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  1. Just watched the final round on YouTube and what a ride! Unfortunately I don't know what those guys were like in thier prime, I'm in the Tiger generation. I watched him win every tournament by 15 shots, seen Rory grab a course by the throat on a Sunday, seen Phil's magic, and a dozen others. But I'd like to hear about what the guys from this era were like. How much ass did Jack kick? How dominant could Watson and Kite be? Why couldn't Norman close? How terrifying was Seve? Who else was scary when they got hot? Just some memories from the guys on here. I look forward to it. Take Dead Aim
  2. Tom Cleveland, Ohio 7 Handicap Titleist 714 CB Test the T-100S Take Dead Aim
  3. Got out today. 2 birds, parred the toughest 2 holes and lots of wild shots. But I golfed! Take Dead Aim
  4. When the manufacturers are talking about "ground breaking technology" or "pushing the club further than ever before" all that means is incremental change year to year. They moved the center of gravity lower 1.5mm over 2019 models or they thinned the face by the width of two atoms. Where you'll notice the difference is, for example, your still playing an Titleist 912 driver and you go hit the 2020 model. There will be worlds of improvement. Us weekend ballers aren't going to notice a year to year difference but you add all those increments up over a 5 or 7 year period, then you'll notice something. To close, it's hard for club makers to change much and still be within USGA rules. Unless they change head size or COR etc, this is probably where we're at. Take Dead Aim
  5. I think any of the name brands are fine, and I agree that the Hogan shirts are just as good quality at a way lower price. Personally I like Adidas and Under Armor the best. I actually like the Haggar golf pants/shorts the best. If there's an outlet store near you they often run 2/$50 sales. I think there's another point to consider too. Most of what's at golf retail is gonna run you $50-$75 per clothing item, I think. So are the premium brands like Peter Millar or Polo's RLX line that can run over $100 per item actually better? To many its probably suggestive, but I feel like the answer should be a resounding no. Take Dead Aim
  6. 100% yes it has to look good. MGS just let me test the Evnroll and that club was beautiful, I was a bit disappointed it wasn't a fit. My current putter is a Odyssey #7, the one with fangs. Even that has a lot going on for some, but it's still clean enough for me. Take Dead Aim
  7. I'm playing Cossett Creek at 1:30. Walking alone. It's supposed to rain all weekend, good luck. Take Dead Aim
  8. Low 60s and sunny here. My "home" track just opened today. Take Dead Aim
  9. Ohio went to shelter in place today, but golf is considered an "approved outdoor activity" by offical statement of the Governor's office. The weather isn't great yet but courses are planning on opening as planned soon. The only ones I've seen close are the ones that don't allow walking. Take Dead Aim
  10. Maltby is the man and those look great! Take Dead Aim
  11. Nope a golf club on the ground works fine. If you really want to buy something for the specific purpose driveway markers from the hardware store are cheaper. Take Dead Aim
  12. Hey the governor's office confirmed golf courses are part of the 'eligible outdoor activity' so that's good. Just ya know it's march and everything sucks Take Dead Aim
  13. Im getting ready to work on my clubs. Need to cut down my putter a few inches, redo paint fill in my irons maybe regrip the whole bag. Take Dead Aim
  14. Watching old masters on youtube. For TV Im watching Vikings and Mr. Robot. Rewatching Parks & Rec. For movies it's whatever catches my eye. Check out an app called Reelgood. You can enter all your streaming services into one place as search all of them at once for something to see. Take Dead Aim
  15. The Black Keys have been on non stop recently. Take Dead Aim
  16. I got out about 2 weeks ago, but the weather hasn't cooperated since. But hey it's March in Ohio, anything before Easter is gravy. Take Dead Aim
  17. If the weather breaks and the course is open i'll be out there. Nothing in my area has been cancelled or closed and Ohio is being really aggressive about shutting stuff down. Take Dead Aim
  18. Dogs are awesome, and a ton of courses around here either have clubhouse dogs or some hunting breeds to chase geese and groundhogs. Take Dead Aim
  19. Looking forward to watching 86, 95, and 97. Take Dead Aim
  20. Tom, Ohio 7.3 hcp Titleist 714 CB 165 Take Dead Aim
  21. Got in the first round. Just focused on contact, didn't keep score. I felt like I hit a lot of greens, but only made 1 or 2 putts over 4 foot. Hit some poefies of course, but I felt like only true mishit was a half-topped 7i on a par 3 that went about 40 yards. Take Dead Aim
  22. Got these Footjoy Pro SLs for $6 at the thrift, amazing find Take Dead Aim
  23. This is what changed... Take Dead Aim
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