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  1. I had no intention of picking up an Arccos Link, but when Arccos told me it was 50% off for Ping users I pulled the trigger. It helped that one of my closest golf friends, who is super picky about gear, spoke highly of it. I ordered it Friday and it arrived yesterday. I got it out today and it worked great! Definitely nice not having to keep my phone in my pocket and the Link is super accurate. I’m not sure if it’s worth it for full price, but it’s worth checking out if you can get it discounted or used.
  2. I’m making the switch to graphite iron and wedge shafts! Once that’s done I’m taking a self imposed break from the club ho’ing. I’m making it public so my internet golf buddies can hold me accountable! I’m retiring from the Navy next August and I am keeping my bag as is until 8/1/23. The wife already knows, my real life golf bros know, and now the MGS community knows. I won’t let you down!
  3. ZipCore Tour Rack 50°, 54° and 60° mid Club heads. Backup set complete!
  4. Adidas Tour360 XT 22s in black and white/slate. Will be pulling the trigger on Recoil Proto 125 F4s and Wedge 125 F4s shortly!
  5. Last update for this trip. I played Klipper and had a terrible round, but the course conditions were solid. The greens were a bit slow and it was SUPER windy but overall it's worth playing if you have the means to get on base!
  6. The wheels came completely off today. 101 (49/52) with 38 putts and 5 three putts. I managed to sabotage myself in every facet of the game. This is my first 100s round in years . Super disappointed at the moment, but I guess there’s no where to go but up.
  7. That's good stuff, thanks! I know some of it has to do with the fact that this is the most I've played in months, and I'm confident that once I'm able to get to the range regularly I should get back on track. And when I do get back to the range, I absolutely intend on swing with no regard for where the ball goes so I can break out of this funk!
  8. 90 (43/47) at Navy Marine today with @yungkory. My game was not present. I had fun, but mannnnn this current rut my game is in is frustrating. Looking forward to getting home so I can get back on a consistent practice and playing routine!
  9. I initially used Arccos a few years ago, had an issue with the app and ditched it until last summer when I got the 'free' sensors with a Ping club. I have to say, they have made HUGE improvements to the shot tracking and app stability. I'm about halfway through my initial subscription now and I'll definitely continue to use it as I believe it provides valuable data on where I'm losing shots. And it's humbling as hell! The only thing I've noticed is that when it tracks putts, there are times you have to verify it didn't add an additional putt before moving on to the next hole. My only other gripe is that I wish you had more flexibility over editing the clubs you have in your bag. Not a huge deal, but certainly something I notice. Overall I'm happy with it, and I actually just ordered one of the P3 putter sensors to take advantage of the smaller size.
  10. Another update. I played Mamala Bay yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised at the conditions. The greens were rolling great, too! If you have a way to get on base, it's worth checking out.
  11. Pending purchases Minty set of Srixon Z785s for a backup set since they're my absolute favorite irons and they're becoming harder to find. LA Golf L-Series 4S iron and wedge shafts that will either go in the new to me Z785s or my current set.
  12. A little about me, I've been playing this amazing game for 20+ years and have taken lessons on and off for years. Of course it's hard to make those lessons stick with a military schedule, but I do my best to commit useful changes to muscle memory. And thankfully I'm retiring in a year so I plan to have a much more consistent playing/practicing schedule! My swing has never been perfect, but I mange to get around courses fine and lately I've ran into trouble trying to overcome some very obvious swing flaws. It's hard to say how I got to this current point, but here's the issue. Physically, I don't have anything hampering my swing, but for whatever reason when I address the ball, my body refuses to make a full turn. It's not Charles Barkely bad, but it's clearly a hacked off swing. Practice swings are fine - I'm aware the club face is typically jacked up during those swings - but my actually swing is literally 1/2 or 3/4 of my practice swing. I do the sequence drills and can do a full turn easily, but I seem to have developed a mental block when it comes to my full swing. The current coach reminds me to start my downswing when my left shoulder is over my right foot and I try to remember that, but it's as my body stubbornly refuses to cooperate. All that said, I'm 43, in decent shape and I'm leaving stupid distance on the table at the moment. Have any of you had mental blocks that impacted your swing? If so, what did you do to get past them? I appreciate any feedback and of course the inevitable snarky comments from @yungkory !
  13. I played in two person scramble today at Mamala Bay and had a blast. Driver is still erratic as all hell, but I had a lot of fun. Highlight of the round was on hole 3, a par 5. I mashed my drive down the middle, leaving around 190 to a middle pin. I smoke a 5 iron that hi the front of the green and rolled to the back and then I hit my best putt of the day for an eagle! I was putting out of my mind most of the round and it's always nice to have confidence in the flatstick. Now I just need that same confidence in my full swing!
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