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  1. I keep a set of Smith mountain biking sun glasses in my golf bag. 3 sets of lenses - yellow, orange, and, brown. I have a set of Oakley half jackets, too, and, a set of M frames. All 20+ years old. I wear contacts, when, I play golf. Otherwise, it is progressive lens. As for self darkening lenses for evening golf, they will likely darken, and, not lighten up, until the sun goes down. I have seen this with my son and little league baseball.
  2. From late fall through early spring (temps below 50), I wear an Adidas Climawarm Dot quarter-zip (it is a few years old) under a Sunderland Goretex Rain Jacket (also, a few years old). I am likely to wear it the entire time, but, if it warms up, I may, either take off the rain jacket, or, wear a wind breaker - Zero Restriction Cloud jacket (also, a few years old). fwiw, I have insulated golf jackets - Adidas Climaheat Primaloft, and, Ping Norse 2, but, I prefer to mix and match my middle and outer layers. The insulated golf jackets get too warm, when, I walk.
  3. I don't see Fozs Boys team in the search. As for my team, I have improved over 200 places to 371, probably, due to guys getting cut and dropping off the list.
  4. Air compressor if available. A spin of the wheels and a golf tee gets a fair amount of stuff off. My Clicgear 3.5+ gets put into a Ikea Fratka (large) bag to help contain the mess.
  5. I stumbled upon a XXIO demo day after my last round. While I am a lower club head speed guy, I don't quite fit the profile. But, you never know, until you try. XXIO makes some very nice stuff.
  6. I have one high end shirt from Kjus, and, it is a bit nicer than my Kirkland Signature shirt. But, if you didn't know the logo, you wouldn't know it retailed for 8X the price.
  7. Free swag is good, paying big money for swag, to me, is not worth it.
  8. Nike golf shoe warranties are from the date of manufacture, which, can be found on a tag in shoe. While the shoe may function as intended, their warranty may have already expired.
  9. I am also a PNW guy. I have the previous version of the Footjoy Rain Boot, and, they are ok to walk in. They have stretched out a bit, and, I need to wear hiking socks to help take up some volume (you might try different socks to see if it will help.) They are what I typically wear during our wet season - Nov-Mar. I have a pair of Ecco Biom 3 Hybrid, and, while they are water proof, moisture can come over the top, if you are walking in tall grass. My Footjoy Rain boots are 4 yrs old, so, I am looking for a replacement. I was looking at the Adidas S2G mid-cut.
  10. In soft conditions, I wear Footjoy Rain boots, which, are spiked. But, my previous golf rain boots were Nike Air Bandon's, which, were spikeless. For more normal conditions, I wear spikeless golf shoes, which, I find more comfortable for walking.
  11. If the old hard shell has wheels, it might be worth it. In most of the reviews on hard cases, they seem to break at some point, either latches or hinges. Pack a roll of duct tape, if you get the hard shell bag.
  12. The difference will be in the shaft length. The shaft will be a little longer in the the 21 vs the 23.
  13. I have had it snow on me, while golfing, but, no real golfing in the snow. As for winter golf boots, I have the Footjoy rain boots, and, am looking at the Adidas S2g Mid-cut golf shoes. My Footjoy rain boots have stretched out, which, has me looking for a replacement. I am in the Pacific Northwest, so, soggy fairways are more of any issue, and, the higher coverage helps to keep water from enter the shoe.
  14. For my full swing wedges, I match my irons - graphite, but, I have stuck with steel on my most lofted wedge.
  15. Zcords tore up my hands, too. I switched to Lamkin Crossline Cords, which, are a little easier on the hands. And, I may be in the process of switching to the non-cord version of the Crossline - inexpensive, plus, they seem to work for me.
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