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  2. I'd go with whatever was cheaper. Either place is good, golf wise, but you can probably save a ton of money passing on Pebble Beach. And honestly, if I had the time and the money, I'd just hit up all of these places, owned by these guys... https://dreamgolfresorts.com/
  3. Yeah, I even posted a thread about this (that no one read, but I digress).
  4. Honestly, all of this rewatch stuff has me reevaluating just exactly why I even need to bother paying for TV ever again. Between Pluto TV, which has a 24/7 channel devoted to straight PGA Tour highlights, and Redeem TV, as well as all of these free channel apps, I'm starting to like the odds of me just picking whatever costs me nothing to watch going forward.
  5. The poll doesn't really work for me, so I didn't respond. Mostly because neither option is what I would choose. I've played many rounds solo, and I've played many rounds with strangers, and I have no problem with either. I've also got a good group of fellow members at my club that I can hit up and get a game with almost any time. But playing with friends or other members has nothing to do with witnessing a hole in one, moreso then just enjoying each other's company and encouraging any of us to go low, and to be the best golfer we can be during that round. It's something I never really picked up on, until I was actually a member of a club. The relationships you form with the other members are priceless. They encourage you, and you encourage them, and it's great to see them every time you are ready to tee it off. While I've certainly played solo every now and then, there are definitely times when I've asked around for a game and no one could play, and I just opted not to play. Playing solo is good if you just want to work on your game, or you are doing something that involves hitting more than one shot, but playing solo is not something I would want to do very often, or with a majority of my rounds. And playing with total strangers is a crap shoot honestly. I used to walk up to the local muni and just asked to get paired up with whomever. I stopped finding that fun when some of the people I got paired up with had not picked up a golf club for more than a year, and were more interested in drinking beer and driving the cart, and listening to music in the cart, then they were in actually hitting a decent golf shot. It's not fun when these types of people are already hitting their 3rd shot before you actually get to where your drive landed.
  6. I was thinking of this poll in relation to what I would like to accomplish all the time. And if I can reach par 5s in two every time, I could in theory, reduce the par on the golf course to 68. I mean, that's the most meaningful accomplishment honestly - to be able to be Cameron Champ for a day.
  7. My last full 18, which was March 27th, I shot 44 on the front, and 37 on the back. I've had worse differentials, but lately I turn a crappy front nine into a major challenge to myself. Rather than just giving up, I stand on the 10th tee, and simply say to myself, "Just make a par on this hole Phillip, and stop f'ing around." Then, if I make par on that hole I go to the 11th tee and say the same thing over again. You'd be surprised though how one bad bogey or double bogey on an early hole can totally destroy your mental game. I've seen many guys double bogey the 2nd hole at our course (it's a double bogey factory, FYI), and they'll be walking off the green going, "well, I'm done for the day." I mean, come on, you've got 16 holes left to set some records with. Why let a single hole totally end your round mentally?
  8. So I've had a helluva month. Gall bladder surgery, which led to me having massive back pain a week ago Sunday through 16 holes of the first golf I had tried to play since gall bladder surgery on March 31st. I'm literally +1 through 15 holes (walked with my Sunday bag and 7 clubs, FYI), when I get to the 16th green and pow, there's goes the back. Could barely stand, couldn't lift a club, let alone swing it. I am D O N E, done. I limp off the golf course as best I can and head home, nearly in tears. I've visited the chiropractor 3 times since a week ago Sunday, and I'm still not ready for full time play. But we were bored out of our minds on Sunday, and the wife had never seen the golf course I play at, so we drove up, and while I was nowhere near ready to play a full round, I hit a few range balls, and then drove around the course to show her the layout. I opted to play the first two holes, and then all the par 3s, and then ended up playing the 18th hole as well. In my current condition, full swings with a driver is just not wise. I can still hit some irons, chips and putts, but I don't want to tempt fate with driver swings. But looking back at all of this, I went +1 a week ago Sunday, just playing the few holes I did with the wife with me. I pared everything, and the only bogey was a 3 putt on the par 5 2nd hole. And if you factor in that I had to quit after 16 holes the previous Sunday, and then I pared 17 & 18 the next Sunday, I was basically +2 for that 18 holes. I attribute the lower scores to several things. A) In my Sunday bag I just bring my 3 wood, no driver. I hit every fairway with the 3 wood, and actually had 3 birdies with just seven clubs. B) I'm swinging just a bit slower because of the back, so I have to wonder if swinging easier is helping me keep the ball on target. What's really strange about all of this is that I really am not worried about scoring right now, as I am just really hoping that my back holds up. So my mind is on my health, and just happy when I make solid contact with the ball. Now I'm not saying that any of this will translate to a full 18 in a competitive round, but I may be on to something here with swinging slower and putting the ball into play better.
  9. mggolf.com can't beat the prices, and they are as good as gloves with national brand names on them that you are paying for the name on. I just get 4 at a time and restock when I get down to my last one. Orders usually arrive within a few days. I do wear a rain glove when it gets above 90 degrees out, because you simply blow through regular gloves in the heat and humidity around this place, which is simply a waste of money on gloves then, and one rain glove lasts an entire summer.
  10. There's a whole other thread about this, but we are able to golf in both Florida and Georgia. I'm currently out with really painful back pain, and don't know when I'll resume playing. But if I was healthy I would be playing. The governor of New York is colossal asshat IMHO, but he's simply a reflection of his constituents, again IMHO.
  11. As I mentioned in the other thread, I prefer walking, except when it gets above 90 degrees. I'm in uncharted waters physically, and fear I may be riding in a cart going forward, versus not playing at all. We'll see how it goes.
  12. I prefer walking when possible, but having just gone through surgery, and now dealing with back pain that may put me out of the game for an extended period of time, I may not have a choice, but to ride in a cart going forward. I like walking, because it typically is cheaper, and it frees me up not to have to always go to my cartners ball as well as mine. I honestly think carts slow the game down. But with my physical condition currently being less than nominal, I'll opt for a cart, rather than not try playing at all. We'll see.
  13. https://pluto.tv/live-tv/pga-tour They show non-stop condensed highlights from past tournaments. Condensed as in, they remove all of the BS commentary and just show golf shots and putts, etc. Yeah, I know it's all old tournaments, but if you are looking to watch PGA Tour highlights for free, check it out. They have a Roku app as well if you want to stream on the big TV. FYI, Pluto has a TON of channels, pretty much anything you would want to watch, and it's all free. just FYI.
  14. I can relate to all of the Hallmark Channel jokes, but just a side note FYI for you dudes out there, check the cast in any one of those movies, and if Lacey Chabert is in the movie, you might want to tune in. Just mute the sound and wait for her to appear on screen. I don't think my wife has figured it out yet, but if you do a google image search on Lacey, you'll understand what I am talking about. Absolute smokeshow!
  15. You are spot on! What was it that they pimped that everyone thought it was the end all be all in driver technology? Jailbreak? What was it, not even 6 months till they added something else, and then 6 months until the next thing, and then the next, and now Mavrik is using AI to deliver better technology to a club and give you better performance than ever before? You gotta admire the folks at Callaway - they'll try anything if they think they can sell it. Heck, even the guys in the 2nd video mentioned that the Odyssey putter was only a couple of months old before they released the triple track Odyssey putter. And then they wondered if people would be able to contact Callaway and get a discount on the triple track, because essentially it was the same technology but with the new feature. LOL, yeah, good luck. But there is a part of me that has got me thinking, "hmmmm...maybe there is something to this." Mostly after watching these two videos. But honestly, it's like me putting here at home on my indoor putting mat. I can make like 20 in a row dead center of the cup from 8 feet. But put me on the real course, even on the putting green, and I struggle to make 2 of 5 from the same 8 feet (and yeah, I've got the video evidence to prove that BTW).
  16. Rick Shiels seems to like it. So does James Robinson
  17. How do you put "anything" "on your bag"? Do you have some sort of special adhesive? Do you have some adhesive for whatever it is that allows you to stick golf balls "on your pocket"? And what's a tittle? Is that some hot red headed chick with large boobs? Sorry man, but if you're gonna rant, at least do it grammatically correct.
  18. In 2017, the latest published statistics for deaths in the United States, 55,672 people died from the Flu. We are currently just over 26,000 deaths from COVID-19 in the United States. Do you see where I am going with this? Also, and I am not fact checking it, but I think your commentary on how this virus spreads is inaccurate, and overtly dramatic. My point being that there is more unnecessary fear driving this whole thing then actual facts and reality. There are many parts of this country where there isn't a single case of COVID-19. And some cases I have seen and read about list nursing homes where the majority of people there contracted the disease. Well, what's to say that they wouldn't have contracted the "regular" flu in the same fashion and died from it? Let's just relax a little bit and not go ballistic based on what I consider to be fear mongering by the people that run the national media that for the most part, derive their worldview based on what is happening in New York City, and a couple of other large cities. New York was FUBAR before COVID-19, and will be FUBAR long after COVID-19. Nothing will ever change that.
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