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  1. Ok, well when they started up the fitter would actually come to you to get fitted. Now they have fitting events and in the UK they're always free to attend. If you want me to ask at the HQ - let me know as I don't mind Or you can go join my giveaway and maybe get a free Ping
  2. The club charges them 150 PER PERSON?
  3. Just doing a giveaway on my insta if anyone wants to enter
  4. I can reach out to PXG and see if I can help? I bought so much stuff from them that I believe they would make an exception... PM me if you want.
  5. So, 10 yards longer carry vs 0811X Gen1. 400 revs less spin. 109 swing speed, 1.46-1.51 smash factor (a lil under the weather!) ~9 degree launch, 1900-2100 spin, longest carry was 265 with 15 yards rollout. Funnily enough with the TPT swing speed went down to 106 (tho they use the changable shaft adapters, and it put the SW to D7, then had to tinker with the head weight). And the ball speeds stayed the same. AND Its the same story with Gen1 vs Gen2 - the 109 swing is ~3/4mph slower than my Gen1 and i’ve not lost any ball speed.
  6. Not sure I can reveal what I’ve been told after a few whiskeys, but they sell a fck ton of equipement already. I’m not in the industry so no idea how many clubs Honma / Miura is shifting but PXG is selling A LOT.
  7. I've been playing PXG irons since release. There are for sure other irons I could be playing... Somewhere... That I haven't found. But with my toe strikes nothing is as forgiving and still feels good. If you get a chance - go hit them and you may fall in love.
  8. Hmm, maybe can do it even today side by side as I'm heading to my fitting studio later today... Hmmm, let's see
  9. The numbers comparing to 0811 0811x gen1 are on a different level. At least for me.
  10. lol you beat me to it by 1 minute
  11. So, had a chance to play them for the past month or so. When I brought it back to the UK with me I went playing at a links course (Burnham & Berrow) and drove a 288 par 4 into 45mph wind (and yes I have it on video - a loooong drive :) , also have the missed eagle put;) ). It was obvious the club stays in the bag. As much as I liked their hybrids before, the woods were a bit of a sore point with the gen1 either not sounding / feeling great, this one is a winner. I may not be the most impartial here, but I've said it before and I'll say it again - I'll play anything that
  12. Seems the more I hit it - the better it goes. I think it will stay in the bag for a while. And thats my go-to shaft. Ive tried probably everything from Project X through OBANs, Aldilas, Oziks This GD is feeling good. Im considering putting the Tour AD in my irons
  13. I've decided it's my go-to club for lessons lets see how my coach is going to deal with that!
  14. It's still a ****** to hit. But the shaft is awesome. Tho 15 degrees of loft is horrible.
  15. You have to pay a 1200 initiation fee just for the opportunity to buy them No you can buy the first dozen for 90 bucks. Just ordered.
  16. :’-) lol they’re $90 a dozen! If enough people would be interested - I may buy some and see what happens
  17. So, a few too many whiskeys and my fitter being available at stupid-o’clock (we were texting around 1 am) and now I’m a proud owner of a 1 iron... Oh well, maybe I’ll learn At least it looks great when people look at my bag Merry Christmas everyone!
  18. Got 2 boxes of those and im pretty impressed, especially during the freezing winter we’re having here in the UK
  19. Met Suzy is an understatement! :-) We’re the best of friends now :) Exchanged contact details and all :-D https://www.instagram.com/p/Bq47YLJga8I/ - she was very fun too!
  20. It's a bit of both. A lot more is gonna come out next year. Together with a video from the Friday Night Club visiting PXG. There really is a lot of stuff I'd love to share. Like the interview with Bob but unfortunately he was too candid (which I think is awesome btw) for it to be released. But yeah... Some content will be coming out for sure
  21. I haven't been to an event like this before - so I didn't have any expectations; but it was the bomb. We were really treated like part of the PXG family from the moment we landed at Phoenix airport. I know some of the guys had an Escalade shuttle them to the course, but as I didn't want to bother anyone - I took an uber and arrived there in 30minutes or so. Even in the dark the place looked pretty good. You could see, what I thought were bonfires but were actually just open pit fireplaces all around the two clubhouses. Pretty awesome if you ask me to sit outside till late ni
  22. ended up sitting next to Tony at dinner. Tho we got a bit rowdy in the car on the way Will do a write up with some photos here this week needles to say - it was f****** awesome.
  23. Awesome! This place is so good. We don't have clubs like that in Europe Woke up to a nice swag bag! And the villas are pretty dope too Spending the day at PXG HQ today. Which will probably hurt my wallet but hey - never enough golf gear. Am I right or am I right? 7B4B40AF-D743-4BC7-96E8-CFF6DC507720.MOV
  24. So, just got here. If you haven't seen the place - even in the dark it's spectacular Pretty sure Christina Kim and some other PXG staffers are in the bar. I'm just enjoying a few local brews as one should by one of the outdoor fire places. I've been to some nice places but damn i could get used to it! And damn i left my tripod at the airport! Hopefully amazon delivers here 0B47ED67-BC8F-4ACA-B572-C66A0A954948.MOV
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