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  1. Aimpoint express is a sure fire way to improve any average golfers putting very quickly. 2 lessons with the teaching pro was enough for me to understand how to get a quick and legal read of any green, anywhere for ever more. Then putting speed is all you need to worry about and that can be worked out via a stimpmeter reading or if you know your local course. If you miss a putt on the high side break of the hole and get the speed of the putt correct then the ball gets closer to the hole as it dies out with speed.
  2. I just got a 13 degree wishon driver 919 thi built at 44 inch long, used from ebay, I had a similar problem to you in the fact I struggled to find the fairway with a driver, mine was 9 degrees and cut to 44" but I felt that I had to go after it to get the ball flying high and although I hit it 260 to 270 yards 5 out of 10 I found trouble. I took the new 13 degree Wishon driver to the range today and hit half a bucket with it just to test it. I did not go after it, I just hit within myself and all I can say is that almost all the shots would find the fairway of a golf corse easily on a golf course, they carried the 200meter marker but they were range balls so distance is subjective but the driver was easier for me to control and the extra loft made it extra forgiving on dispersion. It is ok hitting it longer but longer into the rough is useless. On Monday I will take it to trackman and go after it and then I will have some good numbers that I can work with. The initial testing is very promising. 250 yards in the fairway will do me everytime.
  3. I do not know what loft of driver you are using but if it is aroud 10 degrees, you could try going up to 13 degrees loft, then you wouldnt feel as though you had to hit up on the ball as much. Maybe also use a shorter shaft in the driver too, 44" or even 43", you would have to add some weight to the driver head to keep the swingweight as you are used to. I am sure that the club pro would only be too happy to help you with any alterations.
  4. I had a lesson with a pro on trackman and we tried a few different balls to see performance, it turned out for me that the pro v1x had most ball speed and distance of the balls we tried but Srixon ad333 was a very close 2nd in distance only by a yard or 2 with driver and spun great for me aroud the greens too. That being said I have yet to try the Taylormade TP5 and TP5x but I can not justify the cost due to the good performace in all departments of the ball I am using. I like the price and the performance and the feel off the putter face of the Srixon ad333 as well and I believe that this ball is probably a good choice for most mid to high hcp golfers that do not want to splash out for premium balls.
  5. Who rattled YOUR cage? This thread is not all about you and your opinions, any way YOU said " "But in the recent action, the Ruling Bodies ARE looking at a trend towards longer drivers, and ARE taking an action to limit further distance increases at the top levels of golf. The rule will impact an extremely small percentage of those top players, but it will eliminate one mechanism for distance increases in the future." I never claimed that anyone was trying to reign back driving distances YOU did but if the governing body wants to shorten driver length from tees, then this is what they are at least seemingly trying to do, at least to a few Pros and to any future pros that may want to go down this 48 inch avenue. I said if they wanted to limit driving distances they could simply change the costruction of the modern golf ball. Most pros hit drivers lengths at 45" or less, much shorter than those being sold to the average golfer as standard as the Pros are smart and want to hit fairways and not chip out from trees for their 2nd shot or take 3 off the tee. Taking 2 inches off a driver length will not be noticable to lower distance off the tee and will actually make the big hitters that use such a driver more accurate. In the not too distant past they lengthened courses to stop Daly, Tiger etc and just played into their hands by making it less competetive for the big hitters and harder for the skilfull shorter hitters. Soon enough thanks to Bryson leading the way and showing what is possible in golf we will have a new generation of golfers who train like Bryson and they will continue to hit further and further, though Height, Muscles, Flexibility and Technique. whether the ruling bodies or YOU or me like it or not.
  6. Once again the more players that put the hard work in and beef up etc like Bryson has, they will hit the ball further and further and more of them wil do it. Knocking 2 inches off a driver length will not stop that.
  7. The best way to reign back distance on drives is to change the rules on golf ball design, knocking 2 inches of a driver length will simply make Bryson more accurate in the fairways, any distance loss to Bryson would be neglibile. He has worked very very hard on his swing, its speed and his flexibilty and balance, along with his club and shaft selections and putting technique. Ever lengthening golf courses simply plays more and more into the hands of the big hitters.
  8. That is a beautiful putter, I like the way that the shaft goes into the hosel to keep the hands just forwrd of the face at address.
  9. The legendary Wilson 8802 forged blade, Ping Anser, Yes putters, Victoria Mallet for me but they all get the bal rolling well. No particular order. I havent tried the new Cobra putters with the SIK variable loft faces but I think they could be the next big thing as anything that promotes consistency and roll in a putting stroke has to help. If you look back to the early 1990s at the putting averages on tour, they were as good then as they are now and todays golfers get to play on better greens. Green reading and Putting stroke are in my opinion far more important than what actual brand of putter you use. The money spent on putters due to excess marketing and hype would be better spent on green reading and putting lessons for most golfers but each to their own.
  10. I got my one length Wishon EQ1 NX irons on Sunday, so this morning I had planned a quick trip to the range to try them out. It was pouring with rain so I decided to just test the one length 5 iron agaist my own 5 iron and the one length PW, in between showers. I was amazed as firstly I had not hit a golf club for over 3 years until 2 weeks ago I had 1 hour on trackman with an 8 iron to check my swing speed I hit these One length irons very well right out of the gate and the one length 5 iron out performed my normal length 5 iron. I struggled to find the centre of my own 5 iron but I pured a few for the test purposes. The Wishon one length was more forgiving than my own 5 iro and I found it much easier to hit the centre of the club, the height of the ball flight from one length iron was not noticeably different than from the height of my variable length 5 iron and the distance was at least the same maybe 5 yards longer carry. The PW was very easy to hit too, my concern was would the longer shaft in the PW seem odd but it didnt. The ball flew a bit higher with the PW one length than with my own variable length PW but if aything the 1 length PW went a little further too. These are great clubs and it wil be great fun playing them, although with these irons you would normally hit the ball from the same position as you would an 8 iron for every club, 5 to SW, you can move the ball back for a lower flight or forward for a higher flight and you can still grip down to change ball flight too, so it will be fun experimentig with them. I am going to book the trackman for 1 hour to dial these irons in and to check the distance gapping, I am very happty with the quality and the look of these clubs and anyone considering One length Irons. I would certainly recommend these Tom Wishon WQ1 NX irons as all being the same weight and having the same lie angles and all being made to the same swingweight, it makes it easier for practice purposes as if you can hit one club, then you can hit them all.
  11. I reckon your putters will work as well as any well balanced putter out there and for a fraction of the price the big companies charge for them. Too much is being made of modern putters as it depends on the users skill and practice rather than the actual putter in itself. Good roll is a great help though. I have a Yes putter and this puts great roll on the ball, equally as wel as any other modern putter being overhyped i recent years. You only have to look at the AVG Putting stats as far back as the 1990s on the PGA tour to see that the best putters on tour have not improved in spite of manufacturers keep telling us that this putter is an improvement on last yeas model etc. Every year we are told that putters are getting better and better. if that was really the case then soon they will putt the ball in the hole for us by themselves if we believed that. Tour Pros could putt with a bit of garden hose tied to a broom handle and there is nothing wrong with these modern putters and they get paid to play them so many do as they work just as well as the old ones. To put things into perspective Ben Crenshaw back in 1994 got the same kind of puting average with his old Wilson Blade as the best putters in the world do now with the ever changing modern putters and every year after the average putting stats are very very similar, right up until this year. For me the only interesting thing in modern putters is the varied loft face on the SIK putters and now incorporated in some new Cobra putters. This will promote the same kind of strike and roll no matter if your stroke is not perfect everytime. Time will tell if this improves the top putters on the various pro tours putting stats since the early 1990s as no other putters have so far.
  12. Tiger Shark had quarter inch gaps instead of half inch gaps in their irons in 80s but 1986 Tommy Armour made a set of true one length irons but there were gapping issues. The short irons went long while the long irons went short. Modern Technology has sorted this out provided you can swing fast enough with the one length longer irons upto 4 iron in some sets although 5 iron is propably the max for most club golfers. There are however hybrids and Fairway woods that can take the place of the 3,4, 5 irons that will perform for slower swingers.
  13. There are differences between different maufacturers of One length irons in the way that they are built. Bryson is playing Cobra Forged One length irons but all his are bent to a lie angle of about 72 or 73 degrees on every club, because Bryson is a real talent and he is built different. The standard lie angles on the Cobra forged oe legth that they sell to us vary between 64.5 degrees for the 4 iron to 61.5 degree for the Pw, Gw etc, I believe that the hosel sizes on these irons vary too as do the launch points in their shafts, Hi launch for their long irons and low launch for their short irons.. The Cobra Graphite is standard 7 iron length and has a swingweight of c9 which is around the same swing weight of the old Ping eye 2 irons. The steel version of the Cobra one length is a D2 swing weight off the rack. For me one length should mean that every lie angle is the same just as every swing weight is the same as well as the club length so I have gone with the Tom Wishon EQ1 NW single length Iron heads 5 to SW inc GW so altogether 8 x iron heads and I have built them to the 8 iron length of 36.5". Tip trim for 8 iron then Butt cut shaft to 36.5" The heads weigh 275G or there abouts so I added 5 grams or so of Tungsten putty to the heads to make them all 280g then added the Stepless shafts that I like and the Mid size grips to get a swing weight of D2 for each iron. They are all the same Length, Lie and swingweight so in the dark you would not know which club you were holding. The thing is that before I took up this venture I went to a place that had Trackman, I had never used it Before and checked my swingspeed with my old Ping Eye 2 8 iron and it was 84 MPH or over. This gave me the confidence to build to 8 Iron length as that ought to be more than enough speed to launch the one length 5 iron. Testing at the range and distance gap testing will begin next week. I have not bent them at all as the standard Lie angle of 63 degrees seems to sit correctly at address for me, Time will tell. Lol.
  14. I hadnt played golf for almost 4 years but had been thinking about building a set of Irons to my specifications, Last week I decided to give it another go and build a set. I have always liked the Idea of single length irons but to me they should all be the same head weight and the same Lie in this case 63 degrees, unlike the Cobras. I just bought a set of Tom Wishon EQ1 NX... 5 to SW club heads and I have taken them to the clubmaker here where we have cut the stepless shafts, as I like the look of them, tip trim to 8 iron, then base cut to 36.5". We then added tungsten putty to make all of the heads exactly 280g as they are standard at 275g each with a 63 Degree lie angle but there is a 3 gram dispersion allowance in the quality control of the head weights when you get them although most were spot on at 275g. We added between 5g and 8G to each of the 8 club heads to get to 280 grams exactly. When we built the first one with the right grip we got a swingweight of roughly D3, I was aiming for anything between D1 to D3 providing they were all exactly the same swingweight. after allowing for putting 2 wraps of tape on the lower part of the grips to cut the amount of taper on the grips. First before I began this venture I tested my swingspeed on trackman with my old 8 iron which measures 36.5 Inches in length and it was between 84 and 86 MPH so that should be good enough to get a decent result with the 5 iron 1 length 24 degree Iron. The clubs will be totally finished by Tuesday 2nd Nov so weather permitting I will take them to the range for a thorough distance gap test, I expect them to perform really well, even if I dont, lol. Time will tell
  15. Yes, due to the grooves on the face being a different loft from top to bottom on the putters face it alters the length of the putting stroke required to get the ball roling, quicker rolling means more distance. I meant to add that Putting stroke length and distance putted works on a players tempo, slower even tempo means slower longer stroke to get a similar distance to a faster through stroke style. Forgive me but I just got distracted with something more important while posting last night. My tempo works out that if I take the putter back 8 inches, then with my tempo of 442 twice as fast coming through than taking away, the ball goes approx 10 feet on a normal green. 12" take away gives me 20 feet and 16" gives me 30 feet. I would think that this distance gapping on a putt would change by a foot two which could be crucial, depending on the type of putter I were using and how heavy it was and how quickly it rolled off the face. For the record I use an old Yes victoria putter mallet style but I was interested in the ball roll from the face technology of the Sik multi loft faces. IMO Why would anyone bother to post anything that wasnt constructive to this conversation or is it that we can only talk about the Edel brand putters which are fine putters too ?
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