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  1. Thank you MGS for an unbelievable opportunity and to fellow members for the well-wishes. I'll do my best to give this club a thorough testing!
  2. https://memberships.golfnow.com/xfinity-offer/ Who doesn't want a free "Hot Deal" tee time when booked through the GN app? The offer appears to be good through 6/30/19.
  3. The league I played in for many years had a quota system which undoubtedly favored the high handicappers. To keep the better players happy they also included skins in the weekly bets. It's been a pretty peaceful agreement going on many years now.
  4. Combine Brothers was our traditional stop after playing at TamO. Have you ever been?
  5. Sean/Virginia Ping Karsten TR PAL Right hand I've been contemplating a switch to a mallet putter for quite a while now and really intrigued by what MGS has said about this putter.
  6. Thanks for the update. It's been at least 6-7 years since I played Boulder Creek. Sad to hear the conditions are sliding.
  7. This Tam O'Shanter is in Hermitage, PA.
  8. Bruery Terreux is out of Anaheim Ca. Their specialty is sours and hot damn are they some of the best of that category I've ever had.
  9. Anyone try any of the new collab brews between Bruery Terreux and Dogfish Head? https://www.brewbound.com/news/the-bruery-and-dogfish-head-collaborate-on-3-foeder-aged-ales I'm a huge fan of both these brewers so I can't wait to try anything they've worked on together.
  10. I grew up on the PA/Ohio border so I'm very familiar witch quite a few of these courses. I'll do my best to give you a brief overview of the courses I played: Pine Lakes: Smaller greens and routing that uses the local terrain well. Always in good shape. One of the very best value courses I've played; a $35 dollar greens fee that should easily be $45-$50. Boulder Creek: Beautiful property and excellent conditions. The greens are constructed with seed from Augusta (for whatever that's worth). You'll pay a premium to play here but it's stupid easy to get to and worth the price in my opinion. New Castle Country Club: A tough, classic track. This course always looks so lush no matter what time of year. I'm actually getting married here in October. Not sure what the greens fee would be as part of the deal, but there's no denying how nice this old school course is. Olde Stonewall: This is 10 minutes from where I grew up and one of the best public courses in all of PA. I've been told the only greens faster in PA are the ones at Oakmont (take that with a shaker of salt). Some holes will absolutely blow you away with the scenery. Front and back nines are VERY different. I would NEVER pay the $160 greens fee to play here but often you can snag a $90-$100 greens fee as part of a deal. At that price I would never pass it up. Yankee Run: Another good value. Only played here a handful of times but my dad's league keeps coming back to this play for field days year after year. Hard to put in the class of courses you should go out of your way to play though. Reserve Run: One of my favorites. A slightly more contemporary design that has some unique features. Always in good shape. Firestone Farms: Another of my favorites. Another contemporary design with some really pretty holes. Not quite as good a value as Reserve Run but at the right price I'd never pass this up. Tam O'Shanter: Classic design with rolling hills and tree lined fairways. One of the more impressive clubhouses and practice facilities you'll see for a course of this size and price. Not exactly a course that I would go out of the way to play, but it has a large and loyal following. Lake Arthur: Another tremendous value. I once paid $29 for 18 holes and cart that included a hot dog and fountain drink at the turn. Small greens, tree lined fairways, and classic design (starting to notice a trend?). Kind of in the middle of nowhere and not a course to make a special trip for. Stonecrest: My home course growing up. Nothing fancy. A really nice piece of land that I can't imagine being anything other than a golf course. Friendly staff, reasonable prices but not a course to go out of your way for. Castle Hills: Maybe the best value on this list other than Pine Lakes. $27 for 18 and a cart on weekdays. Greens are always in great shape. I think many would also class this as a course to not go out of your way to play but it's the first place I look for a tee time when I'm visiting my parents. Green Meadows: VERY small greens. Another good value. I played a lot of high school golf here and always enjoyed it. One downside is being in the middle of nowhere. Not really a course to go out of your way for. Mill Creek: 36 holes of Donald Ross design at muni course prices. Convenient location. Knoll Run: Full of long, straighter holes, with a lot of tree lined fairways. Only my opinion but this is the first course on the list I would skip. It's a perfectly fine place to play, just uninteresting and close to some of my other favorites (reserve, firestone). Kensington: Only played here one time. Very contemporary design; not long at all and LOTS of water. Seems to be well received over all. Can be a little pricy in my opinion. I hope this helps. If you have any specific questions I'd be happy to answer them.
  11. I think Mark was biting his tongue hard when Rick released his driver/ball combination video. Nothing against Rick (I subscribe to him as well) but that video was utterly pointless at best and misleading at worst. There was a VERY subtle reference to this in one of his (Mark's) vlogs.
  12. I'm an unabashed Crossfield fan. I think if there are two things he stands for it's 1) making the game more enjoyable and 2) making you a better golfer. It doesn't surprise me that he can rub people the wrong way, but after watching almost all of his content for the past few years, he definitely has some self-awareness about his own faults.
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