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  1. Thanks you, this is very well laid out. As someone who has done reviews, I will also join in with the assertion, "That they are work". The latest for me has been challenging, more so due to personal life issues, than actual product. I also recognize the importance for timely reviews, and since I have only finished and posted half the review, I have decided, I would not put my name in the ring this year for any other review. I enjoy being part of this group, both reading posts, and participating. One other note to that I do not remember reading. If you are selected, plan on spending some $$ on the review. I was going to change out the shaft and grip on the 3I at some point, but the club pushed me along faster. In the end, you want to make it yours, not some generic repost from the website.
  2. When I picked up the club, I ask if he had any thoughts on where it broke and why. He felt there was a flat spot that caused weakness. So there was some sort of damage done under the grip, just not sure where or how.
  3. My thoughts, prayers, and support coming your way. I know the feeling of loosing your dad. Just happened last December for me.
  4. Picked up the club after work yesterday. Here is the new look. Can't wait to get back out and try it. If only the rain and cold would stop.
  5. so is there other weights, or options to this putter? It looks as though the black portion could be removeable.
  6. I think my mom washed my baby brothers diapers in that stream about 50 years ago. Great time and wonderful looking family.
  7. Don't know how or where. I've hit several hundred balls into the net this winter, and spring. Club just rested in my bag otherwise . Sent from my SM-A102U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  8. So to the MGS community, I would like to apologize for the unfinished review and the amount of time past the initial club selection. Today I was finally able to get out on the course and try the club out. It was misty rain and high 40's so I knew the club distance would be 10-15 yds shorter than ideal weather conditions. The first hit was pure and according to my Garmin 191 yds. So that gave me encouragement that all the shutting into the net in my garage was going to pay off. Then, the incredible happened. Starting out of my back swing I heard a crack and the club folded in my hands. Has anyone ever had this happen? Sent from my SM-A102U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  9. Thank you for this. I now feel VERY GOOD about my game.
  10. Spent an hour a so in my indoor range last night, and maybe again tonight. Wish I had about 10ft more in the garage to be able to hit driver. I have been going through my set up, almost mechanically trying to make it a natural event. When I take the extra time, the ball striking is always spot on. Contacted a few of the local ranges, that also offer lessons. Seems the ground is so wet many either haven't opened, or recently closed back down.
  11. I was waiting for that one. I learned my lesson already. Here we are all Green as in grass, and White as in ball, and silver as in club.
  12. Prayers for you my friend. I have been mulling over old photos from my youth with my dad these past few months. Been very good therapy.
  13. That is awesome for her. Hopefully she won't tell you 3/4 of the way into it, she found her soul mate and is staying there.
  14. Tough not knowing sometimes more than knowing. I had a tumor removed 30 years ago, and the doctors all said to plan on Chemo and Radiation. Then 3 days later they came back and said all clear. It was benign. Prayers going your way for sure.
  15. Hello Fellow MGS family, This is KK coming at you from the wonderful city of Columbus, OH. My name is Tim and I am a high handicapper. Last year saw little golf so my pursuit to lower my handicap was put on hold. When the pandemic hit I was on the downward track to a 14, but I fear I will start this year off higher. I was fitted for irons a couple of years that was part of this journey I am on. Because of several things that were well out of my control, this review is extremely late, and for that I would like to profoundly apologize. I have struggled finding a club to fit between my driver and my 5 iron for sometime now. I currently do not have a 3 wood, as I have a horrible time hitting them off the fairway, and my Cobra Hybrid also struggles in that department. Off the tee there is no problem, just of course; distance. I was hoping that the 3 Iron from Ben Hogan Golf would help to decrease that gap. I have found the area of most lost shots for me is between the second and third shots on the course. This would also provide for me a better choice on par 4’s, where a driver would not fit. I have been playing golf with a purpose for about 10 years now. Before that it was when I could get a round in or to be the comedy relief for a sales person with their customer. So let’s get to this review. My first impression of the iron was Stylish, and sleek. It has a very distinct look to it, that I hope will match in the ball striking category. The only thing that I am not sure of is the grip. It feels thin, and my become an issue down the road. “Our new UiHi utility irons make the process a whole lot easier. These clubs -- pronounced “You-Eye-High” -- feature a two-piece forged, hollow-body construction which produce higher launch angles, longer carry and more forgiveness -- on both center and off-center hits.” “Our engineers designed the UiHi utility irons so you can take an easier, more controlled swing … like the one you use with shorter irons that you are more comfortable hitting.” “The key lies in UiHi’s two-piece, multi-material forged construction. We started with a soft, 1020 carbon steel frame to create a larger clubhead with a deep cavity. The deep cavity allowed our R&D team to optimize weight distribution around the perimeter. This creates a very low, rearward Center of Gravity (CG) to help get the ball airborne quickly and maximize the size of the Effective Hitting Area. Our engineers added more weight to toe area, too, to eliminate lag and help ensure the face is squared at image. The face is forged is made of MS300 steel … an incredibly strong, hard and lightweight material. This enabled us to make it exceptionally thin so that more discretionary weight could be positioned in other places to add more forgiveness. Once the face is laser-welded to the softer 1020 carbon steel forged frame the result is a hollow-bodied, confidence-inspiring shaped and solid-sounding clubhead with a low-and-deep CG, maximum perimeter weighting, and loads of forgiveness.” These are the statements from the Ben Hogan website, and what I will use a reference to this review. The club is clean, and very “pro” looking. The club looks like something you would see in a PGA tour players bag. Grading 8 out of 10 Sound and Feel when ball striking, Due to the weather the only ball striking I have been able to do is indoors. What I have found is that the clubs strikes the ball very clean. Even on most mis hits,( within the grooves) the ball still feels the same coming off the club. I have found that the hits outside of the groove area are not as forgiving. For example; I could hit the ball very close to the bottom of the club head and not see a typical “topping” of the ball. If you hit near the toe, or heel the ball will squirt out in that direction. That would equate to bad ball flight on the course I would believe. I like the sound. To me it is clean and crisp and what the ball strike should sound like. I have posted a clip for sound in the thread already should someone what to hear the sound. I believe this “good feel” will lead to better striking on the course and for me what I need to fill that gap. Grading 8 out of 10 Now to the Meat of the review, the performance I have set up a hitting cage in my garage that allows me to get a full iron swing, and there is about 8 ft from where the ball is stuck to the net. I use a pad with a low turf and a medium height rubber tee. The first thing that stands out is the grip. I feel that this is almost as important as any other feature of a club. If you don’t feel good holding it, you won’t feel good swinging it, and you will end up not playing it. Even with a glove, the grip has caused discomfort to my hand. That would be the first thing to be changed long term. Separating out the “mishits” from the solid strikes, I began to see a pattern. No matter where on the club face I hit, and no matter how fast the swing, all the balls traveled the same line. The trajectory was between 22 inches, and 26 inches in 8 ft. That is about a 14 degree launch angle, which is slightly below the 18 degree loft of the club. Fo me that could turn out to be a good thing. I would expect the ball to runout farther after landing on the fairway, and also give me better control with miss hits. I am not sure the club is as forgiving in totality, as the initial thoughts were. I have not been able to find the center of the head hitting off the matt, as I have from the tee. What I find the most interesting is that the launch height is pretty much the same off the tee or matt. Initially I had only a net, but added a blanket to the front of the net to be able to better see where the ball was hitting, and I have hit several hundred balls into it this winter. Based on the performance and feel I experienced, I think I would change out the shaft to match my other clubs and put a mid, or maybe even thicker grip on the club. Grading 15 out of 20 Since I have yet to get on the course I want to refrain from finalizing the review score. But I will tell you that I really like the club, and I feel very strongly about it becoming my between club that I was looking for. Now that the courses are beginning to open around me, I will play a few rounds as is to either confirm my thoughts, or change them. If I change anything on the club I will keep you posted and Once I have some on course time, I will return to finish this review. TTFN
  16. I'll try to fix the problem when I submit my review. Not been a good few months here for me.
  17. attached is video for sound purposes. I think it tells the story of what a ball being hit by the club sounds like. I know there have been discussions about feel and sound. Hope this helps. https://studio.youtube.com/video/4qScxmQ9Yxo/edit
  18. Happy Monday, I'm counting on you mr. Groundhog Sent from my SM-A102U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  19. My dad was 85. Sent from my SM-A102U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  20. Oh,that is horrible. Water damage is worse than anything. Hooe it doesn't require much drywall and insulation replacement Sent from my SM-A102U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  21. Still need a screen and dark side covering. Have garden furniture pillows on the one side. The practice net was a cheap one from Walmart. You can see a hole where it didn't stop anything. Part of my test area for the 3I Not pretty, but effective Also working on my putting stroke Sent from my SM-A102U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  22. So, I'm well behind the 8ball with this review. putting aside all the family stuff, I am now into "review mode" I read the first reviews, and I will have to agree. It appears the 3I will not be a high flight risk. I do spend a great amount of time in the woods, so low ball flight might be just what the doctor ordered. We shall see. Sent from my SM-A102U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  23. Prayers of support coming your way. Tough to watch, and ccx experience. Sent from my SM-A102U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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