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  1. Thank you appreciate it, double 7’s
  2. My 1st exposure to music was late 50’s which was I feel the start of R&R. I hit High School 1960 so that was a great decade followed by the 70’s that got even better so I’ve seen a few things over the years. I’m still kinda stuck in the 60’s & 70’s with a smattering of 80’s. Overall SWMBO and I have seen a ton of concerts over the years some phenomenal some just OK. I believe my 1st live Big Boy Concert was Beach Boys 1965ish. Still remember it till today. Dennis Wilson was not a great drummer but was a fun kid!!
  3. Trying to figure out where 1st 2quotes came from
  4. Dragging out a lot of the great vintage groups today!
  5. I was one of many who were “hired” to work part time security at Powder Hill Music Festival Middlefield CT in 1970 and Ten Years After was one of the groups that were supposed to perform and I believe never had the chance V4 a court injunction shut it down. I believe Melanie and a few other artists did get a chance to get on stage. It was quite the summer weekend.
  6. Nice to see someone who has an appreciation for “Ten Years After”. Under appreciated band.
  7. Looks great!! Brushed finish might help with glare.
  8. GM & Happy Friday!!! Coffee & fruit for breakfast and a 7:20am tee time with the Bacon Boyz. we got quite a bit or rain yesterday afternoon & evening so expecting sloppy conditions & CPO. This course is always wet and is scheduled to be redone to alleviate some of the water problems. Everyone have a great day and hope Mrs @sirchunksalot is on the mend.
  9. Know exactly what you mean my friend, I’ll be 77 in October.
  10. GM & Happy Thursday!! Not much today except rain & little windy. Good luck to Mr & Mrs @sirchunksalot today. Everyone have a easy today no matter what you do!!
  11. Happy Birthday all, have a great day!!
  12. GM & Happy Wednesday. We’re hunkered down here at home watching the TV and listening to wind and occasional rain bands. Looks like the coast getting hit hard in some places. Good luck to everyone in the storms path.
  13. Good luck to your wife with surgery tomorrow.
  14. Yup, working it’s way up. Wind is really picking up.
  15. Yup, we got our 1st band around 5:00.
  16. From the latest model we are on the right edge of the path. I don’t like the looks of Cedar Key and Tampa.
  17. GM & Happy Tuesday. No golf as wife and I both have eye doctors this morning. Everything is shutting down this evening in anticipation of Hurricane tomorrow morning. I wanted rain but not that much!!! Everyone stay safe no matter what you do .
  18. Early Monday 9 with Bacon Boyz. One bird 2 bogeys for +1 so good morning for me. Almost witnessed a HIO!! 140 yards and one of our players hit a foot in front of the, hit the pin and landed a foot behind pin and yes he made the bird. I hit my tee shot 5’ from pin and lipped out the birdie, easy par though.
  19. I think 1732 could be a conservative number
  20. I was in a hurry to get to the course
  21. GM & Happy Monday!! Coffee and fruit and out the door for a 7am tee time, I do like this course. Have most of our shrubs trimmed but a pesky Hurricane is headed our way so need to delay doing the last 6. Everyone along the path of this Storm stay safe, it looks like Tampa/Cedar Key area taking the hit.
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