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  1. Yeah, I’m thinking of getting the unlined pants as I can hem them. Many rain pants have that Velcro at the bottom which means i can’t hem them. Although, that will pretty much ruin the idea of putting them on mid round. How stretchy are they to be worn as regular pants during a round? Also, fit pretty true to size?
  2. It’s one of my biggest insecurities. Plus it has always told my wife that I just played golf, which I may or may not always inform her of. This year I have been mister pool guy trying to even it out with a focus of the sock tan. It’s worked out nicely.
  3. I’ll be in Atlanta in a couple weeks and will see if I can stop by their place and try some sizes on. Headed to Ireland in late August. Thanks for the feedback.
  4. Thanks. Any stretch to the pants? Or are they rough on a fat man who squats down to read putts?
  5. Any more quality control issues? Seemed to be a mix bag on breathability for the testers. Some said they sweat like crazy and others not so much. Did the waterproofing hold up for long rainy conditions? Like would anyone think it would hold up fine for a Ireland type trip? For the money....
  6. My point is the way they said it. They put out a release that obviously disagrees with the results. They certainly like that MGS loves their driver the most, no? Don’t come off like sour grapes and then say we have our own testing (which we won’t show you) and go buy some and you’ll see. I would either not release anything and let customers decide for themselves because they value feel or whatever. Or i provide my own research to combat the results or what backs their info.
  7. If i was Callaway, I certainly wouldn’t tell everyone to “see for yourself and pick up a dozen” Kind of an odd way to combat a study done on poor(er) performance.
  8. Hollis

    Cure putters

    I'm interested in these. Looks kinda funky as big as they are but the X3 and hybrid x1 Don't look too bad
  9. Wow. Great review. Picking up my 54°M and 58°D tomorrow in jet black. Hope I share your results.
  10. Matt, TENNESSEE Odyssey RX 2 ball 34" flatcat Big Boy grip. O-works 7s in red or black.
  11. :edit. My typo. Meant TGW PHOENIX in the title. Anyone give this a try? Offered with slope or without by changing out a piece. $200. The reviews on TGW are overwhelmingly good, but can't find any more reviews elsewhere.
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