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  1. About 20 years ago we were playing on a cold winter day. The weather had been well below freezing for several weeks. We were on a dogleg left par 5 and I hit a good tee shot and went for the green in 2. The ball faded too much and landed on a frozen pond about 5 feet from the edge. After trying to establish that the ice was thick enough to stand on, I asked my playing partner to stand close by to hand me a club to pull me out in case the ice broke. I was lucky and hit my pitch shot onto the green and birdied the hole.
  2. I used a Sun Mountain 4 wheel microcart for quite a few years. In order to keep from destroying golf bags I got the Sun Mountain Sync bag, which is made for their push carts. I recently got a C-130 bag as a gift and am also looking at getting a different push cart. My friends that have 3 wheel carts seem to be exerting a lot less effort than I do pushing the cart. I will continue to follow this thread with the hopes of the OP comes up with a 3 wheel solution for this specific bag.
  3. 9-10 weeks if I recall correctly. G425 irons 5-PW -1/2" blue dot.
  4. G425 irons 5-pw blue dot alta graphite r -1/4" took 9 1/2 weeks.
  5. I ordered G425 irons -1/4" Blue dot it took 9.5 weeks.
  6. Personally I have had the most success using Danny Maude's chipping technique.
  7. See if you can get current reviews about Riverview. I was told conditions had gone down considerably this year. As stated above Morgan Hill is challenging. Good luck either way.
  8. Les / Scotch Plains, NJ / USA Odyssey Stroke Lab One Tyne 3
  9. Les / NJ 15.6 Cleveland Launcher HB 145
  10. Les New Jersey TaylorMade White Smoke IN-74 Fronline Elevado Slant Neck
  11. Les/New Jersey Handicap - 14.6 Current irons in Play - Cleveland Launcher HB The carry distance of the your 7 iron - 145 Whoever is lucky enough to win will be testing a great set of irons from a great company.
  12. I've had the HBs 5 - PW for about 8 months. Only regret I have is that I didn't get 4 - PW, an error that will be corrected in the next few weeks. It took a while to get used to lining them up square, but now I love em.
  13. Les - NJ Current putter - alternating between Odyssey Havok and Rossie Right hand I like the feel of the Rossie but the rounded back and 3 sight lines makes it difficult for me to focus. The Havok's shape is more rectangular and is more appealing to my eye. I find the 370 gram head to be a bit heavy and the 3 dot sightline doesn't work for me. The slightly lower head weight and the single sight line looks like it might be exactly what I have been looking for.
  14. Actually the reviews of the Launcher HBs on this forum were very influential in my purchase of them the end of last season. The reviews were very detailed and subsequent feedback I got after the purchase was very helpful.
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