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  1. What was the key factor in the decision to switch to the push cart?  You want to walk, but, no longer want to carry your golf bag. Most golf courses have carts for rent, so, you could try it, to help you decide to switch or not.

    What are the push carts that are on the market that made the transition easier? I went with a Clicgear 3.5+ (youtube has videos to help you learn the set up process). The Clicgear is a bit of a tank, but, in a good way.  The best push carts for 2020 - https://mygolfspy.com/best-push-carts-for-2020/

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  2. You might try choking up with your driver as a start. Usually, there is more control with a shorter shaft. I have the same shaft in my Ping G400 Max, playing at 45". Just changing the shaft might not be the answer. If it has an adjustable hosel, you could try changing the loft, up or down. fwiw, I lowered my ball flight by increasing the loft of my 9 degree head to 10.5. 

  3. On 11/23/2020 at 11:20 AM, Lacassem said:

    The rubber tees are the worst. Have become so accustomed to mine (same ones for years have a 1" yellow mark. I tee it to the bottom of that mark). I actually made an insert for them that fit the standard rubber tee...works mint. Took a pool noodle foam and took a rubber tee cut it almost flush to the grass mat (I keep that in my bag with the tee). Insert the small foam into the base and you can adjust the tee how you want it.

    Another option is to use a rubber band (thick) and wrap it around a tee a few times. It works great with low tees, and, you can adjust the height to your preference.

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  4. UNOFFICIAL Review - just my thoughts on the Honma TR20 460 w/FD-5R shaft

    It is a beautiful driver - shiny black with a silver face, and, no alignment marks. Some how, this works great for me, and, I am able to set up with the ball in the middle of the club face (I, only, add this, as, it took me a few driving range sessions with my Ping G400 max before I could set up with the ball in the middle of the club face - I wear high index glasses, which, mess with depth perception.). 

    My initial thoughts on performance were not favorable, - high, spinny, and, near slices. For a short hitter, getting less distance was kind of horrifying.  If I were shopping for a driver, I would have returned to this immediately. It was that kind of awful. But, I was reviewing the driver, so, I started to tinker with the driver, and, switched the heavy weight from the back to the front. (NOTE: I have had some Cobra golf clubs, and, the heavier weight in the front was always worse for me.) But, surprisingly, with the TR20, with the heavier weight in the front, I started to hit draws without (to me) any loss in forgiveness, and, I started to get my normal distance, and, possibly a little more. (At this point I should give a shout out to Preston, who managed to fit me over the phone surprisingly well. I think I am at the point, where I don't need to make any more adjustments to driver setup. The driver performs, but, it doesn't swing itself, and, I need to be consistent in my set up and tee height. Otherwise, spin does become an issue due to angle of attack.)

    I actually really like the TR20 now, after, I got the driver setup to my swing. I think to me, one of the most positive attributes of the TR20 is the ability to set it up for your swing. And, I am not sure, but, it seems the Vizard shaft really seems to help me to hit the ball in the middle of the club face. I think the only thing that holding the TR20 back is the price, and, the abundance of marketing of its competitors.

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  5. On 8/31/2020 at 11:09 AM, golfingbrock said:

    Come on over to the MGS TR20 testing page and weigh in! (link in signature)

    I have, already, been in that thread. The MGS testers really put us "golfwrx testers" to shame with the amount of data and detail in their reviews. I haven't felt comfortable providing any data, because, I have been working on my swing, and, most indoor hitting bays (locally) are dimly lit, which, seem to mess with my set up. 




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  6. 3 hours ago, russtopherb said:

    That's an interesting way to view things. I like forums for the content and discussion; getting gear is always fun and exciting, but not the primary reason I choose to post places.

    There's another forum where I was able to receive a number of free clubs & accessories over a number of years, which was very nice and I'll always be grateful for. However, the content of the forum, direction that some discussions were forced to take, way over the top mod actions (or complete inactions at times), and the discouragement of sharing experiences with certain brands made me realize it wasn't the best place to chat golf. Winning things didn't make the discussions and content any better, at least not for me. WRX, for me, is a place to get some solid info on instruction and tips from some very good, qualified instructors. That's always been the highlight of that particular forum for me over the years.

    I think my post may be getting interpreted a bit differently, than I intended. Getting free stuff isn't the reason I enjoy golfwrx. 

    I was just stating the fact, that I enjoy golfwrx, and, it is the only golf forum, where I have won stuff, and, been selected to test equipment. I have been a member of golfwrx for 14+ years, and, member of other golf forums, too. I have just been a bit luckier with golfwrx.  fwiw, the Course and Travel sub-forum on golfwrx is a good resource. 

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  7. On 8/10/2020 at 8:48 AM, Getoffmylawn said:

    Yeah, fair enough, but still, you get my point...a rough translation in spots.

    Btw, you were right about moving the weight forward.  Unlocked some distance for me, and I seem to be more accurate despite it not being in high MOI setting...maybe I've just gotten to know it better. 

    I'll post most recent launch monitor info soon.

    Props to you for actually reading the manual. I just looked at the pictures😁

    It is pretty cool, that, the heavy weight forward gave you more distance and accuracy. It is kind of surprising to be more accurate with a lower MOI setting. 

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  8. 4 hours ago, Getoffmylawn said:

    So last week @PrestonAtHonmarecommended that I make an adjustment to the TR20 based on some higher than desired spin I shared in a previous post.  This was the adjustment:


    The heavy weight has been moved out of the draw bias position into the forward spot, with the intent of scrubbing off a few 100 RPM of spin.  Did it work?  I think so...played and practiced last night and if my Bushnell is to be believed, I got some out in the 280-290 range, which is bomb-territory for this guy.  I plan to get on a launch monitor again this Sunday to actually measure the difference.

    But while I was as it I figured it might be beneficial to touch on the "Non-Rotating System" Honma uses, which is unique but has been described as "non-intuitive." I tried to take a video of this, but I don't have a third hand so hopefully a few pics tell the story.

    First, the stock setting...notice that little white notch.


    And now here's the tool...notice that little tab at the end under the white line?


    So, to make your adjustment, you insert the tool into the screw like any other, but that tab on white line on the tool inserts into the white notch on the adapter.  Then, you need to put the grip end into the floor to keep tension on it...once you loosen the screw, you then keep one hand on the top part of the wrench and use the other to twist the white line into the orientation you want, like so...


    Once you have it where you want it, tighten it back down until you get two loud audible clicks (which come from the wrench not the club), and you're done.  The manual offers a breakdown of the orientations available and the impact on loft, lie and face angle..


    Different isn't it?  But, I can't say I mind it or find it otherwise awkward, and the benefit of the non-rotating system is that Honma spine aligns their shafts...the system keeps the shaft in a neutral position, which equates to improved consistency of impact.

    I know I've been nothing but positive about this club, so here's one small gripe, and @PrestonAtHonmaalready knows this because he brought it up on the phone before I did...this manual ain't North America ready; clearly written by somebody for whom English may not have even been his second language.  For example..


    I'm pretty sure "Precautions of Detouching" means "Don't let go."  I know, this is ticky-tack and nothing to do with club performance, but I've got to find something to criticize right?

    18 and then a trip to a launch monitor this Sunday!

    I think it is "Precautions of Detaching". With most other OEM's, adjustable shafts, the screw stays attached to the head, but, with  Honma, the adjustment ring and screw can fall out.

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  9. On 7/17/2020 at 9:38 AM, Getoffmylawn said:

    I wasn't able to get to a course yesterday so I had to settle for a range session.  I took my time working from the bottom of the bag up, wedges and even irons, hit three drives with my gamer, and then unveiled the TR20.  My first drive was a little low on the face but dead straight and long.  From there I hit maybe 25 drives and, without the benefit of a launch monitor, I can share some initial impressions:

    1) This is definitely longer than my gamer.  How much, not sure yet, but this club gets it out there for sure.  The ball seems to really jump off the face.

    2)  I've got a little bit of dialing in to do.  My normal ball has been straight or a slight bit of draw; last night I was hitting the occasional straight ball and a lot of pushes to the right.  My gamer was set up a degree closed and set to a draw bias, whereas I took this to a range in the stock setting, with the heaviest movable weight back for max MOI.  This morning I closed it down a degree and will see how that does tomorrow when I actually play it for 18.  I don't intend to move the weight to a draw bias unless tomorrow's round suggests I need to.  That said, the weight port in the heel is still actually pretty far back, as you can see, so I suspect any MOI loss would be minimal.   


    Regarding that loft/lie adjustment, I'll post about that later, but much has been made of how different their system is.  It is, but it's not rocket science...simple enough, and still like the aesthetic benefits of the smaller adapter.

    Overall, I'm liking this club a lot.  The sound and feel are fantastic...but does it perform?  Gaming it for the first time tomorrow!  Can't wait to answer "What's a Honma?" ten times...

    Try the heavy weight in the front.  I am testing the TR20, and, for me, the heavy weight in the back seem to cause the club head to twist open on some shots - high, right and short.

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