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  1. Own opinion, but the Most Wanted Testing is more for the unfit off the shelf buyer. Indi prides itself with fitting and getting their wedges in the hands of golfers that suit them. When comparing off the rack it can be tough and differences can be significant. A poorly performing most wanted club fit properly will perform better than a unfit better performing misted club in my opinion. The results are also weighted more towards accuracy and dispersion so performing poorly there proved costly.
  2. If you can trust Twitter - something about a waving hat while Rory was getting ready to putt.
  3. Was just coming to ask about the same thing...
  4. Last final push! This will be closing at midnight tonight. Get your orders in before then or be jealous of all the photos which are going to be posted of these gloves!
  5. @Shank Aaron if my math is correct we had quite the battle that ended up being a push with us earning a half point each. The eagle on the final hole for you earned your point to tie the match. Neither getting more than 2 up at any point and a lot of back and forth with many of my birdies coming on holes where you had bogey. So if that is the case great match and well done!
  6. This kinda had me thinking about a question which will likely be a new thread, but what area is the best part of the US for golfers? Quality, quantity and price.
  7. I do still find it fascinating that Morikawa is still using the OG Sim driver. Seems pretty telling to me and a big part of me thinks it has to do with how shallow the face was on the Sim vs the models that followed with deeper faces.
  8. I am watching about 20 minutes behind coverage and am truly in shock. However awesome to see Spieth with a great eagle response. I have been listening to the NLU pod from yesterday and it really is crazy how this has all played out so far. The fact 9&7 was the result of the second match is jaw dropping. They finished 7 over par through 11 holes...
  9. Not sure how many are watching this morning, but certainly seems and feels like this is over. Absolutely shocking...
  10. Looking like you waking up early and missing out on sleep is well not great. I am cheering for Europe, but as I have said from day 1 I really want it to be close. So today hoping the US make it worth while run to at least make tomorrow worth watching.
  11. Hoping it's decrease 25% but know that isn't the case. I have had a few others try and talk me into other courses but they are so much more expensive or further away. No I didn't love this course to begin with, but now I do and it's close, ppl are great and they are doing major work to improve. @Jnoble89 are there any other courses closer to you?
  12. For anyone who sees this! Please go and make a comment on this article: https://mygolfspy.com/news-opinion/mygolfspy-virtual-championship-tour/ We are looking to push and make the VCT greater and bigger than ever before to include some unique virtual trophies and more. However to do so we need hits and support on the HQ article. We want to get some additional backing from HQ and every single comment on the main site article pushes us closer to getting more support. Thanks to everyone! We have a week to really push this so please comment and we will hopefully be able to lay a plan for 2024 afterwards.
  13. Sounds like you need the cameras on more often! Maybe we bring a recording team to Bandon to capture the magic.
  14. A Wyndham/Fowler Pairing up against Rory/Tommy would be interesting given how all of them had decent runs at the US open if I recall correctly.
  15. Welcome! Glad to have you here. We have a "What Have You Built Recently" thread which I think you'll enjoy a bunch!
  16. They did put Rahm and Hatton together... Which I loved seeing. Two of the most heated personalities on tour together.
  17. We have hit the 100 mark! And then some. Thank you to all for playing your orders, but continue to spread the word as only a day and a bit left before it closes and they won't be available again!... At least for half a year or more.
  18. I dunno Brooks had a very good season and proved early on this season he can play well when it counts. It is also the way Brooks is, wasn't like he was any different when he was only on the PGA Tour. He played a limited schedule and stated it was only the majors he cared about. I didn't or couldn't watch that match, but in what I did see the euros just simply played better. Tomorrow is a new day so let's see what happens then!
  19. October 5th - Matt Blois will be joining our community call!
  20. I'm definitely team Europe, but still want it to be close and would love to see a final match matter for the win.
  21. Honestly just been entertaining. A lot of pretty great shots and the course is playing like it should in my eyes.
  22. Hovland may be the best golfer on the planet right now.
  23. Been a really fun watch so far this morning!
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