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  1. If you are ok with cotton pique polos, you could try Uniqlo - https://www.uniqlo.com/us/en/men-dry-pique-short-sleeve-polo-shirt-422987.html?dwvar_422987_color=COL39&cgid=men-sale-polo-shirts#start=1&cgid=men-sale-polo-shirts The size charts are fairly accurate.
  2. I am using the FJ rain boots from a couple of seasons ago. Mine have held up fine, though, a friend, that bought a pair of last season's FJ rain boots has a leaking problem. The FJ boots have a 2 year warranty, fwiw.
  3. My first thought when I saw the title of the post was Cobra F6 baffler, which, I have in the bag. It works great for me. good luck in your search
  4. I think you have the lightest and most compact push cart available with the Big Max Blade IP. I roll with a Clicgear 3.5+. Good luck with the Big Max, and, let us know how it works.
  5. nice looking bags! Removeable straps are a nice feature.
  6. Another option is to use a rubber band (thick) and wrap it around a tee a few times. It works great with low tees, and, you can adjust the height to your preference.
  7. Ping Tour Eye rain jacket and pants. They are a few years old, but, they do the job.
  8. UNOFFICIAL Review - just my thoughts on the Honma TR20 460 w/FD-5R shaft It is a beautiful driver - shiny black with a silver face, and, no alignment marks. Some how, this works great for me, and, I am able to set up with the ball in the middle of the club face (I, only, add this, as, it took me a few driving range sessions with my Ping G400 max before I could set up with the ball in the middle of the club face - I wear high index glasses, which, mess with depth perception.). My initial thoughts on performance were not favorable, - high, spinny, and, near slices. For a short hitter,
  9. I think my post may be getting interpreted a bit differently, than I intended. Getting free stuff isn't the reason I enjoy golfwrx. I was just stating the fact, that I enjoy golfwrx, and, it is the only golf forum, where I have won stuff, and, been selected to test equipment. I have been a member of golfwrx for 14+ years, and, member of other golf forums, too. I have just been a bit luckier with golfwrx. fwiw, the Course and Travel sub-forum on golfwrx is a good resource.
  10. Here is the link to the best push carts for 2020 - https://mygolfspy.com/best-push-carts-for-2020/ I have a Clicgear 3.5, and, it would be a solid choice. The new version 4.0 has some nice improvement.
  11. I enjoy golfwrx. The only forum, where, I have actually won something, and, got selected to test the Honma TR20. Great driver, even for a slow and not so young golfer such as myself.
  12. Props to you for actually reading the manual. I just looked at the pictures It is pretty cool, that, the heavy weight forward gave you more distance and accuracy. It is kind of surprising to be more accurate with a lower MOI setting.
  13. I think it is "Precautions of Detaching". With most other OEM's, adjustable shafts, the screw stays attached to the head, but, with Honma, the adjustment ring and screw can fall out.
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