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  1. Feel bad leaving Achmed out……
  2. That’s a tough question, Walter #1 probably because he’s my age group (he may be younger) with Peanut close 2nd.
  3. Our cart will be 5 years old in January. SWMBO gave OK in ordering new Yamaha after Snowbirds get the ….
  4. Yup, sure is. They got about 2” snow followed by the “crowd favorite” Wintry Mix. Polite way of saying sleet & freezing rain!
  5. Oh no !!! Has to be Fake News
  6. You did have White Christmas!! Talked to our Kids & Gkids this morning (CT) and snow on the ground!! Cute Kid by the way, enjoying Christmas Day
  7. Rickp


    Did a couple of Ribeye steaks on the grill with Jumbo Shrimp cocktail, Sweet Potatoes and SWMBO Cole slaw for Christmas Day. Nice day to cook out 75* and blue skies!
  8. Looks just like you Merry Christmas
  9. Merry Christmas Guys!!
  10. Merry Christmas to all Spies!! @yellowball came to visit
  11. Friday Bacon Boyz this morning. 50*, no wind and plenty of hangovers from last nights party. Note to Self, no Moonshine night B4 we play. Anyway everyone played badly! Greens were in great shape but couldn’t make a Birdie out, could be no one wanted any Fireball. Bad morning for me, 3 pars, 5 bogies & 1 double for a smooth plus 7 We are not playing again until Monday.
  12. All I have is Yellow Titleist’s
  13. Not even close Grasshopper!! It’s a Universal Problem!! At least I don’t have to wear a mask
  14. Christmas Party Tonight in our old neighborhood, mostly Bacon Boyz. Somebody brought a bottle of Moonshine from a recent trip to Dawsonville Georgia. The last bottle of this “beverage” was at a my birthday a few years ago. 7:20 Tee Time tomorrow, Oh Boy am I in for a long 9 holes! Good Times!!
  15. When I retired we looked at that area carefully because of SIL but I wanted a little more warmth in winter. Was definitely in our top 3 with FL and Myrtle Beach.
  16. SIL lives in Lexington. Last time we visited her it was during a cold spell. Hope it warms up for you, nice area.
  17. They become part of the family and yes it is tough.
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