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  1. I'm roughly 1/2 club short across the board with the E12 Speed compared to the Vice Pro Soft.
  2. You missed the joke... by a country mile. Sent from my SM-G935V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  3. Not according to my wife. :-O Sent from my SM-G935V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  4. https://www.yahoo.com/news/masters-2019-tiger-woods-explains-204027433.html The real question is... does Tiger get special Tour Only gum? You know you want to know!!
  5. If I heard correctly, she gets an invite to the Champions Dinner as well. How cool would that be?? Sent from my SM-G935V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  6. Must say, that was one of the more entertaining events to watch this year. Happy for Conners. Hope one of the guys hooked him up with a ride to Augusta! (I'm sure they did). Sent from my SM-G935V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  7. A little update from my 9 hole scramble last night (sorry no photos). I played back and forth between the E12 Speed and Vice Pro Soft. I'm still able to tell a noticeable difference in feel with the E12 Speed feeling more firm across the board. Iron shots with the E12 Speed seemed to fly about 1/2 club short for me and my drives were about 8 yards shorter on average using my Swing Caddie SC100. Control was very similar with none of my shots really getting too far offline. Pitches and putts with the E12 Speed still come off hotter and with the really fast and firm greens, this was increased. We are getting some rain today through Sunday and the greens were just fertilized so I expect them to slow down a little bit as they transition back to normal. Also, I really want to call this the B12 instead of E12... just seems to make sense. So in any of my reviews, please ignore that potential mistake.
  8. Seems like we're seeing some of the same durability things... Interesting.
  9. So I actually received my E12 Speeds last week and have been able to put a couple of rounds on them. Instead of waiting 3 or so weeks for my full review, I will drop some quick reviews along the way to keep you up to speed (pun intended). My initial on course experience with these really didn't go all that well. I teed one up in our weekly Thursday 9 hole scramble. Our 1st hole was #3, a 558 yard par 5 with a tight tee shot, uphill over native area/water. Swing and low bullet right into the bank on the other side. Not a great way to start. Thankfully, we had a 74 year old on our team that got to hit from the other side. My next shot was a 5 wood from 225... again, low screamer with a hard duck hook. All I can say is both shots felt really, really bad. We get up to the green and are putting for eagle. I knock it inches from the hole and we ended up with birdie. Fast forward through the rest of the round where my use of the E12 Speed was a calamity of terrible shots. Crazy low, harsh feeling balls that really made me wonder if it was my swing or the ball or what?? So after 4 holes, I swapped to my Vice balls and instantly, my game was back. I finished the final 5 holes looking like I knew how to play golf. This really left me shaking my head. Could this ball be that bad a fit for me? I've never had a ball react like this based on the ball itself. Lots of questions... time to find some answers. I went out over the weekend and focused on the driving range. Trying to continue to get my swing back in form... last night after work, I played 9 holes with the E12 Speed and it was completely different. The ball came off the face as expected, irons shots got up ion the air... it wasn't completely the ball. Whew! That said, this ball still feels more firm than I like but it's not old school Top Flite hard. Irons shots seem to fly about 1/2 club short. Drives are slightly shorter but not too much, couple 5 or 6 yards at most. One really nice shot was a 5 wood on that #3 hole I previously mentioned... I hit the dang thing 235, high and straight. That's about 20 yards farther than I expect to hit my 5 wood. Also, this is not a perfectly straight ball. It will turn both left and right... but I could tell it didn't turn as much. So the cut 5 wood I hit on 6 that would have been across the path and into the deep rough, stayed short of the path and safely in play. I'm going to put these into play again tonight in the 9 hole scramble. Keep checking back for more updates and please share your thoughts and let me know what else you'd like to see from me! A few pics from last night: Just washing my balls... Tee shots on #1. You can barely see the Vice ball in the middle a few yards ahead. Both were well struck shots. My lie on #3 when I hit the 5 wood. Post 9 holes ball condition. A little more beat up than I expected. No trees or cart paths hit. 2 approach shots on #9 from 167. Both balls landed in basically the same spot and this was the result.
  10. Be sure to check out my initial thoughts upon receiving my E12 Speed balls here: Let me know what you think and what else you'd like to see.
  11. I was selected to test the new Bridgestone B12 Speed. This ball is considered “Distance Performance Class”. Per the Bridgestone website the B12 Speed is a “3-piece surlyn golf ball that delivers sidespin reducing performance, with explosive distance off the tee with a solid feel. Bridgestone’s proprietary new Active Acceleration Mantle layer is a key component of the 3-piece construction. The Active Acceleration Mantle is comprised of a new High Performance Polymer material that provides increased thrust and higher initial velocity at impact, while allowing Bridgestone to enhance the core for greater forgiveness and enhanced feel. Designed specifically for players with greater than 105 MPH driver swing speeds. The e12 SPEED utilizes Bridgestone’s Delta Wing Dimple pattern for less drag and optimized aerodynamics in the cover.” Lots of big words that basically sound to me like a 3 piece, hard cover ball that should fly straighter but still feel “soft”. If I sound skeptical, I am. I’ve not played a surlyn covered ball in many, many years as I’ve found them to feel hard and harsh. That said, if the feel is there and the ball flies straighter (as they claim), then I’m very interested. A little about me. I’m a 41 year old regular guy who works as an administrator in the healthcare field. A former college football player who took the game up my freshman year in college. Up until about 2 years ago, I played multiple times per week. Then I took over as president of our local classic car club and golf went away for 2 years. I made a decision to step down and play more golf again. My game isn’t where it was when I stepped away but everything is there… just have to find that consistency. I live in South Georgia. We normally golf year round here… unless it’s the 40 year flood which apparently is happening right now. For me, a golf ball needs to feel soft and it needs to help me with height and carry since I’m a low spin player. My current HDCP is 10.3 and dropping but I’ve been as low as a 4. My ball flight is a mid-low, penetrating flight, generally with a slight cut right to left (yes, I’m a lefty). My typical miss is hitting it heavy when I get too quick and move too much (dip my head/shoulder). Strengths of my game are putting and full irons. Weaknesses are partial iron/wedge shots and fairway woods off the deck, although this new 5 wood has been money. My current bag is as follows: Driver: TM 2017 M1 w/ DI-6S, 10.5* 5 wood: Callaway Rogue Sub Zero, Aldila Synergy 3 Hybrid: Callaway Rogue X, Aldila Synergy 5 Hybrid: Callaway Rogue X, Aldila Synergy Irons 5-PW: Srixon Z565, Miyazaki 8S 6554 GW 50*, SW 55* & LW 58*: Ping Glide 2.0 w/ stock steel shafts. Putter: Big Oak Havana or Slighter Custom (both 33”) Ball: Vice Pro Soft (matte yellow) - decided to try this ball because of the promise of tour quality for a good price. After doing the online fitting and some research, the Pro Soft became my ball of choice. So what is it about golf that I enjoy? There is something special about a game where you play by yourself, call penalties on yourself, and the only one who know if you’re honest are you and God. It’s a game where you can go out on a late afternoon, alone, and simply enjoy the fresh air or you tee it up at 6:45 in the morning with 3 buddies and challenge each other for best score. No matter how you play on any given day, there is always that one shot you hit that you know was perfect… and it keeps you coming back to find a way to replicate that shot over and over. First Impressions The balls arrived and when I pulled them out of the box the first thing that struck me was this ball is bright white. I’ve been playing the Vice Pro Soft which is a matte finish and the brightness of the glossy finish on this ball is impressive. First thing I did was the “bite test”. The cover is not as hard as I was expecting. It’s not as soft feeling as the Vice to me, but it’s not a rock. I also did the same an unidentified test ball from Titleist and the B12 felt extremely similar to the Titleist. The dimples on all 3 balls were similar as well… shallow would be the best way to describe them. I like the “B” logo as opposed to the older “Bridgestone” logo they used to put on balls and the overall finish is of very high quality unlike some other balls of this level I’ve played in the past. A quick trip to the putting green revealed that while it’s not as hard as I was expecting, it’s “firmer” feeling than my Vice balls. Putts seem to come off the face faster and roll out a little more. Nothing uncontrollable, just more than I’ve been accustomed to. Pitches come out lower and hotter and there doesn’t seem to be any stopping this ball with spin. As far as my plan for testing… I’m plan to play the snot out of these balls until they wear out or decide to go swimming. I will spend lots of time at our practice facility putting, chipping, and pitching with these and put them head to head with not only the Vice Pro Soft, but the Cut Blue and Pro V1x. I’ve also got approval from the pro to spend some on course time hitting multiple shots from 200, 150, and 100 yards with each to see how they react. I’ll use this ball during our weekly 9 hole Thursday scramble and play it in my regular weekend rounds. As I said before, I’m skeptical about how much I will like this ball simply because of the cover material. Stay tuned for my full review and see if Bridgestone can make a believer out of me.
  12. *know Just sayin' trollin'. LOL
  13. Have fun... swing it and ding it!
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