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    And there we have it! Our 4 testers so far. Be sure to read the full first post to find out how you could become one of the final two testers for the FlightScope Mevo!
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    FlightScope Mevo review
    By sirchunksalot
    Hello everyone! I’m excited to be a part of this review and thank you to the forum staff and FlightScope for putting your trust in me.
    Who am I?
    My name is Jason Bentley and I’m a high handicap golfer. I’ve been playing for almost 30 years and have a stronger love for this game than I ever have.
    I’m blessed to be married to the most amazing person who both encourages and supports me playing golf. We’ll be celebrating 12 years of marriage on the 14th and I’m thankful she’s put up with me that long.

    I play most of my golf in SE TN where I’m fortunate enough to play most of the year. 
    The testing
    I have been looking at launch monitors for a couple of years and just haven’t pulled the trigger on one. I have been seriously considering both the Mevo and MLM2 since they both offer Android compatibility and also seem to provide accurate data. Both the reviews I’ve seen from this thread and online say this is an accurate unit, so I’m coming into testing expecting good results. 
    I’ll be taking the Mevo to the range, hitting into my net, and on the course to compare with the information I get from ShotScope. I’m going to recruit some of my friends to go to the range with me so I can get their opinions on the data they receive. 

    The most important thing I’m looking for is, will this improve my game? If not, it’ll just be a fun piece of equipment.
    What am I looking for?
    First and foremost I want to see if I can use it to improve my launch angle. I tend to launch the ball close to the stated loft and want to lower that a bit in an attempt to gain distance and improve ground contact.
    I’m also looking at the gapping in my bag to see if I have deficiencies either at the top or bottom. I was fit for my current set during the Cobra Challenge and want to see if they still hold up. I’m not going to expect perfection since I’m recovering from an injury and have had to build compensations into my game to keep from aggravating it again. 

    I also want to get true carry yardages so when I go to my bag to pick out a club I'll know that through testing I'll be more likely to pick the right one so I can carry a hazard or be able to hit more greens. 
    If I can see these things, I think the Mevo will become a staple in my practice sessions. I'm looking for something to help me dial in my game in 2024 and I'm hoping this will be something that'll help me improve. 
    If you have any questions, please reach out and I’ll do my best to answer them.
    First impressions
    Like the other testers, I was surprised how small the box was when I got it. I know it's been posted on here before, but it's crazy to see in person.

    The Mevo was well packaged and the presentation was spot on. I believe you can tell how much pride a company takes pride in their product by the packaging and FlightScope did one of the best jobs I've seen. I love the small touches they put in with things like the carrying case and the magnetic closure on the box. That little detail is something I love because I feel it helps keep the box from getting wore out from opening and closing it.

    I like how compact the whole thing is, it's design allows for it to fit easily into your bag and transport it to the range. 

    The FS app was easy to set up and I had it ready to go in just a few minutes. My first time taking it to the range all I had to do was measure out the distance from the unit to the ball, turn the unit on, open the app, and start the session to get going. 

    I still haven't figured out how to use the video function and need to do some research on that. 
    FlightScope knows how to present their product in a way that's satisfying to their customers and I'm going to give it a 10/10 for how well they have impressed me so far. 


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    First of all, I would like to give a huge thanks to MSG for this opportunity. I have been a member of MSG since November of 2023 and always wanted to be selected for a testing, but I never thought that it was going to come this quick.
    My name is Luis D. Davila (luisddavila). I was born and raised in the enchanted island of Puerto Rico. I al currently married to Monica (20 years this 8th of January) and a father of two teenagers, Cristian (16) and Daniela (14). I joined the United States Army in June 1998 and currently stationed in Fort Knox, KY as the First Sergeant for the 83rd United States Army Readiness Training Academy I am pursuing a master’s degree in organizational leadership. Throughout my career I had deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom to Afghanistan (2003-2004), Operation Iraqi Freedom to Iraq (2006-2007), Operation New Dawn to Iraq (2010-2011), and Operation Inherent Resolve to Iraq (2015-2016). 

    My passion for golf, well I started playing golf around spring of 2021 when I moved to Fort Gregg-Adams (former Fort Lee) in Virginia. I was always surrounded by people that played golf, but I always thought that it was a boring game and not even the fact that I could drink while playing got my attention. When I PCS’ed to Virginia all the friends I had played golf, so I had no other option, but to give it a try. My GOD!! What was I missing my whole life? And then was when this toxic relationship started. I always describe it like that because, man it is a hate-and-love relationship LOL, because I hate days but for some reason I keep coming back to play. Then I learned about Top Golf (bad choice) then my son fell in love with the game. Since he was born, I looked for things that we could do together that would help us bond, but nothing got his attention as he was into video games. Surprisingly he got hooked with the game, stopped playing video games, and was all about watching videos of how to swing the clubs and how to improve the game. He got so good quickly that he made his first birdie before he made his first PAR. He currently plays for North Hardin HS (KY) and Junior PGA (KY) and yes, he beats me by at least 10 strokes and out drive me by 50+ yards.
    I am a high handicap golfer (20.4), but like I said before, I play and shoot 87 then come back next day and shoot 110 (hate-and-love), and yes it happened to me on the Veteran’s Golf tournament in 2023. I try to play as much as the weather here allows me because Kentucky weather it is LOCO! I play most of the time at Lindsey Golf Course (Fort Knox, KY), by the way, I hate it as this course will challenge your abilities to play golf. Also, I like to try new courses, so I have played in Indiana and this 2024 I am planning to play in Ohio and Tennessee so @Sirbe ready!! I am a member of Veterans Golf Association (VGA) KY, Fairways for Warriors (VA), and a graduate of PGA Hope (KY). 

    As any golfer I want to see if the distances I think I carry are accurate. Every time I am at the golf course and get my distance from my Garmin watch, it is a gamble as I am either short or long, so I want to make sure that I get accurate distance with the Mevo. I currently play with Callaway Rogue ST Max OS (regular flex Graphite shaft) 5 through PW, Cleveland RTX Zip Core (52/56/60) wedges, Mavrik (stiff shaft) Driver, Mavrik (regular flex) 3-Wood, and Mavrik (regular flex) 4-Hybrid. I am planning to set up my net indoors and hit all my clubs to get an average data for each. Then I will take the Mevo to the course to verify the data and understand what conditions impacts the distances while playing outside (hopefully by then I will not be sort or long to the green LOL). Additionally, I will use old clubs, Ping ISI (white dot) to see if there is any huge change in the data. 
    I am looking forward to this testing so if you have any additional questions or any other way that you would like me to test, do not hesitate to message me and I will try my best to answer your questions. 
    MEVO Testing Here I GO!
    First Impression:
    Well as any other member had said, this device is TINY LOL. Thanks to @Lacassem for the quick shipping! The item came well padded (like I said once Safety First, Safety ALWAYS) 

    I will say that FlighScope ensured that you understand that you are getting a Top Notch item as the message on the lid will let you know from the beginning what you will get from the device.
    "FlightScope technology is developed to offer you performance data you can trust in your pursuit of excellence"  - Henri Johnson (Founder & CEO)

    Its size becomes handy because it will not take much space if you want to take it to the golf course. Mevo it is so small and lightweight. It's easy to carry and transport, fitting into a golf bag or even a pocket.

    After getting it unboxed I went and charge it, the charging time takes about two hours which it is not that bad as the battery will give you at least 4 hours of usage. The Mevo is powered by a rechargeable battery, which eliminates the need for a constant power source, allowing you to use it on the golf course or driving range without worrying about electrical outlets, which it is a plus.
    Getting the device connected to your phone through the application it is very simple. At first, I had a bit of issue getting it connected as I did not have the right device in the app as it defaulted to another device and not the Mevo, but after clicking on the settings and selected the appropriate device, it downloaded the updated firmware and connected with the Mevo instantly. In the settings you can update your equipment (clubs) by brand, but not to specific club model. 

    In order to get more accurate data you have to make sure that you have between 6' and 7' (more accuracy at 7") from the ball to the Mevo. Again, the instruction's pamphlet will tell you the set up, but the app will allow you to set it to the distance where you have the device. Also, within the settings you have the option to change the altitude, outdoors, indoors (40 yards or less), and pitching (20yards or less).
    One thing that I found interesting on the app, is the players setting. In there you can add more people during your session (stay tuned)  

    I had some Wilson Premium range balls that I will use indoors for my testing as well as Titleist PRO V1s. After setting my net up, I decided o hit couple of balls. From that I can tell you that it was amazing how you get feedback from the device instantly. After you pick what club and the type of ball you are hitting, you do not have to touch de device unless you are switching either. When you click on "Start New Session" the app will tell you "ready" then when you hit the ball, it tells you the distance and will let you know again when is ready. A great feature because you do not have to go back to your phone and click anything until you are going to change equipment.
    I have not played much with the video feature on the app as I have been busy with work (1SG's life LOL), but I downloaded the app and will definitely will try it and give you guys my feedback. 

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    Rtracymog reacted to Byrnzee in FlightScope Progression Series: 2023 Forum Member Review   
    First off, I want to thank MGS for this massive opportunity. I know that this was one of the most sought-after tests to date and I'm incredibly honored to be selected. This is my first testing opportunity for the Forum and I will do whatever it takes to get the best results possible for this awesome community.
    My name is Connor Byrne - Byrnzee has always been a family nickname and something my friends have called me growing up. I currently live in Chicago, IL with my wife but grew up in Syracuse, NY. My dad has always been a great golfer and got me into the game at a young age. He never forced the game on me, but instead made it available and fun (which is the best way to do it).

    I have been a golf addict for as long as I can remember and this Forum has been a great place to nerd out and get my golf fix between rounds. I joined earlier this year after my brother-in-law @Swood1994 told me about the great community here. I'm happy to say I've been welcomed with open arms and have found a place where my passion for golf is supported and praised instead of diminished. 

    I had always considered myself a "golfer," but never had formal lessons prior to this year. I had found a way over the years to make solid contact with the ball, shoot decent scores and have fun along the way. However, I was looking for more consistency and I decided earlier this year to completely revamp my swing. This lead to a series of ups and downs with my handicap getting much worse before getting better. I'm happy to say that at the end of the year, I ended up with my lowest recorded handicap ever at 9.1.

    Now enter the Mevo test. 
    Prior to the journey to become a more consistent golfer with a better swing, my data knowledge of my own game was minimal. I knew approximately how far I could hit each club, but it was mostly a guessing game. Since taking lessons earlier this year, I've learned more about swing path, club face impact, spin rates, ball speed, etc. that I know all have significant impacts on where that little white ball ends up.
    I had been wanting to get my hands on a portable launch monitor, but sadly it wasn't in the budget this year. When I saw this opportunity arise with MGS, I kept my fingers crossed hoping I'd be one of the lucky few. 
    For my testing purposes, I'll be utilizing a year-round driving range near my house as well as an indoor simulator with Trackman for comparing data. I'm incredibly excited to get data on every club in my bag and get those figures dialed in. 
    As @Josh Parker mentioned already, there are 8 data parameters provided by the launcher as well as skill challenges available. It's incredibly impressive that you can get all of this data out of something that fits in the palm of your hand. Especially at this price point, it almost seems too good to be true!
    I'm incredibly excited to put this device through the ringer and come out on the other side with a boatload of data and feedback.
    If anyone has any questions or would like to know more about how I'll be testing, feel free to comment or shoot me a message!
    First Impressions:
    When the box arrived, I felt like a kid waking up on Christmas morning. The weather in Chicago this time of year can only be described as "opposite of golf weather." Having the opportunity to test the Mevo and give myself an excuse to hit balls consistently throughout the off-season is a dream.
    The Mevo box arrived in a larger USPS box with plenty of bubble wrap to protect the precious cargo (shoutout @GolfSpy_BNG for the safe arrival). The actual Mevo box was pretty small compared to what I expected. I think I had in my head that the Mevo was about the size of my hand... more on that to come in a bit

    I really loved the design of the box. As others have mentioned previously, it has a magnetic flap that helps everything seem secure inside. The mantra of "practice with purpose" and the definition of Mevo on the outside were some nice touches to the overall aesthetic.
    Inside the box, you will find a quote by Henri Johnson, Found & CEO of FlightScope

    You'll also find a user manual, which contains a lot of helpful information as you're trying to interpret what the device does and how to set it up. In addition to the user manual, you'll receive a quick start guide that will get you up and running once your Mevo arrives:

    As others have mentioned, you need metallic stickers on the balls in order for the Mevo to accurately read the data, especially while hitting balls inside. While there are other alternatives to these stickers available, it's nice that they are included in the package so you can get started right away when your Mevo arrives.
    Now onto the actual monitor! As I stated above, I was shocked by how small this device was. I had seen other posts from testers, with them even having the monitor next to golf balls as reference, but for some reason I didn't put two and two together. This device doesn't even cover my palm (and I have small hands). 

    Now the small size wasn't a letdown by any means. I was just shocked that this tiny device can be used as a personal launch monitor on the go. It fits neatly in my golf bag without taking up much room and I can even throw it in my pocket as I'm walking out the door.
    Size aside, the build quality on the Mevo is top notch. The device feels very sturdy and the design is very clean. The kick stand on the back falls neatly in a notch to get you that appropriate angle for setup. 
    In addition to the user manual, quickstart guide and metallic stickers, the kit also comes with a short charger (USB Type A to Mini USB) and a cool pouch to carry your Mevo and protect it from general wear and tear. I threw the charging cord and the Mevo in the pouch and both fit easily. There's a drawstring on the pouch as well to ensure your valuables are secure.

    I will say although I understand the length of the charging cord from a packaging standpoint, it is a bit inconvenient. I would have preferred at least a 6 inch cord. However, it's not a deal breaker as I wouldn't be using the Mevo while it's charging anyways. I can imagine some people with outlets on the walls having their Mevo dangling in freefall or having to place something underneath the outlet to hold it. I could always buy a longer cord off Amazon for less than $10, so again, not a deal breaker but something I noted as a potential improvement.
    In addition, I would've liked to see a USB A to USB C cord included instead of the Micro USB. I'm not sure if the Mevo+ or their other devices will be moving to a USB C cord, but since that seems to be the worldwide direction for future technology, it would be more convenient to not have to keep track of several different types of cables.

    There you have it, folks! Everything that came included in this tiny box:

    I'm very impressed with the overall packaging of the Mevo and the build quality of the monitor. I'm going to give my first impressions of the device an A grade.

    I'm excited to start trying it out and getting my distances dialed in! 
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    I know the feeling of letting golf slip away with two youngsters at home! I've got a 10 and 7 year old and I feel like 2023 was the least amount of golf I've ever played. I hope that this is accurate and it helps you get back to that low single digit number from before!
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    I want to first say thanks to MGS and FlightScope for this incredible opportunity.  My name is Josh (hence the screen name) and I am out of Austin, Texas.  Born and raised.  I got involved in this great community just by chance, looking through some articles and it has been amazing.  Just about everyone on here has been helpful, knowledgeable and most of all kind.  In today’s social media world, it’s a pleasant surprise.

    I live in a small lakeside golf course community just north of Austin.  I am married and have two small children.  My seven-year-old son has shown some interest in golf, but he really enjoys going out on the course and just hanging out with me and filling the divots.  My almost three-year-old daughter (going on 21) loves to ride in the “tart tart” and trying to hit the golf ball like daddy. 

    For work, my wife and I are both in real estate.  I made the decision almost 4 years ago to pursue this career in order to have more time with my kids while they are young.  Leaving behind a great career in construction was a major decision but one that I don’t regret for a second.
    I started playing golf about 20 years ago in a small town because some co-workers asked me to play.  Being a lefty, I didn’t have any clubs but one of the guys that worked in the clubhouse was a lefty and had an extra set that he gave me to play with.  They were the Wilson Staff Deep Red Tour irons.  I was instantly hooked by the challenge and the opportunity to get better.   I would play three or four times a week and was down to a 3-handicap playing with the local “noon” group.  My best round was a 2 under 70 with a birdie on 9 and 18 and I remember all the old guys throwing a fit because I was moving back to Austin, and they wouldn’t be able to win their money back.  It didn’t matter that they had taken my money for years, so I declined the few bucks and had them sign the scorecard.  Once back in Austin, golf eluded me for a number of years, only playing occasionally when I would get the opportunity, but I knew I wanted to get back to the game. 

    Fast forward to this past year and a half, I get to play or practice golf just about every day and my handicap is down to a 5.  If you have seen my posts or thread about my goals and pursuit of earning the coveted “break 70” badge, you also know my struggles with the driver.
    This brings me to the Mevo testing.
    FlightScope’s tagline states: Practice with purpose using FlightScope Mevo – an accurate, portable, and affordable launch monitor that gives golfers performance data they can trust.
    Can a sub $500 launch monitor really improve my game? 
    Can it help me finally stop hating my driver?
    I will be equipping the Mevo with the iPad app and utilizing it primarily at the range but also have the net set up in the backyard to do testing. 
    Mevo offers 8 data parameters that I will be collecting data from on day one until the testing is complete in order to see if I can take this information and make the necessary changes to my swing to improve my numbers.
    Carry Distance, Spin Rate, Club Speed, Ball Speed, Vertical Launch, Smash Factor, Apex Height, Flight Time
    For testing purposes, I will be using 3 clubs and the lucky participants are, PW, 7I, and Driver.
    Mevo doesn’t just offer data, they also offer skills challenges so that you can make practicing fun. 
    FS PGA & LPGA Challenge – Compare your stats to the latest stats of the pros. (This one scares me)
    FS Long Drive Challenge – What will this look like at the beginning vs the end of the test?
    FS Range Challenge – All about distance control and makes for a fun practice round.
    If there are particular things that you want to know or see tested, please leave a comment or shoot me a message. 
    First Impressions
    When the UPS guy showed up at the house, we were expecting two packages.  The Mevo and the wife's watch. 

    I was shocked that the watch box was twice the size of the Mevo.  I started to wonder what was actually sent to me.

    Upon opening the box, the first thing I saw was high quality packaging.  The box is magnetic, and the presentation was great! 

    It comes with a charging cord, quickstart quide, protective pouch and metallic dots.  

    It is amazing that such a small unit can pack so much data and I am excited to see how accurate it will be and how it can improve my game.

    I give it an A+ for my initial impression.

    Because this is an ongoing test, I will save the full review of the Mevo until all tests have been completed but for now, here are my thoughts. 

    Mevo states: Practice with purpose using FlightScope Mevo – an accurate, portable, and affordable launch monitor that gives golfers performance data they can trust.
    FlightScope has accomplished their tagline with the Mevo, and being priced at just under $500 with no yearly fee, it makes it one of the cheapest launch monitors out on the market today.  I found that the Mevo was extremely accurate with the data points that it offers.  Being able to easily take it to the range, on the course or at home hitting into a net and have the ability to collect data that is valuable.  I was able to make sure that my bag is dialed in with the correct distances as well as figure out any gaps in my bag.  I had the ability to play the Range Competition that will let you dial in specific distances and repeat your swing all while playing a game.  I could test my numbers to the numbers of PGA professionals and even attempt a Long Drive Competition. 

    While the Mevo accomplishes what I believe they set out to do in this price point, I do think it has a few things that I would have liked to have seen.  It was missing dispersion and while most of my testing was at the driving range for me to see ball flight, hitting in to a net, you would miss that data for truly improving ball flight and ball striking.  I also wish that it had some type of simulator included with it.  Some of the other LM out there in similar price categories offer the ability to play rounds.  I think many people get launch monitors to practice during the cold months where outside golf is not available and it is an item with the Mevo that I think brings some of the value down.

    Overall, the Mevo is an accurate unit and one that can really improve your golf game.  It’s price point and portability make it a must have for anyone wanting to enter the launch monitor world on a budget and with no yearly fees.  I am looking forward to testing out the Mevo+ and seeing how the additional data points, including the face impact and pro package can improve my golf game.
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    Lacassem – MEVO (2024)
    Introduction to Lacassem (12/19/23):
    For anyone that does not know me my name is Mark Lacasse, father of 2 children and 2 dogs, and married to my fantastic wife of 7 years who puts up with my golf addiction, even when it comes to putting up a temporary tent to house my off-season goals of getting practice in daily. She just laughs from the bathroom window of how silly my addiction to the game is, which is shown below under standard family photo, edited of course!

    I have been a part of MGS for a few years and have discussed a broad range of topics with so many folks here. It has become my everyday portal instead of Facebook and Instagram which is great. I get to talk with like minded folks and even unwind a little bit. A very nice distraction we have here!
    My golf game is the best it has been currently. I have my struggles during the year, but it has been extremely consistent (score wise) which is a beautiful thing, I have dropped my handicap to sub 5 from a 6 in 2023. My consistency is off the tee, putting and as of this year my wedges/short game which has been such a great thing to have. My woes come on approaches which I am consistently short or just not making the shots I need to between the tee and green. I am really hoping to take that leap forward in the coming year.
    I live in the Northeast, so the golf season is typically short even though I was able to play at least once every month in 2023, but that is so rare. In the offseason I am typically working out and working on my short game, but lucky for me that is all about to change! 
    The standard review golf swing, this is of course a golf forum:

    Pre-Test Thoughts (12/19/23):
    Enough of me, let’s get into the test! I am not a data junky, but I know when I hit a ball well and when I do not. With that said here are my thoughts initially:
    Can the MEVO provide accurate enough data to me that shows me what is happening on good shots and those that are not so great?  With that data am I able to find ways to improve my game? Does this piece of equipment provide great feedback at the base level, or do you need the whole shebang to get good quality feedback? This is probably the most important for me, Do I improve in 2024, this would be the only thing that changes on my off season work this year, so I can blame the addition of the work I put in with the MEVO on my improvements or lack thereof. (*This will be more of a long-term look but I think I will be able to get a good feel on if my good shots are happening more often, if I am getting some more accurate shots and improving distance.*) This is just a bonus in my opinion, but can I have some friends and get some simulator games in with? Again, this is just a bonus if its functional and I can do some Thursday night league stuff! There are so many functions on this equipment that I do not see it being a problem! I will be adding to this as I go, but this is my initial thought process going into the test and am really looking forward to diving headfirst into trying to improve my game! LETS GOOOOOOO!
    First Impressions (12/23/23):
    Like my fellow testers, the package arrived and I was super pumped. Was also very surprised at how small the unit is. Nice being portable since my setup is not permanent! The packaging is premium and came with everything I needed to get going. Carrying case, charging cord, instructions and the metallic stickers for the ball (thought I was going to have to buy these so was a pleasant surprise).

    Unit is incredibly easy to setup. Downloaded the APP and was able to connect to my iPhone in less than five minutes. It is very clear when the unit is connected (orange is searching, blue is connected to a device). A++ for the APP and ease of setup.

    Rest of the APP is very straightforward and easy to use from what I can tell.
    Got my first 9 swings in and as far as I can tell initially very accurate. I added a metallic sticker to my gamer and away we went. Had middle of the road shots (was hitting of a 2x2 rug square), a few good ones and a terrible one. All picked up great and numbers are what I would expect from.
    Took some screenshots of the good shots and bad shots. Like I said quick look through everything looks like I would expect. When I got a hold of one looks about right, and when I almost missed the ball, it went all 19.5 yds I expected.

    Very happy with the MEVO so far. Simple and straightforward. Cannot wait to get into some details after Christmas and get some good sessions in. Until then, don't mind my dirty club...They get used alot:

    Conclusion (96 out of 100) 1/8/2024
    Just a little TL:DR wrap up so we do not take away from the next group of testers!
    As always here is my “snopes” version of this review.
    This unit is fantastic. My goal with this equipment would be to make sure I am continuing to get better during the off season. I think it will do just that. Not only was it great for me but I had my son out swinging several times and it kept him really engaged and wanting to improve, he would not finish a session without getting a good swing and contact on the ball. For that alone the price tag is worth it. The biggest AHA moment for me was once I shipped the unit off to the next tester, I found myself swinging which is still great but was really missing the data aspect of it.
    The challenge features are just enough to keep swinging fun and swap out the monotony of just doing range sessions daily. Competing with others can keep you motivated and pushing towards your goals while still providing great data.
    There are other units out there that are a little more expensive and have a few more features but this data for me was unparalleled and all I would need to keep myself improving. Ease of operation was streamlined, and the app was fantastic for digesting data. In a word SIMPLE.
    If you are in the market for a personal launch monitor that has almost no barrier to entry (especially if you have a garage with a hitting net or just want to use it at the range) this is your device. I have no doubt that if your goal is to get swing work in the off season and analyze some data that this unit will 100% get you better for the course.
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    This doesn't mean anything. The default bore diameter for 355 irons is 9mm. If you go to 10mm, it's a "universal bore" for 370 and 355.
    The neck lines are purely decorative and are offered from the OEM/ODM as a finishing option. Nobody actually puts these intot he 3D cad model, just like they don't with face end milling patterns.
    The material finish is RAW. The head material is 431 stainless steel, which is a common cheaper per lb of material item. The OEM/ODMs offer different metals for different baseline pricing, such as SAE 1020/S20, SAE 1025/S25, etc. With regards to the finishing options, the OEM/ODMs offer standard options such as
    Nickel Chrome Electroplating Nickel Electroplating QPQ Salt-Bath Nitride AKA Diamonized Black Metal Raw (None) Physical Vapor Deposition (Generally used for 'Copper' like colors or Mizuno Blue) With regards to surface pre-coat finishing, they generally offer
    Quartz bead blast Brushed Satin Polished Xiamen-Jasde golf produces clubs for Sub70, Yes!, and Mazel
    Example pictures of the finishes are attached for you, feel free to ask any questions as I am in the process of designing my own irons and putter.

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    Good luck! I've asked Costco to bring back chocolate ice cream and it hasn't happened yet! lol
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    Testers Announced! FlightScope Progression Series!
    *Special Announcement Read Bottom Section!*

    Exploring FlightScope Mevo: Elevate Your Golf Experience
    FlightScope stands as a frontrunner in the personal launch monitor domain, catering to golfers' diverse needs, abilities, and budgets. As a renowned brand, FlightScope has consistently excelled in various Most Wanted seasons, securing high ratings and top rankings for its Mevo range.

    FlightScope Mevo: 
    This launch monitor employs 3D Doppler radar technology, delivering precise data for both indoor and outdoor use. Tracking eight crucial data parameters, including carry distance, spin rate, club speed, and ball speed, the Mevo is a potent tool for purposeful golf practice.

    FlightScope Mevo+: 
    A step up in the FlightScope range, the Mevo+ acts as both a launch monitor and simulator. Utilizing patented FlightScope Fusion Tracking technology, it combines 3D Doppler radar technology with synchronized high-speed image processing, ensuring accurate and consistent data for every shot. With over 20 data parameters for full swing, short game swings, and putting, the Mevo+ is a comprehensive package offering golf simulation and games.
    Mevo+ Pro Package:
    Enhance your experience with the Mevo+ Pro Package, unlocking an additional 20 parameters, including short game and D-Plane data. This software upgrade broadens the scope of data analysis and provides golfers with comprehensive insights.

    Face Impact Location Software: 
    FlightScope offers a software upgrade for Face Impact Location, integrated into their FS Golf App. This feature empowers users to refine accuracy and consistency across all clubs, with detailed strike location analysis for a comprehensive swing assessment.
    Supported by the FS Golf 2.0 App, FlightScope Mevo and Mevo+ users gain access to a wealth of data, simulation options, games, and more, fostering continuous improvement in their golf games.
    Please welcome and congratulate our Testers!
    Progression Testers
    @Josh Parker

    Mevo Testers
    That's right, there is still a chance for you to be selected for the Mevo test! We are going to select two members who show active engagement and participation in this thread to be our final two FlightScope Mevo testers. Added bonus if you are able to tell us how and why you would be a good candidate for this and provide photos of current setup or situation as how you would put this to the test. We will select the final two testers January 5th, 2024!
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    Rtracymog got a reaction from dobrycki in K Sig Driver $199   
    Good luck! I've asked Costco to bring back chocolate ice cream and it hasn't happened yet! lol
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    Rtracymog reacted to GolfSpy_APH in FlightScope Mevo+ vs. Rhapsodo MLM2 Pro   
    Check out the Rapsodo (No H) ongoing reviews. I haven't used the mevo so cant say much, but am blown away with Joe much better the Rapsodo is and really everything it provides. I haven't even unlocked it's full potential because I've just been using my phone so far. Computer, projector and the rest is still to come. 
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    Rtracymog reacted to golfinnut in FlightScope Mevo+ vs. Rhapsodo MLM2 Pro   
    I know I can go look thru all the threads but I thought I'd just throw the question out to the forum anyway.  
    Which is better?  FlightScope Mevo+ or Rhapsodo?
    I'm looking to put a net up in my backyard, so this won't be used indoors (at least for now).  
    Thanks for the help 😉  
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    Rtracymog reacted to Golfspy_CG2 in Full Swing Kit Launch Monitor -Unofficial Review by CG2   
    That’s a great question and honestly thdy are both good.  You won’t be disappointed either way. 
    The R10 costs less and gives Club data such as  club path and face to path etc.  Rapsodo says this will come down rhd line but not sure when. 
    But MLM is superior in every other way in my experience.  I like that it has a built in camera.  So you can watch your swing there and see your path.   Thd impact vision is fanatic.   If you see lines up properly.  It will show you what your club face is doing at impact.   It is really cool.  
    Like you I used them both mostly outside and found myself using the MLM2 more.   When I did a few inside sessions last winter I did use the R10 with E6 for the range and simulator.  MLM2 just made some fantastic updates to its sim package from what I have read on its FB page. 
    If I could only keep one of the two. It’d be the MLM2 without a doubt. 
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    Rtracymog reacted to Golfspy_CG2 in Full Swing Kit Launch Monitor -Unofficial Review by CG2   
    I  got the FSK this week, charged it up and downloaded the apps to both my I phone and I pad.   Late in the day in 40 degree and windy temps I couldn't resist and took it out.  Only about a dozen balls, but wanted to get the hang of it before putting it to the test against our Trackman.  So better weather on Friday near 55 slight breeze and sunny.   But went out with the FSK and our Trackman along with our Director of Golf, our Director of Instruction and our Assistant Superintendent, all three of them very good players, and then me to show the other end of the spectrum.
    The TLDR if you don't go past this, the FSK held it's on with all three of us against Trackman!!
    Corey our  Director of Instruction was really really impressed with it, quoting him "I could teach off this very easily"  All the data numbers were spot on-and it out lasted his Trackman battery wise--details below on some results.  He was literally blown away, he told me,  "This is by far the best devise you've had of al them.  Note: I currently have the MLM2 and Garmin R10 and had a basic MEVO and SC200  previously.   
    We all  have varying Swing Speeds,  mine with 7 iron is in the low to mid 70's, our Director of Golf is around 93 and our Assistant Super maybe 87 to 88. 
    Our DOI is currently nursing a bad shoulder and didn't hit any shots.  
    Below are some screen shots of dispersion and shot summary.  Dustin’s,  from SW, 7I, 5W and Driver and you will be able to see how helpful those are in seeing if the gaps are proper.  The screenshots of both our summary's show a pretty consistent gapping for us.   Just on different levels...ha
    Everyone loved the unit.
    It was easy to set up and line up properly.  
    The display on the screen was easy to read for everyone no matter where they stood
    The I pad displayed all the data points very well and really very accurately from what we all know of our numbers.  There were some occasional spin numbers that seemed out of whack.  But we can probably attribute this to our ranger balls...you know what they say about fitting with range balls.  It even happened a few times this year with the OEM during fitting days with their trackman and GC Quads.  But I'd say 90% at least of he shot registered an appropriate spin rate   
    All the ball data matched the Trackman with mere decimals, see the one screen shot below.  The Trackman battery died after a bit due to it also be used before our session in a lesson with a student.  I joked with the DOI that the FSK still had 75% battery after almost an hour of use.  
    The club data was spot on as well.  I have a fairly consistent out to in club path and I counter that with a fairly shut face at impact so my face to path is not usually far off, resulting i a fade that starts left and usually ends up not too far off the center line.  This held to form on the FSK data points for each of those.
    It was tough to compare those to the Trackman data pints as they had to sit on slightly different angles, we with the positioning a few times with putting the trackman behind the FSK but then it didn't pick some of the metrics. we tried overlapping them a bit then the FSK was off a bit.  So it safe to say it's nearly impossible to get both units on the same exact aiming point at the same time.   But when I took the FSK away and tooks some swings only on Trackman lined up properly the club numbers were pretty much spot on as well.  
    I didn't' really get any pictures of the unit itself set up, just screen shots.   I'll work on that aspect next time. 
    The FSK is very easy to carry and comes in a very nice and sturdy hard case with handle, that made carrying it to the range very easy.  I was ALMOST able to put my  Pad in the case as well but it was pretty tight and I didn't want to break the screen on it.   
    Shot dispersion for Dustin.  

    Here is data on Josh’s our Director of Golf 7 iron  Trackman on Left and FSK on Rigjt   Just spot on   The club data was further down   I’ll try and get those on another session  
    I will say the data on this one wa probably a bit further off than most   For example the spin shows a difference of 53 rpm  while vey good  there were several where it was 20 RPM or less  pretty incredible  

    Dispersion chart on my SW and 7 iron...yeah, not very long I know but at least fairly tight.

    Club Summary list can be used to see if your gapping are consistent enough of 10 to 15 yards between each club.  In this case, I have 4 clubs  GW, PW, 9 and 8 irons between the SW and 7.  So the 42 yard average is pretty spot on.

    Pretty good gapping on Dustin's shot averages as well.  His 7 iron is a bit shorter than he normally hits it, so it's not perfect in this session.

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    Rtracymog reacted to storm319 in Planned 2030 Golf Ball Rollback   
    By nature par is a relatively arbitrary reference point. If players are averaging well under par on a particular hole, then par should change. 
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    Rtracymog reacted to azstu324 in K Sig Driver $199   
    This has been the ongoing conundrum with Golfworks/Maltby. During a time when the DTC environment is as strong as it's EVER been, the DTC king (Maltby) is continuing to play the slow, silent, and steady card rather than come out guns ablaze. Why? I dunno.. 🤔
    I've had chats with Britt and it's just not a game that they want to play. While I can understand on one hand that loyalty = longevity, I can't help but feel like Maltby is actually getting overshadowed by the likes of Takomo, Sub70, Calley, etc, with the help of YouTube and golf forums alike. The're probably actually losing business in an environment where they should be destroying. 
    On a more positive note though for Maltby, I just happen to know that a certain fairly well-known YouTube golf personality will be releasing a full review of the KE4 MAX irons very soon. I'm really hoping that he continues a series and does the rest of the lineup.. or at least some of the higher-end forged models. I'm also hoping that this becomes somewhat of a catalyst for maybe a few other guys out there to follow suit.. and Maybe for Maltby to change their tune a little. 
    Don't ask me how I know.. I just do 😉
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    Rtracymog reacted to cnosil in K Sig Driver $199   
    There are multiple ways for a company to be part of most wanted testing.  From my discussions with the HQ staff: 
    1.  Companies can contact MGS and ask to submit their equipment. 
    2.  MGS reaches out to companies and asks the OEM to submit equipment for testing.   The clubs must be stock offerings (no upcharge) or configuration not available at retail.  For companies that are highly fitting specific like LAB, they can provide multiple lies angles .   Not all companies agree to send equipment and refuse to be part of the testing.
    3.  MGS will purchase items at retail if it is considered a significant player in the industry or there is a large consumer interest like the Kirkland clubs (MGS purchased these).
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    Good luck! I've asked Costco to bring back chocolate ice cream and it hasn't happened yet! lol
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    Rtracymog got a reaction from Franc38 in Planned 2030 Golf Ball Rollback   
    Agreed! They want to show the athleticism and power on tour, but now we want to roll that back? I don't get it. I know Tiger talked about not having enough land, but look at number 13 at Augusta as one example. You're telling me that ANGC couldn't cut some trees down or move that tee box 10 or 15 yards farther left to force a certain shot shape? and bring more problems into play? 
    The courses don't want their setups to be considered too hard (minus the Memorial) because players might not come back. I feel like they haven't exhausted all their options, but they just said, "Here let's do this!"
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    Rtracymog got a reaction from PMookie in The Edison Challenge featuring Edison 2.0 Wedges   
    Awesome review! Great to hear about someone from SE Michigan even if you've moved! I've always been curious about the Edisons, but I've never gotten along with a V sole in a wedge. I feel like they just skip and I blade everything out of the bunker. Good to hear about the Edels though, they are on my list!
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    Rtracymog reacted to GolfSpy_APH in Newton Golf Shafts - new technology or marketing hyperbole?   
    I pulled the trigger on one. I'll share my findings after I get it and test it out. 
    Also going to have a call with SP and their main guy with Newton shafts to get some more info to share with all. 
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    Rtracymog reacted to GolfSpy_APH in Question about Tour AD shaft chart   
    Would actually love to try the VF in whatever the lowest spinning head with lowest loft and see if I could get the thing off the ground!
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    Rtracymog reacted to KC Golf in Question about Tour AD shaft chart   
    Another chart from Japan.  Draw / Fade vs Low / High launch.  With Tiger using this with his TaylorMade QI-10, the VF orders will be off the charts!
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    Rtracymog reacted to Shankster in Planned 2030 Golf Ball Rollback   
    This is bringing me out of retirement for this post.  I don’t get it… you don’t see Porsche, Tesla, F1, etc. making their cars slower because they are setting records.
    Huge mistake by the “Governing Bodies”
    Much like the CFP comity leaving FSU out of the playoffs, and I am in no way a FSU fan in the slightest.  It just doesn’t make sense.
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