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  1. - Brian - Pittsburgh Pa - 18 - Titleist 718 AP2 - T-200
  2. I mean I dont mind that tactic but 3 shots!?!?!
  3. So I currently game a Ping G30 SFT. I got the itch for a new driver so I found a used TS2 and wanted to hit it. Was at a local big box store, the guy tries to up sell me to a new TS2. Has me hit it, tells me my grip is wrong and how to fix it, hit 3 shots with the new grip and it was a little better and he looks at me and goes, I'll go grab a headcover... I looked perplexed and asked why, he goes well you're getting it right? When I said no I want to try others as well and hit a few more he got very short with me and didnt want to help me. So the hunt continues!
  4. These rules are pretty consistent with every high end club I've ever been to. Honestly they make it a more enjoyable experience once you get used to it
  5. Glad to see I wasnt the only one disappointed. Too long and moved too slow, apparently its not the most accurate either
  6. Good luck! Theres always that wonder on a new club that gets me
  7. Yup thats me! Super excited that I won! Always wanted to try a driving iron
  8. Im competitive with myself, I know what I am capable of doing on the course, when I'm having a rough round I will definitely get angry, however two things I always remember to calm me down 1) clubs are expensive, so don't throw them because they can break. 2) my instructor yelled at me the one day I got mad in a lesson for having an extraordinary bad lesson. He goes what gives you the right, have you hit 500 balls already today and 1,000 more yesterday? I said no, he said then you don't deserve to be angry unless you're practicing like the pros, you cant expect to be as good.
  9. Biggest thing regardless of green speed (at least for me) is know what you can make and make adjustments there. You're probably not going to hit that 25 footer, so accept it as 2 putts and leave an easy putt for 2. When I start to have "bad days" its because I think I can make that long or undulating putt and it blows by the hole because if its not perfect, its gone and take a 3 or 4 putt.
  10. I know that testing the Srixon Q Star Tours, I have had friends buy boxes of them and the Cleveland RTX 4 are in consideration for one buddy
  11. Is there anything else anyone wants to know or see tested? The weather looks to be turning so rounds may become limited
  12. This was a typical BK loss though, hang in there but can win it. UGA made the right adjustments and pulled out the win! Hats off to the Dawgs and you got a fan up north now!
  13. If there is a chance of hurting myself or breaking a club, we let you move it. No sense in ending a round or a season if you get hurt
  14. Use the GPS app on my garmin running watch, not so much for estimating but I feel like it helps to speed up play to get a relative distance to the center so I can easily pick the club vs trying to estimate distance to markers
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