seasons, and they've been fantastic for my overall game. However, I have been trying out the JPX900 & 919 Tour irons, and whilst I'm not hitting it as far (losing ~5yd with longer irons) the feel is just better (no offence to the PINGs). I've had a few other opportunities to try out Mizuno gear (mainly the drivers and wedges) as my coach is a Mizuno rep. If you're in the market for wedges, give the T7 a try - they're dangerously under-rated and you should be able to get them for a good price as they are due to be replaced soon (as is the ST-180 driver!!).
  6. mdumble21

    D v D 2

    I need to catch up a bit. Saw the first 2 episodes on Youtube, and it's great to see the process involved. The final product Cortex looks amazing! Cannot wait for it to come into stores Down Under!
  7. mdumble21

    Cobra F9 Driver Thread

    Yeah, the F9 is coming in fairway wood as well as hybrid & irons (including single-length of course).
  8. mdumble21

    Titleist AVX - Thoughts?

    Yeah, that was my plan too. I know a few discount golf ball websites that offer 50% discounts for excellent quality balls.
  9. mdumble21

    Titleist AVX - Thoughts?

    I gave my dad one of the AVX's to try out, and he loves it. He enjoys the flight and feel, but not the price. We'll have to try and get them on a discounted rate second-hand.
  10. My 3 wood is an absolute weapon! It's more accurate than my driver, and I only lose about 20m using it. I like having it as my sleeper weapon in the bag, and I can hit it longer than some people hit driver!
  11. On the Forte Golf website, you can get the 2-ball trial packs for free, but you will have to pay postage unfortunately.
  12. mdumble21

    What are you hoping to test this year?

    I'd love to test out the new JPX irons as well as the new Srixon driver. Would've loved the chance to test out the Mizuno ST-180 or PING G400 drivers!
  13. mdumble21

    Titleist AVX - Thoughts?

    I've been using a few yellow AVX's for the past month, and I freaking love them! Awesome flight, great around the greens and off the putter. Bought myself a dozen when I found them on special.
  14. Tier 1: Tommy Fleetwood Tier 2: Marc Leishman Tier 3: Matthew Fitzpatrick Tier 4: Haotong Li Tier 5: Eddie Pepperell
  15. mdumble21

    What equipment are you thinking about?

    To be honest, I prefer the look of the MD4s over the MD3s (the green puts me off). The only main difference between the two is probably the extra grooves on the MD4s (Groove-in-Groove technology). Apart from that, I've got no idea. If you can get the MD3s for $50 less at GG, then you may as well go for them.