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  1. The fact that most of this thread is a discussion about P Reed’s* embedded ball on Saturday is it’s own commentary on P Reed*. The “IDGAF what anyone thinks” clown invites controversy every single time he plays in a tournament. My only experience seeing P Reed in person was at a Monday practice round at the Masters in 2016. We saw a ton of players that day and every one of them was in a threesome playing their way around the course. 99% of the players were done with their practice round by 4:00 pm. We were making our way towards the exit at the end of the day and d
  2. Ok, now he’s really screwing with me.
  3. My friend has a sick sense of humor. For the past year or so, both of us have become fans of mocking Bryson DeChambeau; mostly because we think he’s a giant toolbag. When Bryson huffs and puffs before hitting a drive we’ll text each other something like, “HULK SMASH!!!” When Bryson hits one in the woods we say, “HULK SAD!” When Bryson misses a putt we say, “HULK ANGRY!” Basically we enjoy mocking him because, well, he’s easy to make fun of. Anyway, he kept telling me he got me a Christmas present, and was all excited. He kept telling me it was delayed, and I was like
  4. So we tee off this morning behind a threesome. It’s cart path only, as we got a ton of rain yesterday. So when it’s cart path only I just walk. I think it’s more walking from the cart to your ball on every shot, versus down the fairway. Anyway, I’m walking down the 3rd hole, about 100 yards from the tee and there is a brand new AVX just sitting there. Cool! So I scoop it up and stick it in my pocket. We get to the 6th hole and same thing, a brand new AVX about 100 yards from the tee box. Cool! Another $4 nugget in my pocket. I’m walking towards the 13th green and notice a
  5. With regards to playing rounds solo, versus playing rounds with others, and not being able to post solo, I'll simply say that I play better solo, because I just hit the ball, and go to my next shot, and I don't have to pause and wait for anyone else to hit. So my tempo and rhythm are much better when playing solo (typically). Also, because you don't have to wait on anyone else to hit, or look for anyone else's lost balls, you aren't distracted from your own game. I believe the wait, and the distraction, and the pause between shots, waiting for others in your group to hit, is a HUGE factor i
  6. I lived in Leesburg, VA back in the early 2000's and had good experiences with both the VSGA and their VIP card. The past few years I have maintained a handicap through the FSGA's online handicap account, and it's the same as what you would get if you belonged to a local club, and it's identical through the GHIN mobile app and website, etc. I would imagine that the VSGA setup is the same as here in Florida via the FSGA. I've belong to a club in Georgia, and opted to move my GHIN account through my local club, and the only difference now is that my GHIN is maintained through the GSGA
  7. A friend told me there was a bunch of one-sided crap about his affairs with blondes from Vegas. Thanks, but I'll pass on National Enquirer style trash TV.
  8. It's hard to interpret through your post, but you are basing your opinion on just a couple of swings on a launch monitor, one with each club? There are lots of clubs that cost less than $1k per set. The problem right now is supply. I tried ordering a few PING irons and their current wait time for delivery is 3-4 months. Screw that. I'll be old and dead before getting those clubs. Speaking of PING, if you get fit for their irons, you can order one club at a time to soften the economic blow. And at $125 per club you can pick and choose what and when you want to get. I'd suggest t
  9. Gotta love Spaulding. A great balance to the most uptight judge in modern history.
  10. Well, it really wasn't nerves, it was borderline stupidity. The 11th hole is a par 5, where I ripped a drive down the middle, and then smoked a 4 wood to the front fringe in two. I essentially had an eagle putt to a back right pin. I overcompensated on the fringe putt and putted the ball off the back of the green, which left me with a devilish uphill chip back to the pin, which was tucked tighter than virgin ***** against the back of the green. So I've got to flop something and hope it stops and doesn't take the massive slope that will send the ball towards the front of the green. I a
  11. I keep score on my Garmin GPS watch, and it tells you how many over or under you are. But at that point it wasn't too hard for me to figure out. I had two bogeys and two birdies on the front nine, and made a nice up and down for par on 10 from the bunker. But yeah, I get where you are going with this. Ignorance is bliss they always say.
  12. When you work and work and work, and you go out and play and all that work seemingly evaporates on the first hole when you slice a drive into the bunker. Oh no, but it's not good enough to be in the bunker, it has to come to rest right over the back lip, so you can't even get your club on the ball without taking some ridiculously stupid swing. So you take your best swipe at it in the back of the bunker and you barely move the ball towards the front of the bunker. Now it's sort of resting to where the front lip will force you to play a really high lofted club just to get out of the bunke
  13. I'm bumping this because my battery died in my @PrecisionProGolfNexus rangefinder the other day, and I went onto their website and ordered a replacement battery. I've had this product for several years now and still swear by it. The lifetime battery replacement from the company is a huge difference to me. Spot on laser with distance, and even better value of a product with the free battery replacement. Probably the best club in my bag, as it never fails me.
  14. our course gets wet in the winter and muddy, and because it doesn't get all that hot, it doesn't really have a chance to dry out. So mudballs aplenty, and well, all of that. I've got a groove tube too, but I honestly won't go to that unless I get stuck behind the group in front of me. I literally don't have time to use it between shots. The guys I play with don't screw around on the course, and just go. So I clean the clubs and balls whenever I can sneak it. And in case you were thinking it, I think it's rude to be making noise cleaning clubs and balls when someone else is hitting or
  15. as always, follow the money.
  16. I wash all my golf towels on Monday, after a long weekend of abusing them with mud and dirt. If I play on Friday it's clean, but who knows what it looks like by Sunday.
  17. Yep, just like that commercial where the dude goes ballistic in the parking lot, throwing his bag and trashing his clubs, while his 3 buddies look on silently. They eventually get in the van, and temper tantrum dude goes, "So, same tee time tomorrow?" And it depends on how you define "clean". I often dip my towel in the club wash bin to wet it down, where everyone coming off the range dips their clubs in the water to clean them off. I really don't care, considering the sole purpose of the towel in non-summer months is to clean off my clubs and balls after they get dirty. So what if
  18. Well ironically, I sold so many clubs last year that I left myself without a backup PW or GW. My only choice was to use my PING Eye 9 iron and PW that come from the set of irons I used in high school back in the 80's. Well, ok, I take that back. I had a backup, but discovered that the lofts on the PW and GW wouldn't work for the distances I needed, totally screwing me. And with a HUGE interclub tournament this weekend, and playing a short course, I am going to be wearing out a PW and GW. The timing of getting these Vokeys was absolutely perfect for me.
  19. Using my own examples. I ordered two new PING i210 wedges (PW and UW) on December 6th with custom specs, and after 3 weeks discovered it wouldn't be until March before the clubs came. So I cancelled the order. I then ordered two Vokey wedges that were in stock on closeout just last week that have already arrived and I have already tested them on the course and am really excited to be putting these two clubs into my bag and into play now. Oh, and a small bonus is that the Vokeys were $12 cheaper than the PING wedges, and came with free shipping and no tax from where I ordered them from.
  20. I paid $119 for these babies that came on Sunday. I wish I had bought them 2 years ago as my test round with them (hitting 3 balls with each for 9 holes) went great and I have extreme confidence from the distances I’ll hit these clubs from. Maybe I’m cheap but I can’t justify the price of an SM8 when these SM7s are so good. They are the best wedges I’ve ever owned and it’s not even close.
  21. From high school until 2005, which would be about 20 years, I used an old blade putter that my Dad gave me that has no brand. It was a POS, but it was free to me, and I was comfortable with it on the greens. I was working at a golf course in 2005 when I talked myself into getting a PING G5 B60 putter; mostly because they sold it to me at wholesale cost, which was like $87 or something like that. I used that one until a few years ago when I started to go crazy and swap out putters here and there. So I guess that's 12-13 years in the bag with that one. I bought a PING Sigma Stealth Tyne
  22. I need an extra long towel for the 15th hole at my course. That's about the time I need to throw it and call the match after I shank one into the woods. It's what I need when I can't take anymore of this insufferable game, and have had enough, and just throw in the towel and spend the last 4 holes suffering in misery as this game exacts more pain from me then I can tolerate for one round of golf.
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