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  1. When I finally start loosing hair, I'm gone fully shave it. I'm going full "Dwayne the rock Johnson" looks.
  2. Take what the course gives you and enjoy the game.
  3. Anything inside 75 yards, at times I'll hit a beautiful shot dead stop by the flag, other times it will be a towering 175 yard shot most of the time it will be a ground ball that rolls forever the sand wedge "stinger"
  4. Good luck everyone. Go ahead and engrave the trophy with Paw Paw Correa, in honor of baby Lailla, our first grand baby. I'm a high Handicap coming back from back surgery. 18 handicap, trying to go lower, Southgate MI, right handed Twitter @correa_elson IG: elson_correa Any given 8 weeks of the season I expect to play 8 to 20 rounds depending on the weather. I am willing to play more to hoist the MGS challenge champion. OEM: Titleist: TS2 Driver and 3 wood. TMB 716 3 hybrid, TMB 718 4 hybrid, 714 AP1 5 to PW, Vokeys SM5 48 and 52, SM6 56 and 58. Titleist deadcenter sp209 putter. Dream set. KING SPEEDZONE XTREME DRIVER Black / Yellow 10.5 R UST Helium 5 KING SPEEDZONE FAIRWAY Black / Yellow 3 wood R flex KING SPEEDZONE FAIRWAY Black / Yellow 5 wood R flex KING SPEEDZONE ONE LENGTH IRONS Graphite Regular 5-GW Wedges: KING MIM WEDGE 52° (Bounce 8°) KING MIM WEDGE 56° (Bounce 10°) KING MIM WEDGE 60° (Bounce 8°) If possible, all grips MCC PLUS4 ALIGN
  5. The initial review May 17th, 2020 Bag Boy Chiller cart bag review – Official MGS Forum Review by Elson Correa I am very excited in participating in one of the MGS member reviews, I truly appreciate the opportunity as I myself enjoy reading the experiences of other forum members that had the opportunity to provide invaluable day to day feedback. I was born and raised in Brazil. I never had a golf club in my hands until I was in my early 30s. I started golfing in 2010, I am still a high handicapper, I hold a 20 handicap currently. I live in southeast Michigan where I golf, due to weather the golf season can be very limited. For the last few seasons, I golf in a league and weekend play, I play between 40 and 50 rounds a year. I currently have a Titleist 5 Way stand bag, I picked it due to the fact it is very light weight with a decent amount of storage space. These features are particularly important to me. WITB Driver - Titleist TS2 Driver 10.5° Fairway - Titleist TS2 Fairway 3 Wood Hybrids - Titleist 716 T-MB 3 Hybrid Titleist 718 T-MB 4 Hybrid Irons - Titleist 714 AP1 5-PW Wedges - SM4 Chrome 48°, Vokey raw oil can 52°, SM5 Chrome 56°, SM6 Chrome 58°. Putter -Titleist DeadCenter SP209. First Impressions My first impression of this bag is that it was well made. I could not locate any areas of poor workmanship in the seams and general construction. I really like the color scheme; it matches my putter cover colors. The full-length dividers are awesome and something I have not ever had in a bag, some of the club slots are big enough to have more than one club in them. This bag is much lighter than I expected it to be. The insulated cooler bag is a great addition, it is made for 6 - 12oz cans, I wish it had a little more wiggle room because I play many rounds in the morning, where I like to carry water bottles and sports drinks. From all the features that this bag offers, initially my favorite is the IGOTCHA® ball retriever sleeve. I am hoping to use this bag the rest of the season, for both weekend and league play, mostly for walking with the pushcart, with the occasional cart ride in the hottest days of the summer. The single strap is probably not ideal for just carrying it. Looks (10 out of 10 points) The color scheme is very well set, the navy with the red details really stand out, I love that the company name is not overwhelming and do not take the entire side of the bag. Size and Weight (4 out of 5 points) The bag is very light, and the dimensions feel very manageable, even with a compact car, the bag fits comfortably in the trunk. The bag is listed as 6.4lbs, a little heavier than my current bag that is 4.8lbs. It felt very comfortable to carry from the car to the clubhouse, I intentionally had a few extras, shag balls, shoes, rain gear and umbrella in it to see how heavy it would feel. Club Storage (10 out of 10 points) The 14 way divider is amazing, I use standard size grips as well as a ping pistol size grip for the putter and it feels very comfortable, I believe the club slots are big enough to carry more than one club in them, I had two wedges in one of the slots most of the round that I played and one never got in the way of pulling the other out. Other Storage (10 out of 10 points) With 9 zippered pockets, there is plenty of storage. I first thought that the zipper on the garment pockets would be a problem when riding the cart, so far as a single rider they are easy to be accessed. Even with all my gear and extras the bag never felt overstuffed and there were no issues with open or closing the zippers. The towel loop is solid, and I easily get my towel in and out, but I was not afraid of loosing the towel as in some oversized towel loops. I am very pleased with the umbrella holder, although the design is very similar to other bags in the market, the draw string holder is much stronger and I have had no movement of the umbrella after putting in place. Extra Features (10 out of 10 points) The main feature of this bag is the cooler pocket, as previously mentioned I would prefer a cooler with a little more wiggle room for things such as water or sports drinks, I was able to fit although very tight, 4 bottles of 20oz sport drinks, they stayed very cold throughout the entire round, and the one I forgot to take out after the round was still cold after 24 hours. Durability (10 out of 10 points) Initially I have no reservations about this bag lasting for the next few seasons, the construction is solid, and the materials feel of very good quality. On-Course (17 out of 20 points) The bag is very light and easy to transport around, I do not believe it to be ideal for carrying, as the single strap would put a lot of strain on the shoulders for a full round. It stays in place during the round with no issues. As for the usage with the pushcart, the TOP-LOK® Technology is not compatible with other manufacturers, the bag was moving around a little bit when it was in the pushcart, but I still felt confident in using it. Maybe it is a business opportunity for Bag Boy to develop and sell adapters that would allow this system to be adapted to other pushcart from different manufacturers Miscellaneous (5 out of 5 points) I am very pleased on how it arrived, the box it came in was sturdy and even without extra wrapping or packaging inside it felt safe for the bag. I got plenty of complements on the new bag, the colors pop with the sun light and everyone seemed to be pleased with the aesthetics of the bag. Play it or Trade it? (20 out of 20 points) Definitely is a “Play it” bag, the minor flaws would not keep me from taking it to a course with me, except if I am just playing in a 3 club tournament. This bag is designed for the weekend golfer who wants to go out with some friends and have a few cold ones. Conclusion The overall design and quality of this bag have absolutely surprised me, I had never tried a Bag Boy product before and from the looks to the practicality of this bag have made me very happy. It really checks all the boxes for me if I was looking to get a new cart bag to replace my current carry bag. The only time I would not recommend this bag is if the intended user would be only looking to walk and carry the bag, as the lack of legs and single strap could make that an exhausting experience. This bag will be rotated with my current bag to when, I am exclusively walking and carrying my bag. Final Score: (96 out of 100 points) Updates to this review will be posted as more time is spent with the bag on the golf course. https://www.instagram.com/p/CAVUgndHsuQ/?igshid=o4l7e7cx95iq
  6. I am almost starting my 4th decade and still for a full head of hair in a family where every male went bald in their 20s. So I got that goin’ for me, which is nice.
  7. I get what you mean, I rather average 250 off the tee and hit the fairway 90% of the time, than average 300 but be on the woods 90% of the time.
  8. We got to watch out for each other, people are asking absurd amounts for used carts
  9. Forgot to mention, you will have to watch their sites everyday, as they sell out quickly when some show up. Try Academy.com https://www.academy.com/shop/browse/sports/golf/golf-bags-and-pull-carts/shops/fathers-day-gifts/for-the-golf-dad/golf-push-pull-carts It is slim pickings right now, but it seems they have at least one for shipping. https://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/clicgear-usa-rovic-rv3j-golf-push-cart#repChildCatSku=119837297 Also Check out https://www.2ndswing.com/search.aspx?searchterm=push+cart
  10. Kinda hard to find any used ones on a fair price, people are asking two arms, two legs and a liver for them. I would say try to get a new one, you will get a better deal playing the same price for a new one. https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/f/golf-push-carts Carts are harder to find and pricier than toilet paper nowadays
  11. I don't mind golfing in and after the rain, as we mark, clean and replace it, so if the ball gets plugged it wont affect the next shot.
  12. I won 20 bucks from the lottery yesterday, so I'm already feeling great.
  13. Congrats, don't worry about how hard or easy the course was, just enjoy it.
  14. I'm speachless. If one is putting with that, I wonder what they are using for golf "balls"
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