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  1. I just tee up behind an existing divot, leaf, broken tee, etc. and use that as my aim point. It's illegal to place anything or make a mark, but whatever is lying on the ground already is fair game. Take Dead Aim
  2. They change anything they want. I got on the golf galaxy monitors by me and the 7i was going 30 yards further than in real life. Take Dead Aim
  3. In what could be the last round of the year, I got around ok considering the conditions. We've had two days of rain + leaves + fog on the first 5 holes. I lost 4 balls on those first holes due to who knows what, then one more over the rest of the round. No birdies, 1 double for a 42-39 81. I just tried to enjoy the day and not being at work. The course I played, Seneca, was taken over by the Cleveland Metroparks from the city about 6 years ago. They been renovating the course and this year announced they were complete. First time playing since the transition and the course is so much nicer t
  4. Ah, ok. I appreciate that the info was included and the effort Tony made to explain the findings. Keep it up guys! Take Dead Aim
  5. Here's the quote from the report that got my attention. In short, are these considered bad because the deviation is much worse than compared to the other balls tested so far. "My intent isn’t to pile it on, so to speak, but I felt the detailed explanation was necessary for you to understand why we flagged 42 percent of the Srixon Q-Star Tour balls we tested as bad based on the IBCR." Take Dead Aim
  6. After the MGS report, a dozen MTB-X is the first thing I'm buying when Ohio thaws in the spring. I need to try that ball. I think the Z-Stars are great, so that's my Pro V1 alternative right now. Hard to pass up when 2 dozen Z-stars are cheaper than 1 dozen Pro V1. Take Dead Aim
  7. Bought these new Nike's spikeless. They look sharp and I've always loved the red. I just got rid of my Adidas Tour360s and replaced them with these. I couldn't walk 18 without getting blisters on the back of my ankles/heels. Super disappointed as I was an Adidas guy back to the OG 360s. Take Dead Aim
  8. I am paying a tremendous amount of attention to all these test results. The data MGS is compiling its fantastic and it's just about everything I want to know about a ball in one place. I love Pro V1s, but can't afford to play that ball all the time. I think the Z Star is the replacement, but we'll see if that's true when this is all said and done. Keep up the good work guys. Take Dead Aim
  9. I hope the Z Stars get better results. I may have misread, but was IBCR weighted the same for all the previous ball tests? I understand that the standard deviation was far worse here, but I want to know if those same deviations in IBCR contributed to the overall % of bad balls in the previous tests. Take Dead Aim
  10. What did you like about Be a Player? I'm really working on the think box - play box approach and a repetitive routine. Take Dead Aim
  11. Golf is not a game of perfect Every shot must have a purpose Anything by Harvey Penick. I set my copy of Five Lessons on fire. Take Dead Aim
  12. Here's my 2 cents. 1. Play more golf. 2. Keep the ball in play. If this means you have to hit 5 irons of every tee do it. Eliminate penalties and gets the 8s and 9s of the scorecard. 3. Short game, short game, short game. Practice the short game. 4. Lessons. Take Dead Aim
  13. Agree with you on the greens, but it was nice to find a course where they weren't aerated. It's a tough course, but they've opened it up from 15 years ago, last I played. You need to have the right club off the tee as there are a ton of doglegs. It was a fun time with good company. Looking forward to the next one. Take Dead Aim
  14. USGA! One game one rules! Play it as it lies or you're not a real golfer!!! [emoji849][emoji849][emoji849][emoji849] Oof yea that course looks rough, but if you have fun that's what's most important. Take Dead Aim
  15. I just had this post and did the research citing articles from golf publications. The short answer someone here already gave- 2 years less per 10 degrees Fahrenheit. So if you play Pro V1, which is a 90 compression ball as tested by MGS. If you hit the ball 150 yards at 90 degrees, you'll only hit it 140 at 50 degrees. I posed the question about switching to a softer, lower compression ball in the cool weather, but based on the data it seems like one is only giving up a club of distance, give or take another 1/2, depending on skill and other weather conditions. Take Dead Aim
  16. Only went once...so far. That place is dangerous. Take Dead Aim
  17. Most courses did the noodle, a few did the inverted cup or pvc pipe. After a few weeks my course just put in shallow cups like on a putting green. The ball goes all the way in so there's no question. If anything this has gotten me used to putting with the flag in. Take Dead Aim
  18. Why does no one go look for their Pro Vs???????? Take Dead Aim
  19. With Dick's close cooperation with TaylorMade I wouldn't be surprised if it's actually a prior generation TP ball. Take Dead Aim
  20. I love anything that's fish, crab, or shrimp. I've not branched out to eel or squid yet though, but I know lots of people that love eel. We found this fantastic Asian restaurant on a vacation to Niagara Falls, Canada called Wind. It's almost like a tapas place, but Asian. It's all you can eat, and there's an iPad in the table that you just order off of. Can get a full range of Japanese, Chinese, and Thai as well. Take Dead Aim
  21. I still use white, but I am curious, does anyone play those matte green balls? Do they stand out better? Take Dead Aim
  22. Ooof, that's a real goat farm then. I would agree that it could be tough to score on a course that is completely neglected like that. Take Dead Aim
  23. I worked for Dick's Sporting Goods when TM was pumping out 5 drivers a year. No idea how many times a guy would walk up to me with a driver and say I want this. I would ask him what shaft and loft. Cue deer in headlights look and they would ask "you mean there's options???" Take Dead Aim
  24. Define nicer. I've played plenty of "nicer" courses where they were terrible layouts. These modern courses some people seem to love, but 90% of golfers struggle to break 100, or may lose half a dozen balls per round. And everyone goes "oh man, what a great place." Where someone was unleashed with a bulldozer or backhoe and just tore up the landscape. I've also played clubs where the greens were set at 14 stimp and impossible to putt on because some people think faster equals nicer. I will score best on a classical layout that is setup fairly with a great number of risk reward holes that a
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