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  1. Well - here's where I'm at: Let's say for the sake of arguement that TM have a really sloppy QC and have a failure rate of 1 set in 100. (TM sell a lot of sets and unsurprisingly - they don't, of course, but bear with me). If one set fails at a statistic of 100/1 followed by another at 100/1 and then a third at 100/1 - all to the same guy in succession - that gives a probability of 1000000/1. In other words, highly unlikely. On the other hand, if you play golf long enough you get to see and hear of plenty of weird things that happen for no reasonable explanation and these tend to go down as anecdotal folklore. Golf balls hitting birds in flight? Happens all the time. Consecutive holes in one? Been done on several occasions. The more I talk to golfers over the years, the more stories I hear and the more the yarns they tell, the more they seem like fishermans stories of bizarre twists of fate and/or luck. The likeness to the old story of a fisherman reeling in a fish, which got eaten in the process by a bigger fish - and then in turn eaten by a shark - are remarkable. The point is - it's not impossible, nor is it completely implausible. But if you've been around long enough to know what you know - you can make you own mind up. I think it's fair to say that enough time has been given to reasons why ferrules creep and the remedial actions to take - and other sound advice.
  2. I seriously doubt that the same issue from one OEM - in this case TM - across 3 different product lines (M2, M4 and SIM2) would all suffer the same failure. Unless they're clone knock offs of course. I hate to call BS - but....
  3. The odd birdie or two seems to be a luxury item lately...
  4. Meh - I'll just carry on using the Bridgestone Tour B RXS.
  5. Found it... https://mygolfspy.com/2021-golf-ball-survey-results/
  6. Yes - but you can tell the diiference in firmness between one ball and another right? Isn't that 'feel'?
  7. Personally, I'd like to see a breakdown of what percentage of factors goes into purchasing a golf ball. Most likely it's (from high to low): 1. Branding 2. Price point 3. Performance (?) 4. Feel For my money, it should be the reverse order. What say you folks?
  8. What I'm saying is that there are plenty of 'premium' golf balls out there that don't get a second look from me because they don't feel right off the putter. Once it fails this basic go/no go test - why bother evaluating it any further? Most touring pros will tell you the same thing - if it feels OK then it's a good start. Most high index players could certainly benefit from a better feeling ball around the greens that are far from premium priced but feel just as good. If you like to putt with a rock just because you think it can eek out a few extra yards from your duffed tee shot, then knock yourself out. For the majority of players (who as we've established are around the the index as per your graphic) too much emphasis is placed on distance which is only achieveable (compared to another ball regardless of dimples or construction) if it is struck precisely enough to be worth counting as 'significant'. That would be less than justifiable to be worth considering as a factor in selecting a golf ball. But a simple 'putt' test? Worth every penny of whatever price point you choose. Sound resonable?
  9. On the other hand, the golf ball is the only piece of equipment you use for every shot - making it a pretty important factor. If you are looking at variables however, then nothing is more variable than human input - even really good ball strikers will likely never repeat a shot with the same level of accuracy as another. If you're looking at noticeable performance differences, you'd better be certain that the weakest link in the chain isn't the person swinging the club. And no ball in the world is going to help with a lack of ability - but it can make the differene in the way you perceive how it feels - even with a simple 3ft putt. But alas, 3ft putts are not a big selling point of most golf balls.
  10. Summer is here so it can only mean...blades are back! Mizuno holds onto No.1 spot, Titleist woods win, Cleveland wedges are solid, Ping putter edges SC out. Driver - Titleist 915D3 10.5 Grafalloy Prolaunch Red S 3 wood- Titleist 915F 15 Grafalloy Prollaunch Red S 5 wood - Titleist 910F cranked to 20.5 Diamana Blue S Irons - Mizuno JPX900 Tour 4-PW S300 Wedges - Cleveland RTX3 50V-MG, 54V-LG & 58V-LG S200 Putter - Ping Jas Anser Wti wrx ...for now anyway...:D
  11. JLP Petit Caballero - very nice Cuban on a budget.
  12. If they're already installed in iron heads (?) the chanes are you don't need any tip trim if they're built to flex. PX were originally sold in discrete sets that didn't need any tip trim (even in .370" parallel) as they are a constant weight shaft. Butt codes should read thus: Project X - Parallel 6850 41.5-37 Project X 5.0 - Parallel 6868 41.5-37 Project X 5.5 - Parallel 6860 41.5-37 Project X 6.0 - Parallel 6878 41.5-37 Project X 6.5 - Parallel 6888 41.5-37 Project X 7.0 - Parallel
  13. AVX ticks that box - if you get a chance, give a try.
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