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  1. The usual logo stuff aside, unless its a famous course there really isnt anything I'd spend the money on. Famous course maybe a pint glass or a polo
  2. Seems interesting, this is a step in the right direction for getting he average player thinking they can play Titliest
  3. They always do this and give you the latest set that is closest to yours. Its great unless its something that redesigned. Had the RS1 and the sent M2, hated the M2s for 2 years before getting rid of them
  4. Golftec near me did my fitting and were awesome! They spend the time with you and have a lot of options. Most will match pricing of anywhere else
  5. There's really no good solution unless the person's at fault realize that they are slower and allow play through's or pick up the pace. For your group, why are the slow? Are they new golfers learning the game, people who BS more than swing the club, lots of OB shots? I would try to find the problem and address that, (if its a newer or bad golfer, pair them with some more seasoned speedy golfers, etc). You said you all know each other so a quick talk with the offending parties (in private) may help too.
  6. Brian, Pittsburgh PA 105 ProV1 No previous experience.
  7. Good to know, so leave my driver at home!
  8. Has anyone played this course? I will be in town in July (for once not a football weekend, so I can afford to play) and wondering how tough of a course it really is and also if its worth the cost?
  9. What I think is funny, the course I play every week, the hardest hole based on handicap for me is a long (400 yd) hard sloping right fairway into a two tier green par 4, that I can usually par or bogey at worst. However there is a shorter (338 yd) uphill par 4 that is one of the easier holes based on handicapping that I have never once par'd. I dont understand how some of the easiet holes can be such a nemesis to people.
  10. Looks like DSG / GG has nothing to worry about Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. 1) Oakmont CC 2) World Tour Golf Links - Myrtle Beach 3) Disney's Magnolia 4-10) bunch of local courses not worth mentioning
  12. Absolutely the Indian... give new golfer the best arrows (clubs/balls) and see how they perform. Give the pros lower quality arrows and theyd still be great. Can the best arrows help the best Indians, that's obviously a yes
  13. I want to see Jordan come back to what he once was. If not him then Rory and a free driver is always a good thing
  14. One putter, I can't do the switch. Even if I mess around with someone elses putter on the practice green I feel like it messes me up for the roung
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