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  1. Thanks ballplayer. I got the sense that it was pretty casual (but still expensive). Was looking for someone to confirm exactly that. We'll play Seven Lakes and Tobacco Road; which we always play while we're down there. This year we added Southern Pines GC to the rotation as well and will add one or two more courses via golf now if we see a good deal.
  2. I'm hoping to get some insight from any spies out there who have played the Cradle at Pinehurst. In May I"ll be traveling with a group of 8 players for a week long trip to the Pinehurst area. This will be our third visit to Pinehurst and while we aren't scheduled to play of the big courses at the resort, I thought I might try and get a tee time for the Cradle for one of the afternoon or early evenings we have free. We'll be staying in a pair of condos within walking distance of the club house and are flexible on what time/which days we can play. Aside from knowing that I need to make a tee
  3. This thread inspired me to make my own training stick. Just purchased the first of the materials yesterday. I'm going to try and incorporate some of my favorite ideas from this thread and can't wait to show you guys how it turns out.
  4. When Mark signed his deal with Titleist it was contingent that he could continue reviewing any manufacturer he wanted, same with his new Cleveland/Srixon/XXIO deal. To Titleist's displeasure he kept his old Ping G25 hybrid in the bag (aka Rinky Dinks) when he switched over although he ultimately did put two 818 hybrids in his bag. Mark has never said "go buy this club" rather that he simply likes or dislikes certain clubs and puts his launch monitor data up as fruit for thought. If your friend is buying clubs solely based on YouTube reviews, I wouldn't call them stupid, just ill-informed an
  5. Thanks everyone for the great responses. It's been a really good few days since my post. I'm focusing on what I can reasonably do before the wedding: count calories, limit salt, make healthier choices, be more active. I'm already encouraged by your support. @Pug, despite taking such poor care of myself, my blood glucose is fine. But I do have a family history of diabetes so it's something that's always on my mind.
  6. Hey all. It's my first time posting to this thread but hopefully the beginning of of regular contributions. I can't begin to describe how encouraging it is to see everyone share their stories. My goal is to use this thread not only as a source of information and encouragement but also as a medium for accountability. I can only hope that I return as much of those things as I receive. I'm Sean and I'm about 120 pounds over what a 32 year old male who is 5'5" should weigh. I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and my knees ache most days of the week. Something has to give, and I'd
  7. I agree with the general sentiment that if you don't need to do it; don't do it. But a small pipe brush and solvent should do the trick.
  8. Actually, I find the opposite to be true. The TA3 feels closed at address compared to my gamer. What's worse is that the TA3 feeling closed scared me a little; I have a tendency to miss short putts to the left if I get too nervous and squeeze the grip too tight. I'm happy to say that at least in my initial testing, this hasn't been an issue.
  9. July 27/28 could work for me. I'm unfamiliar with golf in that region, what are some courses for us to consider?
  10. I've injured both wrists in a similar fashion while golfing. It's always a fat shot that does it. While I'm not familiar with the wrist widget product, I can vouch that the area it provides support is spot on. I used to apply one strip of 1/2" medical tape above and below the end of the ulna and that's the only thing that allowed me to play pain free. Fortunately I've had no problems for a while but I still tape if I play in cold weather or if I know the conditions are going to be too firm. Wrist injuries are positively maddening; I hope you get some relief soon.
  11. Stage Two – Tommy Armour Tour Impact #3 – Official MGS Forum Review by Sean Krupa Intro On my quest to determine if the TA3 could supplant my current gamer and satisfy my obsession with mallet putters I constructed the following test plan: A casual introduction to the TA3 with 18 holes of no pressure, no consequences golf with some buddies A more informal introduction at the practice green alongside my current game for the beginnings of side-by-side comparison One hour of formal side-by-side comparison on a SAM putt lab More on course testing including two
  12. Tommy Armour Tour Impact No.3 - Stage 1 About Me: I have a confession… For the past year or so I’ve been carrying on a torrid affair in my imagination with mallet putters. If you were to ask me what single “dream” club I would add to my bag, the answer would be easy: Evnroll’s ER5 Hatchback in all black with the gravity grip. Maybe this all sounds a little too convenient, that is, my obsession with mallet putters after MGS picks me to test the Tommy Armour Impact Series #3. Unfortunately, I’m not so good at keeping my affair a secret… While my obsession with the E
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