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  1. My stratergery this year is 2 fold: 1) Limit blow up holes, hit a bad shot, forget it and make the next shot a good recovery shot and only give up one stroke vs what I do now and try to make a miracle shot happen and it never does 2) Miss small - If I am not 100% I can make the shot minimize the miss and better improve my chances on the next shot.
  2. Agree with all the comments on the "better player" club perception. Up until I got fitted for new irons I never would have though I was good enough to play Titleist clubs. Other than that theory not sure why more people dont give them the credit.
  3. I'm willing to play anything but I am brand averse. There is a certain brand that after issues with their clubs I wont touch. Other than that I'll play whatever helps my game the best
  4. I have a garmin forerunner 935 that also does golf, as 5 yards off isnt going to make or break my shot, I love being able to look down and say ok its XX yds to hole and go for it. Much faster than laser
  5. Get out and play course - Under $35 - our local muni comes to mind, the course is in good shape but the greens are't that great because they dont own a roller Good $35-65 - This to me is the sweet spot in cost, in western PA you can play many public courses for this range. Once or twice a year - $65-135 - This are the closest things to private clubs for me and I expect the course to be pristine, consistent greens and fairways. Legendary - Over $135 - I've only ever played one course at this level and it was a top 5 course in the country, it was an amazing experience but its a once in a lifetime and done kind of course
  6. Apes44

    Ball Storage

    Now its in my head that all my balls that were in the garage all winter are crap...
  7. just because you dont get an answer from someone on the first try dont give up. Keep hounding people to sponsor!
  8. Good luck! I miss the game!
  9. Topgolf is the worst thing for "practice" in my mind. The lack of distance on those balls is frustrating
  10. Watching this, someone must be cutting onions around me cause Im a little teared up
  11. Name, Locale, and Rounds per year - Brian Pittsburgh PA 40-50 Twitter- Apes44 IG BA_Runs_the_Burgh Handicap and Swing Speed - 16 / 105 Current Set - Titlest AP1 Desired Cobra Set - King F9 traditional length
  12. Will try that, the weather has my allergies all flared up so I havnt run in a bit
  13. you're lucky then! If turn my head to the right for too long the left bud cuts out, comes back when I look straight again
  14. I'd be interested to see how the final ball compares to the prototype balls we tested here
  15. Your review hit these spot on! They became my running/workout headphones about 3 weeks ago and I'd never go back to beats. Do you have the issue with the left bud cutting out intermittently? I know you said ceasing to play and you restart it, wasnt sure if you meant during initial paring or during use?
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