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  1. UNOFFICIAL Review - just my thoughts on the Honma TR20 460 w/FD-5R shaft It is a beautiful driver - shiny black with a silver face, and, no alignment marks. Some how, this works great for me, and, I am able to set up with the ball in the middle of the club face (I, only, add this, as, it took me a few driving range sessions with my Ping G400 max before I could set up with the ball in the middle of the club face - I wear high index glasses, which, mess with depth perception.). My initial thoughts on performance were not favorable, - high, spinny, and, near slices. For a short hitter, getting less distance was kind of horrifying. If I were shopping for a driver, I would have returned to this immediately. It was that kind of awful. But, I was reviewing the driver, so, I started to tinker with the driver, and, switched the heavy weight from the back to the front. (NOTE: I have had some Cobra golf clubs, and, the heavier weight in the front was always worse for me.) But, surprisingly, with the TR20, with the heavier weight in the front, I started to hit draws without (to me) any loss in forgiveness, and, I started to get my normal distance, and, possibly a little more. (At this point I should give a shout out to Preston, who managed to fit me over the phone surprisingly well. I think I am at the point, where I don't need to make any more adjustments to driver setup. The driver performs, but, it doesn't swing itself, and, I need to be consistent in my set up and tee height. Otherwise, spin does become an issue due to angle of attack.) I actually really like the TR20 now, after, I got the driver setup to my swing. I think to me, one of the most positive attributes of the TR20 is the ability to set it up for your swing. And, I am not sure, but, it seems the Vizard shaft really seems to help me to hit the ball in the middle of the club face. I think the only thing that holding the TR20 back is the price, and, the abundance of marketing of its competitors.
  2. I think my post may be getting interpreted a bit differently, than I intended. Getting free stuff isn't the reason I enjoy golfwrx. I was just stating the fact, that I enjoy golfwrx, and, it is the only golf forum, where I have won stuff, and, been selected to test equipment. I have been a member of golfwrx for 14+ years, and, member of other golf forums, too. I have just been a bit luckier with golfwrx. fwiw, the Course and Travel sub-forum on golfwrx is a good resource.
  3. Here is the link to the best push carts for 2020 - https://mygolfspy.com/best-push-carts-for-2020/ I have a Clicgear 3.5, and, it would be a solid choice. The new version 4.0 has some nice improvement.
  4. I enjoy golfwrx. The only forum, where, I have actually won something, and, got selected to test the Honma TR20. Great driver, even for a slow and not so young golfer such as myself.
  5. Props to you for actually reading the manual. I just looked at the pictures It is pretty cool, that, the heavy weight forward gave you more distance and accuracy. It is kind of surprising to be more accurate with a lower MOI setting.
  6. I think it is "Precautions of Detaching". With most other OEM's, adjustable shafts, the screw stays attached to the head, but, with Honma, the adjustment ring and screw can fall out.
  7. Try the heavy weight in the front. I am testing the TR20, and, for me, the heavy weight in the back seem to cause the club head to twist open on some shots - high, right and short.
  8. Your first name: Ken Home state: WA Current driver/shaft/shaft weight: Ping G/Fujikura Pro 2.0 stiff/57.5 Current swing speed: 88?
  9. Name: Ken State: WA HCP: 17 Current set: Titleist 716 AP1 6-W2, Kuro Kage TiNi 85
  10. 40 rounds a year 17.2 handicap Current putter is a Ping Redwood Anser
  11. Ken, WA, 17.9 Z 765 DRIVER Z F65 FAIRWAY (3 & 5)Z H65 (22) Z 565 5-AW Cleveland RTX 3.0 Tour Statin 54 & 58 V-MG Cleveland Huntington Beach 1
  12. name: ken chinn hcp: 16 I think it should help me improve my impact position, and, remove my flip.
  13. First name - Ken Home state - WA Current handicap - 16 Current long iron/hybrid, plus shaft and flex - Ping i25 (22 & 26) pwr 80, regular
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