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  1. I have had issues with my Driver it is 45" long Taylormade R7 quad HT with a stiff shaft and although I hit it well sometimes other times I can take it away too far on the inside and get a hook or a draw when I do not want one. I was thinking like you about cutting it down an Inch or even an inch and a half after working on the range with it for an hour or so gripping down that distance on the grip. According to the specs on the taylormade website it swings at D3 and the grip weighs 51g so for every 1/4 inch I cut off the butt end of the graphite shaft that is 1.5 swing weights. so cutting of 1 inch is lessening the driver by 6 swing weights. The interesting thing that I found out was that to add the swing weight back to the driver, every 2 grams added to the head is 1 swing weight but every 4 grams taken off the grip is also 1 swing weight added back. i will game it gripping down over 9 holes this Friday and if I decide to go through with cutting it to 44" from 45" all I need to do is put a 25g light weight grip on it instead of the 50g grip that is on it now and the 25g I save at the butt end should put the swingweight back to D3 again. Did you add any weight to the Driver head when you cut it? if not can you notice a difference in the swing weight?
  2. I usually play some Ping Eye 2s from the 1980s and alternate with some Slazenger Seve Ballesteros SB 02 forged blades from a similar era and I love both sets. For years I have had set of Pat Simmons Tiger Shark Great white irons in the wardrobe that needed re gripping. I bought them off ebay back in 2004 as I loved the gill type design on the backs of the clubs. With all the talk of one length irons etc I remembered that the Tiger sharks go up in 1/4 inch increments rather than the standard 1/2 inch increments so that means that the 3 iron is the same length as an old style 5 iron at just 37.5" I re-gripped them with some cheap Orange grips and gamed them last Friday over 9 holes with the Pro and they were awesome, I hit them all solid and accurate never duffed a shot and it was only a practice round on the par 36 championship course but I carded a 7 over after a couple of unlucky putts that stopped an inch short of the hole lol. I have just taken an aim point lesson and bought a used see more putter from the Bay and I will game them again this coming Friday. I do not have an handicap as I am not a club member but I have been playing for 6 months and trying to get better after a brief stint of a year or so in the game in the early 90s and the same again in 2004. My favourite club is the 5 iron but I like all the shorter clubs for accuracy around the green so these old Tiger sharks are perfect. I do not seem to lose any distance from the 3 iron in the forged blades or the Ping eye 2s and the 3 iron Tiger shark club is more accurate as you would expect from a 37.5 length Club. I do not understand how they never caught on back then.
  3. The only difference is that the modern ball gives much more distance, percentage wise with club head speed than the old ball ever did, so the big hitters are glven more of an advantage today than they ever were in the past and there are more of them. Big hitters will always have advantage of a club or 2 less in to the green in any era but the modern ball has also forced many courses to be lengthened and this is against the shorter hitters too. For example on tour in 1980 there were 170 golfers all within 20 yards of each other off the tee and only 6 golfers on the PGA tour were longer than that. In 2011 there were 81 golfers within 20 yards of each other off the tee and 105 were longer than that. So a higher number of golfers are hitting the modern ball much further than well over half the field. Many good courses have been reduced to almost pitch and putt status and putting contests, scoring is not dramatically improving due to many modern golfers not having the skill of the greats from the past at working the ball, left, Right, High, Low etc. I think if the ball was dialed back for the pros, the shorter hitters although still shorter, would not be as far behind in distance as they are today and all the golfers would be making their approach shots with longer clubs than they are right now and it would be more exiting for the viewer. The balls could be left well alone for amateur golfers. This is my opinion but the stats do point to more speed off the club face with the modern ball and more hang time than the balls of the past and it seems there are no limits or less limits compared to the balls of yesteryear. Of course the 6 longest hitters had a slight advantage back in 1980 but the rest of the PGA tour were within 20 yards of each other because the old ball had a limit to the distance it could travel, unlike the modern ball.
  4. I may be wrong but I think that I read somewhere that the modern ball goes nuts with distance when hit extra hard by the big hitting Tour pros with the modern equipment, I think that the really big hitters gain a lot more out of the modern ball than the shorter hitters on tour and a dial back in ball distance would actually make it a more level playing field and negate some of the advantage that bigger hitters have in the modern game.. Accuracy and then distance from the tee should be what wins much of the time on all mature courses and if you make courses longer and longer to try and thwart big hitters then you play into the bigger hitters hands more and more. Big hitters if they are straight will always have some advantage but being able to shape the ball all ways should be more important, I think if the ball were dialed back in distance then we would see a few different players at the top.
  5. I have been gaming the Titleist PTS Wound balls from around 10 years ago as I had a draw full and hadnt played since then when I took up Golf seriously 3 months ago, . I read somewhere the other day that as they were wound balls they only had a 4 or 5 year lifespan so I may or may not be losing distance with them. I am not sure if thats the case but they are responsive around the greens, I have been in a time warp it seems and I do not understand the difference in the modern balls, I have heard good things about the srixon ad 333 balls from other golfers but I have never really given serious thought to what ball I am using. Obviously even the balls I have (if they have deteriorated inside) are longer than the old Balata style balls but are the modern 4 or even 5 piece balls longer and easily controlled around the greens? What ball do you guys recommend as decent for distance and good around the greens and cheap at the price?
  6. I think it would make things more interesting on the Tour if the players were coming in to the greens with 3 or 4 irons on long par 4s instead of 9 irons and PWs. The ball could be left alone for amateur golfers. The way things are going many golf courses are really nothing but pitch and putt courses for Tour pros with the modern ball and Modern equipment. I remember it all starting when John Daly destroyed the immature course at Crooked stick. Golf courses will keep getting longer and longer which then plays into the hands of the big hitters even more so. It just shows how skillful the ball strikers of yesteryear really were when you look at some of the scores they made and the shots they took on. We have guys today who have won majors that cannot even consistently work a ball left and right and can not hold a candle to the skill of working a ball as the Golfers like Jack or Hogan or Trevino, Chi Chi rodriguez , Floyd etc Golf is still a great game to watch but I feel there are a few guys on many courses on tour that take the dangers out of play off the tee and a wayward shot is not punishing them as it should. Jack was a stickler in his course design that you should have to play 3 good shots to get a par on a par 3 or 4 on a par 4 etc. you had to play a great shot to get a birdie. Nowadays a Tour golfer can hit his tee shot wayward and still get a birdie due to the modern clubs and balls taking the serious dangers out of play and the many courses cannot be changed too much as there is not enough real estate to lengthen them any more. Whatever will be will be but either way golf will still be a great game to watch and play.
  7. I believe lessons and practice the correct way are the only way to go, I personally do not have a lot of money to spend on golf but I am trying to get the most out of it that I can. I have 2 sets of clubs that I game, my main set are old Ping Eye 2s 3 iron to SW with the ZZ lite shafts and my practice set that I will game sometimes are some Slazenger Seve Ballesteros forged blades sb-02 with tiny heads 3 Iron to Pw I think that modern game improvement clubs have become so easy to hit that you do not get the correct feedback to work on your swing as even half hit shots go a fair way straight. With the old blades I know instantly as my fingers are ringing, lol. I am not a fan of fitting for beginners as I see too many hackers fit into upright lies to try and get them to stop slicing the ball as much but the club then locks them into a swing that could do with flattening out. Lessons from a good teaching pro in my opinion is the best way to spend my spare money and practice what drills the Pro givse me. I am lucky to have a championship course over the road from my apartment so I get down there 3 or 4 times a week. I try to play 9 holes with the pro once a week along with 2 other players that are learning like me.
  8. Hi Mdumble21 and Kanoito yes the weather is great and there are plenty of really well maintained golf courses here in the Algarve region of Portugal,, not that I have played them yet, lol. I actually learned to swing a club back in 1991 in the UK as I had a few lessons but then hardly ever played since, I have had around 20 rounds of golf mostly in the UK over the last 25 years. 3 months or so I decided to try and get useful at the game so I have been working on my game with a good coach here and practicing as often as I can. . Australia and Germany are awesome countries too, I have not had the pleasure of visiting Australia but I have relatives living there and I have been to Germany a couple of times once working but once to the Munich Otoberfest which was great fun.
  9. I am gaming a Taylormade R7 Quad and for me I would say its as good as anything on the market
  10. Hi I am just introducing myself as a new member to your forum. I am from the Algarve Portugal originally the UK and I am not a member of any golf clubs so do not have an official handicap but I have been working hard on my game for the last 3 months.
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