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  1. The whole 'bifurcation' and roll back discussion is an age old discussion that can probably date back to the 1960's - when a few of the more powerful players could easily out drive anybody else on a given day. Fast forward to today and little has changed - apart from golf courses themselves which a far too manicured for their own good. With regards to the debate then and now - lengthening courses and restricting golf balls has the same effect - it still gives the longer players the same advantage. It still doesn't take into acount the amount of 'average' hitters would have picked up major wins and the amount of 'above average' hitters who miss cuts. It's an issue that doesn't need fixing nor does it need an 'fix' that plays into the hands of the very same palyers who the ruling bodies claim to have some sort of an unfair advantage. Same equipment for all, otherwise it isn't golf as I know and grew up playing it. Sure, it woulf be great to see tour pros of today using 42" steel shafted wooden headed divers with balata balls - but the game has moved on since then and so has everyone else who tees it up on a casual basis who abide by the same set of rule rules as everyone else in the world. The elephant in the room is still talent - some have it more than others and that's the way it always has been since whenver golf was invented.
  2. If you've been playing Mizuno for a while, it's hard to find anything that beats them for feel and quality at a reasonable price point. I'd suggest a trip down to Bearwood Lakes for a fitting session: https://www.bearwoodlakes.co.uk/the-course/coaching-and-fitting/ It's a Performance Fitting Centre which is a plus and the swing DNA system takes a lot of the BS out of shaft selection. Loads of options and great bunch of guys. Alternative Performance Fitting Centres can also be found here: https://mizunogolf.com/uk/custom-fit/performance-centres/
  3. The AV Raw basically takes the concept from the previous Tensei series and stiffens up the tip profile further. The downside is the weight goes up slightly from like for like previous specs. On the plus side, the feel is not sacrificed by the increase in tip stabilty, and there are more TX rebar flex options if you are a high ball speed / fast tempo player. The see thru butt section makes it look rather stunning to show the metalised fiber weave as well. One for fashion conscious ball crusher.
  4. The best golf tip is that there aren't really that many good golf tips - but you have to listen to an awful lot of golf tips until you find that out... Seriously though, there will always be golf balls, golf clubs and golf courses - the only downside is one day there won't be another day, so enjoy it while you can.
  5. I guess the 3 biggest mistakes are measure, measure and measure. Tip sizes, bore sizes, butt width - don't take anything as written - measure it. Head weight, shaft weight, grip weight, any weight - measure it. Length, loft, lie, bounce, offset, face angle - measure it. As for flex, cpm, bend point, etc - oh boy....don't make me explain it again.
  6. As a general rule of thumb, hard-stepping a shaft once makes it 1/3 stiffer in flex. To get to the next flex category (ie Regular in this case) you would effectively need to hard step 3 times (ie using for example the 8-ron shaft in the 5-iron) which would mean you will be found wanting for more shafts in the lower irons. The other problem is length if these existing shafts have previously been trimmed to length for their respective iron#. If tip trimming to get the flex to where you need to be, you run into problems with the available parallel tip section you may have and with a weight as you lose it with the trimming. These are just some of the issues you may encounter when considering a hard-step. For this very reason - and for the same reason shafts come in different flex categories in the first place - I always say get the right weight, length and flex shaft in the first place and build a set accordingly. If you try to make something out of something it wasn't really intended to be in the first place, you get problems. The takeaway is if you want Regular, buy Regular - not Soft Regular.
  7. Saddened to hear the news of Tom Weiskopf's passing aged 79. That swing - a thing of beauty. RIP Tom.
  8. If you hit every club in your bag high, the chances are it's not going to to cured by a shaft change. This is probably one of the most common self-diagnosis for high ball hitting high handicappers, because they think a stiffer, 'low spin-low launch' shaft will be a silver bullet for their problem. It won't. Go and see a pro and get them to look at your swing first before making any further decisions on what is or isn't the right equipment. So-called 'fitters' who recommend one product on the basis of a few swings are basically no different to you guessing what is a good fit either. Don't try to work it out for yourself, because you will ultimately waste time and money and end up with frustration. if you play golf on a golf course, which is near where you normally play, or where you travel to play, there will be a professional to help you. Personally, I don't buy the 'there's no one near me' excuse because it basically states that you can't be bothered to make the effort to find the answer.
  9. Just dropped the venerable Titleist 975F 20.5 degree back into the bag - ousting a 2021 Mizuno CLK 3H. The old 975 is just money at the moment.
  10. https://mygolfspy.com/review-dynamic-gold-dg-pro-iron-shafts/ The write up on the DG Pro is pretty good. Comparing DG to PX has been done to death really and if you don't know either shaft and it's profile, you really don't know golf. A simple trip to any club fitting (and DON'T tell me there isn't one anywhere near you in the continent of Northern America) will make it easy to compare these two shafts which are still the two most popular iron shafts worldwide by a significant margin. Period.
  11. If that someone has a set of Callaway bore thru irons with cross cut shaft tips it'll probably ruin your day
  12. Not many! It used to be Grafalloy Prolaunch Red in driver, 3wood and 3H and then Dynamic Gold for everything else - even the putter. Fast frorward to now and it's Hzardus Smoke RDX Black in driver and 3 wood, Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue in 3H and same DG in everything else.
  13. Grafalloy Prolaunch Red Original. Pure stability in motion and a nice tip stiff profile makes for ideal numbers for me on the trajectory I like to play for links golf. The only thing that comes close is HZADUS Smoke RDX Black which is also on my current rotation depending on head/loft in play.
  14. I think the generic flared tip was 0.382" but Acushnet made quite a few different Bullseye models with subtle differences (at least 20) so depending on what is stamped on the putter, it could be an odd size. But 0.382" flared tip is a good bet.
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