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  1. It's probably the plastic tip covers (sometimes blue?) that TM uses to prevent epoxy going up the shaft during assembly. You could probably blast it out with a bit of torch heat and dig it out with a sharp point, or drill it out cold if you have .370" hosel (probably).
  2. A lot would depend on how you want them to play out in terms of flex and playing length - as a general rule, start with small increments as you obviously can't go back if you trim too much. If you have an 8 piece set as pictured, start with no tip trim for your longest iron and check the frequency relative to how you normally perceive "stiff" for a 4-iron you would need to be looking in the 320-325 cpm range- if all OK you can then trim in 0.5" increments (max) until your get to your shortest iron. If too weak to flex, trim 0.25" on the longest and check again - follow the same trimming increm
  3. Wouldn't it be a lot easier to use the correct electrolysis process to strip chrome and replace with the desired finish (dull or matt chrome can be applied)? All you are doing is abrasively removing a layer of metal. The hard way.
  4. Yikes - ANOTHER hollow iron? Maybe Taylormade were really onto something 30 years ago when the ICW's first came out? Seriously though - some dang fine looking irons. Let's hope they don't hit moon balls like the i500's..
  5. Work on the stuff you do before you even hit a ball - the fundamentals: Grip - neutral, it will mimic the club face. Stance - correct spine angle Ball position - correct impact zone Alignment - the ball goes where you aim it! If you can't replicate these for each shot, you can never hope to be consistent. Your pre-shot routine will become your destiny - ignore it at your peril.
  6. Funny you should say that....cigars just don't like the cold weather.
  7. I would say get fitted properly. I'm not really sure why you would want a 52 degree wedge when your set AW is 50 degrees anyway - and quite high in bounce too. Throwing a blanket statement like "the shaft is the problem' sounds daft if you haven't eliminated any other obvious variables. But if you want to experiment on your own - crack on.
  8. TT has made literally hundreds of shafts that are no longer in production. They also made shafts through the PFC (performance fitting centre) and even acquired Accra I think.
  9. 10 shafts would equate to 1 iron through to PW. Using the ubiquitous TT trim code iH1 for standard bore insertion: 1 = 0 2 = 0.5" 3 = 1.0" 4 = 1.5" 5 = 2.0" 6 = 2.5" 7 = 3.0" 8 = 3.5" 9 = 4.0" PW = 4.25" I'm guessing each shaft has a raw length of 39"-40"? Butt trim to desired playing length. Done.
  10. Not sure what you want? The Tour average smash for wedges in the 54-56 degree range is 0.93 - that's pro level with a premium ball. So your 1.0 for a 52 wedge (?) is about right. Since you didn't reveal the actual yardages gaps either...what are you looking for? Other than getting properly fit?
  11. Diamond Crown Julius Caeser Robusto. Decidedly average...
  12. A simple change in ball position or tee height could be a revelation if you go to see a pro. It's a lot simpler than reaching for a solution by applying your own guesswork - in that the inert object (in this case the shaft) is the root cause of the problem. A quick tip for any budding self-fitters out there: eliminate the variables first. That means once you are certain one element is functioning OK, it can be discarded as the cause. So before you even start your backswing, make sure the fundamentals are in place - that means (and I know it sounds boring) grip, stance, ball position
  13. Sampler of Swag robustos arrived - so one might get a puff if the sun comes out...
  14. It all depends what you're trying to match. If you like the idea of ascending weight from long iron to short irons as the Ping AWT offer, then your choices on a graphite equivalent at the same weight and profile are rather limited. If you can find them (?) the Mitsubishi Tensei AV White AM2 would be close, but the cost would be off putting - and perhaps challenge the idea of the cost of getting fitted to what you want again. https://www.mca-golf.com/products/av-white-am2-irons
  15. Isn't this the reason for the hybrid bag? Capable of being cart, push or carry compatible. Eg: Titleist hybrid 14 or Taylormade flex tech hybrid. Clubs in the wrong direction? Take them out and insert into the slot that suits. Putter well could be the exception - not a deal breaker IMO.
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