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  1. Not looking for any conflict here.But in general.Most PGA tour players are extremely weak for their builds.I will agree that they work out more than previous generations of pros.But in my observations.They just are very weak for an professional male athlete.Ive worked out with many professional athletes that are some of the most strongest-flexible-coordinated individuals I’ve ever met.I would never trade my physique for any current pga male tour player.So what makes these guys so unique?How are they so gifted in what they do?
  2. This just proves to me how golf is becoming a smaller niched sport. I honestly believe the golf channel won’t be around in less than a decade.
  3. I agree with Rev.But I’m a member at a club that this is happening.And I’m not one who is happy about it.My biggest fear is this style of member showing up in the AM.Teeing off behind me and my foursome of close friends.Or a whole parking lot of low riders.Golf is open to anyone imho.And love the idea of expanding the game .But I’ve been a member for 40 plus years at my club.And enjoy it the way it was.Not how it might be
  4. Hahahah.That was a good read.And I totally agree.Ive been told that this is really upsetting some of the long term members of these clubs.And many had long drawn out arguments why they shouldn’t be allowing everyone in to their inner sanctums.But when the ship is sinking.You got to do what you got to do.Believe me, there will be some real culture clashes for many at these places.Its not a question if it is good for the game.Its a last chance effort to keep these places above the red Imagine Mr and Mrs Green rocking out to a slayer cover band.After downing a few fifties
  5. I’m noticing a new division happening in golf. More financially strapped clubs are opening up their doors to almost anyone now a days. They are almost begging people to join. Many who are joining are people you were never considered ‘country club material’ . Which I find almost comical in a way. At one point in many country clubs lucrative pasts. Many of these new members would be looked down on or ridiculed. Now they are begging for them to join and help a losing cause. It’s almost a two faced type of a move. At one juncture it was a “you don’t belong and will never belong here mentality”. Now it is a “ please join, we will take anyone”. I so look forward to the day when local one time exclusive clubs will have big hair bands or heavy death metal playing at their social functions. As other old fart members scoff at what is happening (or will be). I personally find this a hoot and love the much needed change
  6. Course was completely soaked this AM and we played lift clean and place. Shot a 48 for 9 holes which isn’t all that bad for me. Just an average round of nothing happening. But I did keep the ball in play all round long. Just swinging my swing is making the tee to green game much more manageable. Really feel a super good round this season if I get the whole game working
  7. Raining here almost daily now. And heavy when it does. Really a bad year for me investing in a club golf membership. Kinda taking a loss on it so far
  8. I do this quite a bit. Especially if I’m not playing in a comp event or keeping a strict score. The best courses I’ve played that had no issues with me doing this were (PGA West (stadium course) - Indian Wells- and Murfield Village). Also do this many a time on local courses. As long as I’m not holding up play. It is the best way for me to improve at this difficult game. And it even allows me to enjoy some of the great courses even more. If I was allowed to play Augusta, I would do this in a heartbeat
  9. Just a fun thread here.But what course did you play that you hit multiple shots all round?For me, it was the TPC of Sawgrass on a slow hot summer day.Me and my partner each hit multiple tee shots all day getting our fill of this great course.Was also fun hitting 2 shots off of the famous 17 Th tee.And was great having all 4 of our balls laying on the green.Course was pretty wide open and very few rangers.We replaced all divots and ball marks as well
  10. Got back from a beautiful AM round with some real positive thoughts.My lowest round this year of 86 (44-42).Just swinging my swing is working well this season.Not spectacular results off the tee or approach shots.But nice to know the ball will curve left to right most of the time.Really have a strong feeling about this season. Happy Cinco De Mayo
  11. I totally agree with the OP. I’m a high handicapper that gets 2 shots on most holes.I’ve played in many events like this.And the better player never stands a chance.Golf should be lowest score wins.If you aren’t competitive enough with your current game.Than work your tail off to improve.I personally think golf should never have a handicap system.
  12. All great comments.But this is by far the one thing that will grow the game.Many adults who had limited exposure in the game as youths won’t be interested in a membership.The interest in this game must start at a very early age.And be continued into the adult years.If not, than you are looking at once or twice a year golfers.Perfect scenario for public random golf outings.But a bad match for a full out buy in membership
  13. It’s almost equivalent to getting the ugly sister out of the house. No matter how hard you try.You can’t even give her away.Tough sell is being overly kind.Its a hobby where less than 5% of new adult potential players will show any interest in.
  14. Would say this would be a bad year for a member drive in my area. An extremely long and brutal winter. Followed by a spring that has yielded record rains and massive flooding so far. Weather is a huge factor why people refrain from outdoor sports activities at times. And golf is a sport that requires one to really be avid and active to be worthwhile. The bad weather and long winters don’t justify the investment of time and money needed to join a club. I for one play and practice in any type of weather conditions. I still stink, but the drive and ambition for improvement is always there.
  15. That time of year again at my club. The big push for getting new members signed up.This time around they are offering us referral discounts and prizes.Just about every potential referral I had has something negative to say about golf.The million excuses why they won’t join or take up golf.Why is this game such a hard sell for introducing new people to the game?
  16. I’ve been around this game for half a century now.Ive witnessed many an amateur player try and alter their natural motions.Maybe less than a dozen have done this and done it successfully.And if your over 30 years old-work full time and have a family.Than just forget this idea all together and go and just enjoy golf.The new in teaching is worrying about what my swing looks like.And has shifted from what my swing produces.We need to go back to the later way of thinking.Their is huge profits in the teaching aspect of golf.They always promise their students the gold at end of the rainbow.But many don’t realize the time and funds it takes to get there.Let the ball flight tell you what needs to change.Forget the major changes if your an amateur golfer who has been doing this for a while.Once you have a swing ingrained.It will always be there
  17. Great responses everyone.When I took lessons for the past decade. They always wanted to change my over top pull or cut. And turned me into a hooker - duck hooker of the golf ball. I’ve went from an in play short cut off the tee. Too an out of control hard hook into the woods. They did fix the over the top. But I felt so under. That my only alternative was swing inside out and hook it. It’s a process I know. And I admit that the bad play just discouraged me ingraining further. Even though it is par for the course. Now, I’m just using what I have. Using the swing that is considered inferior. But either gives me cut or a slight pull on average. Just way more enjoyable knowing where the ball might end up. Even though the lesson draw-hook swing would yield me a better player in the future . Once ingrained if I stuck it thru
  18. How many on here have had success just swinging the swing you have? Meaning, once you grasp the fundamentals of golf ( posture -grip - alignment). You just swing the club without concern if it’s look. But just concerned about advancing the ball to the target. Im really enjoying just taking this approach to golf. The more I delved in swing change lessons. The worse my game became. I now know where my miss is. Anyone else follow this logic. And how long have you played this way
  19. Went out and shot an 88 today. I broke 90, which is a good sign I’m trusting what I have. 43-45 with just bogeys as my worst and nothing higher. I’m just swinging my swing(which produces a in play slice 240 with roll down the middle) . I know my swing is over the top and divots point left. But so what , i keep the ball in play this way and know where it is going. Trying to clear my head from all the instructions I got on changing everything. Not saying it was.a negative. Just didn’t seem to click for me .
  20. Any day we are out and breathing is a good day. You will get them next time. A long season left Tony
  21. Happy Easter Avid golfers of golf spy.Went out and played 9 holes today. Shot a 46 with one double and 8 bogeys. Just one of those rounds where my approaches or drives were off just slightly. But slightly enough to put me in spots that made a great recovery very difficult. On top of that, the pins were placed up on knobs. The greens crew is off today and tomorrow. So they placed the pins in spots where excess traffic wouldn’t harm the ‘main’ green area that much. When I look back. There is such a fine line between a par and a bogey. It’s really just a matter of a few yards left or right of your intended target. And those slight misses can really put you in some tough predicaments
  22. A little chilly today. But got a wild 9 holes in. Started with 3 birdies in a row. Than the last 6 holes I was 16 over par for a 49. Not sure if I was nervous. Or I just stink that bad . Combination of both I assume. Was just fun starting the way I did. The guys were looking at me like “ who is this guy” . Well “ the guy “ came back to earth on the 4 Th hole -9th hole. Not sure how I should feel. Great for such a miraculous start. Or mad for such a lackluster end
  23. What type of scores do you shoot when your ball striking isn’t spot on?Just curious
  24. Two positives today. Went out with my nephew who shot a -1 under 35. Just fun watching people play this game right. Second positive was beating the rain and cold that now has overtaken the area Now my score :( . Shot a 53, but the ball striking was really spot on for me. Just a few bad decisions cost me from being mid 40’s imho.Its a marathon not a sprint for improving in this game.But my nephew did say that my short game is horrendous.And my ball striking should easily net me better than what I am.Maybe a new driver or irons might help me a bit?
  25. Still , Francesco’s first masters try. And was in contention the whole time. That in itself is impressive.Shows how much game he truly has
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