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  1. I know that testing the Srixon Q Star Tours, I have had friends buy boxes of them and the Cleveland RTX 4 are in consideration for one buddy
  2. Is there anything else anyone wants to know or see tested? The weather looks to be turning so rounds may become limited
  3. This was a typical BK loss though, hang in there but can win it. UGA made the right adjustments and pulled out the win! Hats off to the Dawgs and you got a fan up north now!
  4. If there is a chance of hurting myself or breaking a club, we let you move it. No sense in ending a round or a season if you get hurt
  5. Use the GPS app on my garmin running watch, not so much for estimating but I feel like it helps to speed up play to get a relative distance to the center so I can easily pick the club vs trying to estimate distance to markers
  6. We have this same rule at a local course after last summer heard someone scream in a bunker looked over to see him doubled over holding his now (more than likely) broken something (arm, wrist etc) and pick up two pieces of his club. Its like hitting off concrete
  7. Did my testing at Golftec, interesting results for the stage 2. However I was right noticing about 8-10 yds less distance on full shots vs CBX 1 wedges
  8. Im going for a half hour thanks to my local golftec on satuday. So I'm interested in comparing #'s
  9. So far so good, my 52* was used in the sand a good bit this weekend and there is a little wear on the bottom of the sole, but nothing major.
  10. So I didnt see anything against this in the code... however if it is, let me know or delete it and my apologies in advance. I am running the Lemiuex Foundation 6.6K on October 13, in doing so I am raising money for the foundation. The motivation of the Mario Lemieux Foundation has always been to find a cure for cancer through funding research. We have provided over $15M for cancer research, primarily focused on blood cancers, and we have ongoing projects at the Mario Lemieux Center for Blood Cancers at the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center and at the Mario Lemieux Lymphoma Center for Children and Young Adults at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC. The foundation also opens up Asutin's Playrooms in hospitals for children to have somewhere to go and have some fun while they battler. This is a very special cause to me because my late uncle battled cancer for 10 years and we both shared a passion for the Penguins. His courage is what got me in to running with his famous pharse, "Because I can". This was his retort to us when he'd do something we all know he shouldnt have, like run up the stairs and then be winded for 5 minutes, spend hours in his garden then the next day laying in pain on the couch. Too many people arent able to do anything and while he could he did. I've adopted "Because I can" as my motto in life and try to honor him by living it every day. This cause is so important to me that while there are prizes for fundraising that I receive, I use them as incentive to donors the following year. Last year I won an autographed Kris Letang jersey and for every $10 donated you get 1 chance to win it. Here is the link to donate: https://runsignup.com/bapel Thank you all in advance. Also if mods allow, this could be a good thread to post your fundraising items so that we can all help each other.
  11. Long story but many years ago I vowed to never bet against the Bears when they beat my Steelers...and I lost a lot of bets with friends
  12. AFC East: Patriots AFC West: KC AFC North: Steelers AFC South: Houston NFC East: Eagles NFC West: Rams NFC North: Packers NFC South: Saints NFC Champs: Rams AFC Champs: NE Rams / NE - I hate to say it but I think NE finds a way
  13. Maybe I'm blind but Im not seeing it and neither is anyone I ask to help me look
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