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  1. Still can’t play but can eat! Bacon Boyz played a course near our house so they Texted me when they got close to finish. SWMBO dropped me off at Diner and one of the Guys carted my full butt home. Good to see everyone, been 3 weeks. Their eating habits haven’t changed
  2. Good question, I was trying to hear their conversation. I thought his Caddie said to go for it but I’m not sure.
  3. Theegala going to pull out a win in Cromwell??
  4. Tomorrow big day for the Greater Hartford area!
  5. Hope they find the problem and pull him thru this.
  6. I’m a sucker for a great story like this!! Nice Happy Ending
  7. Gotta be pretty stoopid to turn your back on a Gator.
  8. Yup, someone sent the feed, pretty interesting!
  9. That’s not a way to go. It drives me crazy in “Bird Season” that the visitors look for gators and then feed them
  10. I watched Rory on the back 9 Hole 15 was just nuts!
  11. Crumpin-Fox!! Nice track!! Played there many times in my other lifetime. You’ll kick its butt next time
  12. In our 10 years in FL we have put more miles on the carts than our cars!!
  13. That sounds like a winner! Good luck with them Grasshopper!!
  14. The older generation golf carts didn’t have the juice to go the miles we FL Ole Farts need, I’ve pushed more than a few electric golf carts. The new generation like Carls look interesting. Our homes were built with a cart garage with electric charger hookup. Electric may be next cart.
  15. I like the “quiet” part of the electric but still not convinced on the range. I drive a lot of miles per year.
  16. Wives are always right!!! Im driving 2017 Yamaha gas and “we” (SWMBO) looking at electric. Not sure I’m ready yet. Let us know how you like it.
  17. Had a sprinkler pop up one time with my 3 wheel push cart over it, OOPS, Big Oops. was the discussion of the day with the groups.
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