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  1. See if you can get current reviews about Riverview. I was told conditions had gone down considerably this year. As stated above Morgan Hill is challenging. Good luck either way.
  2. Les / Scotch Plains, NJ / USA Odyssey Stroke Lab One Tyne 3
  3. Les / NJ 15.6 Cleveland Launcher HB 145
  4. Les New Jersey TaylorMade White Smoke IN-74 Fronline Elevado Slant Neck
  5. Les/New Jersey Handicap - 14.6 Current irons in Play - Cleveland Launcher HB The carry distance of the your 7 iron - 145 Whoever is lucky enough to win will be testing a great set of irons from a great company.
  6. I've had the HBs 5 - PW for about 8 months. Only regret I have is that I didn't get 4 - PW, an error that will be corrected in the next few weeks. It took a while to get used to lining them up square, but now I love em.
  7. Les - NJ Current putter - alternating between Odyssey Havok and Rossie Right hand I like the feel of the Rossie but the rounded back and 3 sight lines makes it difficult for me to focus. The Havok's shape is more rectangular and is more appealing to my eye. I find the 370 gram head to be a bit heavy and the 3 dot sightline doesn't work for me. The slightly lower head weight and the single sight line looks like it might be exactly what I have been looking for.
  8. Actually the reviews of the Launcher HBs on this forum were very influential in my purchase of them the end of last season. The reviews were very detailed and subsequent feedback I got after the purchase was very helpful.
  9. Les from New Jersey. Currently use Sun Mountain 3/4 sleeve rain jacket. No rain pants, put on too much weight for the ones I had. Got caught in a summer storm a few years ago furthest point from the clubhouse. Thunder, lightning and torrential downpour. Had to hide in an extremely dense forest area to avoid the lightning. Didn't have rain gear with me, that will never happen again.
  10. Played 9 yesterday close to 40* and windy. If straight is your primary goal, these are your irons. Took me a while to get used to the face alignment, but other than that they were a good choice for me.
  11. Sitting here waiting for the first monster storm of 2019 to hit the NE. November, most of December and all of January have either been extremely wet or cold. Was just getting really used to the HB Launchers in the few nice days we had in December. Waiting for some warm 35+* weather. They do have wide bottoms but are definitely not hybrids. Although not the longest irons out there they do what I wanted, very forgiving eliminating many of the thins and the fats.
  12. Played last week during a warm but very wet day. Have to pay attention to clubface to make sure it is square not open. Conditions were poor but iron play is improving. Unfortunately, I am watching the snow fall with almost 3 inches down already. Don't know when I will be able to play. Monitoring of the irons will be on hold for now.
  13. Finally had some decent weather today and played in an outing. Was very impressed with the HBs. Slight misses only lost marginal distance or were off line minimally. They are very forgiving and solid feeling. It seems that the problems I was having with them early on was what appeared to be a square clubface to me actually wasn't. I have never been a fan of hybrids and don't consider these a set of hybrid irons. They do have wide bottoms but they are and play like irons not hybrids. All in all I feel a lot better about my recent purchase and will provide a more detailed update after anothe
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