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  1. Received some interesting news from our 15 year old Gson. He joined the Police Cadets a few weeks ago and after their screening and interview he was accepted. This was kind of a surprise but after thinking about it made some sense. Our daughter was in the judicial branch, Parole Dept until her retirement last year and it seems some of it wore off. He’s a good kid, playing HS Varsity Track & Baseball along with a 4.5 GPA. He’s got his sights on Criminal Justice Colleges. we’ll see where this goes.
  2. Snowbirds are BACK Never saw it this bad……..
  3. Early morning 9, still chilly 45* but sunny after 8:00am. Shot a 40,+4. Driver was behaving, chipping & putter we’re doing OK also. Mid irons could have been a little more consistent. I left myself in some poor spots on the green which led to a couple of Bogeys.
  4. Rickp

    C and L

    Yea!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
  5. Tuesday morning 39* @ Tee Time. It was COLD for us old guys!! We played 1, 2, 7, 8 & 9. All the good holes & Par 4’s then hit breakfast. Best part of the morning. Nothing was going anywhere, ball was just not traveling at all.
  6. They probably are watching closely. Have a few groves close by, good stuff!
  7. Played Friday and this morning 9. I’m at the “bottom” of the Roller Coaster ride again. Both mornings cold (43-46) light wind. First 3 holes really bad , all over the place then kind of straighten out. I still haven’t gotten thru my thick skull that when it’s that cold to add a club or 2. Greens both courses were not bad, cut both mornings and were rolling decent. Made a couple decent putts to save Par. Tomorrow morning Weatherman is threatening 39*!! Not pleasant for this group of Ole Farts.
  8. Rickp

    Ole Amish

  9. Actually the younger guy 65-70 suggested we move up a Tee box. I didn’t argue. On the Execs we all moved up maybe 2-21/2 years ago. Lately a couple guys have even moved up even one more. Whatever they want fine with me if it makes them keep up with the group. At this point I’m all about everyone having a good time.
  10. I lasted 6,000+ up to 3 years ago. The guys just decided that it wasn’t fun playing from Those Tees. We’re all enjoying the shorter Tee boxes.
  11. Happy Thanksgiving Spies!! FYI, Pumpkin Pie is not fattening
  12. Should a “Yellow Ball” be used ? Asking for a Friend……
  13. We’ve owned a Subaru Outback or Forester since 1980. The other cars (2nd) have varied all over the place.
  14. After living in FL for 10 years anything under 50* with over 5 mph wind is Antarctic weather. A few guys never showed.
  15. Tuesday early 9, 46* with 8-10 mph wind. Froze our butts off! Played poorly, in fact we all did. All iron shots felt like I was hitting marbles. Similar temps this morning so we are skipping golf and scheduled to play Friday Bacon Boyz.
  16. Monday morning 7:00 am Tee Time, 63* & cloudy. Was +2 after 4 holes when we were hit with downpour. We finished round at local diner.
  17. Actually like that SUV! Our 1 1/2 year old Subaru Forester is worth more now used than when we bought it new, by a lot.
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