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  1. Good feedback on this topic. However, I am surprised that you have a driver average carry distance of 260 yards and only 180 yards on a five iron. With that driving length, you have many really short approach shots with course distance less than 6000 yards.
  2. Good topic. You received quite a bit of feedback. The hybrid tee box was a good solution; however, it would have been nice to hear that the complainers were moved to the long tee boxes whilst everyone else had the added advantage of playing the shorter tees and winning every week.
  3. Sounds like it's just your pitch and gaps that are spinning. If that is the case, why affect all your clubs with a ball change? Maybe your grooves are too sharp, or try changing the attack and spin less? Just a thought.
  4. Yes. I have played Kelly Plantation. It’s on the bay so get some nice views. It was in good condition when I played. Have a good time.
  5. Jim Warsaw Indiana Walk my golf rounds Yes. Sun Mountain
  6. Jim / Warsaw I Indiana Handicap: 9.1 Cleveland 588 48*, 52*, Vokey 56* I like that its from Cleveland and low glare to reduce distraction. I like the look and I want to test the feel and spin action.
  7. I will never turn in my Cleveland wedges. I've had to regroove them a few times. They look ratty but still work fine.
  8. Update: Bagboy is the right company. They produce the Search N Rescue retriever. I talked to customer support and for this retriever, they do NOT sell any replacement parts. The two side posts and the center posts are all snap on. If your''s pops off, FIND IT. Otherwise, you'll be stuck with a worthless retriever. These are forty dollars to purchase. Wonder what it would take to make the replacement parts on a 3d printer?
  9. thanks cnosil. I will give it a try and report back with my findings for the benefit of others.
  10. I own the Search N Rescue ball retriever. Its a great retriever albeit expensive. The lever popped off the head of the retriever and I cannot find it. Because it is pressure fit, it did not break off rather just popped off. I tried to find a replacement part and cannot find who to contact or if I can even get a part. I would hate to replace the entire retriever because of one small part. Any ideas or help out there? Otherwise, beware of this retriever.
  11. No sport brings out your personality more than golf.  Think about that the next time you go out there and tee it up.

  12. Hi fellow Spy golfers. I used to play enough golf to regrip twice/year. Now, I regrip about every 12 months. I've tried Avon Chamois, Winn wraps, Lampkins, Golf Pride and probably some others. My current favorite are Golf Pride. If I used alignment grips, I would want a seasoned golfsmith to regrip instead of myself. Would be interesting to see a tire company like Bridgestone get into the golf grip business. I feel like they are missing an opportunity.
  13. "Without swinging a club" Okay, where is the fun in that???
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